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Reduce Lag in PvP/Improve your Connection (In-Depth Guide)

Recently I've been experiencing lots of lag in the crucible and even in the PvE. About 80% of my friends on Xbox ( I play both on PS and Xbox) also experience lag and it can get extremely frustrating.
A little background, I'm 15 years old from Seattle, Washington. I'm actually a pretty small youtuber, you can find me on Youtube : Twisted Maniac. I've been playing Destiny since the Alpha and I play competitively. I believe that I have pretty decent knowledge in terms of online connections/networking and about tech in general. I enjoy getting the most out of my devices and my router is no exception. (Always been a techy guy hah)
Anyways, I'll do my best to make this guide useful as everyone might not have DDWRT Firmware / know what port forwarding, UPnP, or DMZ is. Not everyone has the same console, home router, or ISP so I will make it easy to follow. This is my first guide so feedback would be great!
EDIT : Good morning guys! Well first thing, I honestly Love you Guys! I mean i didn't expect this much feedback / support from the community. Cause i've played a bit of cod and csgo and they were like Ohh you're a kid go you dont know and hah it was just funny. But this coumminty has given me such a huge and positive response I have no words for! Thanks again Guardians, Much love <3
EDIT 2 WOOAAAAAA Thank you so much vchunikhin for the gold!!! Wow I just got my first reddit gold... I honestly dont know what to say other than Thank you!!!
EDIT : "Finally, somebody talking about bufferbloat and how to fix it"
Here's a little more about bufferbloat. Skip to Advanced section's second last point on how to fix it
Bufferbloat is the undesirable latency that comes from a router or other network equipment buffering too much data. It is a huge drag on Internet performance created, ironically, by previous attempts to make it work better. The one-sentence summary is “Bloated buffers lead to network-crippling latency spikes.
Bufferbloat is actually a really complicated but the most important part of networking which causes lag and ping spikes.
Bufferbloat is high latency in packet-switched networks caused by excess buffering of packets. Bufferbloat can also cause packet delay variation (also known as jitter), as well as reduce the overall network throughput.
You can take a Bufferbloat test here : http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest or https://sourceforge.net/speedtest/ (Thanks to u/GolfShrek)
EDIT 2 : When I use CAT6 my PS4 pro keep saying that LAN cable randomly disconnected which is not true. I've seen same behavior with my friends' PS4 pro. Once we switched to CAT5 issue has been resolved. (Credits to u/vchunikhin)
UPnP, DMZ and/or Port Forwarding will make sure your NAT Type is Open, which is important. However, to really cut down latency, especially on a busy network, you've really got to do the DD-WRT/OpenWRT/LEDE. It's not all that hard and it's definitely worth it. (Credits u/singlecoilpickup)
I'm gonna list some more steps down below in the post to optimize your Internet experience
So then, I've been testing these settings from about a week now and I am sure that I have figured out the best possible settings for an excellent online multiplayer experience. Without further ado, Let's get right into the guide!
Just a heads up BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING TO YOUR ROUTER, back up your configurations!

The steps below are basics and can be performed on any router

Step 1. First up, Get a computer or laptop that is connected to internet and download Google Namebench (LINK, Run the program and its gonna take about 25-30 minutes. This programs basically lets you know the best DNS Servers available for you.
Step 1 can be skipped and is not mandatory. You can always use Google Public DNS ( and for Good results but running namebench is really good and lets you know the closest and best server for your connection.
Step 2. In this step we are gonna Set up UPNP (Universal Plug and Play) and DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone Server).
Short info :
UPNP This allows devices across your network such as your router and console to seamlessly discover each other and establish functional network services.
DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone Server) Otherwise known as Default DMZ, DMZ Server, etc. This allows a device on your network to have all ports open. This part of the guide is not required but it many help. If you are confused or the port forwarding part of the guide doesn't work, then try only doing this part of the guide.
Alright so to set up UPNP :
  • Log into your router by pasting or into your web browser
The router address depends on the subnet you are using. Most consumer devices (but not all!) are set up using a default subnet of 192.168.X.X.
Private subnets include: – – –
To figure out your subnet, on windows open a command prompt (run, type cmd, press enter). On the command line, type
You'll have to look through the output for your adapter, wireless if you are wireless or ethernet if you are connected. In the list of settings, you will see Default Gateway. This is going to be the address to your router. Ethernet adapter Ethernet:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : mydomain.com
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : abcd::1234:1234:1234:1234
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
Huge thanks to u/Teknofobe for the info!
  • After logging in, click on any of the tabs until you find the UPnP option and Enable it.
  • There you go! You've enabled UPnp, on to the next step!
UPNP should be the last resort, as it is a potential security hole. Manual port forwarding, while more trouble to configure, is more secure, but it shouldnt be a problem :)
Set DMZ Server
  • Since we're already logged into the router, all we have to do is search for the DMZ toggle in our router. Just click around the tabs until you find it.
  • Go to your console and figure out what it's IP address is. Here is how to get the IP for a Xbox and for a PS4Same applies for Xbox one and PS4 users.
  • Go back to your computer and type in your console's IP address into the DMZ IP address box.
  • Click save and/or apply and you're done! On to the final step.
Now Port Forwarding.
Port forwarding, This allows you to open a specific set of ports on a device on your network. As ive said above skip this step if youve done Step 2 and 3.
  • Click on the link below, and click on your route modem model. This website makes port forwarding easy as it has detailed pictures for each routemodem. This port forwarding website is very detailed and does a good job at explaining how to port forward for different routers/modems. Follow the steps that apply to you and you are done.


