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Under The Lights: Sandslashes (Ferocious Cup)

It's slasherin' time!
So in addition to my "Nifty Or Thrifty" article each month, I spend the rest of the month doing some deep dives on Pokémon of particular interest, ones with breakout potential in the ongoing Cup. Just like last week, in this this week's deeper dive articles, I am going to cover more than one Pokémon at a time, taking related 'mons and looking at what each can do in the Ferocious Cup meta, either similarly to each other or, in many cases, completely differently. Last time, I covered Kanto and Alolan Ninetales, and today is going to be a bit similar as we put both versions of Sandslash... under the lights.


Ice/Steel Type
Attack: 117 (115 Optimized)
Defense: 135 (135 Optimized)
HP: 120 (126 Optimized)
Actually nearly identical to Alolan Ninetales in Attack (116/114 for A-Tails) and bulk (130/138 Defense, 127/126 HP for A-Tails), and again, a good spread for PVP Great League... enough bulk to hang around a little while, but without completely sacrificing Attack prowess. Who know that purportedly fragile A-Slash was just as bulky as A-Tails?
Another similarity between those two Alolans is the Ice typing, but where A-Slash differs is in having a secondary typing that has more noticeable volatility than A-Tails' Fairy. Ice's typical weakness to Steel is negated by the Steel subtyping, as is Rock. (Rock and Steel attacks are both neutral here.) And while Ice only has one single resistance on its own (to Ice, ironically), Steel doubles that resistance and adds EIGHT new ones: Fairy, Grass, Dragon, Normal, Psychic, Flying, Bug, and a double resistance to Poison. Sounds great, right? Ah, but here drops the other shoe. Ice and Steel are both weak to Fire AND Fighting, so A-Slash is doubly weak to each. Thankfully neither is too prevalent in this meta, but if (when?) one shows itself, time to switch as quickly as possible. Oh, and the other (single) vulnerability it picks up is Ground, which IS a bit more prevalent...but may not be quite as impactful as you'd think, which we'll see when we start simming.
But before THAT, we have moves to cover.
Powder Snow (Ice, 2.0 DPT, 4.0 EPT, 1.0 CD)
Metal Claw (Steel, 2.5 DPT, 3.0 EPT, 1.0 CD)
While Metal Claw has the higher damage between the two, it should be pretty obvious from that side by side comparison that Powder Snow is the way to go here. Claw has some advantages against opposing Ice and Fairy types, but there are really only three truly relevant Ices in this format (including the mirror) and, as much as people have been (rightfully) talking about Charm, there are only two Fairies total in the Cup. Metal Claw is the best fast move for some things (like Lairon), but not here. You want to power (with powder!) up the charge moves as quickly as possible and spam away.
Speaking of which....
Ice Punch (Ice, 55 damage, 40 energy)
Bulldoze (Ground, 80 damage, 60 energy)
Gyro Ball (Steel, 80 damage, 60 energy)
Blizzard (Ice, 130 damage, 75 energy)
As I've discussed already in the not too distant past, Ice Punch was just the shot in the arm that Alolan Sandslash needed, and for all the times we lament Niantic's decision making (ALMOST as bad as that "runner interference" call in the baseball World Series last night... yeeeeeesh), I am standing and applauding this one. Just look at the difference it makes (against the whole of Great League) between its previously best moveset and adding in Ice Punch. HUGE, like the two-run homer that followed up that awful WS interference call. (Yes, I am a Washington Nationals fan. ⚾ But I'll stop now, promise!)
