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[Lets Build] Interesting Dungeon Doors

A list of doors and entryways that players will come across in a dungeon setting.
Die Roll Result
1 This wooden door has begun to rot away, leaving sizable holes in the center. Players can easily peer past the rotten wood and see what's on the other side.
2 This stone door is open by a lever. When opening, the door parts in the center. The left section slides up into the ceiling, while the right section slides down into the floor.
3 This wide iron door revolves clockwise.
4 This stone, circular door is covered with carvings of snakes. The only way to open it is to pull the circle out of its base, and slide it to the side.
5 To the left and right of this iron door are two statues of falcons. If the left falcon's head is pushed down, the door swings open. If the right is pushed down, the stone falcons come to life and attack. The door will then remain locked.
6 There is a bronze hand reaching out from the door. The door opens if someone shakes the hand.
7 A view of a room you would be expecting can be seen through the glass panels in the door. This is only an illusion.
8 The door is made of sheer black material, much like a veil. Using a light source against it makes it billow inwards.
9 A worked brass door that depicts a world map (the one they are in, another one, or a fictional one). The doorknob is in the center of the compass rose. In addition to the decorative points in the cardinal and inter-cardinal (ordinal) directions there is a slightly raised arrow/pointer that can be rotated and an audible click can be heard when it aligns with a point on the compass rose. (Feel free to have it be a 16 or even 32 wind compass rose if you prefer, or perhaps just the cardinal directions). Each position makes it so the door opens to a different room. The map could provide clues as to which direction unlocks which room. For example there could be a fiery desert to the east and when pointed east the door leads to a kitchen, a room trapped with fireballs, a room filled with fire elementals, etc and to the northwest shows a depiction of a mermaid in the ocean and the door opens to a room with a siren inside when the arrow is in the northwest position, etc.
10 A large rusty iron door with no obvious locks or handle. Upon the the surface is a rusty bar of iron from which four heavy chains are tangled in a large knot. The end of each chain has a cap that fits over a small peg. There are 6 pegs and four are covered by the caps on the end of the chains. The door only unlocks when the chains are untangled, however once removing a cap a strong (magnetic? Magic?) force pulls the cap to the pegs. Strength or force of will allows adventures to decide which peg the cap goes to, but they cannot just have the chains free and be able to easily untangle the chains. (Inspired by those silly 3D tangle/knot apps)
11 A narrow stone door with an ear carved in it and words above that read “Tell Me A Secret To Proceed”. When a secret is whispered into the stone ear, a demonic entity hears the secret and knows the identity of the person who speaks it. However a successful strength check of a moderate DC will allow for door to be simply pushed open, no secret required.
12 A beautiful glass barrier, etched with glorious floral designs depicting three specific flowers (example asters, orchids, and pansies) but has no obvious means to open. Speaking the names of the three different etched flowers causes the door to silently swing open. However it is still glass and is easily shattered, but doing so alerts the denizens of the dungeon of the adventurers location.
13 A wooden door with a golden sun emblazoned on it and below that a horizon line. No matter what is attempted the door can not be destroyed or opened unless it is roughly the time of day indicated by position of sun image to the horizon. You could have several doors like this and means to “suggest” short or long rests to the players.
14 A silver door adorned in embossed circles. A clever bard or musician could picture musical notation staves among the the circles and with a bit of experimentation find the most melodic arrangement (or discordant!) and once that arrangement is played or sung, the door opens.
15 A frozen door. The door is literally frozen shut. PCs have to find a way to heat the edges of the door before it can be opened.
16 A heavy stone door that opens by raising into the ceiling. There is a wench used to open the door, however it's extremely difficult to turn. In several rooms of the dungeon, in recesses in the wall there are large chains with hooks suspended over a deep pit. Throughout the dungeon there are 100 lbs stone statues that are meant to be hung on the chains. These are the counterweights for the door. Each one decreases the difficulty of turning the wench by 1.
17 Airlock doors. A set of doors on either side of a room. For one door to open the other door has to be closed.
18 Fake door. It looks like a locked door, however it's actually just part of the wall.
19 Iris door made of metal plates that rotate into position to open or close the door. Door is operated by a lever that makes a hissing noise when the door is opening or closing.
20 Light illusion door. In the dark the "door" appears to be a dimly glowing door, that behaves like a normal door. The presence of any bright light source overpowers the door, so that all that can be seen is a wall where the door should be. In bright light, the wall behaves just like a normal wall.
21 Metal grating door. The door is made of metal grating. The PCs or dungeon denizens could take advantage of this to shoot through the door or thrust spears through the door.
22 Multi-lock door. The door has multiple locks on it. The keys for the door have to all be turned at the same time or the locks remain locked.
23 Multi-lock door. The door has multiple locks on it. The locks have to be (unlocked, picked) in the correct order. If one is done out of sequence all the other locks relock.
24 The "door" is actually a bunch of vines or roots that block a doorway. The plant reacts to the presence of a specific magic item by moving it's (roots, vines) out of the way. A druid might be able to use speak with plants and convince the plant to move.
25 The "door" is actually a heavily armored living creature. PC have to learn the commands to make it move or find some other way to lure it away from the doorway. A druid might be able to use speak with animal and convince the creature to move.
26 The "door" is a colony of insects that have locked themselves together to form a door. They will disperse if (the correct pheromones can be found and wafted in front of them / the PCs tap or click in the correct pattern). Attacking the "door" will release an attack pheromone, that will alert the rest of the colony.
27 The "door" is a (drawing, engraving, painting, relief) on the wall. It becomes a real door if (the correct command is given / it is touched by the correct magic talisman / a missing piece is drawn or inserted).
28 The door is a giant metal cog set in a groove in the floor. A lever makes the cog rotate into the open or closed position.
29 The door is a giant stone disk set in a groove in the floor.
30 The "door" is just a large boulder that the very strong creature pulls in front of its doorway.
31 The door is made of bones and has a skull set in the center of it. May be enchanted so that, if opened without the correct (key, talisman), the bones disentangle themselves to form several skeleton warriors.
32 Tiny door. The door is only about 1ft by 1ft. Medium sized PCs with a Str score above 15 wont fit through the door. Also any medium creature attempting to go through the door will have to remove their armor and gear to fit through the doorway.
33 A door with a sentient stone face that will speak to adventuers and only open for: A story A song If they say please If they tell the door they want it to open If they swear fealty to Sir Stonedoor the Hinge Knight
34 A door made of iron bars, which are electrified. A hidden lever opens the door.
35 A door made of glass with several bells hanging from both sides. Any intruders would definitely regret smashing it and alerting the dungeon monsters.
36 A doorframe with crystals on its edges which create a constant wall of fire. A magic password can be used to deactivate it for a short period of time.
37 A circular iron door that opens in six segments.
38 A magical door made from flowing water, but as solid as a real one, until it is "unlocked", then you just push thru and get soaked.
39 Half of a door suspended in space. Only one side exists in this reality. Trying to walk around the back reveals only air.
40 A doorway is filled with odorless, opaque black smoke. There is no heat, nor apparent source of the smoke, rising from the bottom of the door frame, and dissipating at the top. It can just barely be seen through at the top as the smoke fades. Trying to pass through the smoke door causes fire damage and repels the creature. To dispel the smoke, an intruder must make enough air movement to completely part it. This effect does not last forever, and the smoke re-emerges after a few seconds.
41 A tattered curtain closes this doorway, originally a heavy high quality damask of burgundy and gold it it moth eaten and ragged at the bottom. Dust and moths flutter as you move it aside.
42 The wooden door is unlocked but the swollen wood makes it jam into the doorway. It needs a strength check to open.
43 The door is locked the key is in the other side of the lock, there is a gap underneath the door sufficient to hook the key through once it is knocked out of the door.
44 This circular ivory door is inlaid with silver filigree depicting the Moon Goddess and the phases of the moon. The door opens according to the phase from fully open on a new moon to fully closed on a full moon. A medium sized creature can fit through the door only from a half to new moon, small creatures down to a quarter moon.
