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Really fucking awful question for you boys. This isn’t like a make or break thing, I’m joining either way but am I able to bring my PC from home to the barracks with me? Again this is more of a sell it because its useless or keep it and wait till i can get it back kinda deal, im not gonna not join because of a computer.
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Just got back from the recruiters office, no 68W/C/D/A were available so I looked over some of the other options but decided to come tomorrow. My medical evaluation will expire in June so my waiver will expire with it, do any of these job come up at least once or twice a month?
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Right now I'm looking at the different "entry level" MOS that the goarmy site lists and the one that really interests me is Civil Affairs Specialist (38B).
What's really confusing me is how the army site lists the position is entry level and that there is a "10 week basic training camp and 12 week advanced..." but on the special forces recruitment site, which civil affairs is apparently considered, it says that you must have a rank of at least specialist to transfer to civil affairs. Is Civil Affairs a MOS you can join straight into or is it one that you must transfer into after attaining specialist?
Would really appreciate some help clarifying this, thanks
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If I enlist with a degree, can I still do the green to gold program? Everything I can find on the issue implies that you would have some schooling left to complete.
I’d personally like to enlist first for a little experience before commissioning.
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I ship out in mid-May and I'm having the hardest time losing weight. I'll perhaps be under 180 pounds at 5'7" by my ship date. What can I do? I did pass my tape test at MEPS. I don't know what to do. I've been using c25k but nothing is really improving.
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31D through the direct accessions program if i am prior service? Curious if i did a 2 year contract as 27D then graduated with a legal studies degree could i be accepted into the program if its still around?
Also wife wants to know if the gpa requirement is flexible/ waiverable. She has a 2.68 gpa in psychology.
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Reclassing and going to MOS T school soon, is it possible to call branch and ask for a specific place? Also what happens if I arrive early to my school from leave can I sign in early and get a barracks room earlier?
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Does anyone know when the new ACRT will be implemented? I plan on enlisting in December, and then shipping out after I graduate so I got some time to prepare. Just didn't want to spend my time training for the old test, and then all of a sudden have to take the new one. Apologies if this is a dumb question.
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Wondering about sports bras for BCT. I ship to Ft Leonardwood in July and was thinking about the packing list. Some people say they aren't really checking your underwear too carefully so long as it's black/white/tan but others say they have to be free of logos. I'm wondering if I need to invest in a whole new set of sports bras because mine have visible logos (that wouldn't show through a PT shirt). How strict are they on that?
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I ship in 3 weeks. I was going in with an 11X Option 40 but at MEPS when I spoke to the jobs counselor he said my eyesight won’t allow me to do 11X op 40 so I had to switch my job. He then had me go do an airborne physical (came back as qualified) and come back to him. Then he said a 92G op 40 available (lol) but if combat arms was my goal there were other ones I do qualify for. So I picked 13F- no op 40 available then- which was neck and neck with infantry for me if something like this should happen, and apparently if you make it through RASP the 75th is a great place to actually experience doing this job, so I’m happy with it. I’ve seen various dated posts on reddit about how if I perform well PT wise and just well overall in I think Basic or AIT, someone will offer me Airborne if its available and that at Airborne there may be a 75th Ranger there to offer RASP. My questions are how likely is that these days, is the 75th in need of FISTers like that, and would coming in as an E4 help or hinder the process in any way?
I’m sure some will say I should have waited for an op 40 but unfortunately I’m on a time constraint with my current situation. Also, I don’t mind just going in, continuing to work my ass off then putting in for it when I can.
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What are some of the “unicorn” MOSs out there? I saw a thread below about working dog handlers being one and now I’m curious as to what the others are.
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I am 18 and moving from one state to another after I graduate may 20 and I will go to the recruiter and try to get everything done ASAP also I will be getting my license after I move so that will take about 2-3 weeks. (I know everything I want in my contract and what MOS (15T or any 15 series MOS) I want) and I got a 69 on the ASVAB. So by this time it will be like beginning to mid june what are the chances I can get a quick ship date from the point I sign (around the end of may) to this time??
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Friend said I may not be eligible for the GI bill with a 2 year contract is he right?
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how does the recruitment process work exactly? and what are the wait times between you first visiting the recruiter and getting your MOS chosen and sent up to arriving to BCT??
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Hey im thinking about joining the army. I have my eyes set on 68w because im interested in the medical aspect and i cant think of anything more honorable to do than save someones life especially save someone who is also risking it all for everyone back at home. I have a few doubts about this however. By going active duty id like to be somewhat active if you know what i mean. I read stories all the time of 68w getting stuck in hospitals for the entire duration of their contract. So my question is, is there anything that would improve my chances of being put into a unit that gets deployed? The only things i can think of that would accomplish this are airborne and air-assault schools because theres no flying hospitals right?:) Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated and my inbox is always open to pm!
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Been out of ait for a week (reserves) and I still haven’t been contacted by my unit. Me and my recruiter tried calling them and there number doesn’t work. Should I visit them?
