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How Radiohead and Blur feel about each other

I know we've all probably heard Thom's various criticisms about Britpop over the years, even Graham Coxon agrees
But here's a little compilation of times that the bands have talked about each other:
In the 4th waste newsletter (1993), Thom listed "Modern Life is Rubbish" as one of his two current "Hit List" albums. Early office charts anybody?
In 1994, Thom said this about Parklife,
YEAH, yeah, it’s good, y’know. It’s Blur, I like Blur. They’re on our label. They’ve really got it down to a T – the thing they’ve wanted to do all along – they’ve got it down now. They know how to do it and I’m quite impressed with that. They’ve actually proved themselves, which is a difficult thing to do. This a really good song and it’s humorous, something that’s sadly lacking elsewhere. Is it as good as ‘Girls and Boys’? I didn’t like ‘Girls and Boys’, much prefer this. ‘Girls And Boys’ was a definite attempt at ‘it’, whereas this is just Blur being Blur, which is better.
In 2003 he (sarcastically?) answered "Girls and Boys" as being a song he wish he had written that was released in the previous decade
In 2006, during a promotion interview for The Eraser, Thom was asked about Damon's opinion on the Live8 Music Festival
Did you share Damon Albarn of Blur's opinion that it was inappropriate that it was a nearly all-white bill?
'Absolutely. Damon was spot on. He's braver than I am.'
In 2013, when Thom and Nigel were doing an AMA for Atoms for Peace, someone had asked Thom if he would collaborate with Damon, to which Thom responded with:
define "collaboration?”
In 1996, Radiohead did an online web chat with fans for MTV.com. Someone had asked if the band were friends with Blur or Oasis, Jonny replied,
graham coxon is v cool, likewise Alex
damon not so
In an interview in early 1998, Jonny was asked about what albums he liked from the previous year, he responded
Blur. Best album they've done in a while. Anything that's got more of Graham's guitar-playing, I'm bound to like.
In 2014, Jonny had a nice comment about Damon’s intentions working with musicians in Mali,
I’m always a little wary of rock bands half-heartedly dabbling in world music - itself a slightly greasy term - but there are exceptions. Damon Albarn is one: his work with musicians in Mali is something he's clearly fully committed to. And I think Shye Ben Tzur is another.
In 2001 for Mojo Magazine, Colin said
I loved Blur's Parklife and Oasis's first two records were amazing, but that battle they waged was depressing and belittling to both parties. Both groups were too naive; they were functioning at a primary-school level of media manipulation.
Thanks to Ed opening up on his instagram page, he posted what he thought about Blur’s performance at Reading 1993
we were meant to be playing on the Saturday in the tent but had to cancel due to illness .. it was crushing not to play but I witnessed Blur’s triumphant headlining set in the Tent.. it felt like one of those moments when a band is truly in focus.. the next year they would release Parklife... nuff said!
In a 1999 interview with Details magazine, Radiohead is brought up
With its instrumental suites and cold textures, 13 also sounds like OK Computer by Radiohead, whom Coxon calls “the only band we have any loose connection with.” It’s a bit of a sore spot for them: When Blur see OK Computer hailed as a masterpiece, they feel unjustly dismissed as lightweights. “It’s really crass to say,” Albarn interjects, “but if [Radiohead singer] Thom Yorke looked like me, and I looked like Thom Yorke, everyone would have a different perspective.” Quietly, Coxon asks him, “Do you think some people are cursed with good looks?” “Yes,” Albarn answers quickly. “It’s difficult to be taken seriously when you’re a pretty boy.”
In an NME interview from 2003, Damon said
I’m glad that Radiohead exists, they’re interesting and they’re independent in the true sense of the word. Which is an issue I’ve always had since right at the beginning because we signed with a major label, albeit through a quasi-indie, and when we started it was C86, the zenith of indie music, and we always felt that independence was something…
In 2006, Damon criticized Radiohead's environmental stance and touring carbon footprint in an interview with the Sun
Radiohead - I'm not gonna get into anyone, but bands who care about certain things and then go on one-and-a-half year stadium tours are just total hypocrites... In one sense you've got this developing humanist thing... Then you're creating these massive impersonal events where you're set up as the subject of thousands of people's adoration. Where is the humanity in that? That's just idolatry.
Thom was read this quote a month later in the above referenced 2006 Eraser interview, in which the article writes:
Yorke considers this. 'That's a bit confused, isn't it? OK, yeah, you're probably right, Damon, I should stop,' he says sarcastically.
Do you feel hypocritical playing big gigs?
He's never been one for ego or idolatry, so I ask him if it's because of an arena gig's environmental impact, its carbon footprint.
'Yep. Absolutely.'
So how do you fix that?
'Fuck knows.'