Anyway, back to Ferocious Cup. Ice Punch is a must... it alone is enough to thoroughly destroy the Nidos and Shelgon, despite them packing moves that can OHKO A-Slash. (With shields down, it straight up outraces Shelgon and prevents it from reaching Flamethrower, though it can't do the same against the Nidoroyals, just FYI.) Unsurprisingly, it also takes out other things weak to Ice, like Charm Donphan (without even needing to use a shield!), Piloswine (though that admittedly takes neutral damage from Ice, but still), regular Sandslash, and the Gible line. But that's far from all. The sheer spammability (yes, I am declaring that an official word now... shut it, autocorrect!) of Ice Punch also brings in wins against Charmers Granbull and Delcatty, top Electric Minun, and pseudo-Grasses Linoone and Lickitung. Oh, and Skuntank, just to show off. And it outraces many of those (Donphan, Granbull, Shelgon, Skuntank, Minun, Piloswine, Delcatty, Lickitung) with shields down, and maintains many of the same wins in 2v2 shielding, plus Pachirisu and Alolan Raticate.
So what for the second move? Yes, you DO want one. Gyro Ball really doesn't add much, leaving us with pre-Punch best moves Bulldoze and Blizzard. And here, things get interesting....
At first blush, Bulldoze looks like the clear winner (including in shieldless and 2v2 shielding, with a better record than Blizzard in all even shield scenarios (0v0, 1v1, and 2v2) against the core meta. But that's not quite the whole story.
With Bulldoze, A-Slash beats the following in each shielding scenario. I am going to put in italics the ones that it wins that are unique to it... ones that PS/IP/Bulldoze wins that PS/IP/Blizzard does not:
  • Shieldless: Delcatty, (Charm) Donphan, Granbull, Lairon, Lickitung, Minun, Alolan Ninetales, Pachirisu, Piloswine, Raichu, Shelgon, Skuntank
  • 1v1 Shields: Delcatty, (Charm) Donphan, Granbull, Lairon, Lickitung, Linoone, Minun, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Alolan Ninetales, Pachirisu, Piloswine, Shelgon, Skuntank
  • 2v2 Shields: Delcatty, (Charm) Donphan, Granbull, Lairon, Lickitung, Linoone, Minun, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Pachirisu, Piloswine, Raichu, Alolan Raticate, Shelgon, Skuntank
First off, note the beautiful consistency. Ten of those appear on each list. A-Ninetales, Nidoking and Nidoqueen, Raichu, and Linoone appear on two each. Love when things don't swing wildly in different shielding scenarios... that's the sign of a nice, solid, consistent Pokémon.
Now a look at the same thing with Blizzard in place of Bulldoze:
  • Shieldless: Delcatty, (Charm) Donphan, Furret, Granbull, Lickitung, Minun, Alolan Ninetales, Piloswine, Alolan Raticate, Shelgon, Skuntank
  • 1v1 Shields: Delcatty, (Charm) Donphan, Furret, Granbull, Lickitung, Linoone, Minun, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Pachirisu, Piloswine, Alolan Raticate, Shelgon, Skuntank
  • 2v2 Shields: Delcatty, (Charm) Donphan, Furret, Granbull, Lickitung, Linoone, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Pachirisu, Piloswine, Raichu, Alolan Raticate, Shelgon, Skuntank
So where do things differ? The big items that stick out:
  • Bulldoze beats out Alolan Ninetales in 1v1 shielding (the most common, real life scenario), and Blizzard does not.
  • Bulldoze uniquely defeats Minun in shieldless, and Pachirisu and Raichu in 2v2 shielding.
  • Bulldoze beats Lairon across the board, while Blizzard instead beats Furret across the board.
  • Blizzard uniquely takes out Alolan Raticate in 1v1 and 2v2 shielding. Bulldoze only wins with shields down.
But there's one other key facet these don't fully show. With Blizzard, A-Slash can tie Umbreon in 1v1 shielding (whereas Bulldoze falls a little short). It's not a huge gap, granted, and it goes out the window if Dark Pulse is used. But Blizzard performs better against Umbry across the board than non-Blizzard. I don't know that I'd recommend it, per se (I think the overall results with Bulldoze are a bit more consistent and give it more reach against things like the Electrics), but Blizzard is legit viable, which surprised me, at least.
Whew, feels like a marathon already, but we're only half done! Still got the other, original Sandslash to get to!