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I had found a section that told me all about my future mos, 19D cav scout, and now that i’m on mobile i can’t seem to find it. :/
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I went into the DEP program when I was 18 years old, but did not ship out and in all honesty pussed out. I can make up 1000 reasons why I didn't go through with it, but it all boils down to not being ready. I have regretted it ever since.
That is now 12 years ago -- I am now 30 years old with a Masters' degree in Applied Information Technology. I am out of shape, but have been working the past 6 months on getting back into shape. In the last year I have also started working as a cleared army civilian, and because of that I have this renewed desire to get back into it. Like a really renewed desire. I've done some research into possibly enlisting as an e-4 (I understand that I will take a substantial cut in pay), but my question is: Am I eligible? Will my past DEP backout keep me from getting in?
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What is basic training for infantry like? What is your average day? How grueling is it? How many people end up dropping out?
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Does serving hurt your non-military-related job opportunities after a few years in the army?
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I plan on trying for 11x op 40(I’ve looked into 18x as well but I think the Ranger mission fits me better) in the next year or two. I’m not exactly out of shape but it I’m not exactly in shape either, I was raised on a farm and currently work in a feed store with quite a bit of lifting although I only recently started to do actual exercising.
I would like any information or tips that can be offered, I’ve done a fair bit of my own reading and watching but I would rather ask and reread information I already know than miss out on picking up something new.
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What's it like to be a "college specialist"? Is it generally a four year wait for a chance at promotion, or can you move up sooner? Other than not being a shithead, what would affect something like that?
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So I'm going to ship may 7th, the issue is MEPS didn't record my tape measurement. I weighed last week at 181, and he put 176 and said I should lose the weight by the 7th or I'm DQ. will I be actually DQ'ED if I'm working my hardest to drop as much as i can but still don't make it? Or will they tape?
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I've asked this question before, only got one answer and just wanted to verify it:
I'm a huge computer nerd (Age is less than 18) strongly considering 17C or similar. Would it be a good path for a reverse engineering career?
Thanks in advance.
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So my daughter's boyfriend (I'm not a huge fan) has been in basic since early March. She just found out he is being "counseled out" but told her it's "not a bad discharge" and will be off his record in 6 months. He's supposed to be home in 2-4 months.
Translation from someone who speaks boot camp -ese? What did the dumbass likely do, since that's my expectation?
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How in the fuck do you actually register for SSD? I'm trying to do 1 and I pretty sure they fucked things up that its not possible to register for it without some secret code.
I go to ALMS, you can assign it through ALMS but then it says you have to register for this bullshit through ATRRS. When you try to go to ATRRS. The website doesn't work. Been this way for 6 plus months. I've tried to ask numerous NCOs and they all look at me like I'm retarded. I've asked if we have a training NCO, of course we don't. What in the actual fuck do you have to do to do this?
Has anyone actually registered for SSD 1 or any of them in the last week or month?? HOW DID YOU DO IT?
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Looking to take the DLAB soon ... can anyone confirm or deny whether there is much utility in 'practicing' or 'studying' for it? I already speak two other languages fluently and I have a good understanding of grammar and the terms used in grammar and syntax, but I'm not sure if there is anything in particular I should be doing to prepare (I've been playing around with the princeton linguistics challenge puzzles, but that's about it). Any pointers? Thanks.
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I'm back again. I have two questions for you guys:
1) How in God's name do you improve runtime? I'm currently sitting at 11-minute miles and it's awful. I ship in literally 12 days so I know I'm out of time.
2) What is life at Fort Huachuca like? That's where my AIT is going to be.
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Tips and tricks for success at SFAS?
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I'm going to MEPS in about 10 days, I just took the preescreen ASVAB and got good results. 93 and all composites were over 120 except MM, I was planning on only doing reserves, however I realized the Army has some careers that are relevant to my Major I want to take in college (Film and Media) and I'm willing to go Active Duty if I can get one of those jobs. Most importantly I'm looking at 46R and 46Q, however 25M would suffice as well. Are there any other jobs that are relevant to this career path, and what is my likelihood of getting one of those jobs.
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Okay, I read a post on here about enlisted going to OCS and it says you need your superiors permissions/support. How does that work? Can they reject you? Do they have to sign off? I'm considering enlisting with a degree with an option 40 and really want to know how difficult it is to move up (if I decide thats what I want).
Source: FOR IN-SERVICE SOLDIERS: Depending on your unit, you will need to build the packet in accordance with the guidance of the latest OCS MILPER message. Your S1 can assist with this packet. You will need to submit the packet to your units POC (usually S3 Schools, but this may differ), and pass a structured interview (read: board) with a minimum of an O-6 signature authority. You will need the sign-off of your company, battalion, and brigade commanders.
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How long after completing OSUT and BAT do i have to wait to be eligibile for Lasic? Thanks op
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How do I get a flair?
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Can anyone confirm if this article is true?
