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The ultimate ski bucket list: the top things do on a ski https://guptimo.ru/download/?file=1306. NORDIC TECHNICAL MANUAL EN by Fischer Sports GmbH https://guptimo.ru/download/?file=1291. However, to have the opportunity to get the victory, before you need to be able to achieve the minimum time to be in the race, something that will not be simple to achieve. Ski Challenge 14 is a kind of Sports apps for Android, 9Game official website provides download and guide for Ski Challenge 14, Play free Ski Challenge 14 online. User Rating 7 (67 votes) Design your own racing tracks and compete in them. Buyer's Guide 2020 Intro/ Ski Canada Magazine https://guptimo.ru/download/?file=1310.

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Rolex watches, $800k worth of ice and a JET SKI: The incredible haul cops uncovered when they busted an alleged high-living drug gang. Ski Challenge courses are set as modified Giant Slalom. Stand-up personal watercraft are making a comeback apparently, prompting Kawasaki (who stopped making the last model, the JS800 in 2020) to release a completely. Move or Die is a game that features actions such as jumping around, stomping on other players and passing bombs. Marketing - International Ski Federation. ORF-Ski Challenge latest version: Highly realistic, very addictive downhill ski simulator.

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Survival Minecraft Maps anonymous. The Town challenge is a series of three races February 28, March 6, and 14. Teams: Teams consist of 4-6 people with at least one person from each discipline (ski or snowboard). It's a two person challenge that is only possible to complete with help and support. The company's filing status is listed as Inactive - Dissolution By Proclamation / Annulmen and its File Number is 1501892. Ask a question or add answers, watch video tutorials & submit own opinion about this game/app. FIS Fanfare-dup-bass 11.10.2020 Download.

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People who downloaded Winter Sports 2: The Next Challenge have also downloaded: Winter Sports: The Ultimate Challenge, Alpine Ski Racing 2020: Bode Miller vs. Hermann Maier, Salt Lake 2020, Ski Racing 2020 - Featuring Hermann Maier, Beijing 2020, Virtua Tennis 4, Torino 2020, Ski Racing 2020 - Featuring Hermann Maier. Download ORF-Ski Challenge Time to win the SuperGiant. Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge is a reasonable racing game, but it doesn't pack a whole lot of excitement in with the disc and manual. Competition speeds have a wide range: as slow as 22 km/h (14 mph; 12 kn) up to 58 km/h (36 mph; 31 kn) for slalom water skiing, and approaching 190 km/h (120 mph; 100 kn) in water ski racing. Ski Challenge 15 (free) download Mac version. User Rating 7 (78 votes) Hit the pistes without.

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Run, Walk, Hike, Snowshoe or XC Ski to. Giant Slalom Ski Clinics with Graham Bell on Piste Le Greye (11) 15.30 - Lunch at Christiania closes 17.00 - Snow-Camp Team Distance Challenge closes. Cricket simulation game that allows users to manage teams. It was initially added to our database on 10/30/2020. League of Legends very easily and quickly. Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort: Total Archery Challenge - See 566 traveler reviews, 414 candid photos, and great deals for Snowbird, UT, at Tripadvisor.

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The Sports Head game was already released in almost every Flash-based browser game portal in the Internet. Games with the most recent videos appear at the top. Sports Head Football Championship Hacked https://guptimo.ru/download/?file=1296. Browse Servers Bedrock Servers Collections Time Machine. Re: Where's the serial number on the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG visit the website. August 14, 2020 () April 2, 2020 () 4: 10: September 3, 2020.

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Play the Ultimate 3D ski simulations game on your android device! As well as being a winter ski area, the slopes are also regarded a major summer challenge for cyclists, and this is a key stage in the famous Tour de France race. MB. Spider-Man 2: The Game - beta. Download Ski Challenge for Windows 10, 7, 8.1/8 (64/32 bits. Although we are incredibly fond of the game, for strategic reasons we must bid it farewell after twelve memorable seasons. In this game you take control of Fancy Pants - a cool stickman character who wears awesome and colorful pants!