45 This door is a standing coffin in a room packed to the rafters with standing coffins in various states of disrepair.
46 A door which is shaped to match the dimensions of a certain creature, such as a kobold, goblin, or any dungeon creepy-crawlies. Opening the door may reveal a similarly shaped hallway which leads to the den or the hideout of the specific creature. Or, maybe the door is well hidden enough for the creature to ambush the party.
47 The double doors have a hinge at the center top of the door.
48 The doors swing to the sides and up forming a triangular opening.
49 The door pivots around a column in the floor.
50 Toll Door. There is a coin slot in the door. If a copper is inserted the door opens a crack, you can see whats on the other side, you might be able to shoot through the door, but you cant squeeze through the opening. If a silver is inserted into the door, the door open enough for small creatures to pass through. If a gold is inserted, the door opens enough for medium creatures to pass through the door. If a platinum is inserted, the door opens enough for a large creature to pass through.
51 The Unattached door. A wooden door lying of the floor of the dungeon. If the door is places on the correct wall of the dungeon it becomes a door allowing passage through the wall. There are several places where the door could be attached, some of them are traps.
52 Door missing a door handle. The door handle can be found elsewhere in the dungeon. Depending on where the door handle is placed on the door determines where the door leads.
53 Riddle Door. The door has a series of pictograph combination locks. There is a riddle on the door that describes the correct combination. If the incorrect combination is entered it triggers various traps around the door.
54 The psychic test door. The door has something written on it like "you must face your fears." If a PC touches the door they suddenly enter a mental landscape filled with something they fear. If they defeat their fear they just appear on the opposite side of the door.
55 This heavy iron door is carved with Dwarvish runes. The door swings noiselessly on it's rusted hinges. Upon entering the room, the door closes behind and absolute silence descends. No noise can penetrate into the room from outside.
56 An iron door. Etched into the iron is a figure of a human male brandishing a long sword. Next to it are etched the words: "A peerless perloiner could never pick this lock, yet a wiley wizard scarce need to knock. A flick of the wrist and arcane from the tongue to magically trammel. Now the lock is undone!" If Hold Person is cast on the figure on the door, the door will open.
57 A simple puzzle, good for new players. A door of white gold. In the upper left corner is a decorative sun. In the upper right, a swirling cloud dropping rain. From the center and arcing up towards the cloud are seven golden flower sculptures, each missing its gynoecium (center). About a foot below the flowers is small shelf. Upon it there is an emerald, a sapphire, a orange tourmaline, a ruby, a yellow topaz, an amethyst, and a blue chalcedony. Place the stones in the flowers, starting with the ruby in the bottom and go up in rainbow order (ROY G BIV) to unlock the door. The gems can be real or cut glass. The can be retrievable or not.
58 A rusty metal door with a Dragon Chess board coming off it. There are stone pieces for the game set in starting formation. If someone moves a piece, the "door" will move one. Winning against the door opens it.
59 A simple wooden door. it opens as expected, but behind it is just more wall. The inside of the door is painted like a baroque rug. Successfully examining the door (Investigate DC 15) reveals small handholds on the sides of the frame and that bottom of the frame is attached to a hinges. The door can be pulled down. Now on the floor, the design is facing up. Opening the door now reveals stairs going down.
60 A door made of thick leaded glass with a glue chip pattern resembling frost. Bringing a heat source near it and the "frost" melts away revealing a faint image of a hand. Placing a hand on the image, the door opens.
61 A curtain of polished steel chain links hangs from heavy steel rings mounted on a solid steel rod.
62 Pay Wall: The door is in fact a mimic. The mimic can talk, and has a taste for coins and magic items instead of humanoid flesh. When he reveals himself to the PCs, he will offer them the service of opening for them if they give him a steep toll of gold. The PCs may have to haggle with him for a lower price. Magic items can also be used to lower the price; however, any magic item he eats is gone forever. PCs must pay the door to go through from the other side as well.
