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100% Remote! 13 Cool Companies to Apply to Today. Food For Thought Before you jump on the bandwidth bandwagon, there are a few things to consider. The AT&T Smart Home Manager home screen displays the number and type of devices that connect to your Wi-Fi business network. Adobe Flash Player settings. Internet Download Manager supports proxy servers, FTP and Http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing. Then I ran the restart test. Canada's most comprehensive job search engine.

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Download Resume; Internet. I open up the task manager and it says my performance of Disk 0 is at 100%. Update 1: All Keys Updated on November 11, You can also try to have a look at our partner blog IDM serial number if the keys in this blog don't work for you. We don't currently have any known issues to report. Realtek Audio Manager is installed in Windows system to allow users to configure Windows sound settings. IDM Serial Key v (% Working) Free Download There are many download managers on the internet these days but as we all know IDM is the best. A 19-year-old running for public office in New Hampshire found out about the importance of following Internet safety rules the hard way.

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IManager U2000 Web LCT V100R003C00 User Guide. Download Windows Movie Maker - Best Software & Apps Free Download. Wii Backup Manager Table of Contents. IDM Patch With Serial Keys Free Download 100% Working. Another effective way is to use Control Panel to uninstall all Browsers, except Edge and IE(Internet Explorer). In layman's terms, torrent trackers are servers that keep track of the peers who are available at the moment to offer you the requested files. IDM (Internet Download Manager) 2020 All Full Version https://guptimo.ru/download/?file=1080.

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Websites might occasionally want to store information, such as your high score from a game that runs in Flash Player or what products you have purchased, to your computer. Windows help & learning - Microsoft Support. Internet manager serial number 100 working. The 1st serial key is working good for many people, so I recommend you to use that. GENERAL QUESTIONS ABOUT IDM FUNCTIONS AND PROBLEMS IDM download speed is very slow. Below are the main features of Internet Download Manager Free Download Full Version. Hack Internet Download Manager(IDM) & get ... - CRACKED TRICKS https://guptimo.ru/download/?file=1076.

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Download Internet Download Manager. Is working with the keyboard and mouse too sluggish for your liking at times? To view device-specific information: Select Devices. How to test your broadband speed; Tips for improving your broadband speed and boosting Wi-Fi; 1. Secure your Wi-Fi; 2. Move your router; 3. Clean up your computer; 4.

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Download and use Internet Download Manager Fake Serial number working on your own responsibility. The Adobe Help manager is an AIR-based content installation utility that downloads offline help content and notifies you when new updates are available, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date and accurate reference information from Adobe. Serial Number And License Keys IDM Update [HOST] serial number idm, Serial Number Internet Download Manager Build 11 Serial Number IDM Update Terbaru [HOST] my friend who wants to use idm but must enter the product serial key number here I will assist activation by entering the serial working to be % run and no trial again. This PC software was developed to work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 and is. For example, visit Flash Player Help. IDM 6.38 Build 12 Crack 100% Fully Tested Working Version [2020] November 17, 2020 By Bicfic 15 Comments. Idm Crack with serial keys can be downloaded from apk paradise IDM Crack Latest Patch – Working Serial Key.

Dr. Michael Burry is gonna iLUMNate your portfolio with tendies.