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All business inquiries please send them to: [email protected][HOST] If you're a fan and. These give you information about. UK Mathematics Trust School of Mathematics University of Leeds Leeds LS2 9JT. Game - KeyGen, Serial Code, Crack, Hack, Tools, Files https://guptimo.ru/download/?file=1309. Ski Challenge 14 game features - The 7 spectacular and true-to-the-original tracks from: Beaver Creek. Set sail on the ocean and search for secret coves and uncharted islands with buried treasure.

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Ski Challenge 14 is a great, free multiplatform game (also available for Android, iPhone, and Mac), that is part of the category PC games with subcategory Sport and has been created by Greentube. Actions Bite: Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft. More: Dr. Mario World Is Nintendo's New Mobile Game - Comes Out This Year! Watch the premium Formula E video: Season Review - 2020/20 - 01: 00: 00. Taos Ski Valley Village "Taos is one of my all-time favorite places to ski. Ski challenge 14 hack.

End-of-Season Survey Results

Well, folks, it's over. It is actually, finally, over. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this season, but it has been an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. Let's get into the results.
Vote for the best player from episode 16 -
  1. Jenny West - 541
  2. Johnny "Bananas" Devananzio - 266
  3. Cory Wharton - 60
  4. Kyle Christie - 39
  5. Melissa Reeves - 21
Johnny won the elimination, but Jenny beat him in the final, so I'd have to say she's the deserving winner here.
(And don't worry, you can trust me. I'm as unbiased as they come.)
They are probably the only two who deserved votes, though Kyle's commentary was the highlight of the episode for me. His "All these guys might die, you never know" is quite literally my energy during any athletic event - I know I don't stand a chance here unless everyone else dies. And "at least if there was an avalanche, we'd be put out of our misery" has been my energy for the past six weeks, as my bipolar ass ignores every important deadline and loses entire days watching YouTube commentary on shitty movies. Did you guys know Netflix came out with a romance film - I repeat, a romance film - with the plot of a man kidnapping a girl, telling her she has a year to fall in love with him, threatening her friends and family to ensure she doesn't run away, and in the end she deadass FALLS IN LOVE WITH HIM? I hate it here.
The all-around best player from Season 35 -
  1. Johnny "Bananas" Devananzio - 430
  2. Jenny West - 388
  3. Faysal "Fessy" Shafaat - 76
  4. Wes Bergmann - 40
  5. Rogan O'Connor - 28
I want to kidnap the hundred users who voted Johnny over Jenny and trap them in my basement, but instead of forcing them to fall in love with me, I'll force them to watch highlight reels of Jenny WALKING HER ASS ACROSS THE FINISH LINE IN FIRST PLACE.
Like, okay, yes. Jenny got voted in by Nelson and Cory. But in case it got lost in the hubbub of "it's the final!" and "Melissa is doing this shit while 14 weeks pregnant!", JOHNNY ALSO GOT VOTED IN TO A SECOND ELIMINATION.
Let's do a quick recap. Jenny won one more daily challenge than Johnny did, but Johnny was in one more tribunal. They both won two eliminations.
(Some might argue winning a Hall Brawl is more impressive than jumping an inch higher after running through snow, but I digress.)
It's impressive that Johnny didn't get voted in more, sure, but it does not take a genius to see that Jenny was far and away the strongest female competitor. Like, Johnny's good at finals, but he was up against Fessy, Rogan, and Cory. It is - in my humble and unbiased opinion - wildly more impressive that Jenny skated to a final, when it was beyond clear that she was going to win. Forget the fact that she wasn't even NOMINATED for best social game.
(Actually, I won't let you forget that fact, but more on that in a minute.)
Jenny was the best player this season. She spent the offseason working on her weaknesses, puzzles and Hall Brawl-esque physical games, and came back ready to win. She was friends with the entire house. She had such a good social game that Rogan sacrificed Dee, whom he was actively sleeping with, to save her. She didn't get in a single fight. She didn't even get mad at Melissa after that split vote sent Jenny into elimination! She beat every other person in the final, including Johnny, and generally kicked ass all season long.