Ground Type
Attack: 123 (119 Optimized)
Defense: 122 (124 Optimized)
HP: 121 (128 Optimized)
Clearly more Attack-heavy than its frozen cousin, but with decent enough bulk still, especially with optimized stats. (That will be important later.)
And just as going from A-Tails to regular Ninetales was a drastic shift in typings, such is the case here too. No more Ice or Steel and their weaknesses, just solid Ground. That means weaknesses to Grass (thankfully not much here), Ice (a bit more of that in the meta), and Water (oooooh... bummer). But those are really the only things Slash needs to watch out for. It resists Poison and Rock, and doubly resists Electric attacks.
Before I go any farther, I want to cover the moves...
Mud Shot (Ground, 1.5 DPT, 4.5 EPT, 1.0 CD)
Metal Claw (Steel, 2.5 DPT, 3.0 EPT, 1.0 CD)
And jumping straight to the charge moves for further discussion:
Bulldoze (Ground, 80 damage, 60 energy)
Rock Tomb (Rock, 70 damage, 60 energy)
Earthquake (Ground, 120 damage, 65 energy)
So, continuing the Ground typing discussion. Everything that Grounds like Sandslash resist (Poison, Rock, Electric) also conveniently takes super effective damage from Ground attacks, as well as Fire and Steel. And as I've mentioned in several articles already, in Ferocious Cup, there is quite literally NOTHING that resists Ground attacks. Grass, Bug, and Flying all resist, but all three of those are specifically forbidden in Ferocious. So even in its losing matchups (like against the Waters), Sandslash can at least rely on getting in some good hits of its own while it goes down.
So that's exactly what we want to focus on with the charge moves: Ground. That means Mud Shot over Metal Claw (again an inferior choice, and by the way resisted by Water, Electric, Fire, and Steel... basically the anti-Ground!). It also means Earthquake as one of the charge moves, as Mud Shot is plenty speedy enough in the EPT department to get there repeatedly. As for the other charge move... honestly, it seems to matter little. Technically it's usually better to go with coverage moves where available, and Rock Tomb, while not being a good move by any definition, is just that: a coverage move, hitting Flying and Bug and Ice super effectively. Oh, but wait, there ARE no Bugs or Flyers here. So that leaves Ice. And even in a situation that would scream for a Rock move, like Alolan Ninetales, Rock Tomb doesn't deal a lot more damage than Sandslash's other charge move option, Bulldoze. And in the vast majority of matchups, Bulldoze is just better, with higher damage and STAB on top of that. Until I REALLY dove in, I was targeting Tomb for the second move, but my recommendation now is definitely Mud Shot/Earthquake/Bulldoze.
The sims don't often reflect that, though, because in the end, Bulldoze and Rock Tomb typically function the same way: as a bait to set up a later Earthquake, or as the final bit of damage needed to finish something off when Slash can't QUITE reach Earthquake.
And when you put it all together, that ends up looking like this. Beats down all the Electrics, not surprisingly (and particularly brutalizes Pachirisu and Minun and their all-Electric movesets), as well as the half-Poison Nidoroyals and Skuntank, Fires like Torkoal and Ninetales, Steels and Rocks like Lairon and Aggron and Tyranitar, and Ice-that's-really-not Alolan Ninetales. And through sheer spamming of neutral damage, Slash also takes down other Charmers Delcatty and Donphan. And perhaps the biggest shock of all? With no tricks, no funky IV games, it ties Bibarel. Takes that super effective Water Gun damage to the chin and dishes enough neutral damage back to force a CMP tie. Do you know another true Ground type that can do that? Because I sure don't!
And there's even more. Look what happens with max product IVs. Slash still beats all those same things, and adds potential wins against Granbull and even Umbreon. Again, no funky moveset games or anything. It just straight up outslugs them. (Dark Pulse is once again a different story though... guess we know which Dark move to use for Umbreon in November, eh?) It also is then able to reach a second charge move against Grass Knot AhChu that it can't quite get to with default-ish IVs. Note that with high IVs, each Thunder Shock deals only 1 damage, while with the "standard" PvPoke IV spread, each Thunder Shock deals 2 damage... that is just one glaring example of the critical difference between good IVs (with maximixed bulk) getting the win versus suffering a blowout loss.
And since I mentioned it with A-Slash, I will drop the overalls for shieldless and 2v2 shielding here for your own perusal. Shieldless is very similar to the 1v1 shielding results, but note that Granbull and Umbreon are now more of the "no doubter" variety of win, and Slash can also now outrace its Alolan counterpart and Alolan Marowak, and can also now force a stalemate with Alolan Raticate. The big downer is that Alolan Ninetales can escape with a win now. (And on a side note, this suddenly feels like the Alolan Cup! 🌴) In 2v2 shielding the wheels do start to come off a little bit, as the Charmers and Darks all fall out of reach, though a new win over pseudo-Grass Lickitung is nice. (Especially since Lickitung and Linoone tend to terrorize Sandslash otherwise!)
But again, to highlight it: a high stat product IV Sandslash can beat all the Charmers AND the Poison anti-Charmers AND Umbreon, in addition to handling the Electrics and Steels and Rocks and such. Oh, and still ties Bibarel too. Is there anything else that can do all that? I can't think of anything. Quite the résumé, wouldn't you say?
Hopefully this helps make a good, informed argument for why BOTH Sandslashes are legit options in Alolan Ferocious Cup in November. They are both speedy, potent options, especially with just one shield (or even better, no shields) to blow through, applying great pressure even to things that they have no business hanging in there against. And against anything weak to their attacks... well, they better just curl up and call for their mamas!
That's it for today's feature... hope you enjoyed it and learned something from it!
Hat tips as always to my buddies in the GO: Stadium PvP Discord (join today!), my local MD PvP Alliance, my go-to simming resource and partner at PvPoke.com, and the good guys at The Silph Arena for making all of this possible. (Don't forget to join the official TSA Discord too!) I couldn't do any of this without all of them... and without all of you!
Good luck grounding your opponent's team up in November, and leaving them frozen in fear! It is about to be Halloween, after all, so slash them to... okay, okay, I'll stop now. 😆 Ciao!
submitted by JRE47 to TheSilphArena