Alright so this part of the guide is pretty advanced and is gonna take a bit to figure out the best settings but I guarantee some top quality results.
First up, A little bit about DD-WRT : DD-WRT is a Linux based alternative OpenSource firmware suitable for a great variety of WLAN routers and embedded systems. The main emphasis lies on providing the easiest possible handling while at the same time supporting a great number of functionalities within the framework of the respective hardware platform used.
This Software basicially changes your router to a super router.
DD-WRT includes such features as support for the Kai network, daemon-based services, IPv6, Wireless Distribution System, RADIUS, advanced quality of service, radio output power control, overclocking capability, and software support for the hardware addition of a Secure Digital card.
This is the best possible thing you could do to your router to make it a super router. DD-WRT Supports many routers and heres a list,
All the instructions I'm about to offer only work if you have DD-WRT (www.dd-wrt.com) installed in your router or a similar equivalent (OpenWRT or Tomato), although I'm partial to DD-WRT because of its abundance of options and somewhat user-friendliness. My router is Netgear WNDR3400 and my PS4 console is hardwired to it, as well as my PC. Let's get to it!
  • First up Install DD-WRT On your Router : It's a pretty simple thing to do and I'm sure this links will guide you about this step better.
Install DDWRT : http://lifehacker.com/how-to-supercharge-your-router-with-dd-wrt-508138224
  • Once youve installed / set up DDWRT and once your basic internet runs run a Google Namebench test to find the best DNS Servers for your connection. LINK, Run the program and its gonna take about 25-30 minutes. This programs basically lets you know the best DNS Servers available for you. ( This Step can be skipped and is not mandatory. You can always use Google Public DNS ( and for Good results but running namebench is really good and lets you know the closest and best server for your connection.) Refer to step 2
Now I'm gonna cover everything / every setting you need to change/adjust in the DDWRT Control pannel.
  • Once you log in to the DD-WRT router interface, you need to go to the MTU Section in the Setup tab. MTU is different for everyone depending on their ISP configurations but I have found that setting it to 1492 instead of the default 1500 is an excellent compromise between packet fragmentation and raw latency increase. Click Save after the change.
  • Get yourself the amazing Namebench utility by Steve Gibson (https://code.google.com/p/namebench/). This tool will analyze the DNS servers according to your location and suggest the best one according to speed and proximity. In my particular case, it showed me that OpenDNS servers were the best for me, even above the servers provided by my ISP. In the Setup tab of the DD-WRT interface, go to the Static DNS section and write down the best 2 results suggested by Namebench. Once you do that, uncheck both boxes that read Use DNSMasq for DHCP/DNS so your router's processor cycles are used for raw performance. Click Save, and Apply Settings.
  • At this point, you should refresh your connection to the router by simply unplugging the Ethernet Cable from your PC or PS4. On a side note, get yourself a CAT5e or CAT6 Ethernet cable, preferably the latter. I can't tell you how many times latency and connectivity issues are simply due to a badly crimped cable or simply a lesser quality one.
  • Log back to the DD-WRT interface and go to the NAT/QoS tab, specifically the UPnP section. UPnP service should be enabled and the Clear Port Forwards at Startup should also be enabled, simply because this ensures that every new port forward will be a fresh one.
