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Need some help starting a new modded colony

I've decided to take my first foray into heavily modded colonies, but when i try to generate the world the following error is thrown up:
There was an exception thrown by the PawnGenerator during generating a starting pawn. Trying one more time...
Exception: System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException: The classes in the module cannot be loaded.
at (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Reflection.Assembly.GetTypes (bool) <0x00074>
at System.Reflection.Assembly.GetTypes () <0x0001d>
at AbilityUser.AbilityUserUtility.GetAllChildrenOf (System.Type) <0x0017a>
at AbilityUser.AbilityUserUtility.TransformPawn (Verse.Pawn) <0x0005b>
at AbilityUser.AbilityUserMod.InternalAddInAbilityUsers (Verse.Pawn) <0x00077>
at AbilityUser.AbilityUserMod.InitializeComps_PostFix (Verse.ThingWithComps) <0x00064>
at (wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.ThingWithComps.InitializeComps_Patch2 (object) <0x0017b>
at Verse.ThingWithComps.PostMake () <0x00034>
at Verse.ThingMaker.MakeThing (Verse.ThingDef,Verse.ThingDef) <0x003c4>
at Verse.PawnGenerator.TryGenerateNewPawnInternal (Verse.PawnGenerationRequest&,string&,bool,bool) <0x000a7>
at Verse.PawnGenerator.GenerateNewPawnInternal (Verse.PawnGenerationRequest&) <0x003bc>
at Verse.PawnGenerator.GenerateOrRedressPawnInternal (Verse.PawnGenerationRequest) <0x007e8>
at (wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.PawnGenerator.GeneratePawn_Patch1 (Verse.PawnGenerationRequest) <0x000b1>

Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)
RimWorld.Planet.WorldGenerator:GenerateWorld_Patch2(Single, String, OverallRainfall, OverallTemperature)
Can anyone tell me what I've done wrong?
Mods in load order:
SRTS Expanded
Mod Manager
Humanoid Alien Races 2.0
Humanoid Project
Xenohumans - Gen-spliced Xenos on the Rim
EdB Prepare Carefully
'[O21] Anti-Infestation Thumper'
What the hack?!
Giddy-up! Core
Mechalit Core 1.0
Polarisbloc - Core LAB
'[1.0] RimCuisine 2 Core'
Sci-Fire-Power Core
The Alance Empire - Core(阿兰斯帝国-核心)
'[EPOE] Craftable Power '[O21] Barbed Wire (Unofficial Update Improved)'
'[O21] Kobolds'
'[O21] Rimhammer 40K'
【1.0】Animal straw bed
4M Mehni's Misc Modifications
A Dog Said... Animal Prosthetics
LBE's A Dog Said Easy Patcher
A RimWorld of Magic
Adaptation Refusal
'Adeptus Mechanicus: Armoury R1.0'
'[1.0] Advanced Animal Frameworks 3.4'
'[RF] Advanced Bridges [1.0]'
Advanced Shield Belts
Alpha Animals
ameiro anime hairs for 1.0
'[1.0] Android Resurrection Kit'
'[1.0] Android tiers'
'[1.0] Android tiers - Gynoids'
Animal Gear
Animal Gear Basic
Animal Tab
Anti Material Rifle
Anti Material Rifle +
'[1.0] Apparel Organizer'
Apparello 2
Archotech Expanded
Avali Continued
'[WD] Barbed Wire 1.0'
'[PS] Barber Pod'
Blood Pack
Brain Implants and More (implants)!
Brain In a Jar
Bulk Carrier
Bulk Stonecutting
Callistan Robotics
Camping Stuff
Caravan Gear v1.6 [1.0]
Cargo Pod Transport[1.0]
Ceiling Light [1.0]
Centralized Climate Control
Change map edge limit
Charged Armoury
'[CP] Chicken Mitchell - Facial Stuff Version (1.0)'
'[CP] Chicken Mitchell - Hairstyles (1.0)'
Circle And Oval
Cloth Sandbags
Color Coded Mood Bar
'[1.0] Combat Shields'
'[1.0] Combat Shields - Unofficial Sci-Fi Addon'
Combat Training
Concrete Walls
Conduits Don't Burn
Craftable Glitter Tech Weapons and Apparels
Crafting Quality Rebalanced
Creatures of Ki
CTS - Complete Tech Solutions
Cut plants before building
Cyber Fauna 1.0
Cybernetic Organism and Neural Network
Cybernetic Warfare
Cyberpunk [18]
DDA Security and More
Death Rattle
Death Rattle - Comatose
Deep Ore Identifier
Defensive Positions
DermalRegenerator 1.0
Disinfectant stand.
'[CP] DOOM (1.0)'
'[SYR] Doormats'
Doors Close Fast Again
Doors Expanded
Dual Wield
Dubs Mint Menus
Dubs Mint Minimap
Durable Clothes
Eccentric Tech - Foxy's Armory
Electric Stonecutting Table
'ETRT: Bulk Production Recipes'
'ETRT: Medicine Production'
Evolved Organs
'[WD] Expanded Artillery'
'[WD] Expanded Floors 1.0'
Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering
Expanded Woodworking
'[WD] Expanded Floors (Expanded Woodworking Addon) 1.0'
Extended Storage
Extended Storage Extended
Extended Turrets
Facial Stuff 1.0
'[KV] Faction Control - 1.0'
FemaleBB BodyType Support
Ferian Race
Ferrex Race 1.0
FFGermanShepherd Caravaneer re-upload
Fire Extinguisher
Fire Starter Sniper Rifle
'[RF] Fishing [1.0]'
Fixable Mood Debuffs Alert
Flak Dusters
Flommel [1.0]
Flommel - A Dog Said Patch [1.0]
Floor Lights - 1.0
Fuel Economy
Gear Up And Go
Genetic Rim
Genetically Engineered Trait
GeneticRim Alpha Animals Patch
'[CP] Get to the Chopper! - Aircraft mod [1.0]'
Giddy-up! Battle Mounts
Giddy-up! Caravan
Giddy-up! Mechanoids
Giddy-up! Ride and Roll
Girls' frontline Weapon Pack
"Girl's Frontline: Sangvis Ferri Weapons"
Glass-Drum Bullpup Rifle
Glitter Tech
'[SYR] Glowing Healroot'
Gradient Hair
Graphics Setter
Hair Dye
Halo - Armors
Halo - Weapons [1.0]
"[KV] Hand 'n' Footwear - 1.0"
Harvest Organs Post Mortem
Herd Migration Revival
High Density Hydroponics
High Tech Laboratory Facilities (Continued)
Hisa Faction
'[L] House Maid Nukos'
Hunt for Me
Hydroponic Devilstrand
'[KV] Infinite Storage - 1.0'
Infinite Turrets
In-wall coolers and vents [1.0]
Just Ignore Me Passing
Kijin Race
Kill For Me
Kurin, The Three Tailed Fox
Leeani Playable Race
Let's Trade! [1.0]
LWM's Deep Storage
-Meal Radius 80 Tiles
Meals On Wheels
Mechalit Equipment + Faction 1.0
Mechanical Defense 2 - base
Mechanical Defense 2 - mechanical walls
Mechanoid Blaster
Mechanoids Extraordinaire
Medical Supplements
Medical System Expansion
Medical Tab
'[Ods] Mens Hair '
Mercer's Backpacks + Nano Suit (B19)
'[CP] Metal Gear Solid - CQC Takedown (1.0)'