Timeless/Fusion Cup Guide to Community Day Weekend 2019

Second (or even third!) time's the charm, right?
Community Day is back and bigger than ever! We have most of the weekend to hunt for and evolve nearly 30 Pokémon that have had featured Community Days and associated exclusive moves--generally some of the best moves in PvP--over the last two years. (TWO YEARS of these already! Wow.) That is a wonderful thing, and hats off to Niantic for letting us do it. But with the sheer volume of Pokémon to hunt down and evolve in a time limited period, what are the ones to make especially sure we don't miss out on for Silph Arena play?
The good guys at Silph already gave us a brief rundown, but I wanted to make doubly sure you were equipped to answer that question for yourself, and so here we go: my thoughts on what Pokémon to grind for the most over what should be a busy weekend, with a special focus on Timeless AND the brand new Fusion Cups. Again, these are just my own thoughts based on experience and simulations and discussion with Team Silph and my buddies in various Pokémon GO communities. It's not gospel or anything haha. If you have other thoughts, even differing thoughts, please post them in comments after reading so we can all benefit from your knowledge too! Let's get started!


Venusaur & Meganium

Frenzy Plant (Grass, 100 damage, 45 energy, 2.22 DPE)
Timeless Priority: HIGH
Fusion Priority: VERY HIGH (Venusaur only)
PvP GL Priority: VERY HIGH
With Frenzy Plant, the highest DPE move in the game without a drawback (so excluding new self-nerfing moves Overheat, Close Combat, and Draco Meteor), Venusaur and Meganium are top three Grasses in Great League, trailing only Tropius, and the gap between them and the next closest (Razor Leafer Victreebel) is pretty wide. There really isn't anything else that can do what this pair can do, and they will be right at the top of any Cup they're eligible in, including Timeless and Fusion and any others past or future. I daresay these are Priority #1 and #2 over the weekend.