  • In the same NAT/QoS tab, go to the DMZ section, enable it and place the IP assigned to your PS4 or PC. You could manually assign a static IP to your console or gaming rig within your router's range or go to the Services tab and assign a new Static Lease by adding the MAC Address of your game platform of choice. Either way, some folks would argue that just by enabling UPnP, the DMZ section is irrelevant but my tests have shown that the DMZ placement is essential to avoid any port conflicts in online gaming. Click Save and Apply Settings.
  • Same tab as the previous step, this time go to the QoS section, enable it on the WAN port, Packet Scheduler HTB and Queueing Discipline SFQ. Some might argue that FQ_CODEL works better, I leave it to your own testing but HTB have worked beautifully for me.
Now this step is important
Find your Uplink and Downlink speed For example your Download is 10mbps and Upload is 5mbps, Convert it to kbps thats 1mbps = 1000kbps Means 10mbps = 10000kbps and 5mbps = 5000kbps Now reduce 25% from both the numbers, i.e 10000-25% and 5000 - 25% 
Now were left with 7500 Downlink speed and 3750 Uplink speed.
  • Now put the obtianed uplink and downlink numbers in the boxes.
    • Check all the boxes in TCP-Packet Priority except ACK. Online gaming rarely uses ACK, which is mostly associated with Torrent downloads.
  • Now, in Netmask Priority, click Add and write down your console or PC IP Address and put 24 in the last box after the /. Most private IPs are Class C so this is mandatory. In Priority, choose Premium. This is particularly useful if you live in a household where folks might wanna watch Netflix or Hulu while you play. This setup ensures that the bulk of your bandwidth will go to you without hindering (much) the online experience of the rest of your family members and/or significant other. Once you're done, click Save and Apply Setting
  • Go to the Administration tab, and scroll down to IP Filter Settings. In the TCP Congestion Control, select Westwood over the default Vegas. Again, tons of people would argue that Vegas is better but after doing a ton of reading and tests, Westwood is the choice for me. Either way, feel free to run your own experiments and choose accordingly.
  • In the Maximum Ports section, leave it at a 4096 default, and in the TCP/UDP Timeouts, I've found that 120 in both is the sweet spot. Don't go any lower or you might not even get an IP from your ISP as I painfully discovered. Once again, test out your own numbers in reductions of 10 each time, and test it out by going to www.pingtest.net . Once you're done, Click Save and Apply Settings.
  • By now, you should rerun the Internet Connection Setup in your console or PC so you can get the new changes. If you experience any interruption in your connectivity, go back to the values that worked beforehand. Otherwise, let's move to the final steps.
  • In the Administration tab, go to the Commands section and in the Commands box type the following:
    ifconfig eth0 txqueuelen 2
    ifconfig eth1 txqueuelen 2
  • Click on Save Startup. What this command does is basically eliminate the Buffer Bloat that occurs because of the inherent nature of broadband connections, The gaming world would be FAR better off if everybody did this. If you wish to know more, there's a great article at http://www.embracingchaos.com/2011/01/fighting-buffer-bloat-on-dd-wrt.html that, while dated, explains with great clarity how this works. Ping times are greatly improved by adding these two lines.
  • This last step is Optional and it's simply a series of scripts that I added to my Startup Commands for better throughput of my Wi-fi channels and the router in general. They don't really do much for gaming but they do wonders for your Wireless connections. If you use them, write them into your startup scrip right under the lines used in Step 9:
    sleep 10 wl -i eth1 interference 4 sleep 10 wl -i eth2 interference 4 echo 262144 > /proc/sys/net/core/rmem_max echo 262144 > /proc/sys/net/core/wmem_max echo "4096 16384 262144" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_wmem echo "4096 87380 262144" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_rmem echo 1000 > /proc/sys/net/core/netdev_max_backlog echo 8192 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/netfilteip_conntrack_max