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Does anyone have info on being a 71A medical laboratory officer? Even if you aren't a 71A any info on that life would be appreciated.
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When does BAH start? Can it be backpayed? For instance if I got married this Friday, on April 27th and took my stuff to S1, would I get full BAH for the month of April? Or would it not kick in til May.
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Is Military Police 31B a hard mos to get? To any 31bs reading this post is the daily life in this field enjoyable? I want to pursue a law enforcement job eventually after the army so I am interested in this sort of thing. And if you have any other thoughts on this mos feel free to let me know.
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Have orders to the 173rd out of ait after airborne. At airbirne now in jump week, broke ankle, Going from holdover to med drop as of tommorow. Do I keep my orders and return at a later date or receive new ones ? If so anybody got ideas where they're sending 68w?
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future soldier here. whats so bad about korea? seems like a cool overseas assignment.
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Hi, I have orders to 781st BN at Meade but recently got told that they are not accepting anyone who gets orders there? They just "find" them orders to 741st BN???? I'd really rather be 781st but I guess I dont get a say in it.
Anybody have any idea what 741st is like? Heard it really isn't cyber at all... Kind of panicking
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MSO question: If I was prior service (reserves) and then commissioned through a non-ROTC scholarship, does my prior service time count toward my 8 year MSO?
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I also have another question, currently in college with a 3.7 GPA and 34 credits deep ( community working to transfer ) I was going to do the army 2 year contract and 2 year reserve. Recently 2 of my friends both former army said to absolutely not join. I am joining for benefits can't even lie, but I also have always wanted to do something military. I tried AF 3 years ago but got jerked around for 8 months. My plan was do a class at a time while active, and have a PT job (reserve) while finishing out my college at real University What do y'all think? Should I just try for schloarships instead? Or work full time for a year then bounch to college? Btw I have zero student debt so that's noice!
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Longshot, but does anyone know the brand of stationary bikes at the gym for the AIT barracks at Ft Sill? Or at least a pic/link to the most similar bike. The place where AMEDD folks do DCC
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How long should it take for a medical waiver (astigmatism) to come through?
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Anyone complete WOCS and/or WOFT? Currently Air Force, working with a WO recruiter who thinks I have a fighting chance with the board. I want to make my packet as competitive as possible.
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enlisting as an Army band musician (flute/clarinet). Any other musicians here have advice on protecting fingers/ears during bct? My worst nightmare is that I injure a finger and it destroys my music career...
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Is there a list online of banned substances that would make a piss test be not-clean?
Not drugs, but like nutritional supplements
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This may be a stupid question... I'm Getting ready to ship to BCT and my brother said that he wants to print out memes and send them to me. I'm kinda glad because it will help keep my moral high and memes are a bond we share. What I'm asking is, will the people who distribute the mail open/read my mail? I read on the army website that if you receive packages or musical cards they will make you do push ups. I guess I just don't want any negative attention from the higher ups lol.
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If you're on 29 day orders do you get paid twice or once at the very end? My AT has never been more than 15 days and we always get paid on the last day.
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Anyone on here been to the Expeditionary Combat Medic course? I know talk of possibly getting NR-Paramedic from the course but, the initial class did not.
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Recently took a practice ASVAB and scored a 91. I want to be a 17C. What can I do to secure there will be a job for this MoS? Also, what are important first time tips to the military
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Any junior Log, MI, or MSC officers? I want to do more cool guy stuff as a junior officer but want a career that will give me more skills for when I get out. What are your experiences in these fields and the opportunities you had as a junior officer?
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For purposes of transition leave approval, is the 'unit commander' the company or battalion level commander? What constitutes 'operational requirements,' is it a reasonable appeal for denied terminal leave on that basis if I'm clearly not an operation requirement, or if the leave was denied simply because the unit didn't want me on the books without a replacement?
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If you enlist with a bonus and during your term go to OCS, do you get the bonus recouped?
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Most direct pathway that a prior service NG 68W can go to RASP and be in the 75th Ranger Regiment?
I understand that Option 40 and 4 are not available to prior service. Is this a definite thing, as in it's impossible to get Option 40 for prior service no matter what?
Currently in as a PFC. I want to consider Active Service after my Guard contract is done.
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Do I need to memorize anything? In blue phase I think when higher up ask questions, what do they ask?
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Ok so I really don't know how to word this but I would like some help if possible. I am in college right now studying broadcast journalism and I've always had the thought of serving in the armed forces. My marine buddy told me that if I had any thought about service I should just go for it. I am absolutely certain I want to finish my school and get my degree but I was wondering what my options were out of college? I saw something on the army website about a "Public Relations Officer" and I spoke with my parents about it and we decided that would be a good fit. My question is that what steps would I take when out of college and how would I go about this?
TLDR: In college studying broadcast journalism, want to join the army after college (in about 4 years) and become a Public Relations Officer, what do I need to do to reach my goal? thanks reddit
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How hard is basic? How possible would it be for a male that is 5'10" and 120 pounds?
