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PMCC Strategy

Hey gang, this is my first post and I wanted to share my PMCC strategy that I've been doing for the last few months. I wrote it like a guide so it may read a little weird. There's also probably a million of these post but I'd like to get some opinions:
Trading Plan - Synthetic Covered Call
This is a monthly income strategy that attempts to minimize risk at the cost of capping upside gains. The basic idea is to purchase a deep ITM call with an expiration date of a year or more and then sell monthly or weekly calls against it, this is known as a synthetic covered call or the poor man’s covered call.
- Less capital required than a traditional covered call strategy.
- Risk is capped to the cost of the deep ITM long call.
- The short leg of the trade is covered by the ITM long call should the underlying move drastically higher.
- The cost basis of the long call is reduced over time until both legs need to be closed or the long call either expires worthless or gets sold for a profit at expiration.
- If you can hold on to the long call until expiration and it has been over a year it will be viewed as a long-term capital gain.
- If the underlying moves down and stays down it can be difficult to sell calls against it and may end in a loss if there is a rally after selling a call below your break-even strike.
- The short legs need to be managed, this is not a set it and forget it strategy like buying stock and holding.
- Premium earned on your short calls that are sold on a weekly or monthly basis will be considered short-term capital gains.
Assumptions and Variables:
- I am trying to find underlying equities that are high value growth stocks (to me) that I believe will be at or above the break-even price of the long call at expiration.
- The preferable monthly return on short calls are greater than 5% of the cost of the long call.
- The price of the deep ITM long call is less than around $5,000.
- I will only be allocating approximately 50%-60% of my account to this strategy, leaving 30% cash and 10%-20% for other strategies and hedging.
The Greeks:
Theta - There's no real risk here, you are using it to your advantage with this strategy. The only downside of PMCC vs traditional is that there is some small theta on the long call, but usually when you are talking LEAPs that's not much of an issue and should be offset greatly by the short calls. There could be some risk of theta decay if you are close to the strike price near expiration but hopefully you have taken some action by then or made your cost basis in short calls.
Vega - IV risk is real when a stock has a large run up (like TSLA, AAPL) and the LEAPs price in that continued movement for years to come. Many bullish stocks have a short term run up and then base for a long time before their next move. The whole time it is basing (can be years) the IV drops and you are losing money on your call even though the underlying price is stagnant. Again, it should be offset by the short calls, but it is worth noting when choosing which underlying to use this strategy on.
Credit for this section goes to u/drewdawg101
Strategy Breakdown:
  1. Purchase a deep ITM call around an .80 delta with an expiration date of 365 days or greater.
The strike price of the call plus the cost of the option is the cost basis of 100 shares should you need to exercise for whatever reason.
I purchased 1 x AAPL call expiring 21 Jan 22 with a strike price of $75 for $37.85 ($3785), my cost basis on 100 shares is $75 + $37.85 = $112.85. This should also be your break-even price.
  1. Sell a covered call on either a weekly or monthly basis to collect enough premium that will give you approximately 5%-10% return on your investment (sometimes more, sometimes less). The strike price of the covered call you sell should be above the break-even price of the ITM call you purchased; in this instance I am looking at a strike price of above $112.85. There are two other variables that I consider: probability of touch and delta.
After making sure my strike is above my cost basis, I like probably of touch to be less than 50% and delta to be around .30 to .20 because I do not want to have to close out my short call for a loss and I do not want to sell my long call.
  1. Keep a log of the premiums that you have earned each month and subtract it from the cost of your long call to recalculate the true cost basis and new break-even price of your shares.
Possible outcomes and adjustments:
All the options listed below are on the table for me in this strategy and will be dependent on market conditions and what the underlying is doing.
- The underlying increases past your strike price of your short call.
Option 1: Close both legs for a gain, purchase another long call and start again.
Option 2: Roll the short call out for a credit.
Option 3: Close the short leg for a loss and sell another at a higher strike price and later expiration (this may be preferable if you are worried about short-term capital gains).
Option 4: Roll the long call up to receive more credit while rolling the short call up to keep max profit at or above the original amount (this can reset your long-term capital gains timer) – Credit to u/Oh-I-Misunderstood
- The underlying decreases but you can still sell calls at a strike higher than your cost basis:
Option 1: Do nothing and let the short leg expire worthless then sell another call.
Option 2: Roll down for a bigger credit.
- The underlying decreases and you cannot sell calls at a strike price above your cost basis:
Option 1: Determine a stop loss that you are comfortable with on the Deep ITM call. If you have an open contract on the short side, you will have to consider both contracts at the same time. If you close out the long leg because it is down without closing out the short you can be stuck with a naked call and may end up with big losses if the stock rallies. Credit to u/drewdawg101
Option 2: Let your current short call expire worthless and sell another call, if the underlying rallies and goes past the strike of your short call you may have to close out both for a small loss or buy back the short call for a loss.
Option 3: Do nothing and wait for the underlying to rally to a price where you can sell calls at a preferable strike.
Option 4: Buy the dip, sell calls against your new long call further reducing your cost basis of both contracts while reaping the benefits of the inevitable rally.
Current holdings and returns:
For the month of October, I started this strategy with the following AAPL and QQQ contracts:
21 Jan 22 AAPL $75 Call for $37.85
17 Sep 21 QQQ $210 Call for $74.60
Total Invested - $11,245 (Max loss)
Premium Earned - $968 for an 8.6% return (this is locked in now and not potential returns at the end of the month of October)
Updated Cost Basis – AAPL $105.64, QQQ $281.63
Current value of long contracts: AAPL $43.675 (+$582.30), QQQ $82.43 (+$782.30)
For the month of November, I have added SPCE, GME, and ROKU so along with my QQQ and AAPL I have a potential gain of $1564 for the month (although I have not sold a call against AAPL yet for November). This should give me about a 7.5% return as it stands on a $20,980 investment.
Ultimately, if you do nothing else but sell calls until expiration of your long contracts you should own them for much less and you should be able to sell them for a nice profit. I also plan to compound my returns by using the premium I have earned to purchase more contracts.
Future plans for this strategy:
Additional contracts I plan on adding are 3 more contracts of SPCE, 3 more contracts of GME, DIA, LOW, WMT, NIO, DOW, AMD, and DD with plans to earn about $3,046 a month. This should allow for an additional 1 or 2 contracts a month to start compounding returns. I may wait on the more expensive contracts like DIA and LOW until I have more capital so I can have about 30% allocated to cash for other strategies, and keep each trade allocation to less than 10% (my ideal trade allocation is 1%-5%).
Another option for this strategy is to buy 2 long contracts but only sell 1 call on each equity, this way you can capitalize on any upside gains but still reduce your cost basis over time. This does however double your capital requirement and increases your exposure.
Disclaimer: I am not a professional trader or financial advisor; I am sharing this for you guys to either learn something from it or poke holes in the plan. The stocks I have chosen are stocks that I like to trade, and I am not endorsing any equities whatsoever. Also, trading options is risky, please only invest what you can afford to lose.
TL:DR – Buy LEAPS, sell monthly calls
If there's any interest in this I'll post an update monthly on how the strategy is doing.
Edited for clarity and additions to the strategy.
submitted by CaptCreeps to thetagang

2021 mock draft V4

Draft order was from tankathon
1 - New York Jets - Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson - There’s not really much I can say here that hasn't been said. Lawrence is an absolute lock for #1. Dont fuck this up, Jets.
2 - Jacksonville Jaguars - Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State - Fields had a REALLY ugly game against Indiana, but he’s still pretty clearly QB2 in the class, and I still feel like he’s closer to Lawrence than the rest of the field.
3 - Cincinnati Bengals - Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon - Holy shit please protect Burrow. His injury just looks worse and worse. Cincy’s probably going to lose out and that means they’ll have a near guaranteed shot at Sewell, but if they somehow drop out of the top 3, IMO they NEED to take BPA OT. I dont care how good Parsons, Chase, etc might end up being, because Burrow is their franchise savior, and they must 1000% protect him with everything they got. Hell, draft an entire offensive line this year. This class is solid enough to where it might be possible. Also, hire a better OL coach.