More steps to optimize your overall experience

  • Cycle PS4 cache by powering off the PlayStation and Unplugging for at least 5 mins if it stays on 24/7
  • Best Tip is to hard wire your PS4 to the modem. Wi-fi is fine for web browsing and even fine for things like HD netflix streaming (since buffering can smooth out the small interruptions that are inevitable with wi-fi frequency radio signals), but it is a terrible choice for gaming where low latency at all times is the desired goal.
  • Turn off Microwaves / any radio interrupting appliance if playing wireless.
  • Once every while restart your routemodem to keep it cool.
Now, by following these steps, I was able to go from a standard 90 to 100ms and 15 jitter from my state any EU server, while hardwired straight to my ISP router, to a whopping 70 to 95 ms and 2-5 Jitter using my router as intermediary. This has done wonders for my online experience and overall Internet usage and hopefully it'll do great things for you as well.
DISCLAIMER: This post isn't supposed to be a fix for Lag Compensation, specially since I agree it is an unavoidable element of Online Gaming. This is merely to provide you with the tools to use your connection to the utmost advantage possible. But I guarantee this will improve your overall gaming/pvp experience.
And well the most important step of all checking your own ISP connection. Checking your own connections should be the priority, Maybe contact your ISP to update your coax, get a new modem, a new plan that has better speeds, or a new router that can handle faster speeds! (Credits to u/iSunGod)
Feel free to message me here or Add me on social media in case you need more assistance or simply want to play.
Youtube : Twisted Maniac
Twitter : @TheRealTManiac
PSN : RealTManiac
Xbox : notTManiac
Thanks for taking your time to read this article, I hope this guide helps out. If you have any questions or are confused about anything, make a comment and i'll do my best to help. I hate lag and doing this reduced most of my lag and reduced some of the errors I got from Destiny, Everyone doing this will eventually result in a lag free PvP experience.
Thanks, TManiac :)
submitted by TwistedManiacYT to DestinyTheGame

PSA | Ransomware (All Current Vegas Pro 17 Torrents)

Well, buddy, if you're reading this, ya got me!
It took several years, but ya finally crept past my vigilance.
Congratulations, and fuck you.

Alright, on to the actual post.

How it happened:
I decided I wanted to upgrade from Vegas Pro 14, to Vegas Pro 17. And being the broke millinial that I am, I would have to forgo this months rent to buy the new thing.

So I stopped by my neighborhood TPB, and picked up a copy of Vegas Pro 17, complete with an activator.

All seems fine, the activator worked. I've made a few vids, and am LOVING the speed in which Vegas Pro 17 renders (GPU Rendering = 1000x faster, compared to CPU Rendering used in VP 14).

Eventually, I notice my porn folder on my 3TB drive is filled with .ADAME files. And my girl Asa Akira is on her knees, begging me to pay the ransom so I can see her again.

So I slap her booty, like a boss, and tell her to wait while I dig around in my system to find out what dafuq is going on.

After much research, re-formating, and trying to replicate the problem, here's what I found:
  • The infection was caused by the Activator, which silently installs malware that downloads various things at random. Sometimes it's Worms, sometimes it's more Malware, sometimes it's a Trojan, sometimes it's just an annoying advertising bug that plays invisible video ads with the Redneck Advertising Guy who kills your brain cells with every syllable (runs alongside Anonymizer Gadget).
  • Upon replicating the problem, I discovered that it was my bad luck that got me the ransomware. 9/10 times, it just worms.
  • The virus installer doesn't kick in until you start a torrent client. Meaning that this is either a bait-and-switch tactic, or the installer itself uses the protocol.

About the Ransomware
  • The files are encrypted in alphabetical order. Meaning that each file within a folder will be encrypted before moving on to the next folder. So if (Folder A > File A, File B, File C), then all will be encrypted before encrypting (Folder B > File A, File B, File C), and so on.
  • Also, each present drive is encrypted simultaneously, in the order described above.To give you an idea: My 3TB holds my porn & my software installs, and my 8TB holds my backups & general media (videos, pictures, projects, and torrent seeds).On my 3TB, my porn folder (named "Downloads") was encrypted first, then the sequential files within folder "UE4", wherein it was stopped halfway.On my 8TB drive, which holds significantly larger files, only the files within folder A - B were encrypted. Thankfully, these were mostly Backups from an old installation that I'd conveniently forgot to delete.For the C drive, encryption started in the AppData/Local/Temp folder, which held the folder containing the Ransomware EXE file.
  • The software used was Phobos Ransomware, or perhaps a variation. As of August 2019, there is no way to decrypt the encrypted files without the decryption key.

It's also worth noting that the activator worked, and that the bug isn't directly linked with the Vegas Pro 17 EXE file. Something I discovered after copying the installation folder to an external, and migrating it to a freshly re-formatted Win7 installation.
That said, the EXE does continue to linger in the background after exiting VP 17, which suggests that while it isn't the cause directly, it may be working alongside the virus installation app that was installed by the Activator.

Thankfully, nothing of value was lost. Of course, that was only by a streak of luck, as I was able to catch it in time.

If you were hit by this, I'm sorry. The best I can tell you is to hold on to the encrypted files until the necessary decryption software is created, format your C drive, and perform a fresh installation of Windows.

On a positive note, I lost 10lbs since Saturday with this new diet I'm doing :)
submitted by D3athN0te101 to Piracy

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