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In the process of enlisting for an Intel MOS but just got a sweet job offer in a Western European country. How bad would it be for my odds at getting a security clearance if I lived abroad for a year or two?
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Looking at enlisting as a 15U (CH-47 mechanic) and pursuing the WOFT program. My mindset is that I want to be able to learn how to be a mechanic first so if I don't get into the WOFT program I can still get an A&P license. If I go in, or enlist as anything, is there any restriction on when I can apply to being in the WOFT? Or would I need to wait until the end of my 6 years to apply?
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Is the blue phase inspection a graded event? So if I forget the soldier's creed will I fail BCT?
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I've been posting here a lot and I apologize, but I ship in literally two weeks.
I was looking over the packing list that my recruiter gave me, and I heard that most of what's listed is not necessary. Is that true? What should I bring to Basic? What would happen if I bring my Kindle? I definitely want that because I understand you pretty much go straight to AIT after Basic and I just downloaded a bunch of PKD books onto it.
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I've been in contact with a recruiter about enlisting in the reserves as a 12T. My end goal is to drop a warrant packet for 120A. However, my recruiter is pushing to get me to go the officer route since I have my masters. I am trying to weigh the options of both. I would be interested in engineering as an officer, but right now, I am about 210 on PT, and I am not confident that this is good enough to continue down that route since I am very quickly approaching the age limit for commissioning. I am also under the impression that I wouldn't go to the board until I could get a higher PT score. Running is great, push-ups are decent, sit-ups...well, having a child 10 months ago make these more difficult than they need to be, but they're close. I am working hard to raise the score.
Does anyone have any experience with this MOS or the warrant position? Should I continue to explore commissioning even with the PT issue? I understand that EBOLC is very physical and I am confident by the time I went, I would do well, and I am sold on the idea of having a leadership role. However, I do enjoy the technical engineering aspect, and I am willing to hold out to drop a warrant packet as soon as I could.
Any advice?
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What's the best way to join the ranger regiment from the national guard? conditional release and go active 11b, wait until contract is up and try for option 40 as prior service?
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Which duty station would you suggest I pick, Ft Hood or Ft Bliss? It's kind of important for me to be back in Texas.
Can anyone from those stations tell me what the units, chain of command, and training are like? Which station has a better quality of life?
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I posted this to /legaladvice, but thought army could help as well.
[IN] 17F. Will enlisting in the Army help with my parents' path to citizenship?
Hello everyone. I am the 17 year old daughter of two immigrant parents from Honduras. They both have TPS, or Temporary Protection Status. Basically, there was a hurricane in Honduras in 1998, named Hurricane Mitch, which allowed for Hondurans to seek protection in the United States after it severely damaged the Central American country. They both have legally lived in the U.S. for 19 years under TPS.
Recently in the news, they have announced the end of TPS for Hondurans. This information has devasted me, to say the least. I fear for my parents' safety if they were to be deported. They have a total of 5 children, 4 being U.S. citizens and the eldest a Dreamer (DACA). All the kids that are U.S. citizens are under 21. The eldest American child is 19. I am the second oldest American one at 17. My two younger siblings are 14 and 5.
So here is my question. If I were to enlist into the Army at 18, would this ever grant my parents their green card? Can I only help them once I am 21 and able to petition for their green card? Is the process of enlisting faster than waiting for the oldest American child (19) to turn 21 and have them petition for our parents? Will I need an immigration lawyer?
I have heard that if the child enlists, the parent(s?) don't have to leave the country and could take as quickly as 6 months. Ideally, I would like the fastest option that allows for both my mother and father to stay in the United States so that they can earn their green card.
I had actually wanted to enroll into ROTC at a state college and earn my status as a military officer upon completion of the program, which is after 4 years once I earn my Bachelor's. As a cadet in ROTC, will I be able to petition for my parents then, despite not being 21? I believe I am considered a college student once enrolled, but maybe there is an exception for the military program?
If I were to enlist, 68W interests me a lot. I am physically fit and meet the Army's standard for height/weight proportions. I don't have any medical conditions that would disqualify me.
Thank you for your help. I feel a little overwhelmed about the future of my family. Having them deported to Honduras means their death. I am concerned and want to know what the best course of action is to take.
