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Tales from Socialist Czechoslovakia IV: Les Fleurs du mal

Prelude, part II, part III
TL;DR of the story so far:
1918 Czechoslovakia established
1918-1938 Golden years
1938 Munich agreement
1939-1945 Nazi occupation
1948 Communist coup
1948-1960 Years of executions and gulags
1960-1968 Gradual democratic thaw ultimately crushed by Soviet invasion
1969-1989 Stifling stagnation
1989 Peaceful handover of power, in sync with the rest of the Eastern bloc
It’s December 1989. The rotten red edifice comes apart like wet toilet paper (something quite hard to come by, in the waning years), the Party disbands and the chief dissident turns president. This is followed by first completely free elections in more than 50 years. Right-leaning parties assume executive power and the wild 90s get rolling.
(My strongest argument in favor of the hypothesis that God exists and loves us all, is that the 90s, the best decade in human history so far, lasted almost two years longer than they were supposed to – from November 1989 (and the fall of the Berlin wall) to 9/11. (Decades start on 1 January of year one - not year zero.) I am seriously going to write about how awesome the 90s were one day. Unless you were in Yugoslavia or Rwanda, that is.)
One significant circumstance: After the regime change, no one was shot, lynched or otherwise seriously punished for their involvement with the Party. There was a literal handful of short prison sentences handed out to the commanding officials who supported the hardline option of smashing the demonstrations by force, the higher echelons of the police and military were sacked and the secret service was disbanded in its entirety and former members and informants prohibited from holding state offices – but there were no serious reprisals against ordinary party members or mid-level officials. I think Poland, Hungary and East Germany were slightly harsher with their Parties, but not by much (EDIT: I've been informed by xyzzyz that the Polish treatment was even more lenient than the Czech one - leaving most people from the apparatus in their positions.) – on the other hand, Ceausescu in Romania was executed by rifle fire. In retrospect, I consider this forbearance a very good first step towards a new society, Appomattox style. The wound was permitted to heal, instead of getting further torn. The communists were left with no heroes or martyrs, no bloody shirts. There are no persecuted families, nursing their grudge. We just moved on.
The negative aspect of this approach was that many of the former but still very well-connected Party higher-ups and their relations simply smoothly sailed into the new wild capitalist free-for-all with privileged networks and information. The right-wing, economically liberal (in the classic, free-markets and enterprise sense) parties decided to jump-start the economy first and worry about the legal framework and oversight mechanisms later. Perhaps not quite incidentally because it provided an excellent opportunity to line the pockets of top players before the lights went on. This became especially relevant during the privatization phase:
Since Czechoslovakia wanted to quickly transform into a market economy and all of its enterprises and production facilities had been hitherto state owned, it needed to select a method for transferring most of this capacity to private hands. It was ultimately decided for a so-called ‘coupon/voucher privatization’ – each citizen could relatively cheaply purchase a general coupon with a nominal value which could be redeemed for stock in any of the thusly privatized national enterprises, according to the choice of the holder.
The coupons could also be invested through so-called ‘privatization funds’ (let’s call it a complicated, indirect secondary market, for the sake of simplicity) and those in the know, both domestic and foreign, begun accumulating large amounts of these coupons to take control of key companies with valuable know-how, IP, production facilities or local market standing (i.e. mainly those in the chemical industry, agriculture, food production, metallurgy and machining fields).1 Unsurprisingly, those with good connections and knowledge of the true potential of the individual companies were at a significant advantage during this fairly chaotic, unregulated and shady period, laying the foundations of many a contemporary fortune.2
On the plus side, the consumer situation in the country begun to improve fairly rapidly, with an influx of affordable imports and capital investments. (Loosely quoting one Czech… public commentator, 21 at the time: “I went to a local “supermarket” and for the first time in my life, saw more than one kind of yogurt on offer. At that moment, I unironically understood that the struggle of the dissidents was actually rational.”)
In 1993, Czechoslovakia peacefully, dare I say even amiably dissolved, mainly on an impulse from the Slovakian political leadership (the popular support for the dissolution appears to haved been a minority position in both countries). Both countries parted along the border of the constituent federal states, with some minor land swaps, a free option for each citizen to select their new nationality and a permeable border. Czech Republic and Slovakia have remained on very good terms ever since. From my perspective, Slovaks aren’t really considered foreigners. This is something I am quite nationally proud of, given how a dissolution of a multinational state went down in the Balkans around the same time (or never did in Belgium).
In 1994, the first commercial station TV Nova commenced its operation, in addition to the long-standing two and later three public national channels of the Czech Television (~PBS), backed by American capital and helmed by a figure I can only describe as an eccentric, enthusiastic apostle of capitalism: Vladimír Železný.
His ambition was to be the one who brings all the cultural wonders and benefits of free markets to the Czech Republic (not shying away from the cheapest and the dumbest). The greatest early hits were MASH, Columbo, Dallas, McGyver, but also Days of our Lives and other terrible soap operas. The station additionally produced its own original content, often licensed or copied from tested foreign shows like Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy (Behold, Americans! Gaze at your cultural reflection in the mirror of the Other!) or based on some generic popular formula.
