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How to Search for Text Inside of Any File Using Windows Search
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Respect Artemis Entreri (Forgotten Realms)

"Let the fools come after me, one after another, an endless line of eager assassins," Entreri said, and he nodded again. "With each kill, I grow wiser, and with added wisdom, I grow stronger."

Artemis Entreri

This is a literary Respect Thread. Hover over feats to see which book they come from in the series. Books are numbered by the most recent updated order as listed by R.A. Salvatore in the beginning of the last 4 novels.

Book Guide
Books 1-3: Homeland; Exile; Sojourn
Books 4-6: The Crystal Shard; Streams of Silver; The Halfling's Gem
Books 7-10: The Legacy; Starless Night; Siege of Darkness; Passage to Dawn
Books 11-13: The Silent Blade; The Spine of the World; Sea of Swords
Books 14-16: Servant of the Shard; Promise of the Witch King; Road of the Patriarch
Books 17-19: The Thousand Orcs; The Lone Drow; The Two Swords
Books 20-22: The Orc King; The Pirate King; The Ghost King
Books 23-26: Gauntlgrym; Neverwinter; Charon's Claw; The Last Threshold
Book 27: The Companions
Books 28-30: Night of the Hunter; Rise of the King; Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf
Books 31-33: Archmage; Maestro; Hero
Book 34: Timeless
Table of Contents
I. Background
II. Battle Bio/Personality
III. Physicals
IV. Skill/Swordsmanship
V. Assassination
VI. Tracking and Senses
VII. Mental Resistance
VIII. Weapons and Equipment
This character scales heavily from Drizzt Do'Urden, whose Respect Thread can be found here for easy reference

I. Background

Born to a whore with no options in life, 'cared' for by an abusive father, and taught the ways of 'love' by his uncle, young Artemis was sold to a merchant by his mother in an effort to give him an escape from her hell. Unfortunately, she unknowingly delivered him to an even worse one when the merchant decided Artemis looked....appetizing.
Escaping his second personal hell while still a pre-teen, Artemis fled to the streets of beggars he had known as a child under his father's hand, killing his emotions forcibly and channeling everything into anger and determination. Slaying street thugs in cold blood to build his own territory, young Artemis was taken into the fold of the immeasurably powerful Basadoni Guild, ruled by Pasha Basadoni, a man who could manipulate events in the entire nation of Calimshan.
Eventually, the man who would be known only as Entreri found himself tasked with hunting down a sticky-fingered halfling that had pilfered a mind-controlling ruby, and spent 5 years of his life travelling from the furthest southern shores of Faerûn to the absolute further northern frozen tundras to collect it. It was this mission that placed him on Drizzt Do'Urden's radar, and led to the two masters of killing clashing numerous times.
Entreri would eventually learn to open his heart again, after slaying several hundreds of people responsible for creating the monster he had become in life, and with the aid of a most resourceful and clever Dark Elf named Jarlaxle. Entreri would see himself become an ally to Drizzt after more than a century of knowing him, his own prolonged life its own curious tale.

II. Battle Bio/Personality

From books 4 through 16, Entreri is a quintessential loner who would rather kill a man than discuss trivialities with him. He is described as lacking humanity and existing solely as an instrument of death by those who have survived him, and Drizzt himself views Entreri as a sort of dark mirror to what he could have been. His heart is purposefully closed off and he views kindness as a weakness to be exploited and will maliciously seek to do so at all opportunities. Post book 16, Jarlaxle and his trickery successfully opened Entreri's heart again, and while he has learned to love, the weight of his conscience and sorrows is immense, and he is still quick to be guarded, but is surprisingly empathetic to those in terrible plights.
In battle, Entreri is the epitome of 'Assassin'. If an opening presents itself, it finds itself filled with his dagger. If a weakness is noted, his longsword slashes it. Entreri is a master of booby traps, deception, feints, trickery, and swordplay, and will ruthlessly and dishonorably combine all of them while utilizing any and every last possible option to give himself the upper hand in a fight.
If a target is behind walls and an army, Entreri will become a soldier to infiltrate and assassinate. If an enemy shows their back, his knife will slip between ribs. If a target turns and fights, Entreri will rise to the challenge and best their skill with his own before shattering their very soul with his beloved vampiric dagger.
Entreri has, quite literally, chased his prey to the very ends of the world and back for money. If personal insult is paid to him, he gladly does it for free and enjoys it all the more. Arrogant, ruthless, and with the skill to back up his bravado, Entreri never fails a mission.

