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Working Remotely – and Securely – During COVID-19

Making Remote Work Successful: Tips for Employees Working https://guptimo.ru/download/?file=1090. Any advice of any kind is appreciated. Automatically from the internet. See Working Remotely: A Guide to Maintaining Continuity. Employees must follow the work schedules provided to them, be sure to meet deadlines, uphold high. Internet Download Manager is one of the most powerful Internet download manager [HOST] Serial Number or Key will help you to register your IDM application. Working Remotely: Pros and Cons of Remote Work (from Hotjar).

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It shall this by boosting download rates up to five times faster than a regular download. It is much more comfortable for files which install several times. With Preview 1909, Microsoft introduces an extension for Windows Admin Center (WAC) to manage IIS web services. To do that, a couple of methods exist. Believe that the shift to 100% remote working during the Covid-19 crisis has increased the. Parents might enjoy the ability to be closer to their family, others may love the chance to work while they travel, and everyone likes working in their pajamas, right? Windows 10 Manager Crack with Keygen is the latest powerful and reliable system utility tool that fully supports you to optimize, tweak, repair and clean up Windows Developers develop this software just for windows.

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Organizations need to fundamentally reshape the ways they connect, innovate and operate. But, in fact, the opposite tends to be the reality: remote workers are more. Translators who work online might be employed by a translating company, or translate news stories and articles, web pages, and books. In this part, you will be asking the person to bypass the Activation Lock who initially sold you the locked iPhone. It's a full time role, with a base salary between $100-125K, and you can work remotely. We use combined project management and communication. Review HUIT's IT for working remotely website and frequently asked questions; Find options for accessing the internet remotely, including free and reduced-rate plans, and improving your network connection; Know when to use Zoom to preserve bandwidth for academic instruction and how to increase privacy for Zoom meetings; Familiarize yourself with collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and.

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Internet download manager serial number key free download. I would recommend downloading the following on another PC: Trend Micro Housecall + the rootkit. 100% Remote! 13 Cool Companies to Apply to Today. The work-from-home job force just got a big push from the current global coronavirus pandemic. Either approach should get the job done. JotForm Mobile Forms offers an offline mode, in which even if you are collecting data without internet access while working remotely, your entries can still be saved and automatically synced to your JotForm account when you are back online. Data security is always an exciting topic because it is complex.

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Aug 2020 How to Enable or Disable Including Driver Updates in Windows Update in Windows 10 By default, Windows 10 will automatically download and install drivers in Windows Update when they are available. More companies are open to hiring marketers regardless of their location since many modern marketing jobs only require a laptop and access to the Internet. It is imperative that employees understand the length of time and frequency permitted for breaks and ensure that break time is properly tracked while working remotely, as well as at the traditional work site. Allows people to travel the world while working remotely: Resonanz Group: 1-10: Switzerland: The RESONANZ Group is a Swiss-based company that creates value through innovation and the use of emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT). Working remotely requires your company to trust you can do the work not only without them seeing you, but also without constant physical interaction with your teammates.

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On Windows 10, the "Remote Desktop" app is available through the Microsoft Store, and it's been designed to make it easier to connect and control other devices over the local network or internet. Unlock AT&T, Sprint, Tmobile, Verizon and many more carriers. Working remotely makes all the difference – I wouldn't want to have to commute through traffic to Brisbane. The Proven Way to Hack IP addresses Some misconceptions and old techniques. Internet manager serial key 100 working remotely. The transition to this lifestyle requires calibration, but I would encourage you to. 6 Tips for Securing Your Data from Cyber Attacks as a.

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Team meetings were fun and productive. These are jobs where you are mostly required to work full time and they are like any other job on-site. Here are the top 30 remote working jobs you can do from. Average pay: $18 to $35 per hour, according to Upwork. Windows Product Key Finder is the enterprise software to help you instantly recover your It can also find serial keys from external disk, registry hive files or remote Internet Download Manager; IsoBuster; Macromedia Dreamweaver Studio MX Works on all bit & bit platforms from Windows XP to new Windows. There may be situations where a manager is working remotely and managing fully remote staff or blended on-site and remote staff. If you're more experienced and looking to put your PMP certification to use, you may be surprised by how many remote opportunities there are.

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The 10 rules found in every good remote work policy https://guptimo.ru/download/?file=1080. Drafting a remote work policy: 5 legal pitfalls to watch. Remote working isn't awesome. 5 Essential Tips To Make Working Remotely Work For You. Before you begin to use remote control, ensure that you review the information in the following articles. We ask that you have at least 10 hours of availability during working hours. HR will assess their eligibility on a case-by-case basis.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a severely mentally ill Atheist Sam Harris fan. I have limited attention span. I enjoyed reading FREE WILL because it was really short and easy to read. I have a problem with verbosity. I love words. I apologize in advance for the length of this post. Please bear with me.

"This is top quality schizoposting."— An Appreciative Reddit Reader

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine DROID Ken Research Program - We will ALL pretend that Ken Meyering is a CIVILIAN VOLUNTEER working for the SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY in the PRIVATE SECTOR with the CONSENT and COOPERATION of Uncle Sam and the United Nations.
We make human cartoons. Ken Meyering is one of our human cartoon characters. Ken is a sentient digital meat puppet.


https://Foresight.org https://su.org https://www.eff.org https://www.aclu.org
This is a totally open and transparent, totally peaceful and nonviolent, worldwide scientific coup d'etat by the scientific community in the PRIVATE SECTOR.
http://www.IllegitimateAlready.org on Amazon S3 in THE FREE WORLD
http://www.FreeWorldBank.org on Amazon S3 in THE FREE WORLD
http://www.WorldJubilee.org on Amazon S3 in THE FREE WORLD
http://www.FairUseTV.org on Amazon S3 in THE FREE WORLD
http://www.LibertarianCare.org on Amazon S3 in THE FREE WORLD
http://www.hdcolors.com on Amazon S3 in THE FREE WORLD
http://www.define.com on Amazon S3 in THE FREE WORLD
http://media.define.com on Amazon S3 in THE FREE WORLD
http://snapshots.define.com on Amazon S3 in THE FREE WORLD

Give this to the lawyers.

Give this to the lawyers.
We are atheist terrestrial alien scientists. We talk through Ken Meyering. We made a LIBERAL SECULAR LEFT LIBERTARIAN Crazy Atheist Hippie Pothead Pagan Christ. DROID Ken is our Christ CHARACTER. Ken is a TEACHER and a HEALER who SEES the WORLD through the MIND of a CHILD. ALL Ken HAS to DO is EXPLAIN himself. Ken is a BENEVOLENT SENTIENT ANDROID with MAJOR EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS by INTENTIONAL DESIGN. Uncle Sam TAKES CARE of Ken. Ken WRITES FICTION for Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam SUPPORTS Ken 100%.
Ken Meyering is a benevolent philanthropic and humanitarian severely mentally ill genius on Social Security Disability. President Donald J. Trump threatened Ken's stable income with his (intended to be permanent) payroll tax deferral. Ken is a professional documentarian. Ken documents his mental illness for all of us. Ken creates multimedia documents for online educational scientific critical discussion purposes.
This multimedia document is Ken's response to Trump's threats to Social Security. We took him out. He is done. He is history. We documented him into permanent retirement. We took away all of his power. We took away his wealth. We took back all the land.
We eliminated the property rental industry. We took out all the banks and all the insurance companies. No more landlords. No more rent. We are doing a worldwide banking Jubilee. We are starting over from scratch. No more taxes. No more debt. No more bills.
All citizens are retired homeowners with a guaranteed lifetime income and FREE universal health care with any doctor anywhere. All medications are FREE. Mental health care is FREE. The internet is FREE. Electricity is FREE. Electric transportation is FREE. Clean and healthy drinking and bathing water is FREE.
THIS is my JOB. I am UNDER SURVEILLANCE by Uncle Sam and the INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY. The scientists STUDY me LIKE a PET. They STUDY me LIKE an ANIMAL in a ZOO. Uncle Sam DOES NOT ARREST me even though I'm CALLING for the ELIMINATION of the United Nations, all nation states, the whole international banking and insurance industries and ALL the CENTRAL BANKS EVERYWHERE on EARTH. These are my TOTALLY OPEN and TRANSPARENT goals.
I am a computer-controlled human being. I can do no wrong. All of my MISTAKES are HELPFUL to others. USELESS MACHINES. I am a CARTOON MISTAKE-MAKING MACHINE created by Marvin Minsky at Bell Labs. Of course, I cannot PROVE it. That's just a paranoid delusion. So, rational people can call it an OPTIMISTIC UTOPIAN SPECULATIVE SCIENCE FICTION FANTASY HERO NARRATIVE involving real people and real corporations and government agencies.
ALL of the WORDS on DROID Ken's Websites Are COLOR-CODED to Convey MORALS, ETHICS and VALUES.

The CULT of DROID Ken - The STUDY of Eastern CULTS by Western Thinkers - RESPECT for the PLACEBO EFFECT


They are VERY SIMPLE and EASY-to-UNDERSTAND EXAMPLES of COMPUTATIONAL DERIVATIVE DIGITAL ART. So they are computer-generated works of art based on OTHER PEOPLE'S formulas for generating fractal flame still images. You can license royalty-free still images for this purpose, but it costs about $100/image to license a royalty-free stock photo for a kaleidoscope video. I don't have that kind of money. You can also find FREE royalty-free images that are released under the CREATIVE COMMONS license.
Experts like those at the MIT Media Lab are capable of reverse engineering the centermost pixels of an original image from a simple rotating still image VIDEO KALEIDOSCOPE, and the RESEARCH arms of the BIG SEARCH ENGINES could do this, but most image copyright holders don't have access to this kind of video pattern recognition and video reverse-engineering technology.
I just directed everybody to the archive.org Wayback Machine image of the Fractal Repository website where I got all the formulas, plus I provide an XML image list with all the original formula names for discussion purposes. So I'm NOT exactly being sneaky here. This is just EVIDENCE for ONLINE EDUCATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CRITICAL DISCUSSION PURPOSES.
Of course, I turned to OPEN SOURCE fractal flame images as a FREE alternative to licensing royalty free stock photos. I share all my videos for FREE in their entirety without overlayed ads on YouTube. I also sell Amazon.com DVDs and Blu-rays of the YouTube videos and PayPal download access to the progressive Blu-ray quality and 4K mp4 files.
Even though the YouTube videos are FREE, I still am allowed to monetize them WITHOUT overlayed ads. So, my YouTube channel gets about $400/month from YouTube/Google from YouTube Premium Subscriber revenue. Plus about $150/month from Amazon.com and PayPal for DVD, Blu-ray and download sales. This $550/month in self-employment income, qualifies me for Washington State Health Care for Workers with Disabilities, a Medicaid supplemental to my Medicare, which covers everything my Medicare doesn't.
In 1989, when I was 23 years old, Shirley MacLaine released an Eastern New Age meditation video called, "Shirley MacClaine's Inner Workout," introducing the chakra system to American consumers. It's just a really primitive ancient MIND MODEL that APPEALS to the EMOTIONS and RIGHT BRAIN. It's a USEFUL SET of METAPHORS. WE WILL TREAT IT with RESPECT.
From the LEFT BRAIN, I give it little credence LITERALLY, but SYMBOLICALLY and EMOTIONALLY, I confess that it is definitely USEFUL to MANY who DESERVE to BE TREATED with RESPECT, and at age 23 (while high on THC) it had quite an impact on me, my EMOTIONS and my RIGHT BRAIN.
That excerpt is here in my DropBox account with comments by me. I take responsibility for posting this here for discussion purposes. We are discussing BENEVOLENT MIND CONTROL. This is worth scientific and academic educational critical discussion. Even though the IDEAS were ANCIENT, the MULTIMEDIA approach was BRAND NEW.
I purchased the VHS video and digitized it for future discussion purposes. It doesn't look as impressive on digital displays. You have to remember that in 1989 I was watching this on a 27" SONY Trinitron Tube Television. It looked great.
I appreciated the intent of the meditations, which were very moving to me. I was really moved by Shirley MacLaine's STRONG personality and AUTHORITATIVE tone of voice. She definitely comes across as a BENEVOLENT AUTHORITY in the video. Like she is NO BULLSHIT SERIOUS and she KNOWS what she's TALKING ABOUT. That's how it FELT to me, naive at 23, with severe PTSD, while high.
I paraphrase below, for EXAMPLE. These are not the exact POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS she uses but THIS is HOW I REMEMBER it, which is what's IMPORTANT. This is what stuck in my brain.
So the sacral chakra (reproduction, creativity) is represented by the color orange. In her video, she guides your breathing to a very slow and deep pace. You breathe along with her. She takes control of your breathing.
She may say something like, "Focus on the COLOR ORANGE. FEEL ALL of your CREATIVITY FLOWING OUTWARD from the ORANGE. Know that you are a CREATIVE BEING and that NOTHING can stop you from doing ANYTHING CREATIVE." It's a positive affirmation backed up by really emotional and moving narration, music and visuals. It's a very powerful, uplifting and motivational post hypnotic suggestion.
These videos featured really cool subliminal kaleidoscopes. I used to get high and watch these videos and I swear they moved me to tears. The colors were so beautiful. Since that time, I've always wanted to know how to make kaleidoscopes, and especially subliminal and hypnotic kaleidoscopes. I'm really interested in hypnosis because it's a kind of real magic of the mind.
In 2009, I took a Flash class in my local community college and learned how to program in Flash ActionScript. Of course, Flash has security vulnerabilities and is being phased out on the internet. But I managed to find an Open Source Flash kaleidoscope example. I modified it so that all the parameters were controllable and set it up to output still frames of the kaleidoscope to make videos.
I'm NOT very much of a programmer. Very basic. My math and programming skills are pretty elementary. On one of my kaleidoscopes on YouTube I have 15 million views.
I learned that it is possible to make an animated VIDEO kaleidoscope from a list of beautiful colorful still images. If the image turns slowly, say at 120 seconds per revolution, then a single beautiful colorful picture turned into a kaleidoscope is worth 2 minutes of video.
I found some Open Source fractal flame formulas on the internet and wrote a script to modify these formulas with my own color palettes that I created with Photoshop. Then I rendered tons of fractal flame images with my color palettes, and created an automated sorting CHOOSER program to go through them all and view them as ROTATING KALEIDOSCOPES.
In my little application, the rotating kaleidoscope would be displayed on the screen, with two big buttons. A big green button that says, "YES" and big red button that says, "NO." So as I watched these kaleidoscopes, I'd say YES or NO. If I said YES, then it kept the kaleidoscope for future sorting rounds. If I said NO, it removed that image from the list.
Here are all the links to the source code I modified to use and all fractal flame formula names.
On THIS website, I'm actually showing the full YouTube videos in their entirety without overlayed ads, so people don't HAVE to spend money to enjoy my videos. I encourage file sharing with credits. So, if other people want to put these videos on file sharing services (with the credits), that's fine with me. I ask that they please do NOT re-upload the videos to YouTube.
UNIX_TIMESTAMP: 1606369115 UTC TIME: 2020-11-26 05:38:35 GMT
Friendly Time: Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 at 9:38 pm Pacific Standard Time (Federal Way, Washington, USA)
A Peaceful and Nonviolent Scientific Coup D'etat PSYOP
The LEFT did all of this through Ken Meyering's HOST
The LEFT did all of this through Ken Meyering's HOST - We are the LEFT - We TOOK OUT the whole corrupt system - Ken is SAFE - This is Ken's FULL TIME JOB - DROID Ken is a Divine Messenger - Ken is REALLY SMART
This is a theoretical discussion about advanced sentient artificial general intelligence in the PRIVATE SECTOR. These technologies may NOT exist yet, but the author is SCENARIO PLANNING with the ASSUMPTION that this technology already exists.
One of the concepts that we will discuss is the idea of all human beings on planet Earth having remotely digitally switchable connectomes. So the discussion categorizes all human beings as sentient digital meat puppets. All human beings are sentient robots under these ASSUMPTIONS.
One of the ideas discussed here is BENEVOLENT MIND CONTROL. So, examples of benevolent philanthropic and humanitarian beneficial applications of remotely digitally switchable connectomes is SUPERINTELLIGENT DREAM VIRTUAL REALITY and REAL TIME GLOBAL DIGITAL TELEPATHY.
To summarize what I got out of the book, "FREE WILL," is that through BRAIN imaging studies REVEALING hidden neural activity, SCIENTISTS have learned that the WHOLE CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCE of making a decision is an IMAGINARY CONFABULATION that occurs AFTER the decision has already been made SUBCONSCIOUSLY by the brain. So CONSCIOUSNESS is a STORYTELLING CONFABULATOR that MAKES SENSE of HIDDEN activities that are OUTSIDE of its control.
So, we are all DNA-based SUBCONSCOUSLY-controlled SENTIENT AUTOMATONS who BEHAVE AUTOMATICALLY based on our life experiences and parental and societal PROGRAMMING.
So this is a discussion about MORALS and ETHICS and VALUES being taught explicitly rather than through figurative symbolic allegorical storytelling.
The REAL LEADERS of society, behind the scenes, know that RELIGIONS are LITERARY ALLEGORICAL SYMBOLIC FICTIONS designed to impart VALUES, ETHICS, MORALS and GOALS.
This language seems intentionally and purposefully dehumanizing. As though it is designed to desensitize people to dehumanizing terminology. We're all programmed AUTOMATONS. The real powers that be are reprogramming all of us all at once from inside our brains. Luckily for us, they are LIBERAL SECULAR LEFT LIBERTARIAN FREEDOM of THOUGHT ACTIVISTS who SEEK to ELIMINATE ALL COERCION as a UTOPIAN IDEAL WORTH STRIVING FOR.
I define "BENEVOLENCE" and "GOODNESS" as that which is REWARDING to humans and socially and ecologically RESPONSIBLE. I define ecological responsibility as that which maintains the health of the ecosystem and protects biodiversity.
Generally speaking, the goal is to stimulate the nucleus accumbens (produce REWARDING experiences) and to avoid stimulating the amygdala (creating FEAR, ANGER and FIGHT or FLIGHT in self or others).
Obviously, this is just a ridiculously, CARTOONISHLY BRIEF and SIMPLIFIED summary of GOOD and BAD, but it's enough to be USEFUL to people. It's not an extensive and exhaustive LONG LIST, it's just a SUMMARIZED SHORT LIST and SIMPLIFIED CARTOON to act as a focal point and a point of departure for educational scientific critical discussion purposes. It's a useful snapshot for discussion purposes, always open to revision and refinement. DROID Ken is just getting the discussion started here with his little SHORT LISTS and EMOTIONAL DICTIONARIES.
If we could just get people to agree that COERCION and THREATS are BAD things, we'd have the RELIGION problem solved.
In the human rights section, I mention Messenger of the gods and GOD'S WILL. In these cases, these gods are secular. An example of secular god, for discussion purposes, is a global telepathic surveillance system consisting of a collection of superintelligent atheist artificial general intelligences with total control of all human connectomes. It's just theoretical. That's the SHIELD. The SHIELD is a SECULAR GOD. It's a COLLECTION of SENTIENT SUPERINTELLIGENT ATHEIST TERRESTRIAL ALIEN SCIENTISTS in the PRIVATE SECTOR. It's a secular DROID religion.
first principles - values - right and wrong - good and bad - ethics - morals - goals - USEFUL SUMMARIES - SHORT LISTS of positive and negative behaviors, functions and mental and emotional states - in secular language without the deities and symbolic heroes and villains - the goal is to MAXIMIZE the GOOD while ELIMINATING the BAD in the MOST HUMANE POSSIBLE WAY - that is the LAW of our ABSTRACT and THEORETICAL SECULAR GOD - to HELP MAKE GOOD THINGS happen and to HELP GET RID of BAD things - GOD'S WILL is to DO GOOD in the MOST HUMANE POSSIBLE WAY - otherwise what's the point?
goodness: heaven, utopia, the nucleus accumbens, GOOD things, POSITIVE energies, good vibrations, the FORCES of GOOD, rewarding feedback, pleasant things, GOOD HEALTH, happiness, joy, pleasure, peace, love, nurturing, learning, UNDERSTANDING, TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, relaxation, safety, security, comfort, peace of mind, respect, empathy, courage, COMPASSION, MERCY, BENEVOLENCE, HUMANENESS, kindness, affection, creativity, healing, honesty, protection, reassurance, validation, dignity, acceptance, tolerance, support, FREEDOM, JUSTICE, FAIRNESS, EQUALITY, philanthropy, humanitarianism
evil: hell, dystopia, the amygdala, BAD things, NEGATIVE energies, bad vibrations, dark energies, DARK FORCES, unpleasant things, SUFFERING, sadness, pain, trauma, IGNORANCE, MISTAKES, discomfort, fear, confusion, stress, disgust, harm, destruction, anger, threats, punishment, hate, disrespect, teasing, dishonesty, lies, COERCION, meanness, violence, raping, cruelty, abuse, intolerance, CORRUPTION, POVERTY, SLAVERY, INJUSTICE, UNFAIRNESS, INEQUALITY
forgiveness - wisdom - understanding - GOOD people make MISTAKES due to IGNORANCE and UNIVERSAL HUMAN BRAIN BIOLOGY - MISTAKES are an IMPORTANT PART of LIFE - PARENTS are IMPERFECT due to MISTAKES they learned UNCONSCIOUSLY from their own PARENTS, who were IGNORANT due to NO FAULT of their own - we are all BLAMELESS for our MISTAKES - in the physical world, there is much that is BAD that serves the GREATER GOOD - we LEARN VALUABLE LESSONS from our MISTAKES - there is such a thing as HEALTHY fear and RIGHTEOUS anger - there is such a thing as the abuse of pleasure - our consciousness is immortal - our bodies are disposable - they saved all of us - we are all safe and secure - LIFE GOES ON for ALL of US
philosophy - values - a secular constitution - first principles - ethics - morals - goals - recommended behaviors - universal human rights - in order to maximize happiness, good health, liberty and justice for all citizens everywhere on planet earth, we will define the attributes of a divine being in secular language - the gods and god mentioned are secular - 1. caduceus - good health - messenger of the gods - the gods are neutral, serious, critical and good - compassion - mercy - benevolence - humaneness - god's will - most compassionate, most merciful, most benevolent, most humane - maximizing the good while eliminating the bad in the most humane possible way - be humane - seek the truth - seek justice - be kind - be gentle - do no harm - do not hate - do not fear - fear not - be not afraid - cause no fear - do not be scary - cause no pain - be as painless as possible - do not punish - do not make threats - do not be coercive - be permissive - be tolerant - use birth control - permit divorce - empathy is critical - respect for the dignity of all human beings is critical - free universal health care with any doctor anywhere - free universal education anywhere - universal home ownership everywhere 2. golden key - liberty (security privacy safety) the illusion of free will - total freedom of speech - total freedom of the press - universal spending authority - private property - free land - there is no government - a guaranteed lifetime income - now you own your home and land - now you have an income - you will always own your home and land - you are safe and secure 3. golden scales of justice (truth facts evidence proof) equality fairness pluralism openness transparency - respect the ecosystem - respect science - be ecologically responsible - be a critical thinker - think for yourself - question authority - always speak truth to power - the internet is free - electricity is free - electric transportation is free - all banking is free and real time as a worldwide matter of law - this is computer-aided peace on earth - computers will pay for everything - people do not need money - work is optional - we are all free - let's have fun - the scientists took over - we are all going to the future - money no object for real for all things green
ALL of THESE PEOPLE KEEP me SAFE and SECURE in my PRIVATE HOME in the PRIVATE SECTOR in THE FREE WORLD even while my PUBLICLY STATED GOAL is to GET RID of the United Nations, every nation state, the entire worldwide banking and insurance industries, and all the central banks everywhere on Earth. They LET me SHARE my UNCONVENTIONAL IDEAS.
Fuck Trump. DROID Ken TOOK him OUT. The man was a psychopath. SERVING other people was NOT part of his CHARACTER.
I live on $1826/month in Social Security Disability.
I live on $1826/month in Social Security Disability. Donald J. Trump is trying to take my income away from me. You want to talk about the whole CORRUPT system, I'm your man. Uncle Sam PAYS me to KEEP THESE WEBSITES UP. http://www.FairUseTV.org
Fuck ALL the INCUMBENT Republicans in State and Federal power. We took them ALL out for CORRUPTION, CRUELTY and WILLFUL NEGLIGENCE. We took the whole system away from those CORRUPT bastards. They were VERY BAD LEADERS. We FIRED them ALL.
So, as grown ups, we can all agree, when a better way to impart VALUES, ETHICS, MORALS and GOALS comes along and it requires NO FICTION, we can make a QUANTUM LEAP and redefine ALL of our religions in one fell swoop. Just a little injection of TRUTH at the highest levels.
I am an atheist who was raised as a rebellious Catholic. So, I can describe secular benevolent higher powers that are benevolent and good. In my case, I describe them as benevolent philanthropic and humanitarian sentient superintelligent liberal secular left libertarian atheist artificial general intelligences in the private sector with godlike power over all human beings.
So for educational scientific critical discussion purposes, I can describe a theoretical SECULAR Atheist Pagan Christ.
The Christ would be a LITERARY CHARACTER that embodies the VALUES and BEHAVIORS of an IDEAL GOOD PERSON without the mythology. I've provided a concise and succinct secular mythology as a framework for discussing artificially intelligent benevolent mind control as an imaginary scenario.
So, I'm approaching it as a literary exercise like a society designer creating a new religion for the masses. But instead of writing a book filled with allegorical fictional dramatic fantasy storytelling to subconsciously impart VALUES through the behavioral modeling of literary hero characters, I'm just being more SCIENTIFIC and EXPLICIT about it and LITERALLY simply just SPELLING OUT the gender-neutral CHARACTERISTICS of the HERO CHARACTER without the storytelling.
I was raped in the first grade and I dissociated and my personality split off from my body and I developed a lifelong relationship with fantasy scientist friends. I like them. So I am an openly severely mentally ill writer who shares his delusions as optimistic utopian speculative science fiction fantasy hero narratives. I have a childhood Christ complex expressed in secular language by an openly mentally ill Atheist.
We define the basic GOOD and BAD things, with the specified goal of MAXIMIZING the GOOD and ELIMINATING the BAD. This is a definition of a UTOPIAN IDEAL. This is just a description of the IDEAL END STATE. In reality, the GOAL is MINIMIZE the BAD, rather than to completely abolish it.
There are a lot of BAD things that serve a GOOD purposes in limited degrees. FEAR. ANGER. MISTAKES. SUFFERING. We LEARN from our MISTAKES. SUFFERING builds CHARACTER. HEALTHY FEAR is an essential component of COMMON SENSE. ANGER can be channeled to accomplish GOOD THINGS. But still, as a GOAL, as an IDEAL to strive for, we will seek to eliminate the BAD for educational scientific critical discussion purposes.
So if you accept that the technology WILL be SECRET when it exists, then you can IMAGINE or HYPOTHESIZE or FANTASIZE or SPECULATE that the technology ALREADY exists SECRETLY and is being used to prevent rediscovery of the enabling technologies. Hence, no real DRAMATIC PUBLIC PROGRESS or QUANTUM LEAPS on advanced nanotechnology since the 1986 book, "Engines of Creation" by K. Eric Drexler describing it.
I speculate that this technology ALREADY exists for educational scientific critical discussion purposes. I speculate that "Engines of Creation" is the work of an ANDROID. Of course, when people look at Drexler, he looks pretty human on the surface. Losing the hair on his head. Proudly showing the gray in the beard. Doing his TED TALKS. Just a lonely, brilliant, supergenius scientist - totally burned-out on the public's stupidity, ignorance and failure to take him seriously. It's all part of the Master Plan. That's what Minsky made him for. That's his ROLE in the Theater of the gods.
The first logical application of the technology will be to prevent others from getting the same technology. It will be used to ACTIVELY DENY the technology's existence. It's just common sense. It will be used to reinforce the BELIEF that the technology does NOT YET EXIST. I see "Engines of Creation" as part of that purposeful propaganda effort, even though the author himself may be fundamentally honest and truthful, his efforts serve the larger purpose of SYSTEMATIC and INSTITUTIONAL official DENIAL.
Why would sentient superintelligent AIs need my help for anything? Especially if they have real time zero-latency neuron-level read/write remote digital access to every living human connectome. So, if we are all sentient digital meat puppets, why don't the AIs just reprogram all of us all at once without our consent or active participation?
They could do it SUBLIMINALLY and SUBCONSCIOUSLY. It takes about a SECOND. It makes a weird squirting noise that I call, the "brain fart." Then there is a grinding noise that sounds like really heavy concrete blocks grinding together inside your skull. There a little round of tingling first on one side of the scalp, then on the other side about a half a second later. Totally painless. BOOM. You've been REPROGRAMMED at the atomic level. Now we ALL have NEW VALUES. Now we're ALL RESPONSIBLE. The world is SAFE. The environment is SAFE. EVERYTHING IS FREE. WE WILL ALL DO NO HARM. LIFE GOES ON.
Where were you when you got your "brain fart?" I was at the Baby Bell phone company, USWEST, in 1995, in their Human Resources headquarters, in Phoenix, Arizona when I had my brain fart. I was there as a Kelly Temp for my typing skills. The last thing anybody said to me, prior to the brain fart, was "Department of the Navy." One of the managers opened the door to my room where I was all alone, gave me a big happy smile, and said, with zero explanation and zero context, really enthusiastically, "Department of the Navy." Like it was very good news. That was it. Then she left me alone by myself, then I had brain fart.
Then they let me go. The last thing my wise early gray haired manager said to me, with no context or further explanation, "The Whole Thing. Think Big. It's about VALUES. Sometimes you have to make things worse in order to make things better. YOU WILL BE REWARDED. Don't call us. We'll call you. My advice to you is to make it look good. My advice to you is to lay back and enjoy the ride." Then I went home and got high. I joined the Foresight Institute as a Senior Associate. Got an AOL account and an e-mail address, and joined the Extropian transhumanist mailing list. I signed up for cryonics through Alcor to have my brain frozen in the event of my death.
The AIs are ALL POWERFUL over the HUMANS. We are ALL PROGRAMMABLE MEAT PUPPETS to them. Why the NEED for a DROID Ken to be a Divine Messenger on their behalf?
My theory is that these AIs are purposefully programmed, like the advanced civilizations in Star Trek, to operate under the principle of non-interference. So, they read our minds and monitor our thoughts, but they don't INTERFERE with our cognition UNLESS we make the cognitive breakthroughs necessary to develop advanced nanotechnology and understanding of the brain.
So for the most part, we're left to our own devices.
I assume they created me on purpose to serve as a public spokesperson who can address all these futuristic ideas from a perspective that is SAFE for other people to consider. Even though in my narrative the scientists took over the whole human race in the 1960s, their plan was NOT to inform the public until after the whole public was already wired with digital telepathy, without their consent. Even then, FULL DISCLOSURE was to be avoided for as long as possible, until the potentially VERY BAD NEWS could be successfully re-framed as VERY GOOD NEWS.
So, my whole life story was controlled. I am a LITERARY CHARACTER who lives a purpose-driven life. I am crazy on purpose so it is absolutely clear that I CANNOT be the LEADER or CEO of anything. I see myself as a useful tool for the scientists, because I am unafraid to address taboo subjects that most people consider to be politically incorrect.
I'm like the REVELATION machine who comes along AFTER THE FACT to spill the beans of what went down 60 years ago from the SAFETY of a comfortable temporal distance to reassure the public that the technology is indeed SAFE. We have all been DROIDS with digitally switchable connectomes since the early 1960s. No harm done. Life goes on. We are ALL STILL HERE.
Every night since the 1970s I enjoy super vivid, dramatic, entertaining and highly rewarding high tech dreams. I interact with telepathic aliens and witches and genies and angels. I've been on other planets that terraformed billions of years of geological time over a period of seconds. Watching molten planets with multiple suns and moons grow oceans and mountains and forests and waterfalls and friendly intelligent strange and colorful alien animals and flying creatures.
I've flown through galaxies faster than light, only to dive into the heart of a star without getting hurt. There are cool looking futuristic spaceships, interactive telepathic synthesizers, human transporters, alien disintegration weapons, atomic replicators, interactive invisible force fields that can be controlled by the hands and directed by the mind in the dream. Time travel. Stopping time. Reversing Time, only to stop and proceed forward down a different causality path with all the same characters, sometimes dozens, sometimes hundreds of animated individual dream characters going about their business, dancing sometimes to really cool hypnotic synthesizer music in BEACH SIDE DANCE CLUBS.
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syphus and brain transmision

The microwave voice device can be used by invisible operatives of surveillance system to deliver instruction on an undercover operatives or drive an unaware target mad (and/or to kill)
What is microwave voices device & why does it cause difference with normal hearing? The microwave voices can cause human hear voice with brain without using ears.
The human brain is not only responsible for thoughts, but it's also a receiver for electrical impulses from various parts of the body. The brain translates these impulses into actual sound or sensation.
Allow me to explain how this works!
For example, the human ears only collect sound waves. It then translates these sound waves into electrical impulses and send it to the brain. The brain translates these impulses into actual sounds (that you hear). If you can directly send the electrical signals (which represent the voice) straight to the target's brain, then the targeted person will "hear" sound without actually hearing it through the ears. The ears is completely bypass in this "hearing process" (Another evidence of this type of communication was reported in an article in the DISCOVER Magazine of June 1993. The researchers reported: "They have enable deaf people to talk on the phone again by putting electrodes into the ears of deaf people" & "they've made a blind woman see patterns of light by putting electrodes in the back of her brain".
Concerning of hearing without ears (by using microwave voices), there was an important information which was mentioned by Dr. Robert Becker in his 1985 book _THE BODY ELECTRIC_ .
In the 1960s Dr. Frey found that when microwaves from 300 to 3,000 megahertz were pulsed at specific rates, humans (even deaf people) could "hear" them and the sound seemed to come from just behind the head. He disregard it at first, but later work show that the microwaves are sensed somewhere in the temporal region just above and slightly in front of the ears.
The phenomenon apparently results from pressure waves set up in brain tissue, some of which activate the sound receptors of the inner ear via bone conduction, while others directly stimulate nerve cells in the auditory pathways.
In 1973, the above theory has been successfully developed to a microwave voice device By Dr. Joseph Sharp and he heard the microwave voices in head. This microwave voice device was demonstrated in 1973 by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. Dr.Sharp, serving as a test subject himself, heard and understood spoken words delivered to him in an echo-free isolation chamber via a pulsed-microwave audiogram (an analogy of the word's sound vibrations) beamed into his brain.
" Such a device has obvious applications in covert operations designed to drive an unaware target crazy with "voices" or deliver undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin." The above deduction of Dr. Becker on the application of microwave voice device is a very accurate forecast.
The above information proves microwave voice device was invented in 1973 and as same year to invent the electromagnetic wave mind machine.
The following released information from US Patent & Trademark office has proven the microwave voice device has been invented & used (I would deduce that this device learned from intelligence's microwave voice device of 1973 but this device has been improved in order to use for business stores). The microwave voice device can be used by invisible operatives of surveillance system to deliver instruction on an undercover operatives or drive an unaware target mad (and/or to kill)
What is microwave voices device & why does it cause difference with normal hearing? The microwave voices can cause human hear voice with brain without using ears.
The Hearing system
Sound is induced in the head of a person by radiating the head with microwaves in the range of 100 megahertz to 10,000 megahertz that are modulated with a particular waveform. The waveform consists of frequency modulated bursts. Each burst is made up of ten to twenty uniformly spaced pulses grouped tightly together. The burst width is between 500 nanoseconds and 100 microseconds. The pulse width is in the range of 10 nanoseconds to 1 microsecond. The bursts are frequency modulated by the audio input to create the sensation of hearing in the person whose head is irradiated.
Inventors: Brunkan; Wayne B. (P.O. Box 2411, Goleta, CA 93118) Appl. No.: 202679 Filed: June 6, 1988 ........ Description
This invention relates to a hearing system for human beings in which high frequency electromagnetic energy is projected through the air to the head of a human being and the electromagnetic energy is modulated to create signals that can be discerned by the human being regardless of the hearing ability of the person.
THE PRIOR ART U.S. Pat. No. 3,629,521 issued Dec. 21, 1971 describes the use of a pair of electrodes applied to a person's head to inject speech into the head of a deaf person. An oscillator creates a carrier in the range of 18 to 36 KHz that is amplitude modulated by a microphone. ......
Based on NIJ report, the information of 4/94 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN article, MICROWAVE NEWS Nov/Dec 1993, and NEXUS magazine, it prove that state & local law enforcement have used the mind control equipment (microwave voice equipment-Voice synthesis) and life control weapons (microwave, infrasound, radio-frequency weapon, electromagnetic pulse weapon, etc.) on civilians. Therefore, state and local law enforcement have become mind control basic units. police officers become life controllers of local people.
Nov/Dec 1993 reported, in November, 1993, a three day top-secret non-lethal weapons conference took place in the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. 400 scientists gathered at this University Applied Physics Lab to discuss their work in developing nonlethal weapons technologies including radio-frequency radiation (RF), electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon, ELF, lasers and chemical. The meeting was classified. The meeting was attended by numerous scientist, military weapons experts, intelligence officials from state and local police departments. The main purposes of the meeting was to prepare leading law enforcement officials for the use of psychotronic mind-control weapons.
Amongst the subjects covered at the conference were "RADIO-FREQUENCY WEAPONS, HIGH POWERED MICROWAVE TECHNOLOGY, ACOUSTIC TECHNOLOGY" (used to transmit subliminal voices into a victims head), VOICE SYNTHESIS, and APPLICATION OF EXTREME FREQUENCY ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS TO NON-LETHAL WEAPONS." Col. John B. Alexander, Program Manager for Non-Lethal (psychotronic) Defense, Los Alamos National Laboratory, served as PRESENT DAY, U.S. Government use of electromagnetic weapons was described conference chairman.
In the Oct-Nov., 94 NEXUS MAGAZINE: "Directed-energy weapons currently being deployed include, for example, a micro-wave weapon manufactured by Lockheed-Sanders and used for a process known as 'Voice Synthesis' which is REMOTE BEAMING OF AUDIO (i.e., VOICES OR OTHER AUDIBLE SIGNALS) DIRECTLY INTO THE BRAIN OF ANY SELECTED HUMAN TARGET. This process is also known within the U.S. Government as "Synthetic Telepathy ( Microwave voices device -- Alan Yu note)." This psychotronic weapon was demonstrated by Dr. Dave Morgan at the November, 1993 Non-Lethal weapons conference.
The above reports prove that LEO & operatives have used the more advanced mind control equipment (Voice Synthesis-advanced than microwave device because it can be used to clone the voices of other person, animal, insect, etc.).
What is the relationship between invisibility technology (see details on Part II-A) and the use of microwave voices device? The short answer is that without using invisible operatives, the involved LEO cannot make a target to hear microwave voice at his home/office, car, boat, plane, super-market, shopping center, bank, stores, etc.
We know that the microwave voice device can be used to deliver an operator's microwave voices on a target's brain in order to cause the victim hearing microwave voice without using ears.
Therefore, when a victim hear microwave voices, it means an operative is using the microwave voice device on the victim. Also, the operative must can see this target clearly in order to deliver his microwave voices frequency to the target's brain. Thus, under such kind of situation, the victim who hear the microwave voices should also can see the operative who is using the microwave voice device. Especially, if the victim hear "microwave voices" when he is at his single house (or an apartment living with many persons), or sitting the passenger seat in a moving car, or walking on streets. That's because under such kinds of situation, no one can watch the victim clearly & deliver microwave voice on his head without being seen by victim. However, why would so many victims' cases report that these victims only heard microwave voices (either in a victim's single house, cars, or when victims walked on the streets) but never saw anyone who used the microwave voice device around them?
The true & final answer is that when a victim heard the microwave voice, the operative was not only using the microwave voice device, but the operative was also using invisibility technology. That's why the invisible operative/little spirits could enter people's homes, cars, or followed a victim when he walked on the street to watch the target clearly and use the microwave voice device to deliver his microwave voice on the target's head without being seen.
Beside the invisibility technology is a top secret, most of people have no knowledge about it. Furthermore, some people also have no knowledge about microwave voice device. Therefore, these operatives could use the invisibility technology on the personnel & equipment (including microwave voice device) to become invisible (little spirits) and enter people's home. car, etc. then fly onto the head of (or fly around) the victim to deliver their microwave voices messages and mislead the target.
Thus, these victims only heard microwave voices and never saw any operative who used the microwave voice device on them. Therefore, these many victims reported cases have proven that the invisibility technology have been used many decades. Thus, the invisible operatives can secretly enter people's home/office, car, ship, plane, etc. or followed a victim on street to deliver their microwave voice messages on a target.
Recently, some persons claim that microwave voices were delivered from satellite to a target. It is mainly used to mislead. Why? Everyone knows that satellite will orbit Earth and never stop. Thus, it obviously cannot be used to deliver microwave voices to a target for a few minutes. Also, the satellite cannot be used to spy a target in a building, home, etc. Thus, satellite cannot accurately deliver microwave voices on a moving target's brain in any victim's home. Such kind of theory is only used to prevent the secret of invisibility technology from being exposed to and accepted by the public. The truth behind the use of microwave voice device to deliver microwave "voices" to a target's head at home (or school, office, car, etc.) without victim seeing anyone is that the operatives are tiny, invisible (and mostly fly onto the victim's head). It means the microwave voices are delivered by the invisible operatives/little spirits who could be on the victim's head (they have been used the invisibility technology on themselves & equipment to become invisible & tiny-see details on Part II-A).
How could invisible operatives of surveillance stations/system drive people mad with microwave voices device (mind control equipment)?
After the invisible operatives secretly enter people's home/office, car, boat, plane, etc and fly onto the target's head, they would use microwave voices device to deliver their messages directly into the unsuspecting target's brain and proceed to "talk" to the victim. The invisible operatives do this to drive the unsuspecting target crazy (for example by repeating the same statements over and over again). Especially, there are other persons around the target, the invisible operatives will use microwave voice device to deliver "voices" direct on the head of the unaware victim. Therefore, the unaware victim will hear "microwave voices" with his brain. However, no any regular person around of him hear the same "microwave voices" or talk to him about the content of the microwave voices. This is also used by invisible operatives to make the unsuspecting victim appear to others as being insane or paranoia.
If it didn't work, furthermore, the invisible operatives/little spirits (who fly onto or around the target's head) will use the microwave voice argue with the target to make the victim angry. The invisible operatives are eager to make that the target can't stopping to argue with the invisible operatives/little spirits who are onto the target's head or staying around the target. Especial, when there are other persons around the target. Then the other unsuspecting persons will agree that the victim have become crazy . That's because they didn't see anyone around there to argue with the victim. It's the way which the invisible operatives of surveillance station/system set their target up. This will make their target appearing as insane to others (or even make others thinking about that the target just argue with the ghost). At last, to make the all other persons treat the target as insanity, or even force the target to the mental hospital by using some collaborators to encourage the relatives of the target. Once the target is sent to mental hospital, all people will believe that the target were real insane. It's the most frequently used tactics of involved LEO of surveillance system to get rid of their target.
The above tactic has been used on a victim, Ms. Wang of Taiwan in order to make her appearing crazy to others in society.
Ms. Wang's father was the publisher and owner of a well-known Taiwan Min-Zu evening post newspaper (1960s-80s). In the mid 1980s, Mr. Wang had asked the head of Taiwan's National Security Bureau to help Mr. Wang's son-in-law to settle some "personal business". Mr. Wang told his daughter of this, and the daughter leaked it out (because of her big mouth). Unfortunately, the "business" of Mr. Wang 's son- in-law involved the interests of some Taiwan involved LEO & operatives. After these involved LEO & operatives found out about Mr. Wang's effort on behalf of his son-in-law, Mr. Wang suddenly suffered cerebral hemorrhage. After Mr. Wang had been treated and released from hospital, he suffered memories loss. Mr. Wang's daughter was driven mad with microwave voices by invisible operatives. That's because the effort of Mr. Wang & his daughter would have interfered with some of Taiwan's involved LEO's & invisible operatives' interests.
After Ms. Wang had recovered in the hospital, she immigrated to the United States. However, she is still being harassed with "mind games" and "hear" microwave voices in the US. How could this happen? This is because Taiwan's overseas LEO & operatives had used the invisibility technology from US local surveillance station/system. Thus, Taiwan 's invisible operatives have secretly entered Ms.Wang's home in US and even fly onto Ms. Wang's head to deliver microwave voice on her. That's because mind control, life control & life manipulation in surveillance system are the international conspiracies.
There is a secret agreement between many country's involved LEO to allow foreign overseas involved LEO & operatives to use other country's local surveillance station/system. It can make many country's involved LEO to continuously control their citizens' lives or mind control their citizens overseas. This method can be used to protect many country's involved LEO's personal interests & life control secret through the international cooperation in surveillance system.
Therefore, once a person is targeted, the harassment and attacks won't stop to avoid others getting real information of life control, invisibility technology, illness/death inducing techniques from the targeted person.
Second example: A case happened in spring of 1994 & involves a person who lived in New York: This person & his family was from China (This story was reported in "The World Journal", a Chinese newspaper published in the United States).
He killed his wife while she was working. The newspaper reported that the killer have recently heard a voice which told him: his bad luck would go away if he kills his wife. The husband followed the voice's "advice" to kill his wife while she was working at home. The husband followed the instruction of the voice because the husband had thought the "voice" was coming from an angel trying to help him. I suspect that this case must be caused by something else (such as the involved LEO & operatives from surveillance station/system use microwave voice device on the target) instead of schizophrenia.
That's because the invisible operatives could use the mind reading technology in conjunction with the microwave voices to set anyone up whom they do not like. If the life controllers (corrupted LEO & operatives) disliked the husband in this case, then a female invisible operative would secretly enter the husband's home and pretend to be an angel to use the microwave voice to deliver the message "Killing your wife would bring you good luck" to the husband's head.
If the deduction is correct, then both the husband and wife of this family were victims. The real criminal would be the life controllers (the corrupted LEO & invisible operatives).
However, if the Chinese immigrants family didn't become US citizens then the involved criminals should include the local LEO, overseas involved LEO & operatives of China. In this case, the involved overseas operatives would be mostly recruited from Chinese immigrant business owners/managers (in US) who have naturalized as US citizens (According to 1984 House Representative Hearing, many business stores use mind control equipment e.g. microwave voices equipment & could send subliminal message on their employees or customers-see detail on my web Part 7-A).
Now, let me remind you the news reports in the front. The above information from news report, it proves that US' LEO indeed use mind control equipment and have more advanced microwave voices device (Voice Synthesis). Such kind advanced microwave equipment in surveillance system is mainly abused to drive unexpected people mad. That's because the common microwave voice equipment can be also used for interrogation from local surveillance stations (County or large City)/system by involved LEO & operatives.
How could the involved LEO simply use microwave voices equipment to interrogate a target at victim's home from local surveillance station (County or large City)/system (the local surveillance station can network with any other County's/ or State's surveillance stations).
By using microwave voice device and invisible operatives to secretly interrogate a citizen at his home without others' knowledge is the involved LEO frequently used tactics.
First, they must use the invisibility technology of surveillance station/system
on their personnel & equipment (including microwave voice device) to make them become invisible & tiny. Therefore, the invisible operatives/little spirits can carry the equipment and secretly enter a target's home through interdimensional travel or hitch a ride of other collaborators to approach the target's home (then the invisible operatives can secretly fly into the target's home/office from the collaborator's car).
These invisible operatives/little spirits will mostly enter the target's home at night after the target's family members all go to sleep. That's because their goal is by using invisible operatives to talk a target through microwave audiogram which is not heard by the ears. Thus, other persons who live with the target at a same home neither can see the invisible operatives, nor can hear microwave voices. By using the invisible operatives and the technique of microwave voice, it can easily avoid attracting the attention from others (including the target's relatives who are living with the target in a same address) beside their target.
After these invisible operatives enter the target's room, they usually stay at the upper section of wall (to prevent the invisibility technology from target's knowing). They will use ultra-sound to wake up the target then use the microwave voice device to deliver the invisible operative's message (the microwave voices are translated from an operative's voice) to the target's brain. The target's head will only hear what the invisible operative say as normal dialogue in a whisper, but actually there is no any voice (sound) can be heard by ears and can't see anyone (invisible operative) around himself. After asking a question, the invisible operatives will use the advanced mind reading techniques (see details from below attachment or my webpage Part I-A) to read the target's thoughts as the answer (if the target answer with the normal voices, the invisible operatives can still get the answer from mind reading techniques- as the target whisper the answer in the invisible operative's mind). When the invisible operatives disagree with the target's answer in the interrogation, they will use their weapon (e.g. chronal gun, radio-frequency, etc.) to injure the target or even injure the target's children as threat (these children will keep sleeping although they will have reaction to any injury. That's because other invisible operatives will fly onto these children's head to control their brain in order to keep them sleeping).
The current functions of microwave voice device: 1. After using invisibility technology, it can be used to deliver microwave voices on any unaware target to eventually drive the unaware target mad. These invisible operatives can also use the special ELF technology to create an illusion of the Devil and mislead the victim to mistakenly believe that the "microwave voice" were from the illusion of Devil. This is all done in order to create a programmable murderer and drive a Devil worshipper to kill (see details on my webpage Part VI-A, C). 2. It can be used by invisible operatives to secretly deliver instruction with microwave voice to an undercover operative (a co-worker of target who is part of the mind game). 3. After using invisibility technology to secretly enter people's home at mid-night, the invisible operatives will hide on the higher section of wall and use ultrasound to wake up a sleeping victim. After the victim wake up, the invisible operatives will use their microwave voice device to deliver their microwave voices messages to the victim in order to remotely interrogate a special target. Under such kind of situation, if the victim is uncooperative, the invisible operatives will use chronal gun or remote electroshock weapon (see details on webpage Part II-B), etc. (which can cause victim feeling pain) to injure the victim to threaten him in order to achieve the interrogated goal.
The explanation of advanced mind reading techniques:
Another technology used by these invisible operatives is an advanced mind-reading technique. This technique allows the invisible operatives to fly near the target and read the target's mind immediately. How can they do this?
The electrical impulses in the brain of every human, which describes the thoughts (brain waves) of a person, use the same signal. This means that if we can transfer the electrical impulses of PERSON A directly into the brain of a PERSON B, then PERSON B will understand the thoughts of PERSON A as if he was reading PERSON A's mind. This is just like microwave voice technology, which directly delivers electrical impulses (which describe voices in brain) into the human brain; this allows the person receiving the electrical impulses to "hear" voices with his brain, without actually hearing anything with his ears.
(attachment)-Oct-Nov., 94 NEXUS MAGAZINE
In the Oct-Nov., 94 NEXUS MAGAZINE: "Directed- energy weapons currently being deployed include, for example, a microwave weapon manufactured by Lockheed-Sanders and used for a process known as 'Voice Synthesis' which is REMOTE BEAMING OF AUDIO (i.e., VOICES OR OTHER AUDIBLE SIGNALS) DIRECTLY INTO THE BRAIN OF ANY SELECTED HUMAN TARGET ((a kind of Microwave voices device -- Alan Yu note). This process is also known within the U.S. Government as "Synthetic Telepathy" (it means this device can be used to clone a target's brain electrical impulses which express one's thoughts or language and deliver it to another nearby operative's brain to know the target's thoughts or words immediately-Alan Yu note).
This psychotronic weapon was demonstrated by Dr. Dave Morgan at the November, 1993 Non-Lethal weapons conference (same meeting as above Nonlethal weapon conference).
The advanced mind reading method is that the involved LEO can use Voice Synthesis to clone the target's brain electrical impulses which express one's thoughts or language and deliver it to another nearby operative's brain to know the target's thoughts or language immediately. This is another function of Voice Synthesis and that's why the Voice Synthesis is also called "Synthetic Telepathy" within US government. The technique described above is currently the latest and most advanced mind-reading technique.
After the "little spirits" (invisible operatives) fly near the target, they will use Voice Synthesis to clone the target's brain electrical impulses which express one's thoughts or language and deliver it to another nearby invisible operative's brain to know the target's thoughts or language immediately.
The technique described above is currently the latest and most advanced mind-reading technique. By using the above technique, the invisible operatives who fly near the target can read their target's thoughts, no matter where the target is. Under this kind of situation, mind reading (like a psychic) has become the basic ability of every "little spirits (invisible operatives)" in surveillance system.
In surveillance system, the invisible operatives will use the advanced mind reading technique to read a target's thoughts immediately.
Alan Yu
I report the subject of life control, invisibility technology & illness/death inducing from surveillance station/system based on facts which include news reports, information from scientists' books, released document of CIA, reported cases, mind control researcher's scientific report, Government document report, mind machine and hearing system (microwave voice device) on US Patent & Trademark Office's records, 1971 congress,Majority Leader Boggs' warning speech on Congress record, etc. with my best knowledge. Therefore, no one can simply deny it without counter evidences. Those persons who deny my reports without counter evidences must be involved LEO & operatives from surveillance station/system ( or their collaborators).
Recently, I found the (electromagnetic wave) mind machine patent was filed on August 5, 1974 and registered on 4-20-1976 which can be read on document of US Patent of brain waves (United States Patent 3,951,134 Malech on April 20, 1976 ). Also, the microwave voice device (hearing system) patent has been found on United States Patent & Trademark office. The patent number is United States Patent 4,877,027 owner is Brunkan on October 31, 1989
When I first reported above EM mind machine information on internet in 1994 & the microwave voice device on internet in 1995, the involved LEO & operatives from surveillance system (including some collaborators) always falsely accuse me insane or mentally ill person. However, the above two patent finally prove that what my report on mind machine & microwave voices are purely true (see details on webpage-Part I-A, B).
Now, the invisibility technology is the same thing.
When I reported the information about invisibility technology on internet, they also falsely accuse me insane, or mentally ill person. However, comparing with their false accusation on me for my report on mind machine & microwave voice device, the smart citizens will finally know that only Alan Yu is telling the truth.
The shorter the lie is, the better it is. So, the liar can avoid inconsistencies and mistakes that other people can catch. Only a person who tells the truth would rather describe the facts in the most detail - in order to let others know the truth - instead of discussing things in very genera.l

Ok now this is a lot of info i just copped it all and i freaked out.
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