In a 2015 interview talking about music in the 90s,
I think the 90s was a massive wasted opportunity to make good music. Most of the decade was full of groups boasting that they’d made Revolver and I didn’t think that was the point of music. The Revolver the Beatles made was good enough for me. Radiohead never seemed bothered with making Beatles records.
Then in an NME interview in 2018 talking about the britpop-era, we get some more mutual guitarist love
Talking as a guitar player, Britpop for me was dull. It was fucking really dull. No one was doing anything interesting with a guitar. Of course, Jonny Greenwood was, Radiohead, but for the majority of it, it was just drongos who were there to back up a female vocalist.
Answering fan questions on Blur’s website in 2002, Dave gets a question that includes Radiohead
Fan:…what are you thoughts on the vines and also radiohead? (there are my two favorite bands besides you guys?
Dave: …Radiohead are pretty cool. They challenged Alex and I to a game of bridge. Never happened.
In 2015, each member of Blur gave their top 3 favorite albums, Dave included OK Computer, saying
Hard to pick which Radiohead album is the best, as they’re all like old friends.
submitted by CorrectRegret to radiohead

Top Gear, Potter? Top Gear/Harry Potter one shot.

I was watching a Youtube video about the Victoria Cross and I remembered coming across this little gem in my mail archive. It was submitted to the CaerAzkaban yahoo group by gchampi2 on Jan 23 2010.
Top Gear, Potter?
Jeremy Clarkson turned to the cameras, "Now, it is time for our 'Star in a reasonably priced Car'." Clarkson paused, a slightly puzzled expression crossing his face. "This week, we have a young man who, I must confess, I have never heard of before today. That said, I have been assured that he is, in fact, world famous to a certain portion of society, and that he is responsible for saving the lives of everybody here tonight?" Clarksons expression went from puzzled to deeply confused, with a hint of worry as he stared at the cue card in his hand. Refocussing on the camera, his voice firmed up as he continued, "Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Harry Potter!"
As the crowd cheered, the cameras focussed in on a slim young man with messy hair, and an embarrased expression. As the young man reached the stage, Clarkson greeted him warmly, shaking his hand and inviting him to sit. The cameras pulled back slightly as the applause died off, and possibly the most momentous interview in TV history began.
"So, Harry," began Clarkson "saved everybody here?" he asked, his expression disbelieving.
"Um, Maybe?.. Yeah... Kind of" replied the messy haired one replied, as he ran a hand through his hair. This action had no visible effect on the unruly black mop, but a couple of female moans were heard from the audience.
Clarkson clanced over his shoulder at the crowd for a moment, a mildly shocked look on his face after hearing the moans. Turning back to Harry, he continued, "Okaayy... How did you save everyone here?"
A grimace crossed Harrys face before he replied. "Umm... I'm not really sure I should answer that. Official Secrets an' stuff. I can't go in to details"
Clarkson blinked owlishly for a second or two, as he reformulated his question, "Oh...Kay... Well, in that case, is there anything you can tell us about it?"
Harry sighed, focussing on the floor for a moment. "Well, there was this... terrorist. His plans would have lead to... Deaths. Lots of deaths. Possibly millions. With the help of a number of people, I was able to foil those plans, and take down the terrorist and his supporters." Harry looked up at Clarkson. "That's all I'm allowed to say, really."
Clarkson sat stunned, his jaw hanging, as the thought of millions of people's deaths being prevented by this unassuming young man ran through his head. After a few seconds he coughed slightly, before asking in a slightly squeaky voice "Really?". At Harrys nod, Clarkson gulped visibly before pulling himself together. "Uh... Thank you..?"
Harry snorted slightly before replying "No problem. I'm told I have a 'Saving people thing'. I just did what anyone would, if presented with that situation. I'm nothing special."
Clarkson grinned slightly, "Harry, from what you've said, you're definitely special!"
A roar of agreement rose from the crowd. Harry ducked his head, embarrasment cloaking his features.
Clarkson continued, asking, "If I may, have you recieved any official recognition for what you did?"
"Uh.. Some" Harry replied, before digging a hand into his jeans pocket. "I got this a few days ago" he continued, pulling his closed hand from his pocket.
Clarkson leant forward, and gasped as Harrys hand opened. There, sat nestled in Harrys palm was a small bronze cross-shaped medal, with a deep burgundy ribbon attached. "A Victoria Cross!!!" He gasped in recognition. Similar gasps could be heard from the surrounding crowd, along with a murmur of explanation from some crowdmembers to those who couldn't see or didn't understand the meaning of the tiny item. Clarkson's focus shifted from the medal to harrys face and back again for a few moments before he sat back in his chair, a new expression of respect on his face. He clapped his hands together once, to get the attention of the crowd, before doggedly continuing his interview.
