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I need help with making a plot hook about a legendary evil artifact

So, its my first time dming(been a player before) and Im running Dragon of The Icespire peak with some modifications(will explain in a bit), and I plan to segue from that into a homebrew champaign. The general idea is that a powerful dark artifact(Book of Vile Darkness) has been rumored to be around. Which makes a lot of groups, good and evil, wanting to find it, either for power or to prevent others from getting that power.(one of the groups is planned to be tied to a player's bad parents they ran away from)
I had made it so that a player's backstory is tied to the book, he is an amnesiac and only remembers finding himself in ruins or trashyards. The character is pretty dumb and somewhat like a gollum type, so I figured Id make the source of his amnesia related to the book. As in he was either kidnapped by some cultists or got too curious and snuck in when they were attempting a ritual with the book, but it goes wrong and the place collapses. No one knew they had the book except a few rumors that have been gaining traction lately.
Changes to icespire is very simple actually.
1) I made the arrival of the dragon attract more adventurers to the phandalin, so that they have more characters to chat with. None of the NPCs overpower them or anything and exist more as a roleplaying aspect the players enjoyed(save for 1 or 2 that they can have a play-fight and bet on some gold. Only used it so that the opponent can give advice after losing to players, because they are new)
2) I added a small antagonist who is trying to hunt other adventurer's so that he will have more jobs he can do himself and wont have others "stealing" his quests. My players already want to kill him dead but his motives werent revealed so far, so it can be changed.
3) planning to have one of the player's bad family(aforementioned) send some mercenaries after the player, because since things are getting tense(because book) they want her back where they can see instead of running around as a loose end. They are nobles so no need to worry too much on cash.
I do recall seeing an npc in the book that had ties to a dark society of sorts called Zhentarim. Maybe that could be useful and she can send the party on a few exploration quests under the guise of "finding valuables that she's interested in" or the tymora priestess xan return from her travels with rumors and ask them to go on some quests. Maybe I can give them a map of "possible places" and add more landmarks as the rumors go around(aka story progresses/they complete missions)
Any help or advice no matter how small is very much welcome!
submitted by Arthur_Author to DMAcademy

Will we make it to Rank 7 today?? OR WILL WE GET HOOKED FIRST?? Come watch as I struggle to not pop gens! Phasmophobia, Genshin Impact, or Resident Evil 2 coming up next! I'll never give up on my next Stream goal! We can do this! - SinlessKnight17

Will we make it to Rank 7 today?? OR WILL WE GET HOOKED FIRST?? Come watch as I struggle to not pop gens! Phasmophobia, Genshin Impact, or Resident Evil 2 coming up next! I'll never give up on my next Stream goal! We can do this! - SinlessKnight17 submitted by juan1891 to Twitch_Startup

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