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[TV] The Supernatural Legend Continues, Now With Conspiracy Theories, Bilingual Bisexuality, and Cryptic Hashtags

The Road So Far
Less than one week after the Supernatural series finale, and I'm sorry to say that there are even more updates.
I recommend reading this post first, which I've updated many times since I posted it because the hits just kept coming, and also linked all other SPN posts that have been covered here.
Here's a summary:
A lot of fans are invested in the relationship between Dean Winchester and Castiel, two characters on Supernatural, a show that recently came to an end after 15 years. The writers and one of the actors, Jensen Ackles, were very explicit that Destiel (the ship name) was never going to happen, but fans held out hope.
Then, in the third-to-last episode, Castiel literally confessed his love to Dean, and then got whisked away by black tentacles to SuperMegaHell. And Dean just stood there, like Marco's dad from Degrassi when Marco announced he was gay while playing Hamlet. (Sadly, I can't find this clip on Youtube.)
Fans were hopeful, now that the ice was broken, that Cas and Dean would reunite in the very last episode of the series. Because how could they not? How could the writers end it there? Obviously there was more to come!
There wasn't.
The show ended anticlimactically with a bunch of montages thrown together, vampire clowns, a bad grey wig, an emo version of Wayward Son, and Dean dying of tetanus.
The actors tried to do diplomatic, NDA-friendly interviews where they said that the ending was not what they expected but they worked with what they have/were grateful for the fans and the experience/etc.
TDCC (The DeanCas Conspiracy)
But it wouldn't be an iconic queerbait without...a conspiracy theory!
Fans refused to believe that the writers who explicitly said they wouldn't make a fan favorite ship canon for 10 years would have the nerve to not make the fan favorite ship canon for the final episode.
They were so, so certain they would get more Destiel in the finale episode. All the evidence was there--the pictures, the interviews, their minds. How did this happen? How could they have been queerbaited so hard, so thoroughly? How could the writers do this to them?
Some fans Occam's Razor it and say that the writers probably had to rewrite the episode and cut a lot of stuff out, whether or not that included canon Destiel (probably not), because of COVID.
Boring! Luckily, there is a more exciting, fleshed out conspiracy theory that blames middle America, network execs, and Jared Padalecki for their heartbreak.
It goes a little something like this:
Everyone was on board to make Destiel requited and canon in the finale. The scripts were locked, the actors were ready--hell, the scenes were even filmed. But then the networks chickened out.
"But why? Why would they spend all that time and money and quarantining on Misha, only to almost completely cut him out of the finale?...It was about cold, hard cash.
...Supernatural is going off of the air. Supernatural, the CW’s cash cow for fifteen years...They need that sweet advertising revenue. And you know what show they have about to premiere? A show that could, potentially, bring with it a chunk of that SPN revenue?
Walker, Texas Ranger was a television show originally starring Republican icon and disgraced meme Chuck Norris that is being rebooted with--heavy sigh--Jared Padalecki.
The conspiracy continues, "And if any of you know anything about the original Walker Texas Ranger, you know that the show was predominantly a show about a very heterosexual white man being very excessively heterosexual. And for SOME REASON over the years, many of the execs at the CW still seem to think that this show, Supernatural, is really attractive to a lot of middle-American white men…whom they desperately want to watch this new show with this guy from Supernatural that they already know.
Now here’s where COVID fucked us. I think Destiel was greenlit by TPTB, at least in SOME form, before COVID. But then the pandemic happened, and they panicked. They got the cut of the last two episodes and watched them in their original, probably queer form. And then, the execs at CW looked at the economy. They looked at their cash cow, about to make its journey to the great beyond. And they looked at this new little calf Walker that they were so desperately worried about. And they made a choice."
So the network, gambling their whole entire future on a remake of Walker, Texas, Ranger, "decided that it would be too risky to take the step with Destiel. They were worried about frightening off their ever-so-valuable hetero male demographic with the possibility that a traditionally masculine man in his 40s could be in love with another man in an overt way. It was homophobia mixed with greed, spun up by fear for their revenues because of COVID.
So they called in Singer, possibly Dabb, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they went straight to Singer. They told them that Destiel had to go: executive orders. And the only way to make it go in a way that removed any trace of what had been there was to rewrite what happened to Cas and cut him out from the last two episodes entirely. It was too late to reshoot anything. They had to just cut and stitch and fill with bullshit montages."
Silent No More!
Now, if don't want to read all of that (I couldn't cut bear to cut it down further) or if you are a visual learner, there are also some powerpoint presentations to help you out, because of course there are.
You might be wondering why these fans can't just take the loss and move on. Maybe the finale was going to be better, but that doesn't mean Destiel was supposed to be requited......Wait, what's this?
A couple of days after the conspiracy theories made their rounds, the Spanish dub aired, and their version of Castiel's love confession included Dean saying "I love you, too." (***@intrinsiccarp did a writeup of this that has since been deleted).
