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The Tantrax Entertainment System

Hello, one and all! Welcome to the Tantrax Entertainment System. We are the foremost purveyors of all personal amusement and entertainment in all of Sector 5. Our multi-body amusement park / luxury resort encompasses three planets, four moons, and six Y-class space stations. Our diverse range of entertainment options guarantees fun for the whole family1 or for more intimate holidays.
1 Alternatively, fun for the whole pod/hive/colony

About Tantrax System

(Warning: boring science ahead!)
Tantrax Luminaris [Star #11] is a Red Giant star measuring at 1.8 solar masses and 155 solar radii, spectral type M3. Tests have determined that it is approximately 100 million years into its Red Giant phase. (Unofficially we call this star the Shining Ruby, for it is the crown jewel of our beloved system, and its warm red glow is always a welcome sight for travellers).
Tantrax Belkaris is the first planet from the sun {0.9 Earth mass, 1.1 Earth radii} was probably once a fertile and habitable world, but after the sun expanded, its atmosphere was burnt off and is now reduced to scorched rock (colour: burgundy). It is also suggested there were two other inner planets that got completely devoured by the sun's expansion.
Tantrax Akaris is the most habitable planet in the system. (If Tantrax Luminaris is our Shining Ruby, then Akaris is certainly our Gleaming Sapphire). {1.4 Earth mass, 1.3 Earth radii; atmosphere colour: turquoise} More than 100 million years ago, this planet was frozen and inhospitable, but now it is warm and fertile, teaming with life. There is one mega-continent that runs from the north to south poles, taking up roughly 20% of the planet's surface area. Due to an excess of carbon and oxygen in the atmosphere, much of the continent is tropical, though the equatorial region is baked desert that supports little life (but is great for solar panels, which power many of our attractions!). Only the extreme north and south regions are affected by seasons, where they will freeze solid in the winter but thaw almost completely in the summer. Most of the planet is ocean, with some islands nearby to the main continent, and two great mountain ranges bisecting the planet.
Akaris Principa is the first moon of Tantrax Akaris. Its size is 0.2 Earth radii and analysis of its composition suggests it should have equivalent mass. However, its gravitational field is equal to a mass of 0.8 Earth mass. This is the result of some exotic material introduced to the core to artificially increase the gravity. This allows for easy movement on the surface {within protected enclosures, since there is no atmosphere} and awesome tidal effects on the planet.
Akaris Seconda is the second moon of Tantrax Akaris. 0.15 Earth radii and 0.14 Earth mass, but for real this time.
Tantrax Athoris is the third planet in the system. {0.5 Earth mass/Earth radius; atmosphere colour: green} (the Deep Emerald to continue our celestial jewel set). This is a chlorine planet, home to clouds and seas of hydrochloric acid. Therefore it is fatal to most forms of life, but does have a few native inhabitants. It is also home to many unique rock formations and interesting mountain ranges.
Tantrax Bellerophos is the fourth planet in the system. {0.7 Earth mass, 3.2 Earth radii; atmosphere colour: yellow} (and finally comes our Sparkling Topaz). Bellerophos is a gas dwarf with a low mass given its volume, and a thick atmosphere of Hydrogen, Helium, and Nitrogen. This planet is home to the Guraga.
Bellerophos Principa is the first moon of Bellerophis. 0.1 Earth mass and 0.11 Earth radii.
The asteroid belt rings the solar system past the fourth planet and exists as a valuable source of platinum. [I won't ask you to add this to the image, ophereon]
Tantrax V is the fifth planet and is of little note. Gas giant {0.6 Jupiter mass, 0.9 Jupiter radii; atmosphere colour: yellow}
Edrephos is the first moon of Tantrax V. 0.25 Earth mass, 0.3 Earth radii.
Tantrax VI is a gas giant {1.4 Jupiter mass; 1.6 Jupiter radii; atmosphere colour: white}
Tantrax VII is a frozen outer planet {0.4 Earth mass; 0.4 Earth radii; atmosphere colour: none (grey)}

