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100 Local Multiplayer Games from 20 Different Genres to Play on PlayStation 5

Edit: There's actually 110 games from 22 different genres if you count the "Upcoming 3D Platformer" genre. I forgot to change the title to reflect this.
I originally posted this on /PS4, but given that the PS5 launches tomorrow, I thought I'd give some recommendations for those looking to play local multiplayer games with friends or family on PS5 - for those new to the PlayStation family, or those just looking for some recommendations. Since the PS5 is backwards compatible with nearly every PS4 game, all of these games are playable on PS5. This list is in no way definitive but should give you plenty of suggestions. See below for the post.
There are more local multiplayer games than ever, but most are indie games overshadowed by AAA titles. The PS4 has been getting about 60 new games a month in 2020 - 28% of which include local multiplayer - but most people only hear about a handful of them. I’m going to list 5 local multiplayer games per genre. I’m setting a limit because I will just keep going for some genres if I don’t. They will be in order of highest quality game to lowest quality. I had no problems finding games for each genre – almost all should have a Metacritic rating over 70%, with only a few exceptions (like Outward, but patches have improved it).
Some games can really qualify for two genres, like Fury Unleashed, which is both a run & gun and roguelike. If this happens, I either pick the one it leans more strongly towards, or I just choose. No game will ever appear more than once on this list.
See below for the list.
Cooperative 2D Platformers
• Rayman Legends – 4 players
• Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope – 2 players
• Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 – 2 players
• Flat Heroes – 4 players
• Unravel Two – 2 players
Competitive 2D Platformers
• Ultimate Chicken Horse – 4 players
• Speedrunners – 4 players
• Runbow – 4 players
• Sonic Mania Plus – 4 players
• Move or Die – 4 players
• Salt and Sanctuary – 2 players
• Guacamelee 1 & 2 – 4 players
• Sundered: Eldritch Edition – 2 players
• Timespinner (limited role) – 2 players
• Blaster Master Zero 1 & 2 (limited role) - 2 players
Arena Fighters
• Duck Game – 4 players
• TowerFall – 4 players
• Extreme Exorcism – 4 players
• Demons with Shotguns – 4 players
• Super Bomberman R – 4 players
Fighting Games
• Mortal Kombat X & 11 – 2 players
• Street Fighter V – 2 players
• Soulcalibur VI – 2 players
• Nidhogg 1 & 2 – 2 players
• Gang Beasts – 4 players
Top Down Action Adventure Games
• Hyper Light Drifter – 2 players
• Cat Quest II – 2 players
• Darksiders Genesis – 2 players
• Titan Quest – 2 players
• Vikings - Wolves of Midgard - 2 players
Twin Stick Shooters
• Alienation – 4 players
• Helldivers – 4 players
• Nex Machina: Death Machine – 2 players
• Nine Parchments – 4 players
• Tesla vs Lovecraft – 4 players
Shoot ‘em Ups
• Jamestown+ – 4 players
• Super Hydorah – 2 players
• Sky Force Reloaded – 2 players
• Sine Mora EX – 2 players
• Battle Garegga Rev.2016 – 2 players
Beat ‘em Ups
• Castle Crashers Remastered – 4 players
• Streets of Rage 4 – 4 players
• River City Girls – 2 players
• Mother Russia Bleeds – 4 players
• Streets of Rogue – 4 players
Run & Guns
• Cuphead – 2 players
• Guns, Gore & Cannoli 1 & 2 – 4 players
• Blazing Chrome – 2 players
• Huntdown – 2 players
• Fury Unleashed – 2 players
• Fortnite – 2 players
• Call of Duty (various) – 2-4 players depending on entry
• Resident Evil 5 Remastered – 2 players
