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OpenSUSE: : Cannot Launch URL From Thunderbird 3.04b To

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Uninstall - Removing Firefox in Ubuntu with all add-ons

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Key 4 Ways to Force Incompatible Firefox Add-ons or Extensions

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System hangs, unresponsive, after update - Microsoft Community

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Problems using Raspberry Pi 4b as 12 camera monitoring station

We have a building with a very small office. I've had good look using a Rasp Pi 4 in another project, so I thought hooking up a Rasp Pi 4b to a 32" monitor would help save some space in the small office. I had originally submitted a quick Google search to see if other users were using Pi's for this purpose and it looked as if they are.

However, I've been having some problems ever since I got it all hooked up:

1) Every time I either go to the internal network IP for the NVR or the protect.ui.com web site, I get the message "Warning: Unsupported Browser - We recommend using Chrome or Firefox on desktop"

2) Lag / sluggishness / cameras disconnecting / reloading - I turned off hardware acceleration in Chromium, that might have helped a little.

3) I installed Firefox, but it just hangs when logging in to the NVR. I installed Firefox on my windows 10 Pro machine and it works great - I would really like to use Firefox on the Rasp Pi 4 b.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Just got my IdeaPad 5 14ARE05

My IdeaPad 5 14ARE05 arrived yesterday with the following specs - Ryzen 7 4700U, 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD. It is my third ever AMD laptop. My first was my first ever computer, a Compaq Presario 1200 with an AMD K6-2 processor when I was nine. Back then I kept trying to figure out which version of "Pentium" my laptop ran on and it was only a year later that I realised I wasn't even using Intel. My next was a ThinkPad E485 which I sold shortly after because it had really poor battery life.
Since then I've been exclusively using Intel, with my most recent purchase being the XPS 13 9300. Unfortunately, despite its beautiful design and light weight, it has quite a number of issues--uneven screen tint on the display, microSD card getting stuck in the slot, screen flickering, IR camera not working at times, long boot up times. None were dealbreakers on their own but for the price, any kind of flaw is not really acceptable.
So with Renoir around the corner, I decided to initiate a return (which is still in the midst of getting approved) since I thought I should go Renoir for far better value for money! Ideally, I would have waited for the ThinkPad 14 AMD or the Yoga Slim 7, but only the IdeaPad 5 is readily available right now where I live. At only ~$880 USD I thought it was a steal.
First impressions
Well, compared to my XPS 13, this laptop is thicc, though it isn't particularly heavy. It weighed exactly 1.40kg on my weighing scale. The lid is aluminium while the keyboard deck is a textured plastic. I think the E485 I had previously had a similar texture. It surely doesn't feel as good or premium as the XPS 13's carbon fibre soft touch wrist rest, but nothing much to complain about. I wish the keyboard area was black, however; the grey feels a little dated or cheap by now.
Keyboard and trackpad
The keyboard is standard IdeaPad fare but with excellent key travel. In recent times, I have used the IdeaPad 720s, S730 and S740 but this has the deepest key travel of them all. It's a good step up from the 1.0mm key travel on the XPS 13. Interestingly, the Insert and PrintScreen buttons are secondarily mapped onto Lenovo Vantage and the Snipping Tool by default. I'm not sure if these are remappable using AutoHotkey.
There is no IR sensor or fingerprint sensor on my SKU, which is a slight bummer and something I've gotten used to over the past few years.
The trackpad has a slight rubberised texture to it. It's definitely not glass (as far as I can tell), but my finger glides smoothly through it nevertheless. Sensitivity is ok, and it's a precision touchpad.
The display is where Lenovo obviously cut costs. Colours are really washed out by default, and colour calibration doesn't seem to improve things much. Using my SpyderX, I measured only 58% sRGB and a paltry 41% NTSC. Bright hues are especially muted on this IPS panel. Having been used to panels which are close to DCI-P3, it feels like looking through a monochrome display.
On the other hand, the display gets quite bright. I measured peak luminance of 364 nits in the centre, which exceeds the rated specification of 300 nits. I would've opted for the 100% sRGB model if it were available here; unfortunately it is not on the SKUs available where I live.
Port selection
The laptop comes with two USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type A ports and a 3.5mm headphone jack on the right side. There is also an SD card slot on the right side but this runs only at UHS-I speeds at up to 80mb/s. On the left, there's a barrel AC plug, which unfortunately terminates in a psuedo three pin plug, i.e. no ground pin. This means you'll likely feel some current running on the laptop's aluminium lid. Do note that the metal SKUs have no barrel plug at all.
Then there is a USB Type-C port which unfortunately is only restricted to Gen 1 speeds. Clearly, this is where Lenovo cut costs. The Type-C port supports power delivery; however, it refuses to charge on a 18W power bank. My 30W, 45W and 65W PD power banks work fine though, as do my chargers.
The Type-C port also carries a DisplayPort signal. I was slightly concerned because on psref, the IdeaPad was listed as supporting only [email protected] over USB-C, but the good news is, I can run [email protected] in RGB mode. Phew. The not-so-good-news is that the DisplayPort seems to be capped at 1.2 speeds; I couldn't get [email protected] at 10-bit to work, although it works on my Dell. It's a pity, because the iGPU in the Ryzen 4000 series fully supports DisplayPort 1.4 with DSC, which means you could actually connect it to 2 separate 4K displays both running at 60Hz. Oh well. Anyway, I think you can run up to 5K2K display at 60Hz over DP 1.2. Not too shabby.
The HDMI port is also capped at version 1.4b, which is a pity since the Ryzen supports HDMI 2.0 speeds! I could only get [email protected] or [email protected]@YCbCr 4:2:0 through this port. On the bright side, the DP pass through and the HDMI are connected separately, so you can still have one [email protected] via USB-C running concurrently with, say, a 1440p display.
Battery life
Very good, and in fact, I think better than Ice Lake. While typing this post, BatteryBar shows an average drain of about 7k to 9k mW. That's using Firefox btw, which is a hugeee battery drain. The IdeaPad 5 can be configured with either a 45W or 57W battery; unfortunately, mine comes with the former.
I haven't drained the battery fully thus far, but I think 5 to 6 hours of web surfing etc would be par for the course.
To be honest, I hate running benchmarks and all, but CineBench R20 ran quite ok. 2.9k on first run with Intelligent Cooling and Better Performance. See, this is how poor I am at running benchmarks. Subsequent runs slowed down to about 2.6k on average. Not that much of thermal throttling I feel, and the keyboard still remained rather cool to the touch. In contrast, my Dell gets unbearably hot even when surfing YouTube...
Ran the FPS benchmark on CS:GO as well and got about 55fps on High settings at Full HD. Not too shabby I guess.
  • The SSD slot screw is "sealed" with a Lenovo sticker. Not sure if removing it will void the warranty. On the other hand, there's an empty M2 2280 slot!!!
  • BIOS is simple and has barely any options
  • 16GB RAM runs in dual channel and at 3200 speeds. I think the modules are soldered
  • SSD is a Samsung MZALQ512HALU. Not terribly fast -- about 2GB/s read and 1.3GB/s write but at least it's not the horrible Intel QLC Optane drives which are found in even high end laptops these days.
  • Bootup time is quite fast, about 10s even with Fast Startup disabled.
Overall, pretty satisfied with this laptop except for the screen. Let's see if I can live with this; otherwise I'll probably put it up for sale once the ThinkPads land.
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