MiningCo. Alert speaker
MiningCo. DrillTurret
MiningCo. ForceField
MiningCo. LaserFence
MiningCo. MiningHelmet
MiningCo. MMS
MiningCo. Spaceship
Misc. Robots
Misc. Robots++
More Furniture [1.0]
'[1.0] More Lamps'
'[1.0] More Lamps Always on'
More Mechanoids
More Sculpture
More Vanilla Turrets - Turret Extensions Patch
More Vanilla Turrets 1.0
'[T] MoreFloors'
Mortar Accuracy
Movable Sandbags
MSE - Prosthetic Combat
Multiple Independently Re-entry Vehicle Artillery
Musical Instruments
Nackblad Inc Rimhair
Nano Repair Tech
'[SYR] Neuter'
'[FSF] No Default Shelf Storage'
no disturbed sleep
No Friendly Fire
No Random Breakdown + No Random Shortcircruit
No Random Construction Quality
'[KIR]No Turret Barrels Replacing[1.0]'
'[KIR]No Turret Barrels Replacing - Rimsenal Security pack Patch'
'[SB][1.0] OP Generator'
'[JPT] Open The Windows'
Outdoor Lighting
Parallel Power Grid (Parallel Conduits)
'[KV] Path Avoid - 1.0'
Pawn Rules
Personal Defense System
Pick Up And Haul
Plasma Weaponry
Plasteel Surgery
Please Haul Perishables
Polarisbloc - Mechenemy
Polarisbloc - Security Force
'[1.0] Polyamory Beds (Vanilla Edition)'
'[CP] Portable Power Generator (1.0)'
Prepare Landing
PriorityClean Mod
'[CP] Prisoner Outfit (1.0)'
Project Armory 1.2
Project Itzal - Extra Guns
Project Itzal - Main Pack
'[XND] Proper Shotguns'
Prosthetic Combat Framework
Pulse rifle
Pulsefire Turret
Quarry 1.0
Questionable Ethics Enhanced
Realistic Rooms
'[PS] Reconditioning Pod'
Remote Tech
'[1.0] Removable Mt.Rock Roof Patche'
Replace Stuff
Resource Generators
Resource Replicator (1.0)
Rich Traders
Rim Contractors Arsenal
'[1.0] Rim Guns Extended'
'[1.0] RimCuisine 2 Meals and Munchies Expansion'
'[1.0] RimCuisine 2: Bottling and Booze Expansion'
'[1.0] RimCuisine 2: Smokes and Shrooms Expansion'
'[KV] RimFridge - 1.0'
RimHair Styles Merged
'[CP] Rimmu-Nation - Clothing (All Craftable!) (1.0)'
"[CP] Rimmu-Nation - Gloves N' Boots (1.0)"
'[CP] Rimmu-Nation - Weapons (1.0)'
Rimsenal - Enhanced Vanilla Pack
Rimsenal - Federation
Rimsenal - Feral
Rimsenal - Security pack
Rimsenal Security - Turret Extensions Patch
RimSide Recycling
RimTaser Reloaded
Rimworld Search Agency
'Rimworld: Spartan Foundry'
RimWriter - Books, Scrolls, Tablets, and Libraries
RockSmooth Walls [1.0]
Roof Support 1.0
Roo's Dreadlock Hairstyles
RT Fuse
RT Solar Flare Shield
Run and Hide
RWBY World of Remnant
Sacred WhiteFox
Safely Hidden Away
Save Our Ship (Reloaded)
SCP - 111|Dragon Snails [1.0]
Search and Destroy
'[SYR] Set Up Camp'
SF [1.0] Orbital Trader Transponder
SF [v1.0] Faceplate V1.4
Share The Load
Shield Generators by Frontier Developments
'[KV] Show Hair With Hats or Hide All Hats - 1.0'
Simple Bulk Drugs
Simple Clones
Simple sidearms
Simply More Bridges
'[FSF] Simply Soil'
Skilled Stonecutting
Smart Medicine
Smokeleaf Industry
Snow Clearance Sanity
Sparkling Worlds - Full Mod
SS Lightning Rod
'[Ods] Star Ship Troopers Powersuits! '
Stockpile Ranking
Stockpile Stack Limit
Story Framework
Sun Lights [1.0]
Syntho Race
Tactical Charged Gear
Taming Artifact
TC Turret No Barrel Replace
'[XND] Turret Extensions'
'[XND] TE Turret Expansion'
Tech Advancing
The Birds and the Bees
'[CP] The DOOM Kit - Classic (1.0)'
Thick Armor
Toxic Fallout Protection Suit
Trade Ships Drop Spot
Tradeable AI Persona Core
'[1.0] Trading Economy Mod 3.1'
Training Console 1.0
Turret Collection
Ugh You Got Me
Upgradable weapons
Use Bedrolls
Ushanka! 1.0.0Vanilla Animals Expanded — Livestock
Vanilla Apparel Expanded
Vanilla Armour Expanded
Vanilla Fences
-Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Medical Module
Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Medical Module DE
Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Security
Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Security CE [WIP]
Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Spacer Module
Vanilla Weapons Expanded
Vanilla-Like Security
Vertibird Transport - Standalone
Vulpine Race Pack
Wall Light
Wealthy Traders 1.0
'[KV] Weapon Storage - 1.0'
While You're Up [1.0]
'[Ods] Womens Hair '
Work Tab
'[1.0] Xenite Industries'
'[1.0] Xenite Industries: Mechanite District'
Xen's XP Fixer
'Yabils: Space Gremlins'
submitted by Alternivity to RimWorld