Interestingly, Železný from the get-go actively pushed for what would count as an early (and almost unquestionably benign and positive) iteration of the social justice agenda – tolerance to diversity, acceptance of alternative lifestyles and especially minority representation, giving several roles and positions to people of color, even – or particularly – those not even meaningfully represented in the population, which is something like 97% lily white, with the Gypsies/Roma people (disputed nomenclature) and, surprisingly, the Vietnamese forming the largest “visually identifiable” minorities. The most popular and interesting of these TV personalities remains a top news anchor to this day and I believe this activism did have a marginal positive effect on Czech openness, in terms of simple familiarization, if nothing else. But to me there is still a hint of certain… cargo-cultishness in this deliberate imitation of the external markers of US capitalism and culture.
And now, NOW, after something like 10.000 words of historical intro and notes, I am finally getting to the gosh-darned thing that motivated me to start writing this in the first place… Paging darwin2500.
In 1996, TV Nova produced a sitcom series called simply The Pub. Loosely inspired by Cheers, realistically set in the most Czech of all settings (per capita, Czechs consume the most beer in the world – about 160 liters in a year) and crafted with a surprising plethora of talent, the show represents a priceless time capsule of what life looked like to a normal Czech in the middle of the 90s. It’s also a good comedy. Not awesome, but pretty good.
I would like you to watch a couple of seconds of it. The four people sitting at the table – the main characters – are, from the left: An owner of a small hauling business – A boiler room stoker – A psychiatrist/local councilman (coincidentally played by an academy award winning director) – And a lawyer. They sit there, at the same table as equals – and most valued, regular guests – drinking beer, telling stories, laughing, doing shots and causing mischief.
And here comes The Point: For that time and place, this constellation is still entirely within the bounds of believable. The regulars represent all strata of the society at the time – an uneducated, manual worker; a small business operator, an urban professional and a doctopolitician.3 And they are all within each other’s social orbit, regularly sitting at the same table in the same pub. The professionals do get a little more respect and formal courtesy, but no more authority.
The societal leveling brought about by socialism did indeed effectively flatten the strata and, excepting the Party and its apparatus, there was no sense of any aristocracy – hereditary, financial or other. There were ‘elites’ – athletes, inventors, artists – but they were mainly valued for their personal achievements and their utility for the nation as a whole. Nobody stood above you in practical dignity. The policy for the Party apparatus had also been to not significantly exceed the pay of a skilled worker. This was often circumvented through various bonuses and benefits (and the officials naturally had better access to e.g. housing opportunities and construction material acquisitions) – but still set a pretty low effective ceiling for individual maximum enrichment. The only people making ~real money were musicians and certain other performers.
Twenty years later, I don’t think this situation holds anymore – simply because the differences in disposable income are now so great that the bottom quartile can no longer afford to go to the watering holes frequented by lawyers and doctors. Additionally, there now decidedly is a new aristocratic class of large property holders, precisely established around the control of large privatized enterprises in crucial sectors.
Even more curiously, the hitherto completely unified state – with no objective grounds for internal discord (no historical, racial, ethnic, linguistic or religious dividing lines), is beginning to show the same fundamental dynamic animating most of western politics today: A lasting conflict of interests and values between the (mostly) young cosmopolitan progressives (pejoratively dubbed “the Prague café”) concentrated in large cities and the (mostly) old nationalist conservatives in the countryside. Apart from the divide-and-conquer political convenience, the main source of this resentment really appears to be economic. The cities and sectors plugged into the global business network are just doing much better than the rest.
So all in all, it would be unfair to paint the effects of socialism with a single negative brush. If your greatest concern are towering aristocrats and stratification pigeonholing people into predetermined roles and castes, it offers a remedy. At a considerable cost.
1 Weren’t the companies useless? Not completely. Though mostly inefficient, individual enterprises still had land, facilities, skilled workers, distribution chains and know-how. With some investment in new equipment and updated managerial approach, there was a lot of potential to be had on the cheap.
2 In fact, the very current designated prime minister is a billionaire proprietor of one such agricultural conglomerate, with a shady past and possible connections to the former secret service. (To be fair, almost anyone with business inclinations ended up as either a criminal or an informant during the communist times, out of functional necessity.)
3 Curiously, this assortment maps rather well to the classic Indian system of four castes – the Brahmin priests, the Kshatriya rulers and warriors, Vaishya merchants and craftsmen and Shudra manual workers – and/or the medieval European ‘three peoples’ of lords temporal and lords spiritual, if you are willing to further differentiate the artisans from the commoners.
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The cheapest and Securest VPN providers 2020

The cheapest and Securest VPN providers 2020

How I gonna choose the best VPN provider?

