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Dont change Warzone!

We have all seen it by now, the leaked gameplay clearly shows that gunplay is going back to the way it was before MW2019 (if you played BO4 at all you know what im talking about, dont need more than 4 minutes to see that). Many people here in reddit have already said it. Its unanimous. I dont care if Cold War returns to the BO4 arcade style of play. This is what some people here were asking all year, and by all means the sales will have something to say about that, not me. BUT, Warzone is new and its not something that has to cater to any but the audience it created for itself. I dont understand how CW will interfere with Warzone but Im certain that no one who likes Warzone wants that gunplay in it. So please Treyarch, Activision ,IW, Raven: Dont change Warzone! Thats all I wanted to say! Thank you and respect everyones opinion regardless!
Edit: I gave a lot of myself (if that makes sense) in this answer to a comment and I will publish it here because I think its worth the read.
Sure bro I do understand what you mean. I like treyarch games but wasnt too pleased with bo4 and ill explain why.
I have been more of a zombies guy for a while.i had fun with my friends split screen since bo1. And I used to play mp as well. The first mw took me out of cs because it was the first game with atmosphere. You could hear your characters breathing intensifie while running. You really felt like you were there. This for me is what made that game special. After playing almost all mp following I became tired of it because it was literally the same mechanics every year. I dont like killstreaks, even if thats hard to belive. Then came the future sci fi crap and I was def skipping that and zombies for me.
I liked bo3 for the zombies campaign, but game mechanics still were pretty much the same and still futuristic themed, when I heard vondy say that bo4 was boots on the ground I became very excited. I thought that it would have to be good. Blackops 1 was cool and it was realistic. But then the game came out and it was? ...for some reason it felt like the same, only without wall running and stuff. Ok no problem for me. Kinda sucks the zombies had a few problems but whatever. Gave 100$ for it with season pass.
Now come mw2019 and they say they went out into the world, asking people what they want, and capturing real sounds and making the guns so detailed and every thing so detailed. Probably what the inquiries told them people really wanted. A more realistic approach. Then when the beta came out and i fired the desert eagle I noticed that, for the first time in a very long time I really enjoied firing a gun in a call of duty game. All it took was 1 shot with the deagle and see the beautiful smoke come out of the barrel and I knew I would like this game.
Mw2019 can have a lot of problems and since cod is very popular there are a lot of people to cater to, it is very difficult to please everyone. That being said, with all the popularity it got I think that it must have to do with that experience that I also had. The feel of firing a gun. They nailed it. It wasnt that we wanted boots on the ground. Many people it seemed really wanted the guns to feel more realistically. And with the super playable feel of a cod game. More recoil but it isnt all that much and you can put attachments. The sound of the guns is amazing. This for me and I think a lot of people that liked this cod more than others, was it. The gunplay felt really good.
Now, with all this rant we come into the new game, and for me personally I dont really care if its not as good in those terms above mentioned. I still feel its a let down but I dont care. I just dont want warzone to not have that great gunplay.
This is already long enough but in regards to blackout, the terms above mentioned were the same as the mp for bo4 so naturally this would be my number one con of the game, the feel and sound of the guns was like im shooting toy guns. And this was mega amplified after mw2019 came out and blew my mind away xD Other than that blackout was cool, but i do think warzone made a lot of improvem3nts.
I hope you can see my perspective on this and notice that maybe what I am saying I want is actually something that you want as well. Mw2019 problems could be solved without sacrificing the feel of the guns.
submitted by therealatuacota to CODWarzone

Comparing Destiny on PC and console; graphics, aiming, movement, metas, cheating and path to improvement