But my alliance is a hundred votes short here, so I'll step off my pedestal and move along.
Best physical competitor -
  1. Jenny West - 562
  2. Faysal "Fessy" Shafaat - 254
  3. Rogan O'Connor - 105
  4. Jordan Wisely - 33
  5. Melissa Reeves - 10
Ah, now this is more like it. Somehow, Jenny is joined in this category by Jordan and Melissa, which is confusing at best. But at least she stomped the competition here.
Again, yes, Melissa ran that final while pregnant. It's impressive. Watching her fall on those cross-country skis over and over was incredibly hard to watch. But like, does that really make her worthy of being nominated here? What physical thing did we see Melissa do? I mean I truly cannot think of one thing. She smiled a lot, her accent was the cutest, her social game deserves mention, but the most physical thing we saw her do was walk up a mountain two hours slower than everyone else.
Jordan's in the same boat. Normally he's an animal, but the only physical thing we saw him do was get his shoulder dislocated.
(Dislocated? Separated? Do you think I know the difference between shoulder injuries? Because I do not. My dad went headfirst over his handlebars on a bike once, and now his shoulder is all fucked up and sits two inches lower than the other shoulder, and I don't even know what happened to him, let alone Jordan, especially considering I hid my face during most of that elimination.)
Fessy and Rogan both had great seasons, even if just the sight of Rogan makes me physically nauseous. We got to see Rogan injure two different men, both of whom we were strongly rooting for, only to lose to Bananas in a snow-jumping contest. But at least he proved how capable he is at physical eliminations. I never would have been able to sleep if I didn't know Rogan could pick someone up and body slam them into the ground without a morsel of regret.
Also, did you guys know Fessy would have been drafted for the NFL if he hadn't gotten injured? I think he only mentioned it once, so I wanted to make sure the people in the back heard.
Best social game -
  1. Johnny "Bananas" Devananzio - 369
  2. Kyle Christie - 283
  3. Cory Wharton - 164
  4. Wes Bergmann - 82
  5. Melissa Reeves - 66
I have made it this far without even ONE mention of my feminist bullshit. I feel proud of myself. And as a reward, it's time for MANY mentions of my feminist bullshit.
Johnny, Kyle, and Cory all had good social games. They all made the final, Kyle and Cory only saw one elimination, yatta yatta yatta. But there's no reason Kaycee and Jenny shouldn't have at least been nominated. They were both forces to be reckoned with, and in Kaycee's case, she only saw one elimination!
Things even out more on the guys side, which was much more stacked. As always, the female side was weaker, so stronger girls should have been more of a target. But Kaycee's social game was so smooth, she was hardly ever considered for any eliminations.
I know the second I cry sexism, a bunch of men get defensive and have to comment about how well they treat their mothers and sisters, and "IT'S NOT SEXISM TO THINK THE MEN PLAYED BETTER," but you have to acknowledge the disparity in nominations here. Not just in this category, but in every category.
Best player from episode 16? 3 men, 2 women. All-around best player? 4 men, 1 woman. Best social game? 4 men, 1 woman. Best daily challenge performance? 5 men, 0 women. Best physical competitor? 3 men, 2 women. Best confessionals? 4 men, 2 women. Best edit? 3 men, 2 women. Favorite elimination? 6 men, 4 women. Best villain? 3 men, 2 women.
The only category to have more women nominated than men was rookie of the season, and that's because Melissa's fetus was nominated as a joke.
Even if your votes have nothing to with gender, at least understand how sexist the editing is. Why do men get portrayed as political geniuses, while we just see the women giggling on couches or screaming at each other? The social games of women on this season were just as good as those of the men. But Johnny got 40 more confessionals than the next closest person, and 60 more than the closest woman, so clearly his social game was superior.