Brief History

The history of the TES stems from the joining of two unlikely allies and one remarkable visionary.
The Tantrax System was discovered 500 years ago a Centauri colony searching for a new Warp Gate. They found one a short distance outside the orbit of Tantrax Akaris. While going about the process of activating it, they established a base on the nearby moon Akaris Principa and were astonished to discover its artificially enhanced gravity. They reasoned this had to be the handiwork of the Nameless and began searching for other artifacts.
While they didn't locate much in the way of technology, they found the climate on Tantrax Akaris very favourable. Word got back through Centauri ranks and it became a much sought-after post. But everything changed 60 years after first colonization when there was a new arrival in Sector 5. Red Star Line was a company from the Centauri homeworld. It had launched two ships into a deep space, full of wealthy passengers intent on creating a luxury colony elsewhere in the galaxy.
The first ship cryonically froze its passengers, and they woke up much like their old selves. The second ship allowed passengers to live freely, and after four generations, they had descended into a life of indulgence and debauchery. The two sets of passengers were wholly incompatible and not suited for settling into one luxury resort. A few Centauri monks, along with the primary Red Star AI and some of the more intelligence passengers began discussing plans to create a permanent recreational colony. And they began to see merit in the idea of expanding it to be open to members of all different civilizations across Sector 5. But this would require several distinct parts highly varied in their style of accommodation.
After years of debate, it became clear that despite an idea and the technology, they were going to get nowhere without a keen-minded individual who could take charge of the whole operation. A routine survey of the Akari coastline would lead them to discovering just that (and the rest is history!)


(Now that we have those details out of the way, here is what you are really after!)
The Tantrax Entertainment System boasts 3,416 individual unique attractions. You will have to download our Full Park Guide to read about them all, but you can read about our most popular destinations below.
Rassian Bay Water Park. One of our perennially popular attractions located by the picturesque Rassian Bay. The area encompasses 671 individual attractions, including water slides (regular and sonic), log rides, water cannons, whirlpools, Klein sloops, bungee jumps and hyperjumps, and the famous Akaris Aquarium that showcases 6,899 different aquatic species from around Sector 5
Rassian Bay. If you don't want to go the the water park, then the bay and ocean themselves are open for you. Due to the tidal forces, beaches average 9 km wide, so amphibious trams are available for transport. It is a prime location for surfing, although beginners are advised to stick to the training pools until certified. Underwater exploration is popular for both free and scuba diving. There is a strict precaution not to venture beyond the reef unless in a protected submersible. And all watercraft are reminded not to pass beyond the mountain range under any circumstances.
Akaris Midway. The largest contiguous amusement park in the galaxy. It features 88 roller coasters and 212 unique thrill rides, 44 entertainment venues, and 547 games of skill and chance for you to try your hand at.
Pokita and Lomba Resorts. These resorts are both located on the eastern coast of the Akaris landmass, separated by roughly 100 km of rocky coastline. Pokita is a pleasant and relaxing beach destination, where visitors can engage in nature walks, boat tours, sporting activities, and plain old time in the sun. Lomba is for guests looking for less relaxation and more intimate forms of recreation. Lomba Resort is not recommended for asexual species, as they will most likely be confused. For more information, consult the Adults-Only Park Guide.
Skyward Midway. This is another amusement park, featuring thrill rides of all descriptions. But this one, being located on the moon Akaris Seconda, takes advantage of low gravity that allows guests to explore new, dizzying heights. The most popular attraction is the Yando Slingshot, which places guests in a sphere and hurtles them into space, attached to a 20 km tether.
The Athoris Recreation Fields. Due to the highly corrosive atmosphere, there isn't a lot of infrastructure in place here, and what is in place is very carefully maintained. But between the low gravity and the extreme rock formations, it is a popular destination for athletes and climbing enthusiasts (fitted with the proper protective gear).
Bellerophos Lab & Circlet. Bellerophos Principa was originally a mine for Ha-V, but became used for an ultra-low G scientific lab. Guests can take a tour of the whole lab and see various works of Centauri engineering. But if that is too educatioal, you are welcome to take a ride on the Circlet: a roller coaster that wraps the entire circumference of the moon.
Edrephos Star Resort. Located on the distant moon of Edrephos past the asteroid belt, this is the most exclusive resort in the TES. This is for people who truly want to get away from it all. Rooms all come with glass ceilings, allowing guests an unobstructed view of the glittering stars.
Chowai Casino and Hotel. This is located on a space station in orbit around Akaris. Wealthy denizens from all across Sector 5 come to try their luck. Some will walk away very wealthy indeed. The rest will leave with beautiful memories. It also features a hotel, including a number of exclusive theme rooms.
Tantrax Relaxation Sphere. This is for guests who truly need to unwind. The top 6 levels are a spa that combines massage and relaxation techniques from several different world, adapted to numerous physiologies. To read about the lower 8 levels, please consult The Adulst-Only Park Guide.
Tantrax Convention Centre. This space station is divided into 16 separate convention spaces. All are available for booking individually or in combination. On rare occasions the entire station is booked out for a single event. The events this centre is used for vary quite widely. (As of the beginning of year 700SY, there will be an extra 50% added to the damage deposit for Penultimate Parties)

