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AITA for feuding with my husband (50) after he converting our new SUV into a Monster truck?

After years of saving, we finally had enough money to replace one of our 2 old family vehicles with a new one. Both of our older vehicles had become a bit old and janky, and we wanted a car that had leather seats and a bit of luxury so that we could take long road trips and drives in a pleasant way. We planned to keep this car for the next 10 years.
We were replacing the SUV he normally drives because it was a couple years older then the one I drive - so I told him to pick any SUV he wanted because he'd be the primary driver. Once I said that, he decided on a Toyota 4Runner, a SUV that is more like a truck and something he knew I would hate. I swallowed my opinion and stuck to my word, and even agreed to go over our budget $10,000 so he could get all the bells a whistles. I thought, "Well, I hate it, but at least he's happy." The following week he blacked out all the chrome with a blackout kit. Then he tinted the front side windows. Then he bought a tow kit with a trailer we don't need. (He works behind a desk). He said - "I'm getting new tires and then I'm done."
Fast forward to me returning from visiting family to our $45,000 4runner with monster tires, a lift kit, and a giant tow hitch cork of an animated character. We are in our 50's. He took me for a ride and at 5'2", I had to struggle to get into it. Since he also "leveled" it - it drives like an off road vehicle. It's bumpy and harsh. The "nice" car we'd planned to take on trips and to dinner is now a monster truck.
When I tried to move it yesterday morning from the driveway to get my car, I cranked the wheel, and the giant tires scrapped the wheel well and made a loud "ssccreechhh" as neighbors watched in disbelief and amusement. One neighbor friend asked if "I was OK." The tires are too big for the wheel well so my husband had to hack off part of the brand new car's wheel well to accommodate these giant tires. I got the credit card bill - he spent $2500 on these tires and rims.
I'm beside myself. We've been fighting nonstop. I would never do something like this to him and I don't understand how or what is happening. We rarely vacation so long drives were our way of connecting - now long drives are out unless I want to go for a bumpy and embarrassing experience. Even my 12 year old son feels embarrassed by this vehicle, and said to me "dad wants me to have the truck when I go to high school - do I have to take it?" He doesn't want to be dropped off in it - we live in a fairly conservative area that is densely populated - no where near the country where maybe this truck makes sense?
When I see this monstrosity on our narrow street, I'm filled with sadness that I can't shake. It's a car I can't enjoy - but my husband loves it. If he told me he wanted a monster truck - we could have split up the $45,000 - gotten him a slightly older truck to modify, and still gotten a decent replacement family car - but now we are tapped. AITA?
UPDATE: I asked him to read all the comments here and we'd talk when I came home. When I returned, he read them, but said it wasn't fair because it wasn't "a monster truck" - yes the tires were bigger and yes it need a lift kit to accommodate, and yes, he had to trim the wheel well even after the lift kit - but technically it wasn't "a monster truck". (To me it was, but it wasn't the clownish ones he showed me online.) I agreed it could be worse - so (for my husband) "hey Reddit peeps, my bad - it wasn't an actual monster truck, I took creative liberties that were not fair and I apologize."
Then we moved on to the bigger issue for me - my main issue was that he turned our brand new family vehicle into a mod toy that only he would enjoy. I told him it was uncomfortable and embarrassing. He really couldn't understand the "embarrassing" part. Why did I care what others thought?? He really tried to convince me that I was too concerned about what others thought and that I had a problem. At this point I changed the subject to "can we go to the store and pick up dinner?" He was grateful for the change of subject and I went upstairs to change.
I put on the tightest pink v-neck t-shirt I could find, and stuffed my sport bra with every pair of socks in my drawer. I then rolled up a few t-shirts and stuffed them in for good measure. My body was now in the shape of a very top heavy letter "P". I then commenced to tease out my long hair into the perfect 80's hairdo with lots of hairspray with makeup to match. I also threw on a pair of heels with my leggings. When I walked past our kids, they laughed. When I walked down the stairs, my husband's eyes widened. He was betting I wouldn't go outside like that, and he said "let's go" - thinking he was calling my bluff. I strutted my stuff right to his truck with an exaggerated swing. He started to sweat. Once we were in, he said - "where to?" I said, "the grocery store" (smack dab in the center of town). Halfway there - he said "Fine, I get your point". I said "take me to the store". It was packed. Once we got there I jumped out, arched back, and started strutting to the entrance - at this point he panicked and said "I get it, I get it!!!" I turned around and said - "are you sure?" - the look of fear in his eyes was enough. We both returned to the truck.
Afterwards we went for a drive and had a long talk. He explained that what he thought he was buying and what actually ended up on the car wasn't exactly the same, but he felt he was in too deep. (Didn't help that the car guys were all patting him on the back in admiration). He then convinced himself that this look was even better than what he really wanted. I then explained that a modification could void our warranty. This really freaked him out - he didn't think about this. Luckily it is the kind of lift that can easily be removed. I think in the end, the voided warranty is what swayed him. We'll take a financial hit for sure, but we're in a much better place today than this morning, and are trying to figure out what works for both of us. I'm so glad the guy I married showed up today, because I didn't marry "monster truck guy" - he's a total A-hole.
submitted by Michcat10019 to AmItheAsshole

More pics of my monster truck

More pics of my monster truck submitted by khart540i to ElectricSkateboarding

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