• Borderlands (various) – 2-4 players depending on entry
• Screencheat – 4 players
• Divinity: Original Sin 1 & 2 – 2 players
• Diablo 3 – 4 players
• Children of Morta – 2 players
• Dragon’s Crown Pro – 4 players
• Outward – 2 players
Racing Games
• Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled – 4 players
• Team Sonic Racing – 4 players
• Horizon Chase Turbo – 4 players
• Trackmania Turbo – 4 players
• Wipeout: Omega Collection – 2 players
Overcooked-like Games
• Overcooked 1 & 2 – 4 players
• Moving Out – 4 players
• Catastronauts – 4 players
• Totally Reliable Delivery Service – 4 players
• Tools Up! – 4 players
Creation Games
• Minecraft – 4 players
• LittleBigPlanet 3 – 4 players
• Dreams – 4 players
• Terraria – 4 players
• Gunscape – 4 players
Puzzle Adventure Games
• Pode – 2 players
• Biped – 2 players
• Death Squared – 4 players
• Never Alone – 2 players
• Chariot Bundle – 4 players
• Wizard of Legend – 2 players
• Enter the Gungeon – 2 players
• Spelunky 2 – 4 players
• Risk of Rain – 2 players
• 20XX – 2 players
Indie Sports Games
• Lethal League 1 & Blaze – 4 players
• Windjammers – 4 players
• Stikbold! – 4 players
• Super Mega Baseball 1 & 2 & 3 – 4 players
• Disc Jam – 4 players
Strategy Games
• Wargroove – 4 players
• Tooth and Tail – 4 players
• Cannon Brawl – 4 players
• Worms Battlegrounds & W.M.D. – 4 players
• For the King – 3 players
Board Games
• Monopoly Plus – 4 players
• Risk: Urban Assault – 4 players
• Chess – 2 players
• Backgammon Blitz – 2 players
• Trivial Pursuit Live! – 4 players
Playlink Games
• Knowledge is Power - 6 players
• That's You! - 6 players
• Uno - 4 players
• Melbits World - 4 players
• Frantics - 4 players
UPCOMING: 3D Platformers
• Human: Fall Flat (already out) – 2 players
• Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time (already out) – 4 players
• Sackboy: A Big Adventure (already out) – 4 players
• A Hat in Time (upcoming DLC) – 2 players
• Balan Wonderworld (upcoming) – 2 players
Lots of upcoming local co-op 3D platformers, so I thought I’d add it at the bottom - it is not counted towards the 100 games in the post. Hope this helps you find something new to play. Obviously there are tons of great ones that didn’t even make the list. I estimate there to be at least 700 local multiplayer games on PS4, though that number could very well be closer to 1000. I still run into new ones on the PlayStation Store all the time.
Click here for a less organized list of 250+ local multiplayer games for PlayStation 4. There were many high quality games missing from the main list that'll you find in the aforementioned link - including A Way Out, Crawl, Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition, Swap Quest, Death Road to Canada, etc. - which is a testament to just how many high quality local multiplayer games the PS4 has.
Note: Playlink games are party-esque games that uses players' smartphones as a controller.
Some more interesting information below about the ratio of local multiplayer games.
As I mentioned before, I recorded all 358 PS4 games released in the 1st Half of 2020. 101 of them had local multiplayer - 28% during this time-frame. I was curious to see how a previous year compared. I recorded November 2013 to December 2014. There were 103 PS4 games released in this time-frame. 37 of them had local multiplayer - 36% of all games during this time-frame. So at the low end you have more than 1/4 games with local multiplayer, and on the high end you have more than 1/3 games with local multiplayer. Just some interesting data I thought I'd share.
submitted by Underwhere_Overthere to PS5

On Sriharikota's 49th birthday

backup sub : ISROast
Note to MODS: Anything penned down here doesn't have any authentic source. This post is the outcry, the out-pour of grievances of employees of SHAR in absence of a proper grievance portal. We have already seen govt authentic data on migrants, suicide of farmers etc and what they look like. If you still doubt the authenticity of facts laid here, you are all capable to remove the post. So far, you had been a supporter of free speech, so here we go.
Note to haters: this is a throwaway account, not here for ups or reps. We are not here for spreading hate or dividing the community. We are here for representing woes and sufferings of any employee or group in general. We are here for enabling and empowering everyone and ensuring everyone gets a fair treatment from the ISRO administration.
some of you who may feel such posts to be futile and hateful, i would request you to quit reading.
An account of all the necessary services in SHAR and the corruption involved.

FOOD - In Sriharikota, There are only two places (outside home) you can eat. The 3rd , 4th, 5th... eateries are 20 km away. With a population of approx 8000-10000 (correction needed*) being served by two eateries, it feels no better than a refugee camp or Dharavi. Leave the wait time, One is too monotonous to eat at the other is out under the open sky. It doesn't open on rainy days.
VEGETABLES - Vegetable shop was a disaster. Everything that used to be fresh and palatable got delivered to the doorstep of higher officials even before they made it to the shop. If you shouted over them for keeping rotting vegetables emanating foul smell (there is no exaggeration, ask anyone from SHAR), they will give you a pitiful look and ask you to leave. WTF!! Luckily, the new tender got awarded to a guy who gets slightly better vegetables but at double prices from nearby market. For serving such huge population, there are three shops of which one is of no use. Lock-down didn't affect us much. We have adapted to live without vegetables.
Non-veg Shop - There is no butcher shop or chicken/mutton shop here. Earlier there were two, Now only one is left. The only one even is closed now. So we are living covid-times without non-veg. We are not allowed to go to the nearby market even. If you desperately want to go, you have to explain you reasons to PRO officer and get a pass.
Groceries - In Sullurpeta , in KRP Colony situation is better as compared to SHAR. Recently one shopkeeper who was running a grocery store in Sriharikota was falsely implicated in some wrongful doing and was ousted. An expert businessman, he set up a shop near KRP and the housing colonies' presidents were not quite happy about it as the sale of products in the colony grocery (inside the colony, the bidded one) store dwindled. The shopkeeper outside the colony was threatened by the housing colony authorities. Isn't corruption visible?
SHAR RECREATION CLUB - is closed for last 6 months. Ironically, we have a dashing badminton court with wooden flooring and a very poor infrastructured Gym, next to that. Reason behind the poor state of Gym, any guesses? Because its mostly used by locals and CISF and not by engineers. This is true.
OFFICERS CLUB - a haunted hall and nothing more. no representation, no hope for revival.
Transport Services- (the post was earlier taken down by mods)
  1. SHAR is spread in 150 square km, an area equivalent to a district. Employees spend most of their time in transportation owing to procedural delays (pillar to post, table to table) and ego quenching. For processing a purchase file * (some other day) from start to end , sometimes one may have to travel around 1000 km also.
  2. Transport division has provided with 2 wheelers to a group of (2-8) engineers, i.e. 8 engineers at some places sharing a bike. Wait time in such cases is too much and extremely frustrating. The buildings are so far away that you cannot just walk.
  3. Bikes allotted are Luna/Moped, Bajaj Discover dtsi 125 cc, Activa 2nd gen (for ladies) most of them have crossed 60000 km. Recently they have bought TVS bikes (95 cc). LPSC Mahendragiri is one similar place but they own RE classic 350. How can RE be the lowest bidder? They tweaked the specification city hilly terrain. All bikes before RE was working well in LPSC. SHAR employees, their eyes have been closed with years of slavery. Nobody questions on anything.
  4. Most of the vehicles will be innova in VSSC and in SHAR it is TATA SUMO. Who allocates the budget? Who takes the decisions what to buy and what not to?
  5. VSSC scientists come to Chennai by Air India and their INNOVA travels from Trivandrum to Chennai without any passenger. INNOVA picks them up at Chennai and journeys to Sriharikota and the same way back. Can't SHAR administration provide vehicles to VSSC scientists? Or is it just that their back and neck are only accustomed to INNOVA? The in nova travels 1500 km for no reason. Drivers also avail TA/DA for something so redundant.
PHONE - Phones are not allowed inside the campus. There are stretches of road 8-10 km at times where you wont stumble into another individual. Packed by dense forest on either sides, one can simply imagine the horrors of travelling alone, sometimes in night in such terrifying situation. Can one imagine what will happen if a boar, deer, monkey, swamp deer comes suddenly infront of your bike. These kind of incidents happen. Luckily , so far employees haven't died, contract workers have. What's worse is cell phones are even not allowed and as cell phones are not allowed, network coverage is also poor.
Internet - Internet implies po**. This is it. So no internet inside the office campus. Outside the office campus, in the Housing colonies, one is forced to stick to BSNL broadband as JIO was not allowed to extend Gigafiber services.
School - The biggest nightmares of all the parents. The quality of school is so that rich kids (i.e. kids of engineers) don't study here. On 49th anniversary, it is yet to open a Kendriya Vidyalaya even. Results in JEE and NEET are so rare.
PROMOTIONS : if you are 20 year old and are working as a casual worker (10th pass), dont worry, if you know what leverage means you can be a scientist by 30 without working hard. Get admitted in Diploma. after that you will get into Technical Assistant (Only if you know how to). After becoming Technical assistant do a distance B Tech. After completing degree, they will elevate you to the post of scientist. This is no joke. This has happened in SHAR and continues to.
About employees promotions, nearly everyone in VSSC is awarded with 6 increments ( 6 x 3 = 18% of basic) while in SHAR rarely anyone gets 6 increments, set aside 5 even, most get 3-4 or 2 even. Why is this step behaviour? Probably SHAR employees know the reason lies in their subjugated mind.
Miscellaneous - No necessary services like Barber, Wheat/Rice mill, Cobbler, Electronics or mobile repair shop, no utensils shop, no carpenter, no internet cafe, no chicken (right now), fish shop.
Except for a few, all the food stalls, milk booth, groceries shop, vegetable shop, chicken shop etc is benaami of government employees working in SHAR, mainly people from administrative staff (non-technical). Serving a customer base of more than 8000 people with no bargain is sackful of money. There is no escape. One must buy from those two grocery stores and sources confirm that they are benaami of administrative officers. It is not surprising to us, the monopoly , the sheer dictates of the shop owners. We are forced to be at mercy.
Everything is because of one reason. People in SHAR have accepted the fate of being enslaved. It has slowly creeped into their conscience and has penetrated deep. Be it de-voiding you of good quality services or availability of commodities at inflated prices , be it poor promotional rewards or be ruled by a lobby which never awards merit, SHAR employees have always been at loss. You are what you are purely out of your own choice. You can still choose to break away from the coop. Rest is upto you. Happy 49th Birthday.
the post on lobby would be coming real soon, how they operate, what were their last moves and what are the next moves....
submitted by Inevitable_Froyo_913 to ISRO

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