The Staff

The Red Star Line AIs are some of the friendliest in the galaxy. They come in a variety of forms, ranging from short and practical to visually appealing, and they are always happy to help. Some of the most prominent models you will encounter are Saunders, the affable concierge, Wilforth, the level-headed park manager, and Betsy, the compassionate guest services coordinator.
Although AI can serve many valuable functions, our rides often require an organic touch. We are pleased to announce 200 years of cooperation with the Guragae of Tantrax Bellerophos. These folks have a unique physiological trait which makes them only comfortable when in constant motion. This has made them perfect as the pilots for our many hundreds of fast-moving thrill rides. They can operate the rides from inside, responding calmly to any eventuality.


Arrival at Tantrax Entertainmet System is as easy as catching a lift at your nearest Warp Gate. Once through the entry gate, a shuttle will take you to the main entrance on Akaris Principa. From there, many shuttles will be waiting to ferry you to whichever destination you choose. Hyperlane jump points make travel between the most remote parts of the system a breeze.
There is also the increasingly popular option of Doppelganger Transit. Maybe you don't have time to take a long vacation right now. You can always visit a DGT station at any participating Warp Gate. Send your consciousness through the wormhole and have it implanted into a temporary clone on the other end. The clone will enjoy its holiday while you continue with your important work. At the end of its lifespan (typically one week), its new memories will be harvested and sent back through the wormhole, where the original may download them at any convenient time.
DGT is also helpful for creating specialized clones that allow guests to explore areas they otherwise wouldn't. Acid-resistant clones have been created for use on Athoris, which means that guests can enjoy their activities there without the need for cumbersome protective suits.

A Word from the President

Over the past 400 years, the Tantrax Entertainment System has grown from a simple dream hatched on a lonely moon to the greatest tourist destination in all of Sector 5. It has been my privilege to help shape and steer TES in all this time. I could not have done it alone, of course. And I certainly could not do it without our loyal guests who keep returning to us, year after year. To all those guests, I make the simple promise: as long as you stay committed to us, we will stay committed to you.
submitted by Cereborn to createthisworld

150 or so mods that you should use!

About six months ago I posted my list of recommended mods. In the intervening time, new mods have come out, v1.1 has been released, some mods were updated (and some weren't), and I've changed my mind on some mods. So I figured it was a good time to update my list.
Good news is this was made (sort of easier) by the ModList mod, which allows you to export your list of mods. I still took the time to categorize them, write a description, and format for reddit. And they're all linked this time!
There are just shy of 150 mods in this list. I hope all of you can find something you like!
I've changed my categorization a bit. Instead of categorizing them as critical/great/promising, I've categorized them by the type of mod. Here's the explanation of the categories:
  • Frameworks: These are mods that modders rely on to build other mods. They almost always have to go near the top of your load order.
  • Mod Management: These are mods that help you manage your mods better. Nice when you have ~150 or more mods installed.
  • Setup: That part of the game you do before your colonists land on their map? That's the setup. These mods change or improve that part of the game. Usually only relevant to a new game and doesn't impact saves.
  • Alerts: Either the messages that show up in the upper left or over on the right hand side of the screen. These mods add new alerts to keep you better informed.
  • User Interface: In this context, I'm using "user interface" to mean the parts of the game that you, the player, use to control your colony. These mods change, add, or improve those tools.
  • Visuals: These mods don't do anything but change how something looks.
  • Objects: These are things your pawns build or use. Note that some objects might also have gameplay impacts, but those impacts can't exist without the object.
  • Gameplay: These tend to be the most complex mods. They're going to change how your pawns behave, work, interact, fight, etc.
"Objects" and "Gameplay" are the biggest categories.
Mods are presented in no particular order (other than the categorization).
Regarding performance, I am currently (as of post date) running all of these mods in my current game without any performance hit. I usually keep my colony to around 15 colonists, but sometimes it'll peak up to 20-25 colonists w/ prisoners and guests. Can't vouch for bigger colonies. I run on a 2014 iMac 3.5 GHz i5, 8 GB RAM with an AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4 GB graphics card, so not a rinky-dink machine, but certainly not cutting edge either.
For load order, as long as you keep the frameworks at the top, I haven't had many problems with load order. And the new Auto Sort Mods feature in 1.1 has solved those. Nearly all of these can be safely added mid-game except for some of the Setup mods, which require a new game to be of any use. No warranty about removing them mid-game.
And, finally, while I've got your attention, I'm gonna get a pet peeve off my chest: "Modders" are the people who make mods. If you just use mods in your game, you're not a "modder." You're just a player who uses mods. If you're that, then ferpetesake don't call yourself a "modder." It's disrespectful to the actual modders who volunteer their time and skills to improve our gaming experience.
Having dispensed with my little pet peeve/gatekeeping, I present to you:
  • Harmony by Andreas Pardeike -- Mod framework required by many mods
  • HugsLib by UnlimitedHugs -- Mod framework required by many mods
  • RIMMSAssemble by Malte Schulze -- Mod framework required by many mods
  • Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 by erdelf -- Mod framework required by mods that add non-human pawns
  • Giddy-up! Core by Roolo -- Framework to support making mods that enable riding animals.
  • RuntimeGC(unofficial) by YAYO (Original by user19990313) -- Tools that allows you to do some memory cleaning, etc. if your game is stuttering. Use with caution.
Mod Management
  • Startup impact by AUTOMATIC -- Measure how long other mods take to start up. Use to figure out what's slowing down your load time.
  • ModSwitch by DoctorVanGogh, Aviuz -- Mod management tool that lets you maintain multiple different mod lists and switch between them.
  • ModList by pyrce -- Saves an HTML version of your mods with author and description to a Rimworld folder on your computer.
  • Better ModMismatch Window by Madeline -- If your mods or load order have changed since you last loaded a save, this will give you a useful visual comparing old and current mod list.
  • Facial Stuff PrepC Patch by Killface -- Patch for Facial Stuff to allow it to work with the Prepare Carefully mod
  • RimSaves by aRandomKiwi -- Better management of save files.
  • EdB Prepare Carefully by EdB -- Allows you to customize your pawns for a new game. Design, save, and load custom pawns.
  • Real Ruins by mr.teterew -- New maps are spawned with ruins that are a bit more meaningful and sometimes you'll find useful items in
  • Prepare Landing by neitsa -- Tools for filtering planet hexes to find that perfect spot for your colony to land.
  • No Research 1.1 by NewsofPE -- Allows you to start without any research at all.
  • [KV] Faction Control - 1.1 by Rainbeau Flambe (original) & Kiame Vivacity -- Gives you more control over how many and what types of factions are generated when the world is generated.
  • Realistic Planets - Fan Update by Updated by Saucy_Pigeon -- Allows you more control over the specific of the planet when starting a new game.
  • Level Up! by krafs -- Alerts you to when a pawn levels up a skill (or goes down a level in a skill)
  • We Had a Trader? (Continued) by Mlie -- Alerts you when a trader is on the map.
  • Predator Hunt Alert by tammybee -- Alerts you when a predator is hunting a colonist or animal.
  • Blighted Alert by Vaniat -- Alerts you to when blight happens to your crops
  • Extra Alerts by Zylle -- Adds some useful alerts for a variety of things to make your colony management easier and more transparent.
User Interface
  • Set Owner for Prisoner Beds by AUTOMATIC -- Decide which prisoners get the good beds and which sleep on the floor.
  • Dubs Mint Menus by Dubwise -- Adds lots of improvements to the bill interfaces, including search. Also adds a different quick selection UI, but I don't use that.
  • Heat Map by Falconne -- Overlay that shows you how hot or cold your rooms are.
  • Better Workbench Management by Falconne -- Improves the UI for managing bills at workbenches (drag-n-drop, more options, etc.)
  • Work Tab by Fluffy -- Provides more prioritization levels for the Work tab (0-9), scheduling of work by hour, and more granular control over tasks within each work category.
  • Area Unlocker by Fluffy -- Better zone area management, control over colors, quick renaming, drag-n-drop, etc.
  • Medical Tab by Fluffy -- Comprehensive, filterable medical overview tab for colonists, prisoners, animals, enemies, etc.
  • Animal Tab by Fluffy -- Adds more functionality to the Animals tabl.
  • Pharmacist by Fluffy -- Set up rules about which types of medicine to use for which types of problems.
  • [FSF] No Default Shelf Storage by FrozenSnowFox -- Shelves default to allowing nothing instead of everything. Makes it easier to assign what you want to the shelf.
  • Simple Search Bar by gguake -- Adds a search tool to stockpile filters, bills, caravan items, trade items, etc.
  • Moody by Giant Space Hamster -- Provides a floating, collapsible interface to get an at-a-glance view on lots of different pawn stats.
  • RimHUD by Jaxe -- Vastly improves the colonist status in the lower left.
  • Toggle Harvest by Jaxe -- Toggle whether growing zones allow sowing and allow harvesting. Better manage your farm.
  • Quick Stockpile Creation by LongWater -- Gives you an option to automatically create a stockpile for an item by clicking on the item.
  • Apparel Organizer (Continued) by Mlie -- Sorts apparel into categories for easier discovery. Unfortunately, does NOT work with Vaniall Apparel Expanded. :-(
  • More Harvest Designators! by NavySeal -- Chop only mature trees, harvest only fully grown plants, etc.
  • ResearchPal by notfood -- Overhauls the Research menu
  • CM Color Coded Mood Bar [1.1] by PorqueNoLosDos (Updated by CrashM) -- Color codes pawns' moods in the colonist bar at the top of the screen.
  • More Planning by Rhaks -- Adds a Planning item on the Architect menu with multiple colored planning tools.
  • Numbers by TalliDown -- Super-useful customizable reporting interface for all sorts of needs. Create custom views to see different reports on colonists, enemies, animals, etc etc.
  • Allow Tool by UnlimitedHugs -- Adds a "Haul Things Urgently" work type that I can't imagine living without anymore.
  • Everybody Gets One by Uuugggg -- Lets you set a bill to build "X per colonist" (specific number of items per colonist) or "One per colonist +X" to give everyone an item and have a few extra on hand.
  • Replace Stuff by Uuugggg -- Let's you mark structures to be replaced with different materials, instead of deconstructing and rebuilding. I.e. replace wooden walls with granite walls.
  • Hunt for Me by aRandomKiwi -- Gives tamed predator animals a trainable skill where you can send them out to hunt game for the colony on their own.
  • Kill for me by aRandomKiwi -- Send packs of animals out to attack for you instead of doing it yourself.
  • Android tiers by Atlas -- Build multiple different types of androids, either self-directing or allow fleshbag human colonists to remotely operate droid avatars while they stay safe at home.
  • Grazing Lands by avilmask -- Grass will regrow so it's easier to let your animals out to pasture to graze. Save that kibble for the pets.
  • Common Sense by avilmask -- Bunch of useful behavioral changes for colonists, highly configurable.
  • Cremate Auto Strip by bdew -- Automatically strip corpo
  • Metal Doesn't Burn by Crlsniper -- Just what it says: metals can't catch on fire.
  • Nurse Job by Darth_Sergeant -- Adds a Nurse job so any pawn (except the non-caring) can do things like feed or chat up patients in the hospital, not just Doctors.
  • Impassable Chest-deep Water by DropbearNinja -- Makes those wide rivers more realistically problematic.
  • Dubs Paint Shop by Dubwise -- Lets you paint items different colors.
  • Dubs Bad Hygiene by Dubwise -- Expansive mod that adds wells, pumps, plumbing, toilets, baths/showers, boilers, hot water heaters, radiators, washing machines that remove taint, etc.