4 - Dallas Cowboys - Patrick Surtain II, CB, Alabama - Last time Dallas picked this high, they had to make a hard choice between a game changing RB and the best DB prospect in recent memory. This year, there’s no game changing RB on the level of Zeke, so the choice is pretty easy, especially with how bad the Cowboys secondary is. Outside of the injured Diggs, who else is really a building block for the future? Surtain should give them a solid once.
5 - Washington Football Team - Trey Lance, QB, NDSU - There’s been a lot of hype around Zach Wilson recently, and I won't disagree that Wilson has been fantastic, but Lance is still my QB3 for this class. Some things you just cant teach, like arm strength, and if the success of guys like Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson have shown, its that teams can build around these game breaking QBs successfully. Yes, Wilson might be more of a finished product, but why the hell would Washington want a more pro-ready guy? They aren't even close to contending right now, and sitting Lance behind Alex Smith for a year ala Mahomes could allow for deja vu, or at least Lance to become a pretty good QB once Washington is ready to contend again.
6 - Chicago Bears (via LAC - Sends 1.16, 3.80, 2022 CHI 1st, 2022 CHI 2nd for 1.08, 2022 LAC 4th) - Zach Wilson, QB, BYU - At this point, I think Zach Wilson has raised his stock enough to where it’s very unlikely he’s falling out of the top 10, and that means the really QB needy teams are going to have to pay through the nose to move up to get him. Chicago might not end up being the team that picks him, but I think they’re currently by far the most desperate, for good reason. They’re a contender level team hamstrung by terrible QB and OL play, and Wilson might be the panacea they need for their offensive woes. His reckless brilliance has been exciting to watch at BYU, and if Chicago can hit here, they’ll blow their Super Bowl window right back open.
7 - New York Giants - Ja’Marr Chase, WR, LSU - When you’re a team that’s as bad as the Giants, just take BPA. And BPA here is arguably the single best WR prospect in recent memory. Darius Slayton is a solid WR, but he’s a better fit at WR2 than the main guy, and the rest of the Giants WR corps isnt really worth talking about. With Daniel Jones showing off enough potential to earn another year and all 4 of the top QBs gone, New York grabs themselves a guy who should be an absolute monster coming into the league, considering he was better than current stud and MIN WR Justin Jefferson.
8 - Atlanta Falcons - Gregory Rousseau, EDGE, Miami - Is the third time a charm for Atlanta? Atlanta loves their raw, athletic EDGE, but the last two guys in Vic Beasley and Takk McKinley have not panned out great, to put it lightly. Rousseau is a different beast than them though. Someone who lined up all over the Miami D line, he’s got the versatility to be a great chess piece while possessing enough speed and motor to be a consistent force on the EDGE. There is still some rawness to his technique, but this is a pass rusher who doesnt stop until he’s gotten into the backfield, with an extremely high ceiling. He’d be an integral part of the defense if Atlanta ever wants to return to the SB with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones.
9 - Miami Dolphins - DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama - I honestly think DeVonta Smith is significantly closer to Chase than the rest of the WR group, enough to where he’s almost WR1B to Chase’s WR1A. And what better spot than back with his old college QB who he dominated with? Dont forget on a loaded roster with 3 other first round WRs including Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs, and near lock R1 pick Jaylen Waddle, it was DeVonta Smith who led the team in yards and TDs. With excellent separation, hands as soft as that Minnesota - Purdue OPI call, and great route running along with an established connection to Tua, Smith might help out the Dolphin’s franchise QB by giving him a security blanket.
10 - Carolina Panthers - Micah Parsons, LB, Penn State - And the best LB in the class drops to the Panthers, who just lost Luke Kuechly. It must be fate, I guess. Personally, I’d try to look for a new QB, but Bridgewater is good enough to where no QB available is an immediate improvement, and Parsons is so good to where it’s a perfect fit of BPA and need. He should be the new Kuechly for Carolina for the next decade or so.