Woah, what? How could that have happened unless Destiel was supposed to be canon all this time?
Another theorist concluded that the dub "MEANS that what we saw in the usa was edited, and brazil was sent the original rough audio, and whatever audio they received for translation and recording featured a reciprocation from dean.
we know that jensen went back to the studio to do additional recording, and so it looks like they may have actually dubbed “don’t do this, cas” over something else, because on closer inspection the words don’t match his mouth. dean’s final sobs also seem to have been done in post-production, as it was rumored before this that dean had said “me too” while he was crying on the floor."
Many found Destiel's stealth canonization in the dub to be hilarious:
"the cw: hey south america, did you dub the unrequited love confession from castiel for episode 18?
south american network: …unrequited what?
the cw: you know, when cas dies after saying ‘i love you, bye dean’
south american network: yeah, ‘i love you’, then bi dean
the cw: bye, dean
south american network: bi dean
the cw: BYE, DEAN"
" supernatural has gone from a television show to full blow real life arg and i for one am fucking insane about it"
" in all my years of imagining how destiel would finally be canon, “cas confesses to dean in an oddly-cut scene that jensen admits his reaction was cut out of, dies, is never mentioned again, and then three weeks of intense speculation and a pile of evidence pointing to a cover up later, dean reciprocates in the spanish dub” never crossed my mind"
And "Nobody expects the Spanish Destiel"
Others found it to be tragic and terrible. #TheySilencedYou and #TheySilencedThem are trending on Twitter because of SPN's history of killing or neglecting their LGBTQ characters--this was the last straw! (Literally the last straw, since the show is over.)
"I don't know why people need to hear this but LGBTQ people are not here to be shock value, or to be a Shakespearean tragedy, we are real fucking people. We are not crazy for wanting to representation, and standing up when we are censored. #TheySilencedYou #TheySilencedThem"
"by silencing the few characters that represent us you silence a whole community, we deserve to be represented #TheySilencedYou #TheySilencedThem "
" they silenced castiel. they silenced dean. and they TRIED to silence us. but now, they are going to see what a powerful and furious fandom truly looks like. #TheySilencedYou "
This was accompanied by calls to unfollow the CW's SPN Twitter page to show them that...I don't know, the show is over so there's really no need to follow the show twitter anymore?
P.S. Don't tell any of the conspiracy theorists that Jared Padalecki's Walker, Texas Ranger is going to have a conservative gay brother.
UPDATE In all of this, I forgot to mention: Jensen said that a lot of Dean's reaction to Cas' confession was cut. Fans used this as fodder for the theories, speculating that there was a "lost Destiel cut" somewhere on Jensen's phone. The interpretation changed from Jensen being the one to put the kibosh on Destiel, to Jensen being cruelly silenced by shadowy network execs.
There's a lot of #TheySilencedYou fanart. I recommend checking them out. They are, ah, impassioned.
Anyway, Misha Collins took to Twitter to clarify that they were NOT silenced by the networks, there is NO "secret Destiel cut," and that the dubbed love confession was the result of a "rogue translator." He also defended the finale and said he was proud of it.
I'm sure some fans are speculating he was being held at gunpoint by the powerful CW mafia to make a statement. Mostly, though, they're turning against him for defending the finale:
"I love you misha but this makes it feel like you aren’t hearing us. conspiracy or no conspiracy, our hurt runs beyond that"
"misha really making us go against him now"
"you just invalidated every single bisexual person who sees themselves in dean and thought that, even if it was the spanish dub and not the english one, that we were finally validated with bi dean. that we weren’t imagining things. that we weren’t crazy. so thank you for that..."
Misha issued an apology for his video and simped for his fans, saying, "I'm sorry if I spoke defensively. I naively thought Cas in 15.18 was going to feel validating. But this isn't about me. I'm going to shut up and listen for a change. If it's not too much to ask, please tell me what we could have done better."
I have no idea what he hopes to achieve or why he's putting himself in the line of fire given that he is not a writer and has no creative power whatsoever and the show is over, but...eh.
submitted by idknewaccount to HobbyDrama

Multiple error messages, no video display on HD60S+

Just got the HD60 S+ today, been trying to set it up for a Nintendo Switch to PC for streaming. I got the 4K Capture Utility installed and have reconnected the cables and rebooted the PC multiple times to no avail. I always end up with one of the following error messages when I boot up the software and connect the device:
-No capture devices found
-Device's EDID is not valid. Reboot your PC.
-Device is in use by other software
Tried searching Google, Youtube, Reddit, haven't found much help.
Tried switching the HDMI cables to ensure the input/output wasn't on backwards. Out is going to TV. In is coming from the Switch. I'm using the included USB-C and HDMI cable.
Tried switching to all my other USB 3.0 ports, same problem.
Disabled In-Game Overlay on Nvidia Experience as suggested by another redditor.
Discord is able to detect the HD60 S+ as camera and microphone input, it always prompts me if I want to change devices when it's plugged in. I just logged out and closed Discord afterwards (it's not in the system tray hidden icons) but 4K Capture Utility still says the same error messages.
Not sure where else to go from here, I'm just running in circles at this point.
Edit: I opened a support ticket with Elgato. We'll see where this goes.
submitted by HDD_Compa to elgato

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