[Discussion] Using an Ipad 1 in 2020(IOS 5.1.1); games and apps and possible youtube fix listed below

[Discussion] Using an Ipad 1 in 2020(IOS 5.1.1); games and apps and possible youtube fix listed below

A: Yeah why are you reading this? Go play some PUBG mobile since my weak Ipad 1 can at best hypothetically reach the loading screen before crashing. Serious answer though, the Ipad 1 run on 5.1.1 so everything written below should work on your device if your planning on playing some games. But seriously, if you have a newer apple device then why are you reading this?
(Skip below if you don't want to read my ramblings and just want the games/apps)
Author's note: If you are like me and was given an Ipad 1 rocking OS 5.1.1 and have no intention of ever buying an apple device in the future then this might be for you. Since the Ipad 1 is so old and the OS is capped to that version, if you ever tried downloading anything from the apple store then 99% of the chance you can't download a damn thing. With that said, I said 99% so for that juicy 1% there are still some apps out there that work on legacy Ipad 1.

What can you do with an Ipad1 in 2020?

Here is a realistic list of uses:
  • "Simple" Internet searching. Expect to crash with like 3 tabs or more and you can't load most sites. Still if you're like little johnny who needs needs Wikipedia to do a biology report or you need to quickly search what a simp means then who cares if it crashes a lot.
  • Ebooks or reading pdfs. For some reason, Ibooks still functions properly and I don't know if it even still exists in newer apple devices but I'm not one to complain. You can drag you pdf's to Itunes and it will still sync to your grandad ios device.
  • Listening to music. I would rather use an Ipad but if you want to feel like Mick Jagger walking down a street with a Walkman than go for it. You can still sync your music to your Ipad 1 with good old Itunes.
  • A Second monitor. Surprisingly this works really well. Using the Twomon usb and it's pc/mac software and as long as your device is connected via cable, your Ipad 1 can act as a second monitor with reliable enough speed. Just don't expect to be playing COD at full fps on your makeshift Ipad monitor.
  • Some'ish social media. You can view some social media sites in your Ipad internet browser and expect a ton of crashes when doing so.
  • Netflix. I kid you not this was the biggest surprise to me. The old app still works on an Ipad 1 and can play movies at full speed and with subtitles even.
  • Gaming. The reason why probably most of you are here. Trying to search for games through the app store is near down right impossible, but don't worry since ya boy here has got you covered.
  • Others. If you check youtube, there are still other things you can use an Ipad 1 for like an alternative macro board, document editor, garage band or dj machine.etc

Legacy Ipad 1; Looking for ios apps

For legacy Ipad1, aka not jailbroken, here are some sites to help you look for your apps:
  • IOS 5 COMPATIBLE Games and Apps. It's a website that lists some apps and games that work on an Ipad 1. They lead directly to the apple store so you can download them from your device.
  • Find Old Apps. As the name suggests, it is somewhat a masterlist of old apps compatible with your device. Take note that a lot of them seem not to work or are removed from the app store.

Things to Consider first (skip if you are an IOS tech chad):

Now where going to the juicy part. Before you download any of the things below, you need to read the following below.
Disclaimer: All the apps listed before are for jailbroken devices. I am not responsible if you end up bricking your device. Furthermore, I do not own any of the apps listed below so all credit goes to their original owners so support the developers when you can!
  1. A jailbroken Ipad 1
  2. A software to install .ipa files.
  3. Appsync
I. Jail-breaking your device (skip if you have already done this)
My honest opinion is that you should jailbreak your device. With the legacy Ipad 1, there is very little with what you can do. With a jailbroken device, your options expand and one advantage of such is being able to install ios apps from a pc to your device. There are many tutorials online on how to jailbreak your device. I am not responsible in the event that you end up breaking your device or voiding your warranty. That's the risk you have to bear. Although to be honest, it's an Ipad 1 so I doubt voiding a warranty means anything at this point.
Here is a video on jailbreaking an Ipad 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X806hQdgosk
The video is is a different language but easy enough to follow. I've done it myself so I can guarantee that the steps are safe. Just jump halfway to the part where he starts using the 3UTools software.
Also, Here is an alternative video by redsnow for jailbreaking your device: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmwKR9rKolk
II. A software to install .ipa files.
Personally I recommend either using 3U TOOLS or IFunBox. Cydia impactor is also an alternative if you want. since they both have user friendly interfaces. For, now I recommend the one from 3U Tools.
III. Installing Appsync
If you were able to jailbreak your device properly, then you should see an app in your Ipad called Cydia. The next thing you need is to install appsync which allows you to install unsigned games/apps into your device. Open Cydia -> Sources -> Edit (top right) -> Add -> Type https://cydia.akemi.ai/ ->Add Source -> After it's done adding go to Search(bottom right) ->Type AppSync or Appsync Unified -> Top right press install and confirm your installation -> It may ask to respring your device so just click it if it appears -> After Respring, open cydia go to search and type Appsync and see if you have a green check mark beside it and if you do it means it installed proprely and if not do it again
** So if everything is set and using 3U tools and on the tab that says Jailbroken a yes indicated, you can now begin to install your apps!