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I just finished applying for my last semester in college and I'm currently thinking of enlisting in the Army after I graduate (Dec 2018). I will be getting my degree in Cinema. However, I doubt that I'll ever use this degree since I lost interest in it about a year ago and I didn't change my major due to financial reasons. I've always wanted to serve but decided to go to college first. Is it a bad decision for me to enlist for 4-6 years after college? I really don't want to have any regrets about not serving in the Army later in my life. (Probably go 11b or 89d)
Thanks in advanced
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I'm shipping on Tuesday and am starting to get my packing list together. The packing list I got and the one available on line are a bit different. Is it correct that you cannot bring aerosol shaving cream? Should I bring my own running shoes or buy new ones at the PX? Also, should I bring a cancelled check? I already got my direct deposit form filled out and handed it in to my recruiter which I'm assuming she sent in to MEPS. Anything else that is recommended I bring that isn't normally on the packing list? Or is there anything not to bring that a lot of people make the mistake of packing? Also, I'm a female with pretty short hair (about an inch and half scissor cut on the top, #3 guard tapered to a #2 on the back and sides, in regulation with the 1/4 inch minimum length for females). Is it recommended I get one last clean up hair cut before I go? I went to Fort Knox once for Cadet Leadership Course in college, and females were not allowed to have their hair cut at the barbershop with the guys (something about not having a beautician license? Weird.) and it was a project just to finally get to our grimey hair cut at a mall nearby. Do females get an allotted time like after 2 months to have a haircut? For background info I am going to 12B OSUT at Ft Lost in the Woods. Thank you all for your time and responses in advance!
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I have 27 days before I ship. 2 weeks after I graduate and it's nerve racking but I'm ready. I need tips on burning some weight but also preparing myself for basic. I will be in Ft. Sill as well. Any experiences and tips for that would be awesome too. So yeah, Anyone have experiences and tips for Ft. Sill Basic? What muscle groups should i be destroying in the gym to prepare for basic?
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Best hot weather combat boots, in terms of comfort and durability out there?
Need to buy a couple pairs before DCC this summer. Ideally would like them to last a long time
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Im currently looking to enlist with an opt 40 contract, however I am 28 years old. I am just curious to what life will be like as a 28-29 year old nontabbed spec4 as I do have my bachelors degree.
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New Week, New WQT
Old WQTs are not locked so you may continue any conversations you may have had.
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“Deploying” to Poland soon, do I get a chance to take 2 weeks of leave before I go? And if so, will I be allowed to go in the hole by a couple of days?
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contract length for 25v (comcam) and 46q (broadcast spec)?
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I believe heavily in the religion Asatru (The belief in Odin and Tyr and etc) . I ship out in june. Let's say I make it through all my training. Will I be able to get a tattoo that's related to this religion? Hitler made it seem like a white supremacy thing (which is isn't)but I'm black so I'm not all for that. It means a lot to me. Thanks! Asatru is a more modern Norse paganism. The more folk belief is that whites are exclusive to it due to ancestors and etc. However the more modern belief is welcoming to all.
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I don't know if this would go into the recruiter thread, so please forgive me in advance.
I'm shipping in literally two weeks and I started talking to someone on a discord server who is in the Chair Force. He told me that I was crazy going in enlisted with a BA and that my recruiter is trying to fuck me. I was thinking of going to OCS, not because I look down on enlisted personnel, but because I I want to provide for my fiancee. My recruiter told me that I would have to go enlisted and take part in the Green to Gold program. I accepted it without researching it further. Now I have some dude telling me that I'm being lied to and that they aren't pushing me towards something positive. He's saying I should pull out of DEP. Should I do this? Do I have a shot at OCS?
I have a BA in political science with a 3.4 GPA and an ASVAB score of 98. I'm adding these in here as they seem relevant to my question and overall situation.
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What’s a good website to buy name tapes so I know they’re in regs?
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Questions about medical waivers:
What's the max number of medical waivers possible?
-I'm FTM transgender. Went through therapy, on a stable medicine regimen, and will be 2 years post-op by the time I enlist. Doesn't affect my life in any way other than taking a shot every 10 days, no other co-morbid mental conditions, etc.
-On Adderall for under two years for "uncategorized attention deficit", not diagnosed as ADHD. Doctor gave it to me because I told her I hated my job and was having issues paying attention, and it was to the point of affecting my work. Got off the meds after I got a new job. Low dose, never had any accommodations or anything like that.
-Surgery to remove an internal abscess in my perineum. Not related to any disease, just a total freak thing that happened to me. I had to have a later surgery to repair a recto-anal fistula that resulted from the first surgery. This happened almost four years ago, no issues since.
-One small kidney stone over 5 years ago, passed on its own without medical intervention. I went to acute care and they gave me some pain meds and told me to chug water till it came out. Afterward they told me it was because I had been dehydrated for a while probably due to having the flu and puking for 2 weeks.
-Bruised my meniscus in a car accident over 5 years ago. I got imaging done to make sure it wasn't anything serious. I went to PT for like a month just to be on the safe side (and because their insurance paid for it). Knee hasn't bothered me since.
-Minor Penicillin allergy. I get hives. Probably going to go to an allergist soon to see if this is even still an issue.
-Surgery for tonsil removal as a kid.
-Went to some family counseling sessions as a kid because my sister had a severe mental illness that was negatively impacting everyone. Was not diagnosed with anything, it was just a family counselor.
Does chiropractic care count as "seeing a doctor"?