Destiny is the only FPS PVP game I've ever played and it was on console with a controller, so going to PC was a HUGE adjustment. That first week was rough; i.e., needing seconds to think about how to jump up to the platform in front kind of rough.
I got my gaming PC -- my first ever -- when Solstice started a month ago, so the event was perfect for getting reps in with MnK. Now that I managed to go flawless with just MnK, thought it would be a good time to step back and compare the two mediums.
(For an earlier post about key bindings and graphics settings I eventually settled on for PC, see here: https://www.reddit.com/CruciblePlaybook/comments/i72iefirst_gaming_pc_coming_from_console_20_hours_with/ )
If all you've played is 30 fps, it's hard to appreciate just how much a jump >120 fps truly is. It's a generational leap. Going from PC to PS4 is like going from PS4 to PS3.
After playing with >120 fps, playing on console feels awful. Like going from sober to tipsy, but just the bad things. It's like your vision gets janky and playback of memories become slideshows instead of smooth videos.
The first time I played console after a week of full-on PC, I actually felt nauseous. It's that bad.
Because my clan is mostly on console, I kept switching back and forth and it does get increasingly easier to adjust from one platform to another. Now I probably need just a couple games to get fully adjusted.
The great news for everyone on PS4 and X1 is that when you upgrade to PS5 and XSX, Destiny will feel like a new game. The visual experience is that much better, even when the environments are the same. Playing the same raids felt new.
Aside from frame rate, aiming was the biggest shock in moving from controller to MnK. The significantly reduced reticle stickiness was a splash of cold water. I didn't realize how much I depended on aim assist. I got pretty good at flicking to the head with controller, so MnK made me realize how lazy I've gotten in terms of where I scope in. With MnK, I've had to focus more on making sure the reticle is as close to the head as possible.
I've had to greatly adjust flick shooting on MnK. On controller, it's almost like a violent jerk to the head and I rely on aim assist to land the shot. On MnK, flicking is more measured. It's a deliberate swipe instead of a violent jerk.
My sniping on MnK is still poor compared to controller, but even shotgunning required adjusting.
On controller and on console, I never felt like I had to "aim" with a shotgun. It's like...the guy is in front of you, just blast him. However, on 105 FOV and MnK, I found myself missing a lot due to over-flicking the shotgun. After some time, I realized slowing down to actually aim improved my CQC fights by a lot.
The FOV took some time getting used to. A higher FOV makes aiming harder in my opinion, though the wider view more than compensates.
I find sniping headshots a lot harder on MnK. When I was on console, I thought sniping on MnK would be like clicking files and folders in Windows, easy peasy. LOL. Nope. I have an increased level of respect for those snipe gods on PC.
In that first week, I tried to play PVP with MnK and it was truly horrendous. Like, embarrassing. Potatoes I would destroy if on controller were humiliating me. And then t-bagging for good measure. I had to take my Flawless title off, I got so many messages about whether I bought it.
So I decided to git gud with MnK in PVE first while still using controller for PVP. To my surprise, it wasn't the same experience as on console. Aiming with controller on PC is FAR easier and I believe it's due to the >120 fps.
It's as if the brain is getting more information with that many more frames; it's just easier to aim. Incidentally, why no scoping and quick-scoping with a sniper feels much easier on PC than console; the higher frame rate gives more information on when exactly to fire.
Outside of using an aimbot, sniping is probably strongest using a controller on PC. You get both the aim assist of a controller and the higher frame rate of a PC. That's why I'm in favor of tuning aim assist down on snipers; make it more like D1 than D2. It will also make sniping more even between input methods on PC. A top tier sniper on MnK might be equivalent to a top tier sniper on controller, but at most levels below I believe a controller is more effective.
Now I understand why PC purist nazis look down on controller users -- aiming in Destiny is that much easier on sticks.
That said, I've also talked to players who feel the opposite. Because they grew up on MnK, they find playing with controllers difficult. Perhaps because I grew up on console, I find aiming with controllers so much easier.
Oh man. Even in that first week I can already feel the higher potential of MnK. The instant turn radius; the instant run; the ability to slide and 180 shoot; even quick-swapping felt easier in that first week alone than with controller. I can now see how good players on PC can quick-swap so instinctively in the heat of battle. Hard to do with controller.
Strafing too is more effective with MnK. With keys you can more precisely peek out just enough to get a shot out, whereas on controller's analog sticks it's more sluggish and more approximate. With MnK you can more quickly change directions in your strafe.
On controller, juking often involves jumping out of sight. This won't work nearly as well with PC's higher FOV. Instead, I find juking more about being able to instantly change directions.
The game feels so much faster on PC. It's not just because of MnK. Moves like Icarus dash, Hunter dodge and Titan skating are better on PC because of the higher frame rate. There's something about the higher frame rate that makes those movements travel further. It's a huge difference in particular for Icarus dashing.
If I can just get my aim to be as good as it is on controller, MnK would clearly be the superior input method and that's due to superior movement.
Because the game moves so much faster, sidearms on PC aren't as good as console. It's a lot easier to close in with shotguns such that the unique space where sidearms dominate feels limited. Sidearms are still usable, but nowhere near as potent as on console.
Pulse rifles on the other hand are much better on PC than console. Getting optimal TTKs is far more realistic on PC due to the low recoil. Cold Denial, Redrix and Vigilance Wing are deadly on PC. Because they outrange HCs and autos, there is definitely a usable space for those pulses.
600 rpm autos are still great on PC with MnK, but not as good as on console. The main reason is that without the reticle stickiness, it's easier to miss shots against an opponent who strafes well. It just doesn't stick as easily. 600s on PC with controller however are monstrous. Aim assist, higher frame rates for easier tracking AND low recoil.
Plenty of people have talked about how HCs are much better on PCs. They're 100% right. On console, I rely on a 4-tap and am happy to get the occasional 3-tap. On PC, I expect to get the 3-tap and am disappointed by the occasional 4-tap. Even with MnK, HCs feel better than they do on console.
On a minor note, I also now understand why streamers recommend stability over range on HCs. With how little reticle stickiness there is on PC, range doesn't help much. On console however, you can feel the stickiness at further distances with a higher range stat.
On console, the big three primaries are 600 rpm autos, 150 rpm HCs and sidearms. On PC, the big three primaries in my opinion are 150 rpm HCs, 600 rpm autos and 340 rpm pulses.
Aiming with snipers is easier on PC with controller and harder on PC with MnK versus on console in my opinion. XIM is of course the king of easy.
Shotguns are harder to aim with on PC due to the higher FOV, but the superior movement makes the CQC playstyle more potent.
Mountaintop is clearly better on PC. This thing was mildly annoying on console but on PC, man, Mountaintop is meta annoying. They are much easier to use with MnK; not just with the faster target acquisition but also because the higher frame rates makes timing shots easier. I also find it easier to quick-swap with MnK, which means it's easy to clean-up with primaries. On console, you do need some skill and knowledge to use effectively but on PC the bar is too low.
Fusions...I haven't invested enough time to know.
As for heavies, machine guns seem slightly better and Wardcliff is more unreliable. Really I haven't paid much attention to heavies yet.
Top tree Dawnblade is good on console, but I didn't think it was better than Hunters. I do believe top Dawnblade is the best subclass on PC. Icarus dashing is oