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Facebook Desktop - Free download and software reviews. It is a great tool for creating your customer contact list. The Covid-19 Mobility Tracker API allows developers to retrieve aggregated activity for each country and see how it changes in response to policies aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19.

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Facebook is the official Android app for the. See how you stack up against the Software community of over 100, 000 developers. MB) Notes: System Requirements: Windows 7 SP1 or newer; Mac OSX 10.11 or newer.

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Black Tuesday

Man, I was so hyped for today, like a little kid on Christmas Eve. Finally after two years of cock-teasing videos and previews about Santa Cruz / Quest and all the hints that it'd be available today - from Best Buy displays to the torture of the appallingly misjudged "Quest Countdown" idiocy, we'd finally be able to get our hands on the damn thing.

So I'm sat there with a laptop on my knees constantly refreshing the Oculus Store, Amazon, Reddit etc whilst I fire up my Go to watch F8 in VR - obviously I couldn't watch in my Rift because Oculus Venues hasn't made it to PC yet as Facebook are a bit strapped for cash after paying for an upgrade to ZuckBot's Orange Scalp Shield (which prevents the NSA from seeing into his brain with microwaves) and so haven't had any money spare during the year since Venues launched on Go to be able to recruit a couple of devs to port it over.

We then have to sit through an hour of ZuckBot droning on about privacy whilst occasionally attempting to run his new Emulate Human Laughter 2.0 protocol (which amazingly seems to be even buggier than the 1.0 version), interrupted by a bunch of cretinous Facebook employees in the audience squealing with delight for five goddamn minutes because they saw a picture of themselves on the screen (during which ZuckBot came close to crashing altogether as his Human Interface Software constantly popped up "Does Not Compute"). No it did not zucking well compute, Mark.

Anyway, finally the moment comes "So I'm excited to announce..." YES! YES! YES! "we're opening preorders for both of them today" UH OH "They're going to start shipping within a month" UGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. Hype dies. May 21st, another three goddamn weeks to wait! I hope when The History of the Future Part 2 comes out in a few years that it reveals the reason for this delay from what should obviously have been an F8 launch because when it does I'm showing up at the office of the responsible party with a flaming torch and a pitchfork.

Still, at least I've got my Quest pre-order in (although the supposedly $399 "cheap VR for the masses" headset actually cost $703 by the time you factor in the UK price for the not totally inadequate storage "option" along with a case to allow the portable headset to actually be portable. Of course headphones aren't included so I guess I'll be forking out another $50 or so later bringing the price up to an eye watering $753).

So, rear orifice still gaping after the reaming I received from ZuckBot's team, I turned to the latest Valve Index news. Good ol' Uncle Gabe - he understands gamers and gaming, and Valve have been creaming off 30% from every PC game for a decade so they have billions stashed away ready to heavily subsidise their new 16k per eye super awesome headset with amazing new top secret features which will make high end VR accessible to all gamers at a bargain price, combined with them finally releasing the three VR games they promised years ago instead of just selling imaginary digital hats. HL3VR, L4D3VR & Portal 3 VR! Oh boy, this'll be great.

What's that you say? A THOUSAND GODDAMN DOLLARS? ($1200 in the UK!). Holy crap, are they insane? I guess Gabe needs to buy a new mega-yacht but doesn't want to cut into the enormous pile of thousand dollar bills he sleeps on. But at least that includes the three awesome Valve games right? Nope, apparently after three years of sitting around with their thumbs up their asses they're hoping to release "a" game in 2019 (but you don't even get that one or indeed any software whatsoever included for your THOUSAND DOLLARS). For the price of a Valve Irrelevant you could buy a Rift S, a Quest, $200.90 worth of software (which will work on both headsets thanks to cross buy) and you'll still have 10 cents left over which you can put in a savings account and by the time HL3, L4D3 and Portal 3 finally come to VR you'll probably be able to buy all three of them thanks to the magic of compound interest.

But what about the amazing new top secret Roswell tech that Valve have added to justify the THOUSAND DOLLAR price? Well, er it turns out they've invented earphones which don't touch your ears, although "invented" is maybe putting it a bit strong since the OG HTC Vive had a similar feature (although they pulled it off by not including any earphones on the headset at all).

But surely that can't be all? No, of course not, how could anyone think Valve would expect people to pay a THOUSAND DOLLARS for a headset whose only notable addition is earphones which don't touch your ears? Actually the Valve Middle Finger has one final killer feature which totally justifies the price tag. Wait for it.....yep it includes a hole. Do you sometimes wish you had a place to keep your car keys but hate pockets? Well Valve have you covered, they've added a hole to the front of the device, a little secret compartment where you can keep your keys or any loose change you have remaining after paying a THOUSAND DOLLARS for the Valve Idiocy.

So there we have it. Valve have made a headset for the 17 people on the planet who are willing to pay a THOUSAND DOLLARS for a VR headset. A VR headset with an LCD screen, the same res as (but lower PPD than) the $400 standalone Quest, and an utterly pointless higher refresh rate (when no PC on the planet can consistently run at a constant 90fps with all current VR games, never mind at 144 fps).

And of those 17 people, 15 can't afford it anyway as they already blew all their money on a Vive Pro or a Pimax. I guess that just leaves 2 people but to protect their anonymity I'll refer to them as Palmer L and Gabe N, no wait, that's too obvious. Let's call them P Luckey and G Newell instead. I hope you both enjoy your headsets guys!
submitted by DickDastardlyUK to oculus [link] [comments]

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