63 The door appears to be a wooden/iron gate, but actually, it is giant clockwork construct. There are many carvings and symbols on it but they are all a distraction. To open the door, you should blow air into the pipe on the door. A whistle is blown, many gears are heard turning, and the door slowly opens.
64 The door is a writhing mass of flesh the constantly regenerates and attacks those who comes too close. Fire seemed to be effective in stunning it and stopping it's regeneration.
65 An empty doorway filled with a thick sheet of ice - can be melted or operated with a nearby lever which is connected to a series of pulleys and ropes.
66 A revolving door that leads to the next chamber. However, if you don't exit the door straight through and follow it 360 degrees back to where you came from, you enter a hidden chamber instead.
67 This doorway seems to be blocked by rubble. In a few places near the top, a faint blue light shines through the fallen stones.
68 A door that appears to be invisible and shows the room inside, but when the door is opened, its a completely different room.
69 A metallic door with no handle or keyhole, that melts when exposed to a source of heat.
70 A mimic that has been cursed to take the form of a door, but does everything it can to inconvenience users.
71 A doorway that slowly absorbs the mass of anything it touches, growing ever larger. Feeding it enough material will allow a person to slip beneath the widening gap at its base.
72 An unspeakably filthy door that opens of its own accord when thoroughly cleaned.
73 A humming door. It opens when someone harmonizes with it, and shatters violently if they're off-key.
74 A heavy metal door with a small barred window. One side of the door is completely covered in large claw marks. Something tried to get through this door at one point and the door held.
75 A wooden door with extremely rusty hinges. Any attempt to open the door, without first oiling the hinges, will make a loud metallic screeching noise that will alert any nearby creatures.
submitted by dndspeak to d100

XTG Patch Notes 2.0.6

Hey Gungeoneers,
Patch 2.0.6 should be live on Switch today, and will be coming to Apple Arcade soon (it’s in Apple’s approval process now, but we’ve been warned to expect delays due to COVID-19). If you’ve been following along with the PC patch notes, most of this will look familiar, but we’ve combined all the patch notes into one big list below for these platforms. (For just the list of 2.0.5 to 2.0.6 changes on Steam, see this post).
Please continue to submit bugs and feedback to our web form here; we're currently working on more bug fixes and the next content update for the game!

2.0.6 Patch Notes

Control Changes
  • [Switch] Added full control binding options
  • Added an Easy Air Dodge option: Pressing the Jump button while in the air now triggers an air dodge roll (just as pressing Dodge would)
  • Added a Rapid Descent option: Holding the Down button while jumping or falling will allow you to fall through one-way platforms
  • Added an Aim To Fire option: this allows controller users to fire just by aiming with the right stick, rather than requiring aiming and a separate Fire button
  • Added an Auto-Descend option: this allows players to drop down through platforms by using the down key, rather than requiring Jump + Down
  • Added an Auto-Ascend option: this allows players to jump by using the up button
  • Added a control binding to manually reload weapons (defaults to R on keyboards, or Y/Triangle on controllers; note that if you already have a save file, you’ll need to bind this yourself or reset your bindings to default)
  • Added a Combined Jump/Roll option: this allows players to dodge roll by pressing the Jump button while holding directly left or right
  • Fixed an issue where players could drop down through the floor of some elevators (trains)
  • Fixed a case where an air dodge roll may move in a different direction than the player would expect
Balance Changes
  • Reduced the amount of combo points required to reach early levels (0-10), and increased the points required to reach later levels (12-20). This should allow players to recover more quickly from a combo wipe, but requires the same amount of combo points to reach level 20.
  • Did another balance pass on charged weapons; some were too slow or weak to be viable, especially in later floors. Additionally, tapping the Shoot button no longer fires charged weapons faster than holding the Shoot button down.
  • Several tweaks to the final boss to slightly lower difficulty: reduced HP, increased some pauses before bullets spawn and a few other minor changes
  • Made Sepulchergeist’s tetromino attack slightly slower
  • Wallevator spawns Spent (zombullets) less frequently
  • Lowered health of Medusalier and Low Priest
  • Lowered the health of the Spectral Gun Nut and reduced how frequently he appears in the Hollow elevators
  • Adjusted the fire rate and damage of the Bullet gun and the Shock Rifle
  • Buffed the Makeshift Cannon but limited its shots
  • Lowered Amulet of Pit Lord cooldown
  • Improved Makeshift Cannon and Sling, especially against bosses
  • Buffed the Charge Shot and Blunderbuss
  • Decreased enemy/boss health slightly on all levels but the first
  • Reduced the combo cost of using blanks (they no longer drop your combo level, only clear progress towards the next combo level)
  • Redistributed gun qualities along Combo levels, which should make gun spawns better at lower levels.
  • Increased hegemony credit drop rates (and increased them even further for flawlessing a boss)
  • Wax Wings now give the player the ability to slow down time temporarily by pressing the Jump button
  • Added a cooldown for Spiked Boots’ effect on bosses and tightened up the hit detection (now requires you to land near the head of the enemy)
  • Decreased Scattershot damage and Membrane’s fire rate
Gameplay Changes / Improvements
  • [Switch] New home screen icon to better match ETG’s icon
  • [Switch] The game will now pause correctly when returning to the Nintendo home screen
  • [MacOS] When in a windowed mode, the mouse cursor now locks to the window unless the pause menu is open
  • [Apple Arcade] Increased aim assist values to match Switch
  • Charged weapons now automatically begin charging whenever they’re equipped; discharge them by pressing (or releasing) the fire button. This means you can continue to press and hold fire to use charged weapons, but if you’re just repeatedly pressing fire, they should now just fire when ready
  • Fixed an issue where some guns could be fired faster than intended when the fire button was pressed rapidly, which caused both game imbalance and cramped trigger fingers
  • Added interaction outlines to the doorways in the Marine’s second elevator to indicate that the player needs to enter a room to continue
  • Casey will reflect ownerless projectiles (notably Bullats); reflected bullets/enemies will also fly faster and with more force
  • Added cursor customization options, including shape, size, color, and transparency
  • Added an option to enable the cursor while using a controller
  • The current weapon UI now shows the remaining ammo in the clip
  • Added very low reload times to certain weapons with extremely large magazine clips to work better with manual reload and displayed remaining ammo
  • Chests can no longer be damaged in certain states (e.g. while spawning or opening)
  • Set a maximum fall speed for the player
  • Added new tutorial lines to cover new control options, clarify that the player can dodge roll while in the air, and that blanks can be activated by pressing both thumbsticks in (L3 + R3).
  • Improved audio for Unicorn Horn and Crown of Guns
  • Added stricter spacing rules for the climbing elevator, which should prevent requiring very long jumps
  • Phase Spiders that spawn in rooms should now always be placed near the ceiling
  • Homing weapons now work better with the final boss
  • Новый русский шрифт! (New Russian font!)
  • Improved controller icon handling for many controllers
  • Increased the max distance of laser sights to make Snipers more fair in very large rooms
  • Moved the achievement unlock point in Old Red’s quest to the turn-in step instead of the reward step
  • Charged weapons no longer fire when going through doors
  • Added a failsafe to detect and kill enemies that are stuck outside of rooms in the rare case that this happens (which would previously cause a softlock in the room)
  • Just Desserts Golfing will now let you swing at any zoom level
  • Enemies now drop currency when transmogrified
  • Gave Hattori more clear dialogue when temporarily out of stock
  • The Machine Fist explosion will no longer hurt the player
  • Added 3d backgrounds
Bug Fixes
  • [MacOS] Fixed an issue where “Windowed” and “Windowed Fullscreen” modes were swapped in the options
  • [Apple Arcade] Fixed an issue where the No Link Cable Needed achievement didn't unlock at the correct time
  • Fixed a soft lock issue in Winchester's games
  • Bandana Bullet Kin now has the correct Diginomicon entry for most languages (will require new localization for the remaining languages)
  • Fixed an issue caused by pausing during the load screen transition
  • Fixed an issue with ultrawide monitors and Winchester’s Original Game
  • Fixed an issue in Winchester’s Original Game where targets were suspended in midair.