Alright listen up fellow autists, sit down and strap in, because I'm gonna sling you some DD so solid you won't be able to close those videos of your wife and her boyfriend over at cuckold fast enough.
The Big Short
You morons ever see the Big Short? No? Well, let me give you a rundown:
  • Autist reads about a million pages of subprime housing loan structures.
  • Determines that they are unsustainable and eventually they will go into default.
  • Goes to a big bank and purchases CDS, or credit default swap to short the housing market.
  • Doesn't buy puts because he isn't a gaybear, or something.
  • Housing market collapses, he makes billions.
So that's basically it. Lazy, poorly explained rundown? Yep. And fuck you, just go watch the movie.
Some of his other notable trades this year are:
  • GME, which he bought back in Q1 2020, and we all know how that shit worked out.
  • PDS, which he purchased 4 million shares of at around $0.75 in Q2, currently trading at $17.85.
  • BBBY, 1 million shares bought around $10.60, currently trading at $20.24
  • CPA, flipped 155k shares, bought for around $50.56, currently trading at $75.78.
I could go on, but my point here is Christian Bale is extremely autistic, and if you want to be autistic too, go long on one of his recent additions per his latest 13F: LUMN Technologies. Mr. Bale added a whopping 800k shares in Q3, his 4th largest addition to his portfolio this past quarter.
What is LUMN, you ask? Well, they are formally Centurylink. And yes, we all know how much of a shit company that was. Hear me out though.
A lot of companies are going through a bit of a renaissance these days. COVID is forcing public companies to be smarter, more efficient, and adaptable.
Out are the boring days of boomer telephone lines. Centurylink has transformed themselves into Lumen Technologies, switching their focus to helping companies enter the "4IR", or Fourth Industrial Revolution. The term makes me gag.
Some of their business exposure includes:
  • Adaptive Network Systems
  • Advanced Collaboration Platforms
  • AI-Driven Adaptive Threat Intelligence
  • Edge Computing *Hybrid Cloud Networks
Now I'm no network engineer, but that shit sounds pretty fancy right?
  • Recently beat their Q3 earnings, with non GAAP EPS at .40, the consensus estimate was .34.
  • EBITDA was $2.19B, and the company grew net income to $366M from a year-ago $302M.
  • Adjusted net income rose to $430M from $328M last year.
  • Generated Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities of $1.794 billion for the third quarter 2020.
  • Revenues fell 3.4% overall to $5.17B, compared to $5.350 billion for the third quarter 2019.
But revenue being down is bad right? Shut the fuck up, LUMN has almost fully recovered their revenue stream from last year, showing solid management in an era of COVID.
I think this is a positive growth stock moving forward. Additionally, with further lockdowns on the horizon, we should start to see this equity continue to pick up traction, think NFLX, ZM, etc.
In fact, this report from Mordor Intelligence estimates that the CAGR of Fiber Optics and IT solutions will grow at a 15% rate by 2025.
Positions: 1/21 10c, 4/21 12c, 7/21 15c, and 11/21 15c
These contracts are dirt cheap folks, all under a buck as it stands right now. Let Dr. Michael Burry do you and your portfolio a favor and hop on the Tendie Train.
TL;DR: LUMN 1/21 10c, 4/21 12c, 7/21 15c, and 11/21 15c.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that they recently announced 2 large Veteran's Affairs Contracts, one being a $795 million National Local Exchange Carrier Next Generation contract and a $195 million Data and Wide Area Network Carrier contract.
EDIT 2 11/21 20:17 CST: Jesus fuck it's Saturday don't you degenerates ever go outside? Well, I guess since this has gained some traction hasn't it boys?
I'll post some additional information tomorrow to address some of the comments and questions below. I can't do that shit tonight, I have a date with u/DonaldJTrumpsGhost's wife.
I'm not redoing this tonight. Fucking P/E, P/B and P/S ratios, graphs, and everything for you degenerates.
EDIT 4 11/23 20:47: Alright let's try this one again. Below is some additional information to the Bears in the comments who brought up some really great points. Thanks, guys. I'm still right though, and here's why:
First I'm gonna get this out of the way: Everyone who's saying "bUrRy sUcKs uR cHeRrY pIcKiNg", ur momma's a hoe.
Ok, I would have thought this goes without saying, but yeah, Burry loses trades. He's not out there batting 100%, or whatever the bullshit way y'all score batting averages in that boring ass sport.
Then again, he definitely is some flavor of Autistic. You ever hang around one? These are the same people who will repeatedly punch themselves in the face because they don't like their new fleece-lined jacket, then play piano sonata no. 14 after hearing Beethoven once. This boy is major leagues, y'all still playing T-Ball.
Anyways let's look at some price ratios:
  • PE Ratio: 8.40 compared to industry average 16.46.
  • PB Ratio: .80 compared to industry average 2.64.
  • PS Ratio: .52 compared to industry average of 2.48.
Don't know what these mean? Well fucking google it. Or youtube it if you have trouble reading. Point here is you're getting a lot of bang for your buck. This is a company that did $21bn in revenue (TTM) and is trading around $10 bucks a share. LUMN is rapidly reducing their debt, recently offering a $750m Private Debt deal to Qwest. Further, they are soon going ex-dividend, which I have seen as a drag on their growth and value. The current dividend yield is about 10%, and getting rid of this will help reduce liability. You got 3 days folks, if you don't own shares by 11/27, no mas dividends. So you know, buy some of this shit.
Subsidiaries & Partnerships:
In a nod to my previous point, I think LUMN was a dying telecom giant who has shifted their focus to all the fancy tech shit people like these days. LUMN owns a lot of companies and has partnered with some household names. They are casting a very wide net, people:
  • Level 3 Communications, subsidy.
  • Qwest, subsidy.
  • Prism TV, subsidy.
  • Savvis, subsidy.
  • Expanded their partnership with Zoom to integrate video calling capabilities into their platform.
  • Increased edge computing exposure by partnering with VMware.
  • Gained exposure to virtual learning in public schools by partnering with Sunberry.
  • More
The list goes on and on.
New Market Enterprises:
The estimated CAGR for the demand for low-latency, modular fiber networks in the Asian market is expected to grow at about 9% over the next 5 years. Guess who has the largest fiber network in the world and is strategically positioned to provide the network backbone to the next generation of internet customers in Asia? Verizon! I'm kidding its LUMN. The Asian market demand is only second to the expected growth in North America.
The aggressive shift to accommodating the rapidly growing tech sector is again the right move by Lumen. Every aspect of their new generation of products is performing well. You might not know it yet, but we are living through a bit of a paradigm shift in the way we communicate and behave. The rapid growth of the tech industry is a testament to that. I believe that LUMN will act as one of the major suppliers of the growing technological central nervous system. Trust me. At least this isn't a fucking mattress company.
Go long. Mitigate your risk. TAKE PROFITS. Do your own DD. I'll meet you degenerates in Tendie Town.
submitted by afitdinosaur to wallstreetbets