There are many different items for choosing and giving a score to VPN providers. but the question is how am I gonna compare them here?
Basically The first thing matter when we want to use VPN, Is Privacy! So we should look for companies that based on countries that government agencies like the FBI, can't access their data easily!
The second thing I want to consider in this competition is Speed! no one wants to use a VPN that slows down his speed and increases their ping!
Also, don't forget we are looking for the cheapest VPN Provider and the price has its own score in this competition!
By Commenting your own VPN plan or services, I will review them and update this post until the end of 2020.


DevsHost Cheap VPN Services
  • Super secure and cheap VPN services that support all operating systems.
  • Start Price: $1.5 monthly!!!!
  • Supported platform: Multiplatform, even in routers
Remember our first goal, Privacy! DevsHost is a company based in Bangladesh, Iran, Malaysia!
These three countries are the main office of Devshost so literally there is no way any government can access their office and stole your data, You can surf the web with all of your devices, no matter what is your operating system or where are you living, surfing web freely, is one-off best goals of this company.
Cheap services and containing server from 27 countries, will answer all of all needs! you can also purchase their super cheap VPN services via bitcoin or even perfect money!
Final review: Devshost by providing super cheap VPN services with their high quality and privacy support stand of the First most recommended VPN provider in our list.

Private Internet Access

Private internet access - truly private VPN?!
  • cheap VPN services that support all operating systems with a free trial.
  • Start Price: $8.09 monthly
  • Supported platform: Multiplatform
You deserve a VPN that is both reliable and trustworthy. Protect yourself online with the world’s most trusted VPN. this is their slogan! they have a good price on their yearly plans but the prices on monthly plans are a little high!
but after some test's I think they have good privacy support and encryption algorithms, and their support quality is well enough to work with!
Just like any VPN worth its salt, you can use PIA with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. And it also features admirable browser extensions for the likes of Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. It's in the services, app, indeed, that you really start to see the added value - there's a kill switch that vibrates when your network connection drops and plenty of added extras for power users to explore and take advantage of.
Final Review: Private internet access has really good features for your privacy, but their price is too high for placing in the first place in our list, remember after privacy, price is so important for us!


  • cheap VPN services that support all operating systems with a free trial.
  • Start Price: $10.29 monthly
  • Supported platform: Multiplatform
CyberGhost is equipped with one of the vastest quantities of servers out there - over 6,000 in 110+ countries at last count. That does sometimes mean that speeds aren't up to the same pace as say those of DevsHost. But you can discover all this for yourself with CyberGhost's generous 45-day money-back guarantee - one of the lengthiest VPN free trials on offer.
They are cheap, reliable, and have good looking app to use.
Final Review: CyberGhost has nothing less than a Private internet address, The only reason CyberGhost placed as third in our list is their price and their office which stands in Romania.


NordVPN - Stay safe with the world's leading VPN
  • cheap VPN services that support all operating systems with a free trial.
  • Start Price: $10.64 monthly
  • Supported platform: Multiplatform, even in routers
Stay safe with the world's leading VPN! they right, NordVPN is one-off most installed VPN Apps in Google Play and App store!
They literally exploded the market with their advertisement! you also benefit from a service with excellent security. The provider offers a number of ‘Double VPN’ servers which route your data through not one but two separate VPN servers. There is also an option to send encrypted traffic over the Onion network for an additional layer of security, plus an automatic kill switch, and more.
Final Review: well customer support, privacy is their number one choice here, price is a little high but it worth it.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield may defy physics and increase your connection speed
  • cheap VPN services that support all operating systems with a free trial.
  • Start Price: $10.99 monthly
  • Supported platform: Multiplatform
Hotspot Shield has an excellent reputation, thanks in no small part to its fantastic free offering. But assuming that a mere 500MB of VPN use per day isn't enough for you (and it won't be if you want to stream and download music and movies while connected), then it doesn't cost that much more to upgrade to its premium service.
I like the way that Hotspot Shield doesn't merely rely on the usual security protocols used by other VPNs - its developers have produced their own snazzily-named Catapult Hydra protocol, which not only seeks to keep you and your data secure but also ensures consistently rapid connection speeds.
Final Review: Amazing speed even in their free plans, well-developed protocol, rapid connection speed and worth the price you are paying!
submitted by thisismehrab to u/thisismehrab

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