  • Fixed an issue where starting items for unlockable characters could show as locked in the Diginomicon even when equipped
  • Fixed an issue with charged gun sounds
  • Fixed audio levels for some sound effects
  • Fixed a rare graphical glitch with the diginomocon
  • Fixed an issue where Meowitzer could disappear when the game was paused during a certain attack
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent you from entering doors
  • Fixed an issue which could result in the player not being able to fire with the banana
  • Fixed a visual issue with some shop departures
  • Fixed a problem where pausing the game when projectiles are being reflected could cause large slowdowns
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the medkit to decrease the Robot’s armor
  • Fixed an issue causing a specific weapon to appear as locked in the Diginomocon when it shouldn't be
  • Fixed an issue caused by hitting Trorc’s dummy with the Flying Disc
  • Fixed a display issue with glyphs in some languages (e.g. Polish)
  • Fixed the Dog’s description to accurately reflect its behavior
  • Fixed the Makeshift Cannon’s description to reflect having multiple shots
  • Fixed the Amulet of the Pit Lord’s description to accurately describe the cooldown of its ability
  • Fixed a visual issue with long descriptions in the options menu
  • Fixed a visual bug causing cracks to appear the wrong color
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Super Space Turtle’s flame trail in flying levels
  • Fixed a visual issue with a floating platform near Doug in the Underbreach
  • Fixed an issue which could cause sound to cut out mid-run
  • Fixed a softlock resulting in a black screen upon exiting a shop
  • Fixed a room softlock caused by Phase Spiders spawning too close to the ceiling
  • Fixed an issue where exiting the game at certain times could result in purchased items being lost but spent meta currency not being refunded
  • Fixed an issue which caused the reward platform not to show up on the Pilot’s fourth floor (no more dropping hegemony credits!)
  • Fixed several issues with the Shield weapon (prevent spamming with multi-shot items, can't block projectiles while hand is empty, shield is no longer destroyed when it hits certain projectiles)
  • Fixed a bug which could cause flying players using a controller to roll much further than intended towards enemies
  • Fixed a pathfinding issue which could cause the Dog to seek out corners
  • Fixed some display issues with Russian text
  • Fixed an issue where some amulets didn’t give bonus blanks on level change
  • Fixed an issue where explosions in Winchester’s game could damage queued player ammo
  • Fixed several issues which could cause the player to take damage when entering a room before taking full control (especially the Marine’s second level)
  • Fixed a bug causing a few weapons to show up with unusual frequency under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where enemies with long weapons could shoot through some thin walls
  • Fixed an issue where one purchasable hat wasn’t showing up in the hat shop (this should be the missing #34 for the achievement)
  • Fixed some aim issues with companions on the fight with the final boss
  • Fixed an issue where climbing elevators could rarely require a vertical jump higher than the player’s jump height
  • Fixed an issue where the player could take damage during the transition to the Mutread Head on some elevators
  • Fixed an issue in Winchester’s Game where the camera would shake when zoomed out completely at some resolutions
  • Fixed the parallax background speeds for some elevators
  • Fixed a camera issue which could cause the camera to smoothly move to Cadence and Ox’s room in the Underbreach instead of snapping to the new location
  • Fixed an issue where changing controllers could break the binding screen
  • Fixed several issues caused by pausing the game during special scenes
  • Fixed a visual issue where certain parts of the end game scene were not properly destroyed
  • Fixed some tutorial issues with the new control options
  • Fixed an issue where the combo meter was playing VFX and sounds even after level 20
  • Fixed some issues with charged gun audio
  • Fixed an issue where Bello’s shop music was playing longer than intended on the fifth floor
  • Fixed an issue where the Diginomicon could remain dark after showing multiple unlock messages
  • Fixed an issue where the Riddle of Lead description was in Russian for Korean players
submitted by DodgeRollRubel to EnterTheGungeon

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