[FREE RELEASE] MYbloXX for iOS - The first crowdsourced AUTO-UPDATING "xBlocker" | Block ads, revokes, trackers, miners & more!

[FREE RELEASE] MYbloXX for iOS - The first crowdsourced AUTO-UPDATING

Introducing MYbloXX for iOS
A crowdsourced AUTO-UPDATING "xBlocker" for iOS!

Repo: https://myxxdev.github.io
Compatibility: iOS 4 - 14*
Official Telegram Support Group
Telegram: MYXXdev | Twitter: MYXXdev

After many months of closed beta testing, MYbloXX for iOS is now officially available to the general public! You may have seen it mentioned here and there on jailbreak but official release was delayed due to my Dad's on-going battle with Coronavirus. Apologies for the delay but today is the day!

What makes MYbloXX for iOS better than the alternatives?

The problem with alternate ad-blocking tweaks is that they rely on hosts file modifications to block ads... Not only is this static, requiring constant manual additions to the file and pushes of package updates (rarely done) but it also takes a toll on your download/upload speed... The more rules in the hosts file, the longer it takes to render pages. This method also requires additional tweaks (LetMeBlock and mDNSrestart) to allow mDNSresponder’s use of the hosts file. This is also a strain on system daemons which causes a significant amount of battery drain, especially if mDNSresponder goes haywire, which it’s known to do.

That’s where MYbloXX for iOS comes in!

Security is a top priority for everybody... MYbloXX for iOS is no different. This uses absolutely no third-party servers to re-route your traffic, unlike ffapple and other third-party DNS/Ad blocking App Store apps. They claim to not do so but how do we REALLY know that? MYbloXX for iOS is different: All traffic is routed DIRECT...