Men's confessional total: 874
Women's confessional total: 683
(Confessional numbers taken from u/willseamon's post here).
Rookie of the season -
  1. Fessy - 344
  2. Kaycee - 233
  3. Vienna - 175
  4. Jay - 168
  5. Bayleigh - 46
It took me until the FINAL EPISODE to realize why Melissa named her daughter Vienna. I never claimed to be clever, guys. Only bipolar, bisexual, and over your shit.
Fessy and Kaycee are kind of a wash. They both only saw one elimination, they both had great social games, and they both came in last during the final. Fessy got more screentime presence (I wonder why that could BeEeEeE), so him getting the win here makes sense.
Shoutout to Jay, who earned my vote for 1) eliminating CT early as hell, 2) having such a positive attitude even with the whole house against him, and 3) representing Survivor well. Here's hoping S36 gets even more Survivor crossovers!
Best confessionals -
  1. Wes and Bananas together - 312
  2. Aneesa Ferreira - 248
  3. Kyle Christie - 218
  4. Nelson Thomas - 157
  5. Melissa Reeves - 31
I have nothing funny to say about this category. Is it funny to say that the Wes/Bananas storyline felt super forced to me, and I don't understand why they got duo confessionals when no other power duos ever have? And I remain convinced Johnny cut Wes a check to dip out early? Is anyone laughing out there?
Best edit -
  1. Cory Wharton - 503
  2. Dee Nguyen - 159
  3. Stephen Bear - 122
  4. Melissa Reeves - 94
  5. Aneesa Ferreira - 84
This category is interesting. Every person is nominated for a different reason. Bear is a terrible person gifted with a great edit, Dee's here as a joke, Cory did a total 180 from past seasons, Melissa somehow got to the final without her pregnancy being exposed, and Aneesa was generally wholesome and we didn't deserve a second of her.
It's worth mentioning that - at least after episode 11 - Dee's edit was pretty incredible. I never felt like the storyline was lacking, and the editors barely even showed her face. It couldn't have been easy, and I really do commend their efforts, especially since you have to remember that editors have no control over these decisions, and were literally given less than 24 hours to completely ax Dee from an episode that featured nothing but Dee. They did their best with a really tough ask.
I went back and forth on this one, but eventually voted for Bear. Why, you ask? Let me break it down in unnecessarily lengthy fashion.
Bear is not a good person. I feel confident saying that, even though I don't know him, and it's incredibly frustrating that Dee was scapegoated to save MTV's image while Bear will continue to be invited back for seasons to come, even with assault and animal abuse accusations trailing him.
To give you fresh perspective, allow me to be Bear for a moment:
Hi, I'm Bear. I wear Hawaiian shirts because I'm in my thirties but desperately nostalgic for my frat house days. I treat women like shit as a rule, but because women hate nice guys, they keep coming back to me.
Anonymous woman in the background: Isn't it counterproductive to blame women for staying in a relationship with shitheads? Wouldn't it make more sense to blame the shitheads instead? Also, women don't hate nice guys? Doesn't everyone like nice people?
I'm deeply insecure and accept any television offer I can get my hands on, because attention fuels me and fans validate my ego. I called women "cunts" on my first season of The Challenge but no one cared, especially not the people who cast for the show, so here I am, back again! I have a girlfriend, but what has that ever mattered before?
Bear's girlfriend in the background: Uh, Bear? Where are you going? Why are you locking the door? Where's my phone? Why can't I see anything? When will you be back? Can you hear me? CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?
I have a crush on Kailah, and that will become a focus of the show, even though both of us are in committed relationships. Kailah's boyfriend wants to get married, and instead of communicating that she's not on the same page, Kailah is just going to sleep with me. And obviously, I'm not going to communicate anything at all with my girlfriend, who is locked in a basement somewhere in Birmingham.
Kailah in the background: Actually, my boyfriend cheated on me through every second of our relationship, which was generally unhealthy and toxic. Not that I'm using that as an excuse, because it was still fucked up to cheat on him, but do you mind including that bit of necessary exposition? Hello? Bear?