  • [FSF] Filth Vanishes With Rain And Time by FrozenSnowFox -- Rain washes away blood and dirt on exposed outdoor surfaces.
  • QualityBuilder by Hatti -- Allows you to mark items that have a quality output to only be built by the best builder. No more having your construction lvl 2 pawn build shitty chairs.
  • QualitySurgeon by Hatti -- The best doctor pawn will be prioritized for operations, not some just-out-of-glitterworld schlub with a 2 medical skill!
  • Mortar Accuracy by Hob Took -- Improves mortar accuracy and allows colonists to better aim at moving targets.
  • Questionable Ethics Enhanced by KongMD -- Vat-grown organs and clones, brain transplants, and other Frankenstein-y stuff.
  • [1.1] Psychology (unofficial) by Linq -- Adds a lot more complexity to pawn psychology, including diseases like PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety. Also has a system for electing a Colony Mayor.
  • Pick Up And Haul by Mehni, Uuugggg -- Pawns will load up their available inventory with things to haul instead of hauling just one item at a time.
  • [RF] Rumor Has It.... (Continued) by Mlie -- Pawns will gossip about each other, form cliques, and even defect from the colony if they can't get along with others.
  • Less Arbitrary Surgery (Continued) by Mlie -- Changes surgery behavior for non-lethal vs lethal surgeries and adds variability to the impact of failure. Now there can be minor failures as well as serious fails.
  • Colony Leadership by Nandonalt (Maintained by McKay) -- Colonists elect leaders. Being around leaders gives a mood boost. Leaders can train other colonists in a classroom. Plays well with Psychology mod's Mayor role.
  • Dynamic Diplomacy by NilchEi -- NPC factions interact with other NPC factions. Their outcomes can affect your colony.
  • MendAndRecycle by NotFood -- Workbench you have to research, allows for recycling of apparel and mending of worn apparel. Requires crafting mending kits to "fuel" the bench.
  • More Than Capable by notfood -- Pawns aren't ever actually incapable of a certain type of work; you can still force them to do it, but they'll be unhappy and inefficient at it.
  • Animals Logic by Oblitus -- Bunch of useful behavioral changes for animals, highly configurable.
  • Hospitality by Orion -- Allows your colony to run a hotel for guests to earn profit, improve faction relations, and maybe recruit a pawn or two away to your colony.
  • Vanilla Events Expanded by Oskar Potocki, Kikohi, Helixien -- Lots of fantastic additional events that add to the story. I particularly enjoy the Space Battle and Traitor events.
  • Vanilla Fishing Expanded by Oskar Potocki, Sarg Bjornson -- Adds the ability for pawns to fish at designated fishing zones on water.
  • Simple sidearms by PeteTimesSix -- Allows pawns to carry a sidearm (melee weapon or pistol) in addition to their main weapon. Set rules for switching between them.
  • [KV] Consolidated Traits - 1.1 by Rainbeau Flambe (original) & Kiame Vivacity -- Adds a several dozen new traits to the game
  • Fertile Fields [1.1] by Rainbeau Flambe and Jamaican Castle -- Expansive mod that allows for various terraforming, crafting compost and fertilizer, agricultural improvements, etc.
  • RunAndGun by Roolo -- Allows pawns to shoot while moving (but with a significant penalty to aim and speed).
  • Giddy-up! Caravan by Roolo -- Ride caravan animals and get to your destination more quickly
  • Giddy-up! Battle Mounts by Roolo -- Ride animals into battle! Raiders will do this as well.
  • Giddy-up! Ride and Roll by Roolo -- Ride animals to far away tasks or to haul items.
  • Dye Vat by Sam_ -- Dye cloth to make fashionable outfits. Raiders will also have dyed clothes. If you recycle dyed clothes you get colored cloth that you can bleach or re-dye.
  • [SF] Priority treatment 1.1 by Shotgunfrenzy -- Change priorities for wounds/infections/diseases so pawns assigned Doctor work on those before anything else … like getting dinner or playing horseshoes.
  • Harvest Organs Post Mortem by Smuffle -- Why slaughter prisoners when you can harvest organs from corpses. Gotta be fast, though, because organs go bad quickly.
  • [SYR] Set Up Camp by Syrchalis -- Allows a caravan to pause on a hex and make camp, explore the hex, hunt, mine, etc. etc., instead of having to make and abandon a settlement.
  • Where is my weapon? by tammybee -- Downed colonists who drop their weapons will go re-equip them once they're healthy enough to move again.
  • Unofficial Simple Slavery by Thirite, Ziehn, Quebek -- Craft slave collars and turn prisoners into slaves. They'll work for you as any colonist, but occasionally try to escape … until you break their will.
  • DontBlockDoorMod[1.0][1.1] by tikubonn -- Stops pawns from blocking doorways open by dropping items in the doorway.
  • Room Food by Uuugggg -- Encourages pawns to eat food that's stored in the dining room (any room with a table) instead of running across the colony to pick up a meal and run back.
  • Share The Load by Uuugggg -- Multiple people can haul things to the same location at once.
  • Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering by Ykara -- Build advanced prosthetics, bionics, and synthetic organs.
submitted by DoctorOddfellow to RimWorld

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