Blast Burn (Fire, 110 damage, 50 energy, 2.20 DPE)
Timeless Priority: HIGH
Fusion Priority: VERY HIGH
PvP GL Priority: HIGH
Frenzy Plant may have the highest DPE, but Blast Burn is right there with it, and the beauty of Blast Burn with Zard is that it's usually paired with a nice spammy bait move in Dragon Claw, giving it a greater chance than FP of being let through unshielded. (You are almost always going to shield against Venusaur or Meganium.) Charizard is head and shoulders above the other Blast Burners, and the #2 Fire type in Great League behind only Alolan Marowak. With its unique Flying sub-typing, Zard has been and will likely continue to be eligible in more Cups than most Fires, and is always a big threat in Cup formats where it appears. You are especially going to really want to have one for Fusion Cup, methinks. The only thing holding Charizard back somewhat is that Fire is not a top tier typing in Open Great League.


Hydro Cannon (Water, 80 damage, 40 energy, 2.00 DPE)
Timeless Priority: HIGH
Fusion Priority: HIGH
PvP GL Priority: VERY HIGH
Yes, Hydro Cannon just got nerfed. But I see many folks panicking and jumping ship unnecessarily. Even with the 10 point drop in damage, Swampy is still a top option in Great League, performing better overall than any of the three Pokémon listed above. Cannon is still busted, just a little less so now. Stay the course... Swampert is still an incredibly useful Pokémon and you should still prioritize finding a really good one this weekend.


Last Resort (Normal, 90 damage, 55 energy, 1.64 DPE)
Timeless Priority: n/a (prohibited)
Fusion Priority: n/a (mono type)
PvP GL Priority: VERY HIGH
Umbreon is incredibly solid in Great League even without its exclusive move, but its performance is even more otherworldly with Last Resort in the mix. As was mentioned approximately every 37.4 seconds during Ferocious Cup, Last Resort gives it a critical leg up over opposing Dark types, and considering Umbry is likely to have several other Darks around in any Cup where it is eligible, that IS pretty important. Start walking an Eevee NOW if you haven't already prepped one, because remember, Umbreon can only be evolved from an Eevee that has walking 10 kilometers for you and earned two candy, and only at night. Don't miss out!


Blast Burn (Fire, 110 damage, 50 energy, 2.20 DPE)
Timeless Priority: HIGH
Fusion Priority: MODERATE
PvP GL Priority: HIGH
Blaziken doesn't have quite the impressive numbers in Open Great League as the others above, but what it does have is a very unique and important niche as the only Pokémon now (and likely for the foreseeable future) that combines the awesome might of Blast Burn with the equally awesome Counter. That gives it a... well, leg up in many formats, Timeless Cup being the most recent (and perhaps best to date) example. It looks viable though perhaps a little unexciting in Fusion, but you still want a decent one for future formats, because nothing else can fill the gap it sometimes can.


Hydro Cannon (Water, 80 damage, 40 energy, 2.00 DPE)
Timeless Priority: MODERATE-HIGH
Fusion Priority: n/a (mono type)
PvP GL Priority: HIGH
Maybe I'm just being stubborn, but I continue to firmly believe in Blasty. He carries Ice Beam or Skull Bash to pair with Hydro Cannon, and is by far the bulkiest Cannoner we have now or will for a good long while (perhaps ever), so Blastoise can stick around to fire off a BUNCH of them. It's been overshadowed by Swampert and others in formats where it has appeared (though it's REALLY good in Timeless and other places for those brave enough to go against the grain), but I still believe. Blastoise WILL have his day, probably more than one, and you're going to be kicking yourself if you haven't procured a good one when that happens.



Frenzy Plant (Grass, 100 damage, 45 energy, 2.22 DPE)
Timeless Priority: LOW
Fusion Priority: MODERATE
PvP GL Priority: HIGH
Probably seems an odd choice to have up this high, but my argument is simple, perhaps even too simple: there is nothing else like Torterra. Nothing. Torterra is the only Grass/Ground type through eight generations of Pokémon. That may not have been a huge deal in any Cup yet, but I am convinced it will be. A Razor Leafer that can appear with Ground types even in Cups where perhaps no other Grasses will be around, and now with Frenzy Plant AND Sand Tomb as moves that even slow RL can reach, perhaps even in multiples? Sign me up. I don't think anybody is talking about Torterror this weekend, but I strongly recommend you get one good one, because I will be shocked if there's not a sudden high demand for one in some format in the future. And this coming from someone who scoffed at it the first time around, but the more I think about it, the more I think the joke will end up being on those who ignore it.