I have a history with "losing" my dogs, and when I get home, I'm going to be arrested for assaulting my girlfriend - different from the one hidden somewhere in Birmingham, obviously - but this will barely crack the news cycle and my life will continue as normal. Meanwhile, my edit on The Challenge is going to portray me as a happy-go-lucky chap lost in love, and even when I spray a fire extinguisher at people trapped in an underground bunker, it will be edited as a fun prank! In fact, the women who dare complain about toxic chemicals in their lungs will be portrayed as annoying bitches! I stand up for Kailah during a deliberation ceremony once, because I want her to sleep with me, and users on Reddit laud me for my "personal growth!" I let people in the bunker bully Kailah for cheating on her boyfriend, even though there is nary a mention of me cheating on my girlfriend, and I still won't get a bad edit for this! How do I do it, you ask?
The long answer is that I'm charming, I have a big following that MTV doesn't want to lose, and for some reason people find me funny. The short answer is that I'm a man.
Best friendship moment -
  1. Nelson taking the bullet for Cory - 717
  2. Johnny and Wes hugging it out after their elimination - 168
  3. Melissa and Big T (FRESH COTTON PADS?!) - 39
  4. Aneesa being so forgiving after Nany drunkenly threw noodles at her - 26
  5. Big T and Bananas scheming - 18
Best one-liner -
  1. "This isn't a thing. Stop trying to make this a thing." - 238
  2. "FRESH COTTON PADS?!" - 190
  3. "Jenn is wearing a full face today. She is looking her best, she is trying her least." - 172
  4. "This challenge is perfect for me, because I'm trash." - 136
  5. "GO BACK TO DR. PHIL." - 81
  6. "Asaf is amazing. He's like this beautiful man that just wants to hug, kiss, and smile all the time. This challenge is going to destroy him." - 69
  7. Kyle telling everyone to shut up so Nelson could talk himself into the next boy's elimination, and Nelson responding, "Thank you!" - 61
  8. "This is why I don't like talking to people." - 20
The 238 of you who voted for that Wes line need to get tested for COVID immediately, because the first warning sign is a lack of taste, and you are all clearly suffering.
(Oh, am I one of the four Josh fans on this subreddit, still annoyed about his portrayal on this show? YES, YES I AM, AND I DON'T LIKE YOUR JUDGMENTAL TONE, BECKY.)
There were so many great one-liners this season. If my depression hadn't hit me so hard midseason and eliminated my energy for writeups, I would have continued including the best one-liners from each episode. As it was, I documented the best ones from early on and some blessed users remembered the rest.
Favorite daily challenge -
  1. Battle Lines - 289
  2. Tunnel Rats - 201
  3. Throne Off - 162
  4. Decontamination - 161
  5. Bloc'd In - 146
“Waiting for a good daily challenge this season was like waiting for rain in this drought. Useless, and disappointing.”
-Hilary Duff
Seriously, none of these dailies were great. I might have enjoyed the car puzzle one if Johnny and Rogan weren't such dunces. And trivia might have gotten more votes if it had actually been trivia. But alas, the best we could do was solving an (incorrectly formatted) math equation and watching TJ drive a tank in a straight line. Riveting.
Best daily challenge performance -
  1. Johnny in "Decontamination" - 362
  2. Fessy in "Tanks a Lot" - 215
  3. Wes in "Decontamination" - 162
  4. CT in "Decode and Detonate" - 158
  5. Rogan in "Battle Lines" - 60
Here, we've got four men who won the daily they're nominated for, and one who lost, and the one who lost somehow WON THIS CATEGORY BY 150 VOTES!
Like, Wes beat Johnny in Decontamination, and Johnny got two hundred more votes than him. MAKE THIS MAKE SENSE.
Bitch, HE LOST! What system did he outsmart? This is like me trying to argue that Elizabeth Warren outsmarted the system with her wealth tax. Like, sure, it was great thinking, but what the hell does great thinking matter when you lost?