-I go occasionally for 'wellness care' (I think it feels good and my insurance covers it so whatever) and have since ~12 y/o with my parents. I don't have severe back pain or anything, but have pain now and again, when I sleep wrong or whatever like anyone else. Frequency of back pain went down a lot after I lost 50 lbs and started exercising regularly.
Other than the list of medical shit, I think I'd be a pretty solid recruit. ~3.5 college GPA, clean criminal record, solid leadership experience, lots of sports as a teenager and now in pretty good shape again. I'd be interested primarily in MI or cyber, but am also open to more action-oriented jobs if possible. I figured the health stuff would probably prevent me from doing stuff like SF or combat arms.
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Hey im thinking about joining the army. I have my eyes set on 68w because im interested in the medical aspect and i cant think of anything more honorable to do than save someones life especially save someone who is also risking it all for everyone back at home. I have a few doubts about this however. By going active duty id like to be somewhat active if you know what i mean. I read stories all the time of 68w getting stuck in hospitals for the entire duration of their contract. So my question is, is there anything that would improve my chances of being put into a unit that gets deployed? The only things i can think of that would accomplish this are airborne and air-assault schools because theres no flying hospitals right?:) Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated and my inbox is always open to pm!
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A History of the Death Row Beefs: Ruthless Pt. 1

In the thread for the Ice Cube/NWA beef, quite a few people wanted to see other beefs. Thanks to the help of other /HHHers. If I miss anything, please feel free to comment and let me know. I'm going off of memory for the most part and these feuds are 20+ years old.
DJ Yella of N.W.A. talks about the recording of Efil4Zaggin, N.W.A.'s last album with Hip Hop DX. He discusses the relationship of Eazy and Dre:
DX: So during the recording process, how were relations between Eazy and Dre?
DJ Yella: It was okay, until the last minute, then we started rushing to mix the record. And I’m like, “I don’t know what’s going on, but we normally don’t rush.” ... We normally don’t mix the whole half of an album in one day, and it was a rush job. I didn’t know what was going on, and I never got into it. I never asked about it. I just stayed and that’s it.
With Cube gone and Dre and Eazy having a falling out, N.W.A. broke up. After a little physical (and legal) help from Suge Knight, Dr. Dre, D.O.C. and Michel'le found themselves off of Eazy's Ruthless Records and now on the brand new Death Row Records.
Erotic D (from D.O.C.'s group the Fila Fresh Crew):
A couple days later here comes Suge, n-gga, if I’m lying I’m dying, I put this on everything! Suge brought all them contracts to my apartment in North Hollywood. He brought DOC's, Dr. Dre’s, and I believe Michel’le’s contracts and said ‘put this on your shelf in the closet for me’. He had just went over there and strong-armed Eazy for them contracts and brought them to me and told me to put them up.
The Death Row crew was largely young, hungry and gang affiliated. Snoop Dogg was from Long Beach, along with his cousin Daz and Nate Dogg. Alongside the local talent, they signed Kurupt, a transplant from Philly, who was living in South Central and the Lady of Rage from Virginia. The first record Death Row worked on was the Deep Cover soundtrack, which saw Dre and Snoop have their first hit together, the title track Deep Cover.
Eazy on the other hand was re-tooling with half brothers B.G. Knocc Out & Dre'Sta from Compton, Mexican rapper (Kid) Frost from East L.A., Bone Thugs N Harmony from Cleveland, Death Row defector producer Rhythum D and the Atban Klann (better known as 2/3 of the Black Eyed Peas, Will.I.Am & Appl). Ruthless also had veterans MC Ren, Above The Law and Kokane (though Kokane also worked with Death Row early on) from the NWA days.
Coming off of Deep Cover, Dre released The Chronic. Dre and Snoop took aim at Eazy (as well as Snoop dissing the South Bronx' Tim Dog on the 2nd verse and the duo dissing Miami's Luke on the third verse with a little jab at Cube at the end - More on these in one of the next installments) on Fuck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin'). The video for the track had actors playing the part of Eazy E, Jerry Heller and Luke with guest appearances from the Long Beach's The Twinz, Geto Boys' Bushwick Bill and Dre's half brother Warren G.
Dre spits:
Mista Busta, where the fuck you at?
Can't scrap a lick, so I know you got your gat
Your dick on hard, from fuckin' your road dogs
The hood you threw up with, niggas you grew up with
Don't even respect your ass
That's why it's time for the doctor, to check your ass, nigga
Used to be my homie, used to be my ace
Now I wanna slap the taste out ya mouth
Make ya bow down to the Row
Fuckin' me, now I'm fuckin' you, little ho
Oh, don't think I forgot, let you slide
Let me ride, just another homicide
Yeah, it's me so I'mma talk on
Stomping on the Eazy-est streets that you can't walk on
Kokane, in a Pitchfork article about Eazy's last album revealed Eazy's reaction to the Dre Day record:
“Eazy wasn’t just upset, he was hurt,” remembers Kokane, the vocalist who had belted funk angel of death hooks for Ruthless since signing with them in 1991 and appears twice on It’s On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa. “It was Eazy’s vision for N.W.A.—he recruited Dre and Cube and helped make them stars, then they made up fake stories about him and abandoned him.”
Fuck Wit Dre Day was the second single from The Chronic. As was the norm back then, on the B-Side of cassette singles, artists often released new tracks that weren't on the album. The B-Side to Dre Day was Puffin' On Blunts and Drankin' On Tanqueray with The Dogg Pound (Daz & Kurupt) and the Lady of Rage. As with Dre Day, Dre disses Eazy, Tim Dog and Luke on the intro of this track.
You know, you know there's alot of punk-ass niggas out there
A lot of punk-ass bitches out there
Yo you wanna write names?
Yo that nigga Eazy-E, he's a punk-ass bitch, really though
Yo that nigga Tim M-U-T, he's a punk-ass biatch, biatch
You know what I'm saying
Oh, oh, oh Luke, I didn't forget about you, biatch
Rage comes with a hot verse, filled with general beef talk:
If you try to step, try to come incorrect
Try to play the left, try to start a mess
Try to cause a fuss, try to raise a ruckus
Huh, you'll end up ashes to ashes, dust to dust
A busta, you musta been buggin on drugs
And alcohol back off, all a y'all, up against the wall
Spread em, Doggs - go get em
Hand-cuff em and stuff em, cold shut em, don't let em
Daz, the least lyrical of the bunch, has just a short verse, throwing out tiny jabs at Ruthless:
Now G'z pay attention to this young ass mack daddy
In a Caddy, had he
Not known about the city where the niggas hang around
So I roll em up, and hit em up with the motherfucking Dogg Pound
Kurupt spits one of the best verses I personally have ever heard. He disses Above The Law's Big Hutch aka Cold 187um:
I'm no joke, who the fuck you trying to provoke
(1-8-7) It's cold how his ass got smoked
I don't drink no fucking V-S-O-P
I drink a motherfucking O.G. Olde E
Hutch's cousin and Ruthless labelmate Kokane:
I hit em up with the Pound, so what you wanna throw up
Claiming you're Kokane or cavi when you blow up
Kurupt also jabs at Ice Cube, similar to Dre's line on Nuthin' But A Thang:
Fool, Death Row ain't Lenchin and the Pound ain't Mobbin
We all don't give a fuck, run in your crib and start robbing
Eazy responded by throwing a diss at Dre in the title of his album, It's On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa with Eazy pouring a 40 on the cover. Beyond using Dre's name, he also crossed out Dre's name, which is one the ultimate form of disrespect in the gang/graffiti culture. Eazy also introduced the infamous World Class Wreckin' Cru pictures of Dre in sequin outfits.
Eazy brought out B.G. Knocc Out & Dre'Sta on Real Muthaphukkin' G'z to respond to Dre Day. In the video, Eazy, Knocc and Dre'Sta confront and chase the impostor Eazy, like you saw in Dre Day's video. At the end, the impostor Eazy is face down in the street.
While one of the most memorable disses visually and lyrically, Real Muthaphukkin' G'z also had a bass thumping classic beat, which according to the producer Rhythum D, was a jab itself at Dre:
“I was trying to make hard-knocking hip-hop beats, but ones with bass lines that seemed like they were clowning Dr. Dre,” Rhythum D says from Atlanta, where he relocated two years ago. “I wanted it to be a sinister parody of Dre’s sound.”
On the day the track was made, after the Ruthless crew saw the Dre Day video for the first time:
The South Central-raised producer immediately left Larry Parker’s for the studio, where he made the beat between 3:30 and 7:30 a.m. Decades before chopped and screwed became cliché, Rhythum D slowed and pitched-down the intro vocals to amplify the evil. The scraping sound comes courtesy of an old-fashioned metal washboard.
Even the all-night session that yielded the “Real Muthaphukkin G’s” beat came in immediate response to “Dre Day”.
In the aforementioned Pitchfork article, B.G. Knocc Out breaks down how Real Muthaphukkin' G'z was crafted:
“Dresta wrote the concept, hook, and Eazy’s verses," B.G. Knocc Out tells me last month over Skype. "I wasn’t even originally supposed to be on it.”