Smack Down (Rock, 4.0 DPT, 2.67 EPT, 1.5 Cooldown)
Timeless Priority: LOW
Fusion Priority: n/a (75k second move)
The only Community Day fast move to date, Smack Down is not as rare as it was the first time we all trampled each other during Tyranitar CD to snag as many as we could. Bastiodon has it and is just MADE for Great League (unlike T-tar, who is pretty frail at that low a level), Rhyperior has it, and heck, even freakin' Aggron has it now, and are all arguably better in at least some formats. But what T-tar has that they don't is its Dark typing, which has given it very unique utility in past formats like Nightmare and especially Twilight, where it was a key piece for several winning teams. It hasn't made a dent in Season 2 yet, but it will take a bite out of SOME future Cup, and probably multiple ones. This is one of the harder one to acquire in trades, since it has to be pretty low level to fit in Great League and most of us evolved our biggest, baddest Larvitars last time and they're all WAY above 1500 CP. Grab one now or be left begging later. Also, fun fact: Niantic confirmed that you can evolve a Shadow Pupitar into Tyranitar and get Smack Down over the weekend, making T-tar the ONLY Shadow Pokémon that can tote around an exclusive move like that. That would be quite the flex, no?


Frenzy Plant (Grass, 100 damage, 45 energy, 2.22 DPE)
Timeless Priority: MODERATE
Fusion Priority: n/a (mono type)
Sceptile often plays second (or third, or fourth) fiddle to other Grass options, but boy is it unique. With a utility belt of tricks that even Batman would be jealous of, with the likes of Leaf Blade, Dragon Claw, Aerial Ace, and Earthquake, Sceptile can hit many things hard. But it consistently seems to sim at peak potential with Frenzy Plant in the mix, typically with Claw or Blade to try and bait a shield and then land the knockout blow with a hard hitting Frenzy.


Blast Burn (Fire, 110 damage, 50 energy, 2.20 DPE)
Timeless Priority: MODERATE
Fusion Priority: n/a (mono type)
If we're being honest, even with the uniqueness of Shadow Claw, Typh is very unlikely to ever supplant Charizard in any Cups, and probably not even Blaziken very often. But it DID just get a little shot in the arm with the boost to Overheat, giving it a legitimate second move option. I do recommend still trying to get one--but probably JUST one--in case Niantic continues to fiddle with it in the future. People have spoken about the potential of it getting Thunder Punch, and should that ever happen, things would get MUCH more interesting. I don't generally like to speculate like that, but I also wouldn't want to miss out if I ignored the possibilities.


Meteor Mash (Steel, 100 damage, 50 energy, 2.00 DPE)
Timeless Priority: n/a (ineligible)
Fusion Priority: n/a (75k second move)
Okay, so Metagross looks more like regular old gross in Great League. But as with some others above, it is very unique. Bullet Punch is quietly one of the very best fast moves in PvP (3.0 DPT/3.5 EPT, identical to Poison Jab), and Meteor Mash is just brutal to face down with anything that doesn't outright resist it (and even those 'mons really don't want to take one to the face either). Metagross is very niche, no doubt about it, but it DOES have a niche that will be desirable at some point. Fairies and Ices and Rocks HATE it, for example, more than they hate almost anything and everything else. Get one and sit on it until needed... its time will come.

Gallade & Gardevoir

Synchronoise (Psychic, 80 damage, 50 energy, 1.60 DPE)
Timeless Priority: n/a (ineligible)
Fusion Priority: n/a (75k second move)
Synchronoise is a lot less exciting since the buffs to Psychic and now Close Combat, but it's always possible Niantic deems it worthy of some stat modifier of its own or otherwise buffs it. I wouldn't go crazy here, but it would be prudent to have one of each, juuuuuuuuust in case. Because both of these 'mons have been and will be relevant in Silph Cups and open league play. Just not so much with Synchronoise specifically.


