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Hacked explaining the Mars Photo Colorization

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Crack eGPS 1.6 User manual

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Digimon with different color schemes in story games

In digimon story games, would you mind more recolors of digimon if they were treated like shinys from Pokemon? For example, blackwargreymon would be a rare encounter of wargreymon, but the only difference would be its color and type, virus instead of vaccine. The stats, support skills, and moves, would still all be the same. I think if they did something like this, it would increase the number of digimon available while not taking as much work or data aa making them two separate digimons. Your opinions?
submitted by araarq to digimon

Tekken Mobile inclusions - Alisa Bosconovitch ideas

Let me preface by saying that even though the developers seemingly don't want to participate in this community, even though I don't feel confident they will even read this, I love the character of Alisa enough to waste massive time to record clips and write this up. Edit: Thanks for the acknowledgement, devs. I'm still salty that Alisa was excluded from a mobile tekken game again, when Lili and Asuka are typical shoe-ins. Now onto the subject at hand:
I've compiled what I believe to be a varied and interesting set up for how Alisa can be depicted in Tekken Mobile, while best considering some rules and restrictions I gathered based on observing other characters. As Tekken Mobile is a worldwide release, I've omitted chainsaw and head removal moves. This equals to less development and distributive resources needed.
Alisa Bosconovitch Element: Lightning Outfits: -Tier 1/2 outfit - Tekken 6 1P outfit (and recolor) -Tier 3 - Tekken 6 2P outfit -Tier 4 - Tekken 7 1P outfit. Intro pose - This one or it could be this one. Winpose - This one or it could be this one, though I like her T6 winpose where she flies away.
-Attacks- Short Range Tap Combo - Accelerator Combo Long Range Tap Combo - Quick Slider to Uplink Knee Hold Attack - Boot to Linear Elbow
-Wazas- Thirty wazas like everyone else. Focus on strike waza.
Strike Waza Tier 0 - Overflow, Deadlock, Trance Accelerator Kick Tier 1 - Jumper Switch, Spinning Top Tier 2 - Down Time, Triple Session Tier 3 - Cradle Star, Linear Drop Kick Tier 4 - Cutover, Linear Punch
Launcher Waza Tier 0 - Pickup, Harpoon Sweep Tier 1 - Digital Lift Tier 2 - Gigabyte Hammer Tier 3 - Spear Fishing Tier 4 - Inbound Kick, Dynamic Range (1hit)
Stun Waza Tier 0 - Daisy Chain Tier 1 - Cyclone Mixer (2hit) Tier 2 - Trance Hammer Tier 3 - Worm Virus Tier 4 - Double Threading
Guard Break Waza Tier 0 - Stop Bit Tier 1 - Backup to Recovery Hook Tier 2 - Cute But Deadly Tier 3 - Accelerator Tier 4 - Overload
Throw Waza Tier 2 - Trigger Shuffle Tier 3 - Double Bull Shoot
Hopefully Alisa can make it into the Tekken Mobile. Ideally, I'd hope for the game to improve upon itself an eventually add everyone, though.
submitted by Kilvoctu to TEKKENMobile

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