"Right, then." Clarkson started, quirking a smile at Harry. "I'm guessing you don't really want to go into all that, so why don't we continue with what you came here for?"
Harry nodded while stuffing his medal back into a pocket. "Sure".
"Okay" Clarkson replied, before glancing at his notes. "Now, Harry, you came here to put down a lap in our reasonably priced car, but I see from my notes here, that you don't actually have a drivers license. Why is that?"
"Umm... Well, I've never really needed one."
"What do you mean, never needed one? How can you get around without one?" asked Clarkson, an amazed look on his face.
"Well, I've used other methods to get about. Trains, busses, that sort of thing. Before today, I'd only ever been in the front seat of a car once before." replied Harry, a slightly sheepish expression crossing his features.
"Huh. Well I guess that explains some of the Stig's comments" Clarkson commented before turning to the crowd. "Do you want to see some of Harrys practice laps?"
Harry ducked his head, blushing as the crowd roared a Yes!. Clarkson grinned, calling out "run the tapes".
The first tape appeared, showing Harry sat in the drivers seat, the Stig next to him. The stationary cars engine note rose as Harry selected a gear. All of a sudden, Harry and the Stig started rocking back and forth as the engine seemed to die, revive, die and revive again. As the clip finished, the cameras cut back to the studio, where Harry was squirming on the sofa.
"Hadn't quite got the hang of the gears then, Harry" Clarkson grinned.
"Uh. No. Not quite." Harry replied, the tips of his ears glowing in embarrasment.
"So I can see" Clarkson continued; "What gear were you trying for?"
"First" Harry mumbled, the red of embarassment slowly migrating from his ears to his face.
"And what gear did you have?" asked Clarkson.
"Oh dear. I know the Lasetti's not much of a car, but the gearbox is not usually that confusing. So how was that lap?"
Harry was going an admirable shade of red by this point, as he mumbled his reply. "Uh. Dunno. Broke the car. Didn't finish the lap."
"You broke the car! Yooouuu BROKE our poor car." the audience chuckled as Clarkson continued. "Okay. We'll forgive you this time. So, after breaking the car, how did your next lap go, in our spare Lasetti?"
"Play the Tape!"
This time the tape was from outside the car. As before, the engine note rose before dropping as the car started moving. Unfortunately, as the camera started to pan right, the car reversed left, out of shot. The view cut back to the studio.
Clarkson was bemused as Harry squirmed on the sofa, embarrasment radiating off him in almost visible waves.
"Hey, at least I didn't break it this time!"
"True" Clarkson replied; "But I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing right now." Turning to the audience, he continued, "You've got to give him points for trying, eh?" The audience gave a murmur of slightly amused agreement. "It's a pity that, while learning the finer points of our little Lasetti's gearbox, Mr. Potter here also managed to give our tame racing driver a nervous breakdown!" The audience gasped at this.
"Hey! that's not true! He was fine when he got out of the car!" Harry replied defensively.
Clarkson rolled his eyes at this declaration, "Yes, well he may have looked fine to you, but he's spent the whole afternoon since, sat in the toilet, sucking his thumb! We've tried asking him how your training laps went, and the only replies we got were 'keep him away from me' and 'I want my mum'. Not only did you break our car, you broke our Stig!" The audience was giving a mixed response to this, some cheering, some catcalls, some laughter.
"Umm... Sorry?" mumbled a bashful Harry, as Clarkson visibly calmed himself.
"Right. Sorry. Okay. We've got to find a new Stig, but thats okay. So, Harry. How'd you think you did on your lap?"
"Umm... Okay, I hope. I'm not sure. It seemed a bit faster than my practice laps, but I'm sure that was just the stress. Y'know, first time in a car on my own an' that."
Clarkson chuckled at this. "It seemed faster... Harry, considering how slow some of your practice laps were, that's not really difficult." Harry grinned slightly at this. "So, do you want to see your lap?" Harry nodded. "Play the tape!".
The view cuts to a shot of the car at the start line, engine revving madly. "Aaand he's off!" yells Clarkson.
"He's accelerating down to the first corner, the track is dry, so this could be a good lap time. The line he's taking is the wider line that we've seen used before, he should be braking soon... Braking? BRAKES!!!"
Clarkson cuts off, as the audience gasps. The familiar little blue car has just gone through the tracks first corner faster than it had ever done so before, with no squealing tyres, and no signs of any braking being applied. Indeed, the little car still seemed to be accelerating as it neared the second corner, a tight right hander.
"BRAKES! BRAAAKESSS!!!!!" Clarkson yelled again, before falling mute in amazement at what he was seeing. Against all expectations and the rules of physics, the Lasetti had just driven through the second corner at a speed which was higher than anything any other cars, even the hyper-exotic supercars, had attained. Once again, there was no squealing tyres or braking. As the car hurtled towards the Hammerhead, the view changed to the internal shot of Harry, just as he changed gears.