While Umbreon way up above is a near must, the other EEVOLUTIONS are unfortunately far less exciting. Even Vaporeon in its moment in the sun in Ferocious Cup was arguably better with Hydro Pump than Last Resort. Jolteon and Flareon and even Espeon just don't do enough in Great League, with or without LR, to ever likely make any significant impact, but yes, feel free to evolve one of each if you can during the weekend, because it can't hurt, right?
Of more interest this time are Leafeon and Glaceon, since we A.) didn't have them last time we had a shot at Last Resort, and B.) can guarantee their evolution with the right Lure around, unlike Vape/Jolt/Flare. Unfortunately, Last Resort just doesn't make the impact with them you might have hoped for:
  • Leafeon has a 56% win percentage in open Great League with Razor Leaf and Leaf Blade. With Last Resort added... well, it has the exact same results. That doesn't tell the whole story, of course, since as with Umbreon, you figure the niche for LR would be giving Leafy an advantage over other Grasses. But it looks like far less of a help than it was for Umbry.
  • Glaceon is little better. Technically Last Resort makes it better with its best (though still very average) win percentage, but you have to give up the awesome Avalanche to squeeze it in. Get a good Glaceon if you can, but even that is not as critical now, since we will apparently have another shot at it at the end of the month anyway.
Some other quick hits:
  • Dragonite IS a little more interesting now with the change to Draco Meteor and the blast from the past with the return of Dragon Breath. Grab one at GL size with Meteor, because it MAY be the best GL version of it now. But it's kind of a low priority, IMO, despite how good it looks in that sim. Turn off shield baiting hijinks, and it slides back in performance. But yeah, one or two aren't a bad idea, if you can do it.
  • Feraligatr doesn't appreciate being stuck with Waterfall and Bite for fast moves, so now that Niantic is open to the idea of bringing back some Legacy moves, it can hope to reacquire Water Gun again down the line. Worth snagging one on hope alone. Rebellions are built on hope! (Sorry, watched 'Rogue One' again recently.)
  • I guess I'd recommend a good Mamoswine, since its exclusive move Ancient Power is just a good PvP move in general, even though it seems to usually perform better without it. But yeah, one couldn't hurt.


Basically anything not listed above!
  • Infernape trails the other Fires by a mile, even with Blast Burn AND the newly boosted Close Combat. You can evolve one, I guess, but I really don't see it getting any better.
  • It is a travesty what has befallen such a cool looking Pokémon as Ampharos in this game, but it is what it is. And what it is... is bad. Dragon Pulse is just another insult to what COULD be a very cool 'mon.
  • Flygon is better with Earthquake than Earth Power. It just is.
  • Dragonite may have seen some recent improvements to its prospects, but Salamence hasn't really. Sure, get one under 1500 CP with Outrage, but don't expect to ever get much use out of it.
  • I will mention Slaking and Pikachu only because I think I have to. But uh... no. Don't bother.
Whew. That brings to an end a very busy 48 hours of "emergency" writing. Wanted to make sure you had your feet under you after the big move shakeup AND be prepped for Community Day catching and evolving before a big weekend, so I feel better knowing that's done... and hopefully you feel better prepared now! That's the goal, at least.
Because of all of this, though, I had to put the Fusion Cup "Nifty Or Thrifty" article on hold. I DID start on it, but shortly afterwards the rebalance dropped and threw everything into chaos. Unfortunately I have some family plans this weekend, but I WILL have NoT out as early as I can next week. Sorry for the delay, but it really truly was out of my control. 😕 Stay tuned for that as soon as I can manage it.
Thanks for your patience and encouragement, and good luck this weekend, my friends!
OH WAIT! One more important tip. If I'm understanding correctly, you CANNOT get a Community Day (charge) move AND Return, for those still interested in it since it suffered its own "rebalancing" the other day. If you evolve a Pokémon that has Return, it will be overwritten by the CD move, even if you have the second move slot opened up. The game considers that a "special" move slot that can hold Return OR a CD move, but not both. Just FYI!
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