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Discussion in ' () these are. DEEP CHIP 2, 1: 57.3f; 4, 1: 57.2f ($157, 536) check my site. Yes, the game world itself is pretty boring compared to games.

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January 15 2020 An update was release to fix an issue where game saves would not always display requiring. Mafia 2 patch 1.3 chip. The chip and the graphic cores perform the Stress test at much lower speeds when in battery mode.

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Mafia style...

Mafia style... submitted by Attention_seeker_ to memes

Love is War: The Shinomiya Crime Family

Love is War: The Shinomiya Crime Family
Advised that this is a work of fiction...
(Sigh)... We received the files about the Shinomiya Zaibatsu, Novakov. Our JSDF friends were reluctant to share this information, but given the circumstances of their dealings; it became a problem for Coalition and Allegiance forces in Europe... including us. Here's what we got:
The Big Three: Un'yo, Gan'an, and Oko
Among the public eye, the Shinomiya Zaibatsu is a company that have reports to have own a lot of banks, cars, and trains. Pretty much a standard type like the rest of the world's biggest companies. It's because of their influence that they got a hold of the political powers in Japan, mostly to expand their operations across the country and being ignored by the cops, for the most part. Years ago, they also had a rivalry with the Shijo Corporation but due to their boss and employees being killed during a terrorist attack on major cities, it's branch in their home country was shut down, effectively eliminating other areas that the Shijo Corporation had a hold of.
It may have looked like that the Shinomiya Zaibatsu are in a good light, but here's the other side that needs addressing about them: they hired professional assassins, sell guns to military and terrorists alike, reported to have bribed the Police to let them do illegal acts, and have been known to get in touch with The Decay, a criminal that led the country in an act of defense thanks to his orchestration of liberation prisons and creating havoc. At this stage, the JSDF have called the company "The Shinomiya Crime Family" and have been keeping an eye on them for a while. They were an influencer to major gangs across the world, which includes: the Yakuza, the Russian Mafia, Clan Kelley, some branches of the Patriarch and True Patriots, and last of all... Al-Qatala. You know... the ones that attack Piccadilly Circus in 2019? Who am I kidding, you were there when that happened. Can't blame you.
Hell, we never even check the company when we aid the Japanese in quelling The Decay's attempted coup.
Novakov Munition's/Chimera's New Operatives
Anyways, back when we got the JSDF operatives, Lt. Miyuki Shirogane and Sgt. Kaguya Shinomiya, on board to join Novakov Munitions, I did suggest that we would ask them about the crime family... but you said it was a waste of time and brushed it off since they were not a major threat to us. Although true to you, it's wrong at the same time. Bookw0rm had some time to ask Kaguya about the crime family and from what I gathered: the sergeant was shocked to hear that and accused my friend for making that up. At the time, she was unaware of her family's illegal activities as she was made to not be close with it and focus on school. Even when she abandoned her family to presume her relationship with Shirogane and join the JSDF, she never thought of them as criminals since she was sheltered from them.
Stolen Russian Gas Incident
Fast forward to 2019, she was in for a rude awakening when Chimera uncovered a lot of tracking chips from crates, sent by the Shinomiya Zaibatsu, in General's Barkov's depot, implicating that they had a part in allowing Hadir and his AQ insurgents to find the Chlorine Gas. After all those years, this broke her to the core, even shifting to what Shirogane calls it "The Ice Persona". This persona of hers is basically the heartless type and considering her training with the JSDF, most of us can't imagine what Kaguya can do to us if we mess her up (Yet Kreuger is unfazed about it, which makes it not good). At that point forward, she truly resented her family.
Oko Shinomiya's compound
After finding out the Zaibatsu's involvement with Al-Qatala, the JSDF allowed Chimera to enter their country to find one of The Big Four Zaibatsu, which was Oko Shinomiya. He hasn't been hiding during the time and considering the fact that he might be arrogant, it may be possible that he thought that he would get away with the Police... but we have other ideas. While Miyuki joined with Daiki and Demon Dogs to participate in an operation in Pripyat, Kaguya joined with Chimera on the assault of Oko's compound, hoping to extract and eliminate the AQ sympathizer. It was a messy op but they manage to clear out the area and interrogate Oko, which led to his death as Kaguya gave him multiple stabs on his throat, chest, and even his head with blunt force trauma.
Oko Shinomiya: confirmed K.I.A. by Sgt. Kaguya Shinomiya
After Oko's death, Chimera continue their search for any information about the Crime Family's involvement, leading to the downfall of the Shinomiya Zaibatsu and even their assassin fleeing the country (who later places her loyalty to Shadow Company). However, Un'yo and Gan'an are still at large as their whereabouts are unknown.
There shouldn't be any more members of the Zaibatsu, right? Well... that's gonna be a negative. Sightings of their insignia are found across the world in the hands of terrorist organizations, even in the warzone of Verdansk. The remaining leaders of the Zaibatsu must be the key to their continuation... and they must be eliminated.
Still At Large: Un'yo and Gan'an Shinomiya
As for your request, we found some potential recruits that could help us in our fight. A hacker, known as Yu Ishigami, was found in London helping the fix of ctOS systems and a politician, known as Miko Iino, traveling to Russia for a political meeting. I do hope for another mission but after some thinking, I think Miyuki and Kaguya should be recruiting them. After all...
... it shouldn't be hard for them.

- Agent Linrov|Vanguard Rifleman for Novakov Munitons/KSF.
submitted by RookieFictioner to Kaguya_sama

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