Dre'Sta's verse for Eazy touched on a number of areas. One that stands out is Dre's contract issues, which allowed Eazy to continue to make money off of Dre, though he let Dre out of his contract at Ruthless. Here is Eazy in a bathrobe on the Arsenio Hall Show (KRS-One is also on the panel), discussing how he is able to get paid from Dre's music, plus a bonus performance of Real Compton City' G'z (the clean version of Real Muthaphukkin' G'z):
Hey yo Doctor, here's another proper track
And it's phat, watch the sniper, time to pay the piper
And let that real shit provoke
So you's a wannabe 'loc, and you'll get smoked and I hope
That your fans understand when you talk about playin' me
The same records that you makin' is payin' me
Motherfuck Dre, motherfuck Snoop, motherfuck Death Row
Yo, and here comes my left blow
He goes in on Snoop:
You're like a kid you found a pup and now you're dapper
But tell me where the fuck you found an anorexic rapper
Talkin' bout who you gon' squabble with and who you shoot
You're only sixty pounds when you're wet and wearin' boots
(Damn E, they tried to fade you on Dre Day)
But Dre Day only meant Eazy's payday
Finally, he went right back at Dre for his World Class Wreckin' Cru days:
All of a sudden Dr. Dre is the G Thang
But on his old album cover he was a she-thang
So nigga please, nigga please, don't step to deez
Motherfuckin' real G's
Dre'Sta follows Eazy with his own verse, focusing on Dre being a studio gangster:
Everyday it's a new rapper, claimin' to be dapper than the Dresta
Softer than a bitch but portray the role of gangsta
Ain't broke a law in your life
Yet every time you rap you yap about the guns and knife
Just take a good look at the, nigga and you'll capture
The fact that the bastard, is simply just an actor
Who mastered the bang and the slang and the mental
Of niggas in Compton, Watts, and South Central
Never ever once have you ran with the turf
But yet in every verse claim you used to do the dirt
But tell me who's a witness, to your fuckin' work
So you never had no bid'ness, so save the drama, jerk
Niggas straight kill me, knowing that they pranksters
This is going out to you studio gangstas
See I did dirt, put in work, and many niggas can vouch that
So since I got stripes, I got the right to rap about that
But niggas like you, I gotta hate ya
Cause I'm just tired of suburbia niggas
Talking about they come from projects
Knowing you ain't seen the parts of the streets G
Think you started trying to bang around the time of the peace treaty
Wearing khakis and mob while you rhyme
Little fag, tried to sag, but you're flooding at the same time
And your set don't accept ya
Scared to kick it with your homies cause you know they don't respect ya
So nigga please, check nuts before ya step to these
Motherfuckin real G's
Dre'Sta's young brother B.G. Knocc Out follows his brother's lead and disses Dre and Snoop for being studio gangsters:
Approach me like you hard, motherfucker I'mma bank ya
Shank ya, with my fuckin' shank, if I have to
Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg are fuckin' actors
Pranksters, studio gangstas, busters
Claiming my city but, Dre, you ain't from Compton
Niggas like y'all is what I call wannabes
And ain't shit compared to real motherfuckin G's
On the last verse, Eazy comes back and disses Dre for beating up female tv host Dee Barnes. Clowns Dre for going from saying "I don't smoke weed or cess" on Express Yourself to making an album called The Chronic. Finally ending with how poorly Dre (and everyone else in actuality) was treated at Death Row.
Beating up a bitch don't make you shit, but then again
Some niggas think it makes a man
Damn it's a trip how a nigga could switch so quick
From wearin' lipstick, to smoking on chronic at picnics
And now you think you're bigger
But to me you ain't nothing but a bitch-ass nigga
That ain't worth a food stamp
And at Death Row, I hear you're getting treated like boot camp
Gotta follow your sergeant's directions
Or get your ass popped with the Smith & Wesson
The title track, It's On, Eazy starts off mimicking Dre Day and Nuthin' But A G Thang:
Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay
Suck on these nuts, nigga, suck on these nuts
I tell 'em bow-wow-wow yippie-yo yippie-yay
Suck on these nuts, nigga, suck on these nuts
Ain't nuthin' but Eazy baby
He'll smoke two niggas cause they crazy
Talk a gang of shit but it dont phase me
That punk nigga Dre still pays me
On the first verse he goes back to the studio gangster and Dee Barnes disses:
Hey mister prankster prankster
Story book gangsta
Back in '86 you wore pumps and mascara
Down with the motherfuckin' Wreckin Cru, bitch
But once a bitch, always a bitch and now the fuckin' switch
Fag, with stethescope now you sag
Body slammin' bitches make Dre a bigger man
Goes at Snoop on the second verse:
Talkin' about you want to smoke the E to the A-Z-Y
Nigga this east side
Snoop Doggy Doggy Dogg you wanna try
187 on the E that ya sing
But you cling on my balls when I swing my ding-a-ling
On the last verse he checks Snoop and Dre on their street cred:
Stickin dick and my balls down your throat doggy listen
Niggas from the LBC
They never heard of ya G
And Niggas from the CPT ain't down with D-R-E
On the last verse, checks Snoop and Dre's street cred:
You can fool the people on the east coast an the mid-west
But In LA you still can't pass the test
See I can tell a pussy when I see one
Dre wearing lip stick that mean ya have to be one
Pt. 2 to come in a few days. Here we'll pick up at the disses from Big Hutch & Kokane, Tha Dogg Pound and B.G. Knocc Out & Dre'Sta. As well as the brawl at the Montell Jordan video shoot on a golf course and the DPG/Eazy & Bone Thugs arguing on the radio.
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