MYbloXX for iOS is a simple configuration profile that uses JavaScript to check against specified rules within a PAC file. If the domain requested is within the PAC's rule list, it will sinkhole. The PAC congifuration uses wildcards to more effeciently block targeted ad-servers and known domain structures like http://ad._____ - This script is available in plain-text so you can see exactly what MYbloXX for iOS is doing and how it works HERE.

The use of wildcards means a vast majority of entries within the hosts file can be removed to ensure a fast, efficient ad-blocking method.

MYbloXX for iOS uses a powerful Apple stock feature that is usually only available to those with "supervised" devices. It also allows for on-the-fly updates to quickly add new ad-servers and works on all versions of iOS, all carriers and ISP’s (IPv4 and IPv6 respectively...

So... Just how effective is MYbloXX for iOS and how does it stack up against the competition?

It was put to the test against 2 other popular ad-blocking tweaks (BlockYouX & Mega UHB) using adblock-tester.com
The numbers speak for themselves! All 3 tests were conducted using the following settings:

Contextual Advertising: ON
- Google AdSense: ON

Analytics Tools: ON
- Google Analytics: ON
- Hotjar: ON

Banner Advertising: ON
- Flash banners: ON
- Empty Block button SELECTED (if not shown)
- Gif image: OFF (explanation below)
- Static image: OFF (explanation below)

Error monitoring: ON
- Sentry: ON
- Bugsnag: ON

Final scores (in order);
MYbloXX for iOS: 94/100
Mega UHB: 81/100
BlockYouX: 72/100

Gif image and static image tests were turned off because I’ve decided not to attempt to block these... Why? Although possible, it’s highly likely it would have an adverse effect, potentially blocking legitimate GIF’s (now that they’re hugely popular on social media) and small images. This ad technique is pretty antiquated at this point either way and most do not do this anymore.
MYbloXX for iOS aims to block as many ads as possible out of the box using a technique that has not been used in any other ad-blocking tweaks until now. With new ad servers being created on a daily basis, on rare occasions, it’s possible you’ll come across an ad in an app/on a website.
If this happens, please use the MYbloXX app to submit a report or reach out via Telegram: MYXXdev Support Group. The more that use this feature, the better!
Ad-servers that are added to MYbloXX for iOS will be updated AUTOMATICALLY on your device providing up to the minute protection from ads, revokes, trackers, miners and all other malicious content/threats.

• Works for WiFi and data (5G/LTE/4G/3G) connections.
• Does not rely on hosts/other tweaks to work.
• Works in stock AND jailbroken mode.
• Works alongside VPN servers/apps.
• Blocks all language ad-servers.
• Works for all versions of iOS.
• No filesystem modifications.
• Blocks Facebook video ads.
• Blocks pop-ups/Redirects.
• Blocks user stats scripts.
• Blocks app revocations.
• IPv4/IPv6 compatibility.
• Blocks in-game ads.
• Blocks tweak ads.
• No battery drain.
• Auto-updates.

JAILBROKEN USERS: This package will SPOOF your devices “isSupervised” status allowing easy installation. Upon removal of this package, your device will return to its true unsupervised state.
STOCK USERS: MYbloXX for iOS requires you (legitimately) supervise/manage your device using Apple Configurator 2 (Mac only) prior to installation... THIS REQUIRES RESTORING YOUR DEVICE in order to configure/supervise so please ensure you BACKUP YOUR DEVICE! HOW TO SUPERVISE WITH APPLE CONFIGURATOR 2
A special thanks to Charlie Todd, Droom0ne, John Coates, LakesideMiners, Usman, yoyo and all beta testers for their contributions!


Reviews: ★★★★★

“MYBloXX is the most robust ad blocker I've used. It works very well every where on the device. Very responsive developer with quick updates. And it’s all free. I definitely recommend this blocker.”
[email protected]

“I've been using MYbloXX since the initial beta release and I can definitely be the one to say that it’s the best ad blocker to this day. It’s my go-to ad blocker now.”
[email protected]

“Wow! I never knew this existed. This is amazing!”

“Very nice. Just made the jump from BlockYouX, working great!”

“Use MYBloXX! Best ad blocker by far.”