III. Physicals




IV. Skill and Swordsmanship



V. Assassination


Skill and Skulduggery

VI. Tracking and Sensing

VII. Mental Resistance

VIII. Weapons and Equipment

Agatha's Mask

Bat Cloak

Barrabus The Gray's Attire


Bowler Hat

Charon's Claw

Ash Walls - Claw has the ability to at-will generate opaque walls of ash from the blade when swung
Destructive Touch - Claw engaged whomever touches it in a battle of wills, and those who fail to overpower it find the flesh on their skull forcibly burned away
Festering Wounds - Any blow, even a small nick on one's hand, from the blade of Claw magically refuses to heal, festering, infecting, and killing the wounded
Gauntlet - A paired item with Claw, the gauntlet aids the wielder in refusing the will of the weapon while also being an effective anti-magic device
Light Generation - Claw glows much like most magical weapons can when willed to do so, giving off a blackish hued light

Jeweled Dagger

Nightmare Statuette

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Why The Upcoming Major Will Be The Most Important Major Ever.

Due to this highly competitive online era, many teams need to crystalize their dominant form by winning or making a deep run at the Major.
1) The biggest and most obvious case is Natus Vincere and s1mple. s1mple has struggled with his own team for many years. And arguably he has been atleast a top 5 individual player for all of them. The greatest CS player of all time has yet to win a major and his window could be closing. Not only is he aging (which I personally don't think is a huge factor as he seems better than ever) but the mental frustration seems to be a burden for him. NaVi look like favourites to win the Major for a day and not even a contender the next day. They win against Astralis and G2, winning IEM Katowice playoffs without dropping a single map, then when the online era started, their poor performance in ESL Pro League season XI and most shocking of all, their pathetic performance in the first CIS RMR tournament. s1mple and NaVi look to be in form currently but they need a Major win to be remembered as a fearsome roster.
2) ZywOo and Team Vitality have a lot to prove. ZywOo has to prove that he was not the best player in the world just because of an insane rookie year and that it was not a fluke. Team Vitality and apEX have to prove that ALEX was not the only person able to lead this roster to success. Team Vitality seem to have found their stabilizing factor in Misutaaa, the young star has proven to be a promising talent and support. RpK and shox have one of their last chances of being at the top. Team Vitality have adjusted to this online era quite effectively, partly due to RpK having been in a refreshed form, but shox has to show why he was a strong individual just a few years ago.
3) The Astralis Debacle:- Having shown signs of poor form since the start of the year, losing to Complexity and NaVi in Blast Premier's Group Of Death, their was a sense of uncertainty for Astralis. In the online era, they have tried a 7 Man Roster which up until now without es3tag and Bubzkji was an absolute failure. The extended breaks by gla1ve and Xyp9x throw a shadow of doubt on the system as a whole. Now, powered by es3tag and Bubzkji and a potential return of Xyp9x, Astralis has to prove they still have what it takes to win Majors and continue their legacy.
4) G2 Esports have started of the year with a bang, winning their Blast Premier's Group with relative ease. The addition of nexa and huNter revitalized the previously all french roster. kennyS shows some signs of his previously dominant form. However kennyS has one of the last chances of his career to add to his Major. Rumors suggest G2 may aquire NiKo, competing for the highest firepower team with only the Karrigan led Faze being close. Still showing good form but not lifting trophies, G2 has to prove that going international was the right call.
5) FURIA - FURIA are in some of the best form we have ever seen them in. arT with his extremely aggressive plays, leading the team by example while their entire team being in excellent form propels them to be the best team playing in NA. However FURIA has to show that they are not onliners and that arT's gambles pay off on LAN.
DARK HORSES (Not necessarily winning the Major but a deep run)
6) Evil Geniuses - EG have regained some of their form from the earlier year and are undoubtedly the second best team competing in NA right now. They need to show up to make a deep run at the Major.
7) Team Liquid and Stewie2k :- Arguably the team with the most drop in form, Team Liquid have made bold moves to refresh their roster. The removal of nitr0 and AdreN with their replacements being grim and Moses respectively, seems to suggest a looser style of play focusing on fundamentals and and individual skill with Stewie calling the shots. Their current form is a far cry from their world beating form. The only way to redeem such extreme moves would be to win the Major.
8) BIG - Absolutely dominating the first phase of the online era before the player break, BIG looked promising as a dark horse. However since the player break, they have looked sloppy and shaken in ESL One Cologne. tabseN and syrsoN have to prove that BIG (like FURIA) is not an onliner and can deliver on LAN.
9) Heroic - Winning ESL One Cologne in a style that can only be described as thrilling, Heroic has shown potential when all their pieces deliver. The suspension of HUNDEN does hurt them, but all eyes are on them to deliver at the Major.
10) Complexity - Complexity have already proven they can deliver on LAN. Struggling at the start in the online era, they seem to have picked up steam yet again. BlameF's counterstratting and an aggressive lurking playstyle delivers in spades while k0nfig and poizon deliver their performance. RUSH and oBo play their roles well while not being star players. Jason Lake's redemption could be winning the Major.
11) Cloud9's Colossus - JK :) unless...
I omitted some teams like FaZe, mouz, Fnatic because their current form seems shaky. However in case of Fnatic I won't be surprised if they pull it off.
What are your opinions? Please give some feedback as I highly enjoyed writing this.
submitted by csenthusiast430 to GlobalOffensive

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