11 - Detroit Lions - Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama - The Lions CBs havent been great but Amani O and Okudah still have promise, and there’s not really an LB I’d pick this high, barring JOK getting an even more meteoric rise. So onto the last big need, WR. Golladay is a WR1, but Jones is clearly past his prime, and all 3 of the Lions top WRs are free agents this offseason. They need at the very last a new WR2, and Jaylen Waddle is good enough to be both an interesting complement to Golladay, or his own WR1. He’s an electric WR who can stretch the field and pull defenses apart the way the best deep threats can, and even has bonus functionality as a kick/punt returner. Golladay, if he’s back, and Waddle would make for an electric WR duo for Stafford to play with.
12 - Minnesota Vikings - Wyatt Davis, OG, Ohio State - Kirk Cousins has shown that he still has some juice, and although he’s not a Mahomes/Brady type QB who can lead to the SB, he’s certainly good enough to be a QB who wont cost you the SB trip. But if the Vikings want to keep Kirk consistently at his best, they need the OL, and especially the interior OL, to be as good as possible. Thats why they cant pass up on Davis here, who has almost no flaws and might be the best iOL prospect since Quenton Nelson. With Dozier’s return uncertain due to cap issues and Cleveland possibly moving to LT, there are holes in the interior that must be addressed. Worst comes to worst, the Vikings have two great OGs on their team. That’s a problem most teams would kill for.
13 - Arizona Cardinals (via NE - sends 1.20, 3.84, 2022 ARI 2nd for 1.13) - Caleb Fairley, CB, Virginia Tech - The Cardinals have an elite offense with Murray, Hopkins, and Kingsbury calling the shots, but man that pass defense is ugly. With Patrick Peterson aging every day and his contract expiring, they need a replacement for him ASAP. So Steve Keim, who’s no stranger to bold moves, mortgages a bit of the future to grab arguably the second best CB in the class, Caleb Farley. Farley is an outstanding press corner in the same mold as Peterson, someone who mirrors well and sticks to receivers like glue. He should seamlessly replace PPat if they choose to move on from the All-Pro this offseason, or learn greatly next to him if they bring him back.
14 - San Francisco 49ers - Creed Humphrey, C, Oklahoma - The lifeblood of the 49ers is their run game, built on the zone blocking scheme of Kyle Shanahan. Thats why the center position is so important to the 49ers. And its been a bit of an issue the last 2 seasons. Weston Richburg is oft injured and cant be relied on, and I’d be hesitant to rely on Daniel Bruskill for anything more than being a solid replacement iOL. Creed Humphrey here fit the 49ers scheme like a glove, having played a ton in Lincoln Riley’s zone blocking offense. He’d be an instant starter and with his high IQ as well as excellent leadership, should be a great fit for a young, hungry 49ers team that might be losing Richard Sherman this offseason.
15 - Denver Broncos - Shaun Wade, CB, Ohio State - With QB off the table here, the Broncos still really need a better CB1. AJ Bouye is mediocre on the field when he isnt injured. Bryce Callahan has been good but he was injured recently and might not be back this offseason to make room for Bolles and Simmons extensions. Michael Ojemudia showed promise to start the year but was snubbed completely vs the Raiders and Dolphins. There’s no Talib or CHJr anymore in Denver, a CB1 that Denver can rely on to erase opposing WRs. But Shaun Wade could be that. A great slot corner who also can move outside and defend the run at a high level (run defense ala Trae Waynes), he could be the lockdown CB that helps the Broncos defense return to their former glory once Von Miller returns.
16 - Los Angeles Chargers (Via CHI) - Christian Darrisaw, OT, Virginia Tech - The Chargers should heed the Burrow injury as a serious warning of what might happen to their young franchise QB if they don't protect him. So, they grab the rising Christian Darrisaw out of VT, a massive mauling tackle who knows how to use his hands and possesses an excellent anchor. There are still some technique issues he needs to hone out, mainly his footwork, but once those are cleaned up, he can easily be an utterly dominant force on the OL for the chargers.
17 - Miami Dolphins - Jeremiah Owusu-Koramah, LB, Notre Dame - Miami doesnt go Parsons, but they get the next best thing in the class, a stud who's also exploded up the draft boards recently. JOK's ascent reminds me a lot of Devin Bush’s, who also went from a fringe R1-R2 player to a mid first lock. He’s small at 6’1, 215, but utterly explosive and flies around the field in both run stopping and pass coverage. With the Miami defense looking for playmakers, JOK can be that guy who establishes himself as the QB of the defense, and a swarming pest for any offense.
18 - Baltimore Ravens - Alex Leatherwood, OG/OT, Alabama - The Baltimore offense looks almost nothing like it did a year ago. The playcalling has gotten stale, the WRs cant catch and Lamar seems to have regressed, but the biggest problem is the significant step back the OL has taken after the loss of Marshall Yanda. Alex Leatherwood might be an OT at the college level, but he has the ability and anchor to be a mauling guard, something which the Ravens would love for their run game heavy offense.
19 - Philadelphia Eagles - Jaycee Horn, CB, South Carolina - The Eagles secondary has been a thorn in their side for so long now. They just cant seem to get their CBs to play well for some reason, and with WR hopefully fixed after the emergence of Fulgham and the addition of Reagor, CB needs to be addressed. A physical aggressive corner who knows how to properly use his size as leverage against opposing WRs, Jaycee Horn would hopefully shore up CB2 for the Eagles alongside Darius Slay, and be a building block that the Eagles can build around for the future.
20 - New England Patriots (via ARI) - Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida - If there’s two things BB loves, its trading down and versatile players. Well, Pitts is one of the most versatile TEs when it comes to receiving, able to line up all over the field for a team with one of the single worst receiving corps in the league. He’ll be a super versatile weapon for the Patriots, and if anyone knows how to get the best out of a freak TE, its gotta be Belicheck.
21 - Las Vegas Raiders - Kwity Paye, EDGE, Michigan - Paye somehow falls to the Raiders here, and they better run to the stage for this pick. For a team that still needs pass rush inside and out, Paye would be a perfect fit, able to play both DE/EDGE and slide inside to cause problems if necessary. He’s excellent at causing pressure, and Im sure Gruden would love this Gruden Grinder beast of an EDGE.
22 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Samuel Cosmi, OT, Texas - Donovan Smith is not the long term answer at LT. And even if Brady leaves/retires this offseason, they still need to bolster the offensive line. Samuel Cosmi is an athletic specimen of an OT who moves well all over, someone who is smart enough to plan out his attack and possesses a huge mean streak. He should be a great fit at either LT or RT, cementing himself and Wirfs as a great pair of bookends.
23 - Indianapolis Colts - Rashod Bateman, WR, Minnesota - TY Hilton is very done, and although Pittman has shown flashes of promise so far, 2 excellent WRs are almost necessary nowadays in the NFL. Bateman would fit great here as a big play machine and YAC beast, especially if the Colts keep Phillip Rivers for another season.
24 - Cleveland Browns - Jayson Oweh, EDGE, Penn State - Myles Garrett might be a beast, but he cant do it all by himself. The Browns need to find a better compliment to him, someone who can also put pressure on the QB so the opposing offense cant just focus on him. Jayson Oweh could be that. A freak athlete who’s been rising up the draft rankings recently, Oweh has all the tools to be a monster EDGE in the NFL. He does need polishing on his technique, but this is a high ceiling guy who could give the Browns their dominant EDGE duo of the future.
25 - New York Jets (Via SEA) - Terrace Marshall Jr, WR, LSU - Now that the Jets have their QB of the future, they should probably give him better weapons than the Jets currently have. Mims has promise, and Crowder is a solid WR, but it’s hard to picture either becoming the WR1 for New York right now. Terrace Marshall Jr could be that, however. He’s been a monster for LSU after they lost both Justin Jefferson and Ja’Marr Chase, and with how bad LSU has been, thats a serious accomplishment. There’s all the physical traits to be elite, and with his ability to break press coverage and grab contested balls, he’ll could be the guy that Lawrence develops an excellent bond with in the future.
26 - Green Bay Packers - Jay Tufele, DT, USC - The Packers have a stud in Kenny Clark and a decent DT in Keke Kingsley, but outside of that, the DT depth is pretty dire. And with the best DT prospect in the class dropping right into their laps, its too hard to pass up Tufele here. Jay Tufele can be a dominant force when he’s on, almost completely unblockable at times, and can play both the 1/3T, allowing for Clark to be able to move around if needed for better matchups. WIth his explosiveness and powerful hands, a defensive line of Clark, Keke, and Tufele could be an absolute nightmare for the OLines of the NFC North.
27 - Tennessee Titans - Joseph Ossai, EDGE, Texas - The Titans pass rush has been anemic, and it’s certainly not going to get better after the likely loss of Jadeveon Clowney this offseason. They need someone to pair with Harold Landry, and Joseph Ossai could be the answer here. A quick trigger pass rusher who has plenty of room for improvement, Ossai presents a tantalizing option for Tennessee as someone who has the ability to become a very dominant pass rusher. He’d be a great fit in the Titans hybrid defense, and could grow into a cornerstone alongside Simmons and Landry on the DL.
28 - Buffalo Bills - Eric Stokes, CB, Georgia - There’s a huge hole in the Bills defense opposite of Tre White, something that has caused their defense to go from elite to horrid in one year. They need someone to help out White, and Eric Stokes could be that guy. No stranger to being paired up with great CBs, Stokes has actually outplayed his more hyped partner in Tyson Campbell this year, and with his excellent agility and great instincts, can be a smothering corner who can lock down WR1s with the help of his FS.
29 - Jacksonville Jaguars (via LAR) - Liam Eichenburg, OT, Notre Dame - As I mentioned before, if you have a young franchise QB, you need to protect him. With serious problems on their OL and Justin Fields coming in as their new savior, the Jaguars look to protect their investment by solidifying one of the tackle spots on the OL. Liam Eichenburg is another product of the Notre Dame OL machine, with an excellent build and great strength to thrive in power blocking schemes. He’s especially effective at clearing the way, which is not only great for James Robinson and the run game, but mobile QBs like Fields if they need to scramble outside the pocket. Whether he’s at LT or RT, Eichenburg should be a solid and well-coached OT for the Jaguars.
30 - Kansas City Chiefs - Dylan Moses, LB, Alabama - The Chiefs overall have been elite once again this year, but there’s one clear flaw in their team, the run defense, which ranks in the bottom 5 in the league. Good thing Dylan Moses is available here. He’s an elite athlete with plenty of range and can hit like a truck. He also knows when to wrap up and is generally a sure tackler, which is a rather underappreciated trait. He does need to improve his ability to diagnose plays and shed blocks, but overall, he’s a force at ILB, and would greatly help out Chiefs ailing run defense.
31 - New Orleans Saints - Paris Ford, S, Pittsburgh - The Saints are hilariously over the cap next year, needs to cut about $95 million in order to become cap compliant. That means that S Marcus Williams is probably gone, as the Saints simply wont have the money to replace him, which leads to a big hole in the NO secondary. Paris Ford should be a seamless replacement for him. With the ability to play anything from single high to a role closer to the LOS, Ford is an instant starter, who excels especially in pass coverage. Interestingly enough, he also seems to try to become a missile too much of the time and needs improvement on his tackling form, so hopefully the Saints teach this safety how to wrap up properly.
32 - Pittsburgh Steelers - Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson - The Steelers dont have a ton of needs, and OT is probably the safest pick here, but James Conner is an FA after this year and there are questions if the Steelers should pay him big money. Travis Etienne is also the best RB in the class and easily BPA here. Etienne is an elite RB, who can break off huge chunks of yardage at a time and rip defenses apart with his burst. He’s also improved his catching ability to where he can be a every down RB. With Pittsburgh still a SB contender for the near future and possibly question marks on James Connor’s future, Etienne seems like a great fit here to both replace Connor’s production and keep Pittsburgh in title contention for the near future.
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