Not only did Johnny lose, but he cheated! He cheated and still lost! It's like in November 2020, when Trump tried to rig the vote and ban mail-in ballots, but he still lost. If you're going to cheat, at least do it right, you know? Cheating really isn't impressive if someone who didn't cheat managed to BEAT YOU.
Anyway, Fessy came in second, even though he actually came in first in Tanks a Lot. For those confused, coming in first means he won, something 7-time* Challenge champ Bananas couldn't manage either in this daily or this final.
Wes came in third, though he also came in first in his daily. Is this joke getting old? I can feel you pulling away. I'll move on.
Favorite elimination -
  1. Rogan vs. Nelson, "Hall Brawl" - 249
  2. Jay vs. CT, "Take Shelter" - 226
  3. Tori vs. Jenna, "Dust to Dust" - 219
  4. Jenny vs. Dee, "Hall Brawl" - 151
  5. Bananas vs. Wes, "Charge the Wall" - 123
I voted for "Take Shelter" just because watching CT go home was such a joy, but Rogan vs. Nelson was clearly the most compelling of the season. I hadn't even been rooting for Nelson and I still cried. Like, after the episode ended, I turned off the television and I was still crying. Make that make sense.
Now, I know Bananas vs. Wes was this iconic moment twenty years in the making, and I was supposed to be glued to my seat, but this was just not a good elimination. It was based totally on luck - actually, worse, based totally on where production decided to put the batteries - and there was no sense of urgency from either of them.
Best elimination performance -
  1. Jay defeating CT in "Take Shelter" - 451
  2. Jenny defeating Dee in "Hall Brawl" - 219
  3. Jenna defeating Tori in "Dust to Dust" - 173
  4. Nelson losing to Rogan in "Hall Brawl" - 101
  5. Jenny defeating Jenn in "Flip the Switch" - 19
The 173 of you who voted for Tori's loss and I are about to have a come-to-Jesus moment. I'm not Mormon anymore, but I still follow the Ten Commandments, and Commandment #8? Thou Shalt Not VOTE AGAINST TORI DEAL. Some of you didn't read the Bible growing up, and it shows.
The 451 of you who voted for Jay beating CT, however, are officially invited to join my cult. We don't really do anything except criticize CT and Johnny - bonus points if you can lure a MAGA from their cave to anonymously report you and call you horrible names - and drink ice water. Enticing, isn't it? I lead a thrilling life.
Best fight -
  1. Nany vs. Aneesa - 343
  2. Jordan vs. Wes - 219
  3. Bayleigh vs. Kaycee/Nany - 193
  4. Bear and Mattie vs. Ashley and Nany - 140
  5. Kailah vs. Nelson - 68
It's finally Nany's chance to shine. Sure, she hasn't gotten a single mention through any of the victories - the social games, the physicality, the eliminations, the glories - but she's in three separate nominations for Best Fight, which is just so on-brand.
First, she was yelling "LET IT BE TRASH, BRO," in a nightclub, throwing hot noodles at Aneesa's head, and making fun of her past as a stripper; then she was flirting with Kaycee in a night club (is it still polidicking if it's with a girl?), stealing her away right under Bayleigh's eyes; then she was standing up for Ashley after Bear dive-bombed them with a fire extinguisher. Say what you want about Nany (unless what you want to say is slut-shamey, then just shut the fuck up), but my girl knows how to make good television. She is an absolute disaster of a human, and she is definitely never going to win a season, but she is fun as hell to watch. Nany is guaranteed to make a mess of things, and that's way more enjoyable to watch than Jenn and Rogan flirting on a couch.
