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LWOTC dev build 20 now available!

Welcome to dev build 20.1 of Long War of the Chosen!
The obvious question is why dev build 20 when the last one was 17? That's because two other builds were released only via our Discord. If you have played with either 18 or 19, know that dev build 20 includes the changes from dev build 18 but not those from 19.
A lot has changed since dev build 17, so it's probably worth starting a new campaign with dev build 20.1. You should be able to upgrade mid campaign, but you will need to respec all your soldiers to take advantage of the new XCOM row abilities and new Reaper.
Update Dev build 20.1 is now available, which fixes various issues with dev build 20 (and fixes a long-standing bug with the officer Infiltrator ability). Both links below have been updated. You can apply the patch below to a dev build 20 installation to get the fixes. * The officer Infiltrator ability now gives the bonus to mission infiltration time * Throwing knife localisation text has been added * Conventional throwing knives are now available in upgraded existing campaigns * Hailstorm animation is now fixed to show multiple knives being thrown * The Reaper's Tracking ability now works as before with the visual effect rather than a flyover
End update
To install dev build 20.1, just delete your existing LongWarOfTheChosen and X2WOTCCommunityHighlander folders from the Mods directory and unpack the following zip there:
|| Download the release from here ||
There is also an untested, smaller, patch version available here that can be unpacked on top of any existing dev build 17, 18 or 20 installation:
|| Download dev build 17 to 20.1 patch from here ||
The big changes include:
  • A rework of the Lost that introduces Lost Grappler and Lost Brute, reduces the number of Lost that appear significantly, and scales the Lost's stats as the campaign progresses
  • A rework of the Reaper that does away with permanent stealth in favour of a stronger, 1-turn stealth ability
  • An overhaul of the XCOM row abilities for all soldier classes, with a lot of new abilities introduced
  • Integration of Combat Intelligence into Not Created Equal
  • A reversion of the Stock and Steady Weapon changes back to LW2 behaviour
  • Better controller support, and players can now switch between input devices in Options from the main menu
  • Replacement of the integrated Detailed Soldier Lists mod with a tweaked LW2 version - you can use the separate Detailed Soldiers Lists mod if you want
Important If you really want to upgrade mid campaign, be sure to use the RespecSelectedSoldier or RespecAllSoldiers console commands to update the ability trees for your Reapers and Skirmishers, or just all of your soldiers if you want the updated XCOM row abilities.


A great many thanks to NotSoLoneWolf for permission to use the laser and coilgun strike rifle models from Wolf's Asset Pack.
A big thank you to Musashi for permission to use the throwing knives from his WotC Combat Knives mod. We would also like to thank everyone who gave permission to use their custom abilities from various perk packs.
Another big thank you to ObelixDK for permission to use the Lost Brute from the World War L mod!
More thanks to kdm2k6 who has been fixing various issues with controller integration so that LWOTC can be played with a controller rather than mouse and keyboard. There are still things that need to be done, but great progress has been made already.


The Reaper

We decided that the Reaper was far too dependent on permanent stealth, and Silent Killer was the must-have ability. This limited what you could really do with them and made them feel quite weak before they go Silent Killer.
In this build, we're trying a new approach: Shadow is now a 1-turn concealment with a very low detection radius that is on a cooldown. This means that there is no permanent stealth for the Reaper, but the unit can enter stealth multiple times per mission, perhaps to scout, hit hard with Death Dealer, get past overwatching enemies to get a flank, or just to get out of trouble.
For players used to permanent stealth, it may take a while to adjust to the new mechanics. However, we do think this makes the unit more interesting to play, especially as you don't need to worry as much about losing concealment/Shadow.
In addition to losing permanent stealth - don't forget, you can still build stealth Shinobis! - we've removed the Claymore in favour of throwing knives. This was partly because the Claymore was hard to mod, but also because it was a bit of a one-trick pony. Reapers still keep Remote Start and Homing Mine for now.
Throwing knives are low-damage, short-range weapons that can be used without losing Shadow. They have a nice bonus to crit chance, so they can do a fair bit of damage from flanking attacks.
Lastly, the Vektor Rifle now behaves more like a strike rifle from LW1, with a slight penalty to Aim at close range, but it can be used from Squadsight up to a point without penalty. However, the penalty does start applying about 5 tiles from outside visual range (around where it happens with Snap Shot) and the penalty starts increasing exponentially with increasing distance.
To fit with that theme, we're now using NotSoLoneWolf's laser and coilgun strike rifle models for those tiers of the Vektor rifle family, replacing the crossbows from before. The alternate conventional-tier crossbow is still available to use.

The Lost

Dev build 20 introduces two new Lost units to LWOTC:
  • Grapplers: slow units with average HP that has Bladestorm
  • Brutes: large, high-HP units that leak acid and shred armour
More generally, the Lost now spawn much closer to XCOM than before and the size of each pod scales with alert level.
  • Fewer Lost appear in pods, up to a 50% reduction compared to before
  • The number of Lost that appear scales with ADVENT strength in the region (internally, mission alert level)
  • Lost and Lost Dasher HP scales from 2 to 12 as the campaign progresses
  • Lost damage also scales with force level (roughly the date in the campaign)
  • Normal Lost units have had their mobility buffed from 8 to 14
  • Lost start appearing from force level 5, up from FL 3
  • Headshot is now also disabled on Veteran (it's still enabled on Rookie)
  • ADVENT/aliens should target the Lost a lot less now, making the Lost more of a threat to XCOM than a distraction for the enemy

Detailed Soldier Lists

This mod is no longer integrated into LWOTC; we're using a modified version of the old LW2 one instead. If you would like to continue using Detailed Soldier Lists instead, you can just subscribe to the mod from the Workshop. Just be aware that it won't display officer ranks, nor will it display the correct XP for a soldier.
As the built-in soldier list UI does not display XP, we recommend that you subscribe to Extended Personnel Info if you want to see that information from soldier list views.
One very noticeable thing that has changed is the icon for Combat Intelligence: it is now the text "AP" coloured the same as with Detailed Soldier Lists. In addition, the icon can have up to four coloured points in the corners indicating the level of Combat Intelligence:
  • Red, no corner pips - Very Low
  • Amber, 1 corner pip - Low
  • Yellow, 2 corner pips - Average
  • Green, 3 corner pips - High
  • Blue, 4 corner pips - Very High


Contoller integration is steadily getting better, so there is less need for players to switch back to mouse & keyboard. Here are the improvements in this version:
  • Players can now switch input devices from the Options in the main menu (but not from within an active campaign)
  • The dark event lists on the Geoscape are now properly navigable
  • Officer training slots and the officer ability screen now work properly
  • Navigating the promotion screen should be less frustrating, as moving the focus between columns will no longer reset the focus to the first row
  • Highlighted soldier list view items are now more readable with Will values and the AP icon inverting their colours
Important If you're using LeaderEnemyBoss's No Drop Down List mod (highly recommended!) then switch to the controller-compatible WOTC version.


  • Skirmishers no longer have Justice at Squaddie (this should help tone down their incredible starting strength); it is now pickable at LCPL
  • Justice replaces Damn Good Ground, which has moved to CPL, replacing Tradecraft (which is now an XCOM-row ability)
  • Templar's Vigilance will now only trigger on revealing pods of 3 or more enemies
  • Templar's Reaper damage falloff now always applies before the Apotheosis bonus, so the Templar can no longer chain insane Reaper attacks together
  • Bladestorm can no longer trigger on the owning unit's turn
  • All XCOM row abilities have been shaken up, with new abilities being added:
    • There are now 4 tiers of XCOM-row (random) abilities
    • All soldier classes get 2 x tier 1, 2 x tier 2, 2 x tier 3 and 1 x tier 4
    • Each random pool of abilities is more tuned for its corresponding soldier class, i.e. there should be fewer "useless" abilities rolled
    • XCOM-row and pistol abilities at all ranks can now be purchased regardless of the soldier's rank, as long as the Training Center has been built
  • Combat Intelligence is now rolled as part of Not Created Equal, and the old "Gifted" is now the average that soldiers get
  • Ability Point rewards and costs have been rebalanced, mostly to rein in the ability to make faction soldiers godly by dumping all AP into them:
    • Soldiers get +4 AP for each promotion, down from +5
    • Hero MSGT abilities cost 30, up from 25
    • Costs of purchasing class abilities at ranks that already have one picked scales up faster (multiplier from 1.5 to 1.7)
    • Difficult/very difficult mission AP rewards down from 3/5 to 1/3
    • Ability Points covert action now rewards more at Rookie, very slightly more at Veteran, but rewards a little less on Legend compared to before
  • Intense Training rewards have been rebalanced to match their relative strength in Not Created Equal (except for Hack and Psi Offense)
  • The Improve Combat Intelligence covert action now takes longer to complete
  • Superior Weapon Upgrade and Superior PCS covert actions can now spawn at the starting influence level, down from Respected
  • Recruit Scientist and Engineer covert actions now require Respected, up from the starting influence level
  • Executioner and Locked On grant +20/+20 Aim/Crit, up from +10/+10
  • Walk Fire no longer has a cooldown, and does 34% reduced damage, down from 50%, i.e. it does more damage than before
  • Interference is now a free action
  • Tracking radius from 25 to 30
  • Rupture now adds 4 rupture, up from 3
  • Cyclic Fire malus to 10 from 15, ammo count to 3 from 5, cooldown to 2 from 5
  • Shieldwall grants 5 armor from 3
  • Aim ability grants +20 Crit Chance in addition to +20 Aim
  • Flush's Dodge debuff increased to 30 from 10
  • Hail of Bullets ammo cost down from 4 to 3
  • Grazing Fire now works for all abilities/weapons that use standard aim, including those that use secondary or other non-primary weapons
  • Scanning Protocol now has 3 charges, up from 1
  • Needle Grenades now do +1 damage to unarmored targets
  • Rescue Protocol has +1 charges at all Gremlin tiers and grants the target +15 Dodge and +5 Mobility
  • Gunslinger's cooldown has been reduced from 4 to 3 and its range from 12 tiles to 8, but it now has 360 degree activation instead of a cone and the shots can crit even without Cool Under Pressure
  • Soul Storm no longer ignores armor, radius decreased to 7 meters from 8, and it can now target allies
  • Phase Walk has an 18-tile range, down from unrestricted
  • Soul Steal now heals and grants ablative HP, with the ablative lasting 3 turns
  • Horror no longer causes Will loss and will now panic the target instead of shattering it, but the chance to panic has been slightly increased
  • Decreased Sectopod damage from 9-16 average (12.5) to 9-13 (average 11) and health decreased from 35/60/80/95 to 35/55/75/90
  • Muton base damage decreased from 7 to 6 and no longer has 1 pierce that Centurions and Elites didn’t have
  • Gatekeeper defense gain from closed state decreased from 25 to 20, and Gateway radius from 10.5 meters to 8, but they shouldn’t Gateway their allies anymore
  • Decreased advent Vanguard aim by 5
  • Decreased Spectre weapon damage from 5-8/6-10 (average 6.5 / 8) to 4-7/6-8 (average 5.5/7)
  • Remodeled Priest AI to be less predictable, all Priests gain 10 Psi Offense, and Advanced and Elite Priests lose 10 innate Dodge; Priests will no longer stasis the Lost
  • Purifiers lose their unused grenade, granting them +1 Mobility, and their pistol damage has been decreased from 1-3/3-5/5-7 to 1-3/2-5/4-6, although their pistols still have 2/3/4 crit damage
  • Beam Grenade launcher gains +2 range
  • Higher-tier Technical gauntlets have a higher chance to stun enemies
  • SMGs now have +2 Mobility (down from +3), 3 ammo (up from 2), and have higher close-range Aim bonuses than before * the range change also applies to Bullpups and Autopistols
  • The Stock has been reverted to providing Steady Weapon, as in LW2 - weapons no longer have this ability attached to them
  • Bluescreen rounds and EMP grenades no longer disorient non-robotic enemies
  • Spectres, Purifiers and Priests are a bit more common now, making it easier to acquire their corpses
  • Snakes of all types appear less often
  • Codexes appear more frequently in the end game
  • Some item corpse requirements (and the corresponding research projects) have been changed:
    • Battle Scanner requires a Trooper corpse rather than a Drone
    • Acid grenades require Spectre corpses instead of Archons
    • EMP grenades require Turret wrecks instead of Drones
    • Ionic Ripjack requires Muton corpse rather than Stun Lancer
    • Fusion Ripjack requires Andromedon corpse rather than Archon
    • Talon rounds require Officer corpses rather than Sectoids

Bug fixes

  • Fuse and Apotheosis can no longer be used once a unit has no actions available (this prevents the problem with having to manually end the turn when soldiers with these abilities are in the squad)
  • Pods will now activate if a squadsight shot targeted at one of the members misses
  • Faceless and Chryssalids should now appear on missions with the corresponding Infiltrator sit rep
  • Dark event sit reps like Rapid Response should no longer appear on missions that they don't work on (for example, Rapid Response on untimed missions with no reinforcements)
  • Lost should no longer appear on Abandoned City missions that don't support The Lost sit rep (such as troop columns)
We hope you enjoy the mod, and good luck commanders!
submitted by paledbrook to LWotC

Tweeking the Sequel Trilogy

I love all Star Wars but like all true fans we have desire to see some of our interpretations come to life. I've made some minor, some big changes to the sequel trilogy that I think creates a more cohesive yet fun and exciting conclusion to the Skywalker franchise. Hopefully you enjoy some of my ideas and the mash-up job I did of others ideas. I did everything trying to remain as true to the original concepts as possible, TROS gets a little more tricky in regards to that but ultimately I think it ties together well.
TFA changes:
  1. Establish in the opening crawl that:
    The First Order consist of the last remnants of the Empire trying to hold on to what loss power they can. The Resistance is a militia dedicated to protecting the New Republic and is filled with Rebel Alliance veterans and volunteers from the New Republic.
  2. I would add another scene of Rey fighting off scavengers when she emerges from the crashed star destroyer (really establishing that Rey is a very skilled fighter). Also changing the choreography of the fight when Unkar Plutt's thugs try to steal BB-8 by having Rey dispatching of them more easily, in a "jedi way".
  3. Snoke is an actual giant (new speices). He is referred to as the "Emissary" (not Supreme leader). He will be the Emissary for the Sith race on Exogol, prepping for their arrival (this subplot is not mentioned in TFA).
  4. Starkiller Base is called Ilum (the actual planet name) and is not a new Death Star. Instead the FO headquarters will be a giant excavation site, unearthing a massive Sith Temple that functions extremely similar to how Starkiller Base did in the novelization where it harnesses the power of Dark Matter creating a huge black hole that can devour an entire solar system. The temple would act as a conduit for the dark matter and use the dark side of the force along with FO tech to teleport the black hole.
  5. Han Solo would still be a general for the Resistance but has a hard time not being apart of the action. What follows is a classic hunting nazi scenario but outfitted for SW. This scene would show Han undercover as a smuggler whose been contracted to acquire an important artifact (a sith holocron) for a small group of FO troopers and a couple of high ranking officers. Han and Chewy kill everyone and begin to collect data hoping to find the location of the FO's new weapon with no luck (they don't pay much attention to the artifact that was expected).
  6. Chewy arm ripping scene at Maz tavern will be reinstated.
  7. Leia sends a recording to the galaxy telling the injured New Republic will stand against this evil ( looks similar to her ANH recording).
  8. Scouts investigating the Millennium Falcon landing on Ilum and chase sequence to the oscillator (Temple) is reinstated.
  9. Add scene of Phasma destroying security footage of her lowering the shields to Ilum, killing a fellow high ranking officer in the process.
  10. Final battle has giant black holes forming above Ilum. Once the Temple begins to fall, the black hole grows in size, becoming uncontrollable and begins to descend absorbing much of the surface (including soldiers and star fighter from both sides) with its violent winds.
  11. The map to Luke/First Jedi Temple is broken down into 3 maps. R2D2 has only 1 of 3 parts to the map, each one impossibly encrypted without the other 2.
  12. Rey copies the other 2 maps (either by looking Kylo's head or downloading them from a terminal) from the F.O when she escapes her cell on Ilum. Combining all three maps she is able to locate Luke at the end of the film.
The Last Jedi changes:
  1. Hux demeanor would be more in line to his TFA depiction.
  2. Poe has his personal squadron while assaulting the Dreadnought, no longer a solo mission.
  3. FO begin to occupy the Resistance base capturing almost a quarter of their forces including Finn and Rose, both to be imprisoned on the Supremacy. Phasma will demonstrate her ruthlessness during this raid by decapitating 3 to 4 soldiers with her staff and killing several others single handedly. They begin to scan all terminals that havent been wiped clean mostly providing useless data however they do find the copy of the last map they needed to Luke's where abouts.
  4. Luke doesn't throw lightsaber over shoulder, instead closes his eyes, sighs heavily and places it in his sash, uttering to Rey to follow him.
  5. Rose and Finn talk to keep their minds off the crap situation they have found themselves in. Rose tells Finn about the city she grew up in, Canto Bight. She talks about the crime and corruption and how the good guys aren't always the good guys (referring to the scene from the film that showed that both the FO and Resistance were shopping with scum to win the war). Finn is recognized by FO troopers tasked with guarding the prisoners and plants the seeds for an uprising amongst troopers who feel how Finn felt about the FO.
  6. Haldo still has purple hair and can be introduced wearing a dress due to the abrupt evacuation but switches into military attire by the firsr general meeting.
  7. Adding a scene of Ackbar, Haldo, Leia and other high ranking Resistance general having a debate on what the best course of action is. Ackbar and Haldo want to turn around and fight (foreshadowing her heroic death). Others want to continue on to a Resistance base at the risk of running out of fuel, while others want to disband, separate and try to regroup and rebuild later.
  8. The Knights of Ren are dispatched by the Emissary to kill Luke once the coordinates are deciphered.
  9. Luke trains Rey in all 3 lessons (not just 2). More physical training and lightsaber training scenes are added to build onto Rey's already impressive skill set.
  10. Scenes added of Luke reading the Jedi text to Rey, exploring the Jedi's history through Luke's point of view.
  11. More flashbacks of Luke's past will be explored as well. Showing what exactly happened while creating the new Jedi Academy, where he taught his young jedi that they are nothing more than servants of the force and not sheppards of it. Hoping to prevent the same mistakes the Jedi from the prequel's made. Ben and a handful of students locate Sith scriptures that Luke had discovered while locating the lost jedi text and begin to study them. Instead of depriving them of the forbidden knowledge they seek, Luke thought it best to try and train them in a new form of Jedi, one that balances the force inward (dark) and out (light). The dark side proving to be too much to contain, starts Ben's ascension to the darkside, which is then sensed by Snoke (The Emissary).
  12. Kylo assaults the Resistance cruisers. Poe and his squadron launch a counter attack to defend the cruisers. Many skilled pilots and dear friends of Poe are killed.
  13. Akbar, Leia and company death is more alluded too. (I didn't know Akbar had died until they mentioned it later so whatever it takes to show that more clearly). Leia uses the force to save herself like Rian intended.
  14. Finn and Rose orchestrates a small revolt within the FO troopers allowing them to break free from their cells. Prisoner riots are met by Phasma and FO troopers.
  15. Shortly after Rey leaves to save her friends (similar to Luke in ESB). The Knights of Ren engage in combat with Luke. Luke's full power, which is massively impressive and on full display here. Luke kills 2 of them and sends the wildly outmatched survivors retreating.
  16. Elite Praetorian Guards are of Sith race (first look at Sith race). One is unmasked in throne room battle after the Emissary's (Snoke) death.
  17. Phasma scenes on Supremacy are reinstated, especially when Finn tells she lowered the shield on Ilum.
  18. For Lukes death to work in this film a few guidelines need to be set:
a. Force projection can never have been done before and thought to be impossible. Kylo says his throw away line in the film but I think one more wouldn't hurt. Again this isn't to spoil Lukes trick at the end of the film. It has to be subtle, so honestly maybe keeping it as is, is the best way to go.
b. Once it is revealed what Luke is doing, on Ahch-To Luke is not only floating but he is harnessing so much of the force all of Ahch-To's elements (rocks and water creating almost a mist cyclone) are levitating around him and the rock platform on which he sits/hover aboves.
c. After he is done Luke needs to look much more drained. The look of him should give fans a horrified realization that this is the end for him.
  1. Rey is seen at the end of the film reading the anicent Jedi text and the "title of the chapter" she is starting is called The Dyad.
The Rise Of Skywalker changes:
Okay so this film doesn't really have "changes" but more of making a Frankenstein creation out of the 2 scripts TROS and Duel of Fates. I really enjoyed the Duel of Fates script and A LOT of Trevorrow's ideas but love what J.J was trying to do as well. So I've outlined this script with the Duel of Fates while inserting what I liked about J.J's into it.
...Also this film would probably need to be split into 2 parts. There is just way to much and I feel for the last Star Wars movie it needs as much time as possible to do it justice. So with that said maybe Ep.9 pt1 is TROS and Ep.9 pt2 is DOF.
Opening Crawl:
The iron grip of the FIRST ORDER has spread to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Only a few scattered planets remain unoccupied. Traitorous acts are punishable by death. Determined to suffocate a growing unrest, Supreme Leader KYLO REN has silenced all communication between neighboring systems. Led by GENERAL LEIA ORGANA, the Resistance has planned a secret mission to prevent their annihilation and forge a path to freedom...
The film opens on Kuat with BB-8 and Rose infiltrating the Kuat Moon where the Order builds their ships. Finn and Poe are there as well, and Rey eventually shows up too. R2 and 3PO or MIA.They all plan to blow the ring to bits, but it goes wrong and the Order contains it. Rey is in disguise and has a double bladed lightsaber fashioned out of her staff and Luke’s saber. The good guys all battle the bad guys and they end up stealing a Star Destroyer.
The Knights of Ren show up at Kuat and kill the Admiral for allowing the Resistance to steal a destroyer.
Cut to Coruscant. The city is no longer a vibrant city and is occupied by the Order, which has established a palace to rule from. Citizens are basically scavengers and Hux is now Chancellor. He over sees a public execution of senator who is a resistance sympathizer. He is being executed with a guillotine that equipped with kyber crystal tech (lightsaber tech).
Hux also appears to be envious of force wielders and outfits his personal chambers with jedi and sith artifacts (similar to Palpatine or Dryden Vos).
Hux and Commander Pryde meet with alien warlords, establishing the Order has allies and they’re aware of Rey being the last jedi and dwindling Resistance numbers. They also want to know where Supreme Leader Kylo Ren is.
Transition to Mustafar where Kylo and a legion of FO troops battle local Tribes outfitted in abandoned Separatist, clone armor and droid plating. Kylo crosses harsh terrain but finally reaches Vaders abandoned castle. Kylo enters the lower caverns beneath the castle coming across a creature attached to a giant's head (different kind of giant than Snoke) that was submerged in a swamp like lake. This creature telepathically communicates with giant flesh eating insects that begin to surround Kylo but registers that Kylo is related to Vader and let's him pass and go further into Vader's secret dungeon. (I think in the script this creature is called the Oracle).
Kylo is alone when he’s being haunted by Luke’s ghost. Luke tells him, “This is where the dark path leads; an empty tomb.” Kylo (retort): “Where did your path lead?” Luke is trying to get him to turn back to Leia, but he presses on and finds a sith holocron that was in Vader’s castle (the same artifact expected when Han was hunting high ranking FO officers in TFA), which reveals a hologram of Palpatine. The recording is intended for Vader as a contingency if Luke killed the Emperor. Vader was supposed to take Luke along with the Empire to Exogol and kill the Sith. The sith holocron unleashes sith lighting that nearly incapacitates Kylo before dispensing a thick red spiritual essence that is absorbed into Kylo.
Transition to the Resistance base on Koa-Alaf and Leia can feel what is happening to Ben. The Kuat raid team arrives, complete with a Destroyer to everyone’s surprise.
Still hurting for numbers Poe, Snap Wexley and a handful of other trusted pilots go out to recruit more allies for the Resistance.
Rey confides in Finn that she doesn’t have what it takes to be a Jedi, and he asks her about her connection with Kylo Ren, to which she replies she believe the 2 of them are apart of a sacred Dyad, but any time they connect she experiences terrible nightmares. Finn tells her to shut him out and that he can’t change, but Rey tells him Finn taught her that anyone can change.
Rey tells Finn more about the Dyad and what she's learned from the anicent Jedi text and mentions shes learned that there is a comm beacon under the Jedi temple on Coruscant, which can send a signal to 50 planets and can’t be blocked by the Order.
Poe visits Zori Bliss on Kijimi which is currently under FO occupation. Poe ask Zori if she can ask among the bounty hunter and smuggler guilds, looking for those willing to help the Resistance......for free. Zori pulls a gun on Poe for wasting her time but eventually comes around. Zori tells Poe the person they need help from is on Passana. Poe's ship is identified by FO causing him to find a another way off Kijimi.
We get a flashback of Leia and Luke training after ROTJ (similar to the scene we saw in TROS). We fade to Rey performing the same training being taught by Leia and force ghost Luke. (So Luke's ghost pushing Rey to get stronger while haunting Kylo to let Ben back out).
Kylo makes it back to Coruscant with a damaged face from the holocron. Kylo has Mandalorian armor (recently acquired from a stronghold taken by the Order) melted down and grafted to his face.
Cut back to Rey and Luke who are still training and arguing the merits of the light and dark sides of the Force. Rey basically doesn’t want to be a Jedi because she is a no one, but Luke presses her on how the Force is speaking to her. And says all jedi begin as no one.
Poe returns informing Leia he found Lando who is now actively recruiting for the Resistance. This is all verbal, we don't actually see Lando until later.
Cut back to Kylo and Hux with Kylo telling him he’s found power that makes blowing planets up insignificant, and as he heads off he tells Hux to wipe out the Resistance and he will deal with the girl. As Kylo begins to leave Hux's chambers, Hux frantically inquires about the impending Sith invasion, where Kylo replies that he'll deal with that too.
Before Kylo leaves to locate Rey he chucks vader’s helmet off a balcony and yells at him for allowing love to cloud his judgment and curses his former jedi master Luke asking "where are you know" giving the impression that Kylo actually misses Luke's haunting lessons.
Cut to Rey who has another vision linked with Kylo, more vivid than any other vision. A glimpse of Palpatine's throne room in the ruins of the DS2 in the sea's of Endor. She sees Kylo locating an artifact empowering him to destroy planets through the will of the force by simply closing his fist and luring her to the darkside giving us a glimpse of dark Rey as well (this vision is fabricated).
Leia gets a visit by Luke who encourages her about the upcoming battle. He tells her Han would be proud of her and that the force is with her, all she needs to do is close her eyes and let the force guide her (a reference to Luke from ANH while destroying DS1).
Two Resistance teams are dispatched to carry out the missions:
Team A, which is Rose, Finn, R2, and 3PO head to coruscant for the beacon, while.... Team B, which is Rey, Poe and Chewy go to Endor to stop Kylo, fearing whatever he is up too.
Leia remains at the Resistance base to oversee the operations. Leia and Rey talk before Rey leaves, with Rey telling her that Kylo still has good in him, but Leia is skeptical, but she does double down on how Rey is her own person and that the Force chose her.
Team B arrives on Endor and make their way to DS2 ruins located in the sea. Rey reaches the DS2 and begins looking through the wreckage for the throne room (the scene is similar to her looking through the ruins of the Star Destoryer in TFA).
Poe and Chewy fight off the Knights of Ren that followed them to Endor buying time for Rey.
Rey locates Palpatine's artifact room just off to the side of the throne room and finds a similar sith holocron that Kylo found underneath Vaders castle.
As Rey studies the holocron she is startled by the arrival of Kylo which activates the sith holocron which reacts to Rey in the same manner it reacted to Kylo on Mustafar. Though Rey was able to deflect some lightning, enough got through that stunned her. The dark red spiritual essence then releases itself from the holocron so it may be absorbed into Rey's body.
Kylo devastated about what he just witnessed and believing the power of the holocron has been lost to her. He rises his lightsaber to kill an unconscious Rey before being stopped by a Anakin/Vader force ghost flashing before him. Startled by what he just saw he stumbles, this awakens Rey and the 2 engage in a lightsaber duel. This fight plays out similar to its film counterpart.
Team A infiltrates the Jedi temple and reaches the controls to the beacon. Our hero's run into trouble when they discover the hub to the beacon requires an Inquisitor encryption key to activate the beacon. 3PO says he is able to override the program but it will permanently deactivate him. He says his goodbyes and activates the beacon so the signal gets out. (Yes, 3PO dies).
FO troops arrive to the temple and begin trying to deactivate the signal and while fighting Resistance forces.
After an exhausting duel and suffering a serious wound Kylo force pushes Rey (apparently to her death over the edge) into the violent water. The force ghost of Anakin appears again to Kylo, slowly approaching him, then speaks to Kylo about how the dark side is not the answer and explains letting go is the only way. Kylo questions Anakin, claiming the title of Chosen One went to his head and he was really a nobody and achieved nothing. Anakin counters and repeats himself, once again stating "Let Go" before disbursing from Rey walking through his force ghost and heals his injuries. Rey then asks Ben (not Kylo) if his offer still stood? (his offer from TLJ for them to join together to usher in a new peaceful Era for the galaxy). Kylo's aggression appears to fade away and Ben appears to be in complete control of his psychy and tells her yes but not how he mentioned it before. He explains how the FO had been working with the Sith race from the beginning (TFA) and how they needed to go kill the Sith Council and end their planned invasion. Ben explains how he planned to grow his strength as Supreme Leader and challenge them. He proposes to Rey that they travel together to Exogol in order to wipeout the sith council and end the sith threat forever while they both have enhanced abilities from the sith holocrons.
The Order tracks down the Resistance base however with the small amount of Resistance fighters still there, they are able to escape.
Poe and Chewy rejoin Leia who has already moved majority of the remaining Resistance fleet into position for a direct assault on Coruscant. Poe tell Leia about Rey and Kylo, claiming she has either been captured or lured to the darkside. Leia feels through the force and assures Poe it isn't what it appears, knowing Rey is on her own path.
Team A flees to the underbelly of Coruscant. Rose gets captured by the First Order, tortured and set for public execution.
Kylo and Rey arrive on Exogol. The Knights of Ren have still been hunting Rey and follow her through the unknown regions. The Knights believe Kylo is escorting her to the Sith council to be sacrificed in a sith ritual, where they kill a force wielder and use their blood to open a portal called the Mortis Gate which would allow the Sith to invade the galaxy.
Once the Knights realize Rey and Ben are working together they attack the jedi. However the remaining Knights, though they fought valiantly they are beaten proving to be no match for the combined strength of the Dyad.
Finn and R2 start a revolt on Coruscant, sparking the ground battle saving Rose in the process.
Leia brings the rest of the Resistance to Coruscant for an epic space and ground battle and chewy flies a newly designed Millennium Falcon.
Ben and Rey come face to face with the Sith council and as they approach the size of the sith army is unveiled. They are outfitted with their organic armor, weapons and ships (Yuuzvong inspired).
Sith council is made up of members only of the Sith race. One acolyte looks like the concept art of Tor Valum and appears to be the main speaker of the council. It is explained that the council infiltrated the sith religion in the main star wars galaxy when they corrupted Darth Tenebrous or Plagueis ever since they had been driven out of that galaxy centuries ago from the anicent jedi. Palpatine ironically was the one who cut communication with the Sith Council and began to plot how to seeze their power on Exogol for himself and destroy them. Majority of the council seems to resent Palpatine however 3 members appear to voice support for the amount of power he was able to achieve.
As Rey and Ben ignite their lightsabers the council calls for their new Praetorian guards (also known as The Mindless) to appear and defend them. From behind the Sith alter the remaining jedi trainees that Kylo took from Luke's academy appear ready to defend the council. They are covered with scars, bruises, blood stains along with being deformed and mutilated, telling a dark story of pain and agony. The fate they have met puts Ben to his knees, knowing he led them to this nightmare.
Rey and Ben engage in a heated force driven duel with the Mindless but ultimately the Dyad was able beat them and put them to rest.
Hux feeling nervous about the battle releases his last wave of tie fighters out numbering the Resistance fighters 10 to 1, putting the Resistance at a huge disadvantage.
As Rey and Ben are fighting the mindless, the council began preparing their ritual for the Mortis Gate. Chanting Sith scriptures.
As the Mortis Gate opens on Exogol, simultaneously a portal opens above Coruscant beyond the ongoing battle.
As Rey and Ben approach the council, the members begin flinging force fireballs at the jedi but are easily deflected. As the members start taking Rey and Ben more seriously they began to push the jedi back. Just as the council is about to take the upper hand the dark red essence that was absorbed into both Ben and Rey earlier, leaves their bodies and enters one of the 3 acolytes who showed admiration for Palpatine, all of whom were chanting another spell that would free this particular dark lord from his spiritual prison and enter the real world again. The bone structure of the possessed acolyte begins to break down and reconstitute while screaming in agonizing pain before sidiously switching to an all too familiar psychotic laugh, warning everyone that Palpatine has returned.
Ben awakens first and witnesses Palpatine killing Sith council members, guards, civilians and anyone else attempting to stop him. He absorbs the dead acolytes power making his spirit stronger. Ben grabs his lightsaber and begins to engage Palpatine.
Lando and Zori, along with a bunch of recruited help arrives at Coruscant to assist in the battle. Lando has a new single passenger fighter (never seen before) with heavy cannons. Nien Nunb flys an upgraded civil warebel alliance class X-wing!
Hux watching the portal open and the destruction of his armada, realizes this is checkmate and commits suicide with a lightsaber by impaling himself (hara-kiri). The Order is defeated.
Rey awakens to a battlefield of burnt crumbling bodies left behind by Palpatine. She sees the 2 fighting and rushes to aid Ben (similar to obi-wan rushing to aid Qui Gon Jinn vs Maul on Naboo). The two fight Palpatine but are ultimately beaten.
Using more power to fight the Dyad than anticipated and his spirit being so powerful to begin with, Palpatine's physical host starts to deteriorate and must possess another 1 of the 2 remaining acolytes. Brainwashed/enslaved Kaminoan (obviously instructed by the Palpatine loyalist) emerge to attend to the last 2 host bodies and begin injecting synthesized dark matter into them so they may harness Palpatine's spirit.
As they lay dying they watch as Palpatine's new host takes form and takes control of what remains of the Sith army and fleet through fear. He continues to open the Mortis Gate and instructs the fleet to invade the main SW galaxy and conquer the Resistance and Order alike.
3 large Sith cruisers begin going through the portal, surprising the victorious Resistance from behind with its unimaginable weaponry. Quickly devastating the Resistance fleet as they scramble to prepare for another battle.
Rey and Ben heroically muster up enough strength to stand once more to confront Palpatine. As they stand-up right, all the force ghost appear behind them, motivating them and passing their power onto them.
Palpatine instructs his last vessel (acolyte) to standback while he deals with them, blasting them with his force lightning. The ghost raise their hands to assist Rey and Ben redirect the lightning back at Palpatine destroying both his physical form and last acolyte. Palpatine's essence is sucked into the collapsing Mortis Gate killing Palpatine forever.
As the Mortis Gate explodes any Sith ship passing through or that was near it are disintegrated.
Ben collapses, Rey rushes to him only to find that he was hit by one of Palpatine's lightning bolts causing blood loss. Rey try to heal him like she did on DS2 but is unable. She cries for help. Yoda, Luke, Obi-Wan and Anakin appear but are unable to save him before his light is extinguished.
Finn, Poe, Chewy, R2 and Leia all look up wondering what exactly occurred on the otherside of the Mortis Gate. Again Leia senses the victory the Jedi had and let's the rest know she is okay but she doesn't think she'll be back.....at least so soon. They then begin reconstructing the New Republic.
Rey journeys back to the galaxy through the unknown regions to explore, further her own training and vows to begin something new. Something better...the way the original jedi had intended.
The End.
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