Games/APPS and more!

Now for the real reason why you're here! If you read through my ramblings then I'm touched and I'll kiss ya when I see ya. If you didn't then it's cool since at the end of the day it's all about what I can give to ya.
How to install an ios app:
1.Using 3U TOOLS
IOS apps have the file extension of .ipa. Using 3U TOOLS, all you have to do is connect your device -> click apps on the left side panel -> Import&Install ipa (top portion), and choose the file to install.
2. Using IFUNBOX
connect your device -> click apps on the left -> Install App top right
  1. Cydia Impactor
connect your device -> click device(top part) -> install package -> type your apple itunes email -> now this step before you can just put your apple email password but from what i've seen that may not work so instead go to https://appleid.apple.com/#!&page=signin fill in the blanks and answer your security questions if ever -> go to security whcih should be above devices -> generate password -> type an app name (can really be anything)-> create -> paste back to cydia impactor

Apps for Ipad 1:

  1. VLC
  2. Netflix
  3. UC Browser HD
  4. Google Chrome
  5. TwomonUSB (compatible app to convert IPAD 1 to a second monitor)
  6. 9gag
  7. Opera Mini
  8. Messenger FB
  9. Adobe Reader
  10. Tumblr
  11. Maxthon Browser
  12. Dropbox
  13. Pinterest
  14. Ibooks
  15. Documents (basically a hub for your docs and it can open most file types)
  16. Flipboard
  17. Spotify (sometimes it work and sometimes it doesn't)
  18. Wikipedia
  19. Garageband(Haven't tested it our but figured I post it here)
  20. Wordpress
  21. Adobe photoshop touch (you will need an account to download)
  22. IDOS

Getting YOUTUBE to work

This really was a pain to deal with. Sometimes you would be able to get youtube to load into your browser of choice and most often than not they won't load at all. As of the moment, tubefixer doesn't seem to work as you would be able to load thumbnails with legacy youtube but not necessarily be able to play any videos. First thing to do is to check if your browser can load youtube video. If not, try using this site: Invidiou.us. It's basically a front-end site that connects to youtube so you should be able to watch the youtube videos there too. If that doesn't work, try downloading the Maxthon browser I provided above and install it to your device. Most often than not, I can load m.youtube through the browser. If all else fails here is what I found as a solution. The caveat to this is that I cannot adjust the quality yet so if you guys find a way let me know:
  1. Download Opera Mini and VLC above
  2. Install to your device. Use Opera to search your videos and vlc does the rest.
From what I have tested, every time you press play in a youtube video using the opera browser it would open the video in vlc ableit at low quality.

Games and Apps:

Master List (check each link for more games)

  1. https://archive.org/details/@ios_classics. I call this the Holy Grail for Ipad1 Games. From all the apps I tested, they seems to work so to download an app just click the one you like and on the right side click torrent and download the one you want and install with 3U TOOLS or IFunbox, or Cydia impactor.
  2. Momentum Store. It's a forum where people can post legacy apps. What's good about this site is you can find apps for specific ios versions but if you go to your device and search this site and press [ios device web app] you can install some apps directly to your device! You need to have appsync and jailbreak for this to work
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLB4jI66Cjc. Ipad1 games with a total file size of 50gb . Games like Cytus 2, GTA, Need for Speed Most Wanted and many more: You can also click this link for the list of games or this link if you want to download them all. Credits to the guy in the video and give him a sub and like.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X806hQdgosk&t=18s. 7gb of Ipad 1 Games and Apps. From my testing, they seem to work so if ya got the time then check them out. Here is the mediafire link in his description. Credits to the guy in the video and give him a sub and like.