Cutest showmance moment -
  1. Johnny/Wes - "Are we more than friends but slightly less than lovers?" - 415
  2. Nelson volunteering himself for Cory - 324
  3. Rogan giving permission for Dee to be thrown into elimination - 191
  4. Nany and Kaycee flirting at the bar - 26
  5. Jordan threatening Dee for Tori to get a red skull - 8
On War of the Worlds 2, this category was flush with sweet moments from Jordan/Tori, Cara/Paulie, Kam/Leroy, and Rogan/Dee. We had showmances galore. This season, the closest we got was Zach gaslighting Jenna from thousands of miles away and Rogan fucking Dee, then fucking her over. If the first three nominees in a category are a joke, we've lost our way. There's really nothing more to say here.
Best villain -
  1. Dee - 410
  2. Bear - 217
  3. Rogan - 181
  4. Johnny - 107
  5. Bayleigh - 50
Dee is a clear winner here, though a vote for Dee is also a vote for production, who really struggled finding their footing after disaster struck. And while Dee is an easy vote, considering she fucked up an otherwise good season, I also support every vote for Bear and Rogan.
(Johnny didn't get a villain edit, though I can understand voting for him simply because we don't like him.)
Rogan was the clear villain pre-Tweetgate, and I count my blessings every day that Dee outed herself as racist and cut Rogan from our screens. Imagine if his screentime percentage had continued. Imagine if we had to see his cocky and misogynistic ass skating to the final like some kind of hero. I know Dee fucked up the editing, but for losing us Rogan, I call it worth.
Favorite overall episode -
  1. Episode 3, "A Hard Jay's Night" - 301
  2. Episode 15, "Crash Into Me" - 281
  3. Episode 11, "You Ain't Right" (unedited) - 203
  4. Episode 4, "Karma Chameleon" - 86
  5. Episode 13, "Victim of Love" - 57
The unedited version of "You Ain't Right" was a goddamn masterpiece. It was my favorite episode of The Challenge in a long time. But I also loved episodes 3 and 15 - I'd rank them 11, 15, 3, 13, 4, personally - and I'm happy to see Jay squeak out another win. Guys, remember when we all thought CT was guaranteed a win because it was a rope challenge? This shit never gets old.
Favorite moment of the season -
  1. Bananas asking Rogan for his permission to throw in Dee, and Rogan saying yes - 271
  2. Wes telling Josh, "This isn't a thing, it will never be a thing" - 263
  3. Big T's "I'm a savage now; FRESH COTTON PADS?!" - 215
  4. Nelson being called out for making alliances with everyone - 111
  5. "Greetings, earthlings!" - 106
This season was a hell of a ride. We had drama, showmances, homances, bromances. We had twists - well, at least one twist - ups, and downs.
(Ups: Jenny's continued dominance, Aneesa's forgiving and loving self, Jenn's attempt at persuasion, Nelson. Downs: Tori's surprising downfall, Kyle losing, Zach's bullshit, Nelson.)
This was our last new Challenge episode for a while, so it's time to settle in for the off-season. I have a few ideas for posts in the upcoming weeks, so I won't be gone for long.
(Hint: Johnny fans will not be pleased with an upcoming post.)
Thanks for the continued support and votes all season! This season was mildly burdensome at times but still a blast. I hope you all enjoyed it, too! See you back here in 6-34 months!