"What gear was that?" asked Clarkson, dazedly.
"Top" was Harrys reply.
The shocked presenter sat staring at the studio screen, as the car it was showing hurtled into the Hammerhead. Again, there was no sign of the car slowing down. Instead the car passed through the fiendishly difficult left/right flick at full speed, looking as though it was on rails. Stunned silence was the soundtrack as the small blue car hurtled around the track at unheard of speeds, it's engine wailing. Follow-through, the tyres, second-to-last and Gambons, all were passed at the cars full speed.
As the car crossed the finishing line, the view cut back to the studio, where a visibly stunned Jeremy Clarkson sat, his jaw on his chest, eyes on stalks, staring at a smirking Harry Potter.
"How the (BEEP!) hell did you do that? That's impossible! You didn't even touch the brakes! Wha..! Buh..! Hwa..! HOW?!?!?" yelled Clarkson, disbelief written large across his face.
"Easy" Harry replied, "I just cancelled the cars inertia in all horizontal directions."
"Hwa?" was Clarksons eloquent reply.
"Look, it's simple. No inertia, no centrifugal force when going round the corners. No centrifugal force when going round the corners, no need to slow down for said corners. No need to slow down, no need for brakes. All I had to do was get the car up to full speed and drive it round the track. So, what was my time?" Harry asked with a slightly manic grin.
"Uh... Time?.. Oh yeah..." a dazed Clarkson scrabbled through his notes for a moment, "Uh.. A-Ha! One minute two point three seconds! What! Thats impossible!" Clarkson turned toward the audience, desperately seeking his producer, hoping for some signal that this was some joke. All he got for a reply was a signal from the director to keep going. "Uh. Okay. 1:02.3. That's faster than anything we've ever had around our track. Ferrari!, Lamborghini!, Pagani!. You've just beat them all, hell, you even beat the time of that crazy Gumpert thing that held the previous record! What I, and I think the audience, want to know, is, well, HOW?"
"I told you. I cancelled the car's horizontal inertia."
"Yes, you've told us that, but what I want to know, is HOW did you cancel the car's inertia?!?" a visibly exasperated Jeremy asked, a note of pleading in his voice.
"Easy" replied a smirking Harry, "Magic."
"Yep. Magic."
Clarkson didn't know what to think at this point and the audience was becoming restless, muttering comments about both his and Harrys sanity. Bravely, he tried to continue the interview. "Harry. Umm. Magic?" at Harrys nod, he continued "But Magic doesn't exist, Harry."
Harrys smirk grew into something wider and he snapped his fingers. "Try saying that now, Jeremy." He said, as gasps rang through the studio audience, some of suprise, some of laughter, for where Clarkson once sat, there now sat a white rabbit.
Well, a mostly white rabbit.
Okay, a white rabbit with a familiar mop of curly brown (tending to grey) hair on the top of its head.
After a good ten to fifteen seconds, Harry clicked his fingers again, and all of a sudden, Clarkson was back. "What the hell was that!" Clarkson yelled.
"What was what?" Harry calmly replied.
"That! That! You snapped your fingers, and I'm suddenly really short, horny and craving a Carrot!" was Clarksons panicky reply, causing laughter in the audience.
"As I said earlier, Magic. Human to animal transfiguration, if you want to be specific."
Harry sighed, "I turned you in to a rabbit. It's a fairly easy spell."
"Fairly easy..? Spell..?"
"Yep. Sixth year school stuff."
Clarkson wasn't sure what to make of this. Casting about wildly for anything that could guide him back towards a sane interview, his eyes fell upon one of his co-presenters. With a yell of "Hamster!" he jumped up from his chair, before rushing into the crowd. As the cameras desperately tried to catch up with him, Clarkson reappeared from the crowd, manhandling a protesting Richard Hammond on to the stage as Harry looked on in bemusement.
Clutching a frantically trying-to-escape Hammond, Clarkson demanded "Do it to Him. Transma-whatsis him!"
Harry raised an eyebrow, "You sure?"
Muffling the protesting Hammond, Clarkson replied; "Yes! I need to see this! From the outside, I mean."
"Well, if you're sure." Harry clicked his fingers. Hammond vanished.
"Where'd he go?" Clarkson asked.
"Look down"
Clarkson did as he was instructed. His eyes widened and he paled at the sight of a brown and white, furiously chittering hamster. Pointing at the angry rodent, he stammered out "H,h,hamster?!? I,I,I thought you'd turn him i,into a rabbit!"
"Nope" replied Harry. "A rabbit is your meme. His is a hamster. I thought you knew that?"
submitted by Tricky-Emotion to HPfanfiction

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