My personal list

If you haven't checked the links above, I highly recommend you do since that's where I got most of the games. These are direct links to save you time and you can google search what the games look like. You'll need a torrent software to download some of the apps. I personally recommend Utorrent and it's FREE!
Note: Some games won't work with internet on and some off. For Example, Plants V Zombies 2 wont work with internet on while Sims Free City needs internet to work.
Also, some games would reguire you to press the 2x button located at the bottom right of your screen. This is fine since some apps were design to support both a iphone and ipad resolution but in the event that it doesn't it still looks decent enough to play with.
  1. 101 games (I can't confirm if it does have 101 games. You have to unlock the rest by playing the mini games so if you have the time then go nuts and besides the filesize is small anyway so why not download it!)
  2. Adventure bar story (RPG with some cooking mixed into it)
  3. Angry birds collection (Includes: Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars )
  4. A.Surgeon (Kinda like a surgeon simulator but more tacky)
  5. Aralon HD (Action rpg)
  6. Asphalt 7 (Racing)
  7. Arc Squadron (Like playing starfox)
  8. Assassins (basically assassins creed but more rpg'ish):
  9. Backstab (Action rpg)
  10. Battle for Wesnoth HD (Tun base strategy fantasy game)
  11. Blade of Darkness (Action rpg)
  12. BaseballSuperstars2009: (It's baseball with chibi characters)
  13. Bloody fun day (It's like bejweled but with a uniqe way to play it)
  14. Bio crisis: (Top down roguelike scifi rpg)
  15. Chess classics (Basically Chess)
  16. Crash Bandicoot Kart 2 (Racing)
  17. Cytus (Music; there is also an android version of this)
  18. Crazy taxi (Mayhem taxi simulator)
  19. Dexter hd: (Based on the dexter series; you're basically a serial killer so think hitman but psycho)
  20. Doom (Shooter;classic doom to its finest)
  21. Eternal Legacy (Scifi JRPG)
  22. Elven Chronicles: (Fantasy JRPG)
  23. Fruit ninja (Basically, you slice fruit when it appears on screen)
  24. Gangster Rio (LIke GTA)
  25. GBA Emu (GBA emulator; download you roms and create a folder in you idevice and put em there)
  26. Geometry dash: (Side-scroller jumper pretty fun I recommend you get this)
  27. Gta vice city (Classic GTA )
  28. Highborn (Medieval grid turn based strategy)
  29. Hills and Rivers Remain(Like a tower defense bust with strategy; fantasy)
  30. Hungry Shark (Play as a shark and go on a rampage; side scroller)
  31. Jump to Medieval: (Kinda like a defense game where you "Hold the fort" with some tower defense elements)
  32. Mirror's edge (Sidescroller parkour game)
  33. Magika (Sidescroller magic beatemup; really fun actually)
  34. Nanosaur 2 (Control a pterodactyl, collect eggs, uses gyro; I recommend you get this)
  35. Need for speed most wanted (Racing)
  36. Need for speed shift (Racing)
  37. Oceanhorn (Really good fantasy arpg; recommend you get)
  38. Plants vs zombies 2 (turn off internet to play)
  39. Subway surfers (Runner; I think it's the one that popularized the genre)
  40. Sims freeplay (Needs internet to initiate but playable afterwards)
  41. Sim City Deluxe (Does not need internet; good old classic sims)
  42. Samuraigirl (Sidescroller rpg)
  43. Super ko boxing 2 (Pretty damn good boxing game)
  44. Super monkey ball 2 (Personal favorite; control with gyro and lead your monkeyball to the goal)
  45. Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes - Encore: (JRPG)
  46. Terminator Salvation (#rd person shooter)
  47. Utakata (Mystery VN)
  48. Uno ios (Classic uno; more than one person can play in 1 device an has single player)
  49. Resident evil 4 (3rd person zombie shooter)
  50. Romance Of The Three Kingdoms Touch (Grid based Civilization like gameplay)
  51. Starfront collission (Scifi RTs; I recommend you get this)
  52. Tekken Bowl (Tekken so it basically a fighting game)
  53. Wipeout (Based on the TV series; sidescroller jumper and pretty fun)
  54. Wolfenstein 3d (Think doom and add hitler)
  55. Wolfenstein Rpg (It's like the one above but with more emphasis on story)
  56. ZenoniaCollection (1-5) (Action JRPG; I recommend you get all of it for an immersive story)

** If there are any problems with the link feel free to comment below and I'll try to fix it. Also, if you know of other IPad 1 games/apps let me know below.
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