submitted by honestkodaline to MtvChallenge

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  • Mafia II (Disk Only): $7
  • Spec Ops: The Line (Disk Only): $6
  • Borderlands Game of the Year Edition: $10
  • Borderlands 2 (Disk Only): $4
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops (No Manual): $9
  • Gears of War 3 (Disk only, in GameStop case): $3
  • Madden NFL 08: $4
  • Pure: $6
  • Xbox 360 Wheel and Pedals Untested - $20 local pickup in MA or $20 plus shipping
    • My sister sold her Xbox 360 years ago so these are untested, she says that when she did last use these a few years ago they worked but the paddle shift is a little bent so that may need to be adjusted
  • Final Fantasy IX: $12 PENDING
GB/GBA Games:
  • Pictures (Sapphire sold)
  • YuGiOh Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel (GBA): $7
  • Lizzie McGuire 2 (GBA): $4
  • Ice Age (GBA): $4
  • The Polar Express (GBA): $5
  • That's So Raven (GBA): $3.50
  • Nickolodeon Rocket Power: Gettin' Air (GBC): $4
  • Intec GBA/GB Game Holders: $5 for both? Not entirely sure what a fair price is for them
Loose DS/3DS Games:
  • Pictures (Some are unpictured, will provide timestamped pictures upon interest with proof of testing)
  • Wreck It Ralph (3DS): $5
  • Skylanders Swap Force (3DS): $6
  • Wipe Out 2 (3DS): $3
  • Lego Star Wars III (3DS): $5
  • Super Smash Bros (3DS): $11
  • Fossil Fighters Frontiers (3DS): $12
  • Pokemon Sun (3DS): $14
  • LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes: $3
  • The Legendary Starfy (DS): $6
  • LEGO Star Wars II (DS): $3
  • Zhu Zhu Pets (DS) and Zhu Zhu Puppies (DS): $3.50 for both
  • Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force (DS): $3
  • Pokemon Ranger: $18
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest: $3
  • How to Train Your Dragon: $3.50
CIB DS Games:
  • Pictures
  • Nintendogs: Dachshund & Friends (DS): $5
  • Nintendogs: Dalmation & Friends (DS): $5
  • Madden 07 (DS): $5
  • Dogs & Cats: Best Friends (DS): $3
  • Up (DS): $5
  • Fab 5 Soccer (DS): $6
  • 2x My Baby Girl (DS): $6 each
  • The Incredibles (DS): $5
  • Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends (DS): $5 (cover slip of case has damage, see pictures)
  • 2x Jewelry Design (DS): $2 each
  • Wipeout The Game (DS): $3
  • Tony Hawk's Proving Ground (DS): $9
  • World Championship Games: A Track & Field Event (DS): $6
Wii Games: (All CIB unless otherwise stated)
  • Pictures (many of these games are not in these photos, I will provide timestamped pictures and proof of testing upon interest)
  • Just Dance: $7
  • Just Dance 3 Best Buy Exclusive: $7
  • Just Dance 3 Target Exclusive: $7
  • 2x Just Dance 2014: $8 each
  • Cooking Mama: Cook Off: $6
  • Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition: $10
  • Mario Kart: $22
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: Beijing 2008 (Disk only): $8
  • 2x Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games: $14 each
  • Just Dance 2016: $13
  • Star Wars The Clone Wars - Lightsaber Duels: $3
  • How to Train Your Dragon: $9
  • LEGO Pirates of the Caaribbean: $5
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2: $26
  • Toy Story 3 (CIB) and Toy Story Mania (Loose): $10 for both
  • Rapala Tournament Fishing: $3
  • Guitar Hero III - Legends of Rock: $12
  • Wii Fit: $6
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns (Loose): $10
  • Wall-E: $6
  • Despicable ME - The Game: $4
  • We Ski: $4.50
  • Jaws - The Ultimate Predator: $15
  • 2x LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga: $8 each (One sold)
  • Wipeout The Game: $3
  • Winter Sports - The Ultimate Challenge: $6 - LEGO Star Wars III - The Clone Wars: $6 SOLD
  • Angry Birds Trilogy: $12
  • Deca Sports: $6
PS4 Games:
  • Pictures
  • Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition: $9 (Includes Magmatrooper Galactic Connexion)
  • Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition: $12
Other Items:
Atari Flashback 2: $10 + shipping
Black Ops II Care Package Chest Only - $35 local pickup or $35 plus shipping
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - Free with purchase of anything else, not sure how it works, I got it for free at a yard sale a year or so ago and don’t know if it’s been used or anything already (assume that it has been) nor do I know anything about it
Misc Wires - none have been tested since I’m not entirely sure what most of them are for, $2 each or all for $5 plus shipping
Please note: None of the Xbox, Xbox 360, PS1, or PS2 games/items have been tested in years because we no longer have the systems. If you purchase a game for those systems and it does not work, I will refund you.
The rest of the games have been tested because I have the systems so I can provide photos of testing proof for them!
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