“MYbloXX is the best I’ve found!”
[email protected]

“Just tried it, it’s brutal.”

“I just switched to MYBloXX and it’s better than the rest.”

“The MYbloXX dev is very responsive; he fixed an issue I had with one of my apps blocking something it shouldn't have in under an hour!”

“Have been using MYbloXX since day 1 of beta release... After using all other ad blockers, I can definitely say that MYbloXX is on another level! None of the other ad blockers come close. The dev is very responsive, always available to sort out any issues.”
[email protected]

“MYbloXX is so good that it annoys me every time I have to use somebody elses device that's full of ads.”
[email protected]_Mittal

“Since my ISP removed the option to change DNS, I wasn’t able to use AdGuard DNS anymore. MYXXdev released the first beta which went so smooth and buttery that I liked it a lot and became a loyal user. It met my needs, it's battery efficient, bug free, very responsive, seamless updates, blocks popups and even works in a non-jailbroken state. This really is a must have tweak!”
[email protected]

“I’ve been a beta tester for MYbloXX and it’s been strong from the get-go! The dev really does commit to his tweak and pushes daily updates so we can get the best experience possible. He also takes the time to listen and resolve any issues we face regarding his tweak extremely quickly! Would recommend to anyone that’s used Mega UHB and wants better performance!”
[email protected]

“One of best ad blockers ever!”
[email protected]_YouAre

“Blocks everything for me!”
[email protected]



- Why does my device say "This iDevice is supervised and managed"?
At no point is your device actually TRULY supervised. The message in Settings can cause alarm (and so it should under legitimate circumstances) but MYbloXX for iOS doesn’t actually supervise (or “manage”) your device.
MYbloXX for iOS uses a hidden stock Apple feature (usually only available to devices that are supervised under Mobile Device Management (MDM)) in order to block ads, revokes, miners etc. Under normal circumstances, this would require a person to manually supervise their device with Apple Configurator 2. This not only requires a Mac but also requires restoring your device.
The beauty of being jailbroken, we can SPOOF this setting, fooling iOS into BELIEVING it’s in a “supervised” state. Obtaining “spoofed supervised” status was simple: Changing one key string (“isSupervised”) in CloudConfigurationDetails.plist from “false” to “true”.
You can try this for yourself in Filza:
After a respring, you’ll see that the “warning” message is now in Settings.
Again, at no point is your device TRULY supervised... This would require YOU physically restoring your device in your possession. MYbloXX simply tricks iOS into thinking it is to allow the installation (this is also why MYbloXX for iOS is available for stock users as they have the option to legitimately supervise their device to use it).

- Can I remove the supervised message in Settings?
YES! AFTER you've installed the MYbloXX for iOS profile, please install isSupervisedBeGone from the MYXXdev Repository to remove the message.
You can immediately uninstall the isSupervisedBeGone package after install - This will not make the warning message re-appear.
NOTE: THIS REVERTS SUPERVISION SPOOFING ENTIRELY. If, for whatever reason, you remove the MYbloXX for iOS profile, you will need to reinstall the MYbloXX for iOS package to re-spoof and reinstall the profile.
I recommend keeping a spoofed status so you can remove/re-install the MYbloXX for iOS profile with ease but this package is available for those that wish to remove it.

- Does this block ads systemwide or just Safari?
SYSTEMWIDE! MYbloXX for iOS blocks ads, revokes, trackers, miners and more in all browsers, games, tweaks and apps that use external/dedicated ad servers!

- Does MYbloXX for iOS work in stock mode?
YES! MYbloXX for iOS xBlocking technology works in both jailbroken AND stock mode!

- How often is MYbloXX for iOS updated?
MYbloXX for iOS is updated by hand by yours truly as reports come in/as I find ad-servers... Updates are typically more than once per day!

- How do I get the updates?
No enduser interaction is required! Your device will automatically call out and receive the latest PAC rules from the MYXXdev GitHub repository. This will only occur when you use something that requires an active internet connection so there's no fear of overnight/standby battery drain. Sit back, relax and enjoy up to the minute protection!

- Will I have to update anything in Cydia?
This package will rarely receive updates... Only if features are added/changed that require a full package update. Everything else is handled by the PAC automatically.

- Why does the MYbloXX app crash on launch/stay on a black screen?
If the MYbloXX app sits at a black screen after launch, it's likely you have OpenURLPrompt (or similar) installed that's blocking the MYbloXX app from redirecting to/opening Safari. This is required in order to install a profile (an Apple set restriction). If the app crashes to the SpringBoard immediately upon launch, you may be using an older version of iOS that isn't officially supported (but does work). The app is basically a shortcut to THIS PAGE. You can use this link to continue installation and file reports.

- Does this block YouTube ads?
NO! Some apps/services self-host their ads... YouTube being one of those services. This requires patching out the ads in the app directly with a separate tweak. Why? The ads are hosted on the same servers as the content itself - Blocking the ad-server would block the service entirely... Very smart on their behalf but annoying for us!
Services that use this ad-hosting technique:
- Facebook/Messenger
- Instagram
- Reddit
- Snapchat
- Twitch
- Twitter
- YouTube
I recommend using Haoict's family of ad-blocking patches/tweaks alongside MYbloXX for iOS for these particular apps.
Snapchat - They have recently started moving their ads from snapads.com to the same servers that host stories and Snaps. MYbloXX for iOS will still block the majority of ads until they fully transition but it's possible you'll see a small percentage of them. This requires a patch to remove them completely but it's unlikely that will happen due to their stance on tweaks injecting into their app.
YouTube - There are multiple tweaks available to block YouTube ads. I recommend YouTopia by sinfool... Lightweight and FREE.

- Does this block Cercube/Watusi banner ads?
NO! MYbloXX for iOS blocks ads that are hosted on dedicated/external servers. Removing these types of hard-coded self-promotional banners is considered piracy and will NOT be removed by MYbloXX for iOS. Some tweaks use this method to encourage purchasing a license... Please support the developers!

- How do I fully remove MYbloXX for iOS?
You can remove this profile/package at any time using your choice of package manager (Cydia etc.) as well as/or navigating to Settings - General - Profiles & Device Management - MYbloXX for iOS.

- MYbloXX for iOS blocks app revokes?
YES! MYbloXX for iOS blocks apps revokes meaning even if a certificate is revoked for an app you have downloaded from a third-party store, it will continue to open and remain VERIFIED even in stock mode!
NOTE: This will only work if the CERTIFICATE OWNER revokes the certificate. If this happens, it will continue to open and last until the expiration date of the certificate. HOWEVER, If APPLE remove the developer account attached to the certificate entirely, the application will unverify and crash on launch.

- Can I delete the MYbloXX app?
The MYbloXX app is included in installation for reporting purposes (and initial installation). Please use this to report any ads or issues you have. If you must, you can hide the icon with Lynx, Springtomize, HideYouApps etc.

- Can I uninstall the MYbloXX for iOS package after installing the profile?
You'll lose the integrated pop-up/redirect blocker (TabBlocker) that's included in the package as well as the ease of reporting/profile re-installation. I'd recommend hiding the app icon opposed to complete removal.

- How can I support your work?
Donations are not required but definitely appreciated. It takes a lot of work to ensure MYbloXX for iOS is efficient and up to date. Although everything updates for you as an enduser automatically, it's still very much so manual research and data entry on my end. If you wish to donate to support continued development for years to come, a PayPal donation page is setup HERE. Thank you in advance for your generosity. MYbloXX for iOS relies solely on donations since it cannot be monetized by ads for obvious reasons ;)

- What is MYXX FM?
MYXX FM is another of my projects that I own/operate... I included MYXX FM branding simply for exposure and for those that enjoy music that wish to support another of my hobbies... Again, commercial/ad free so non-monetized but it's something I enjoy doing.


Coming Soon:
• *TabBlocker update for iOS 14.
• Activator action to easily enable/disable.


Changelogs are available on the Telegram support group as well as the tweaks depiction page.


Thank you and please enjoy!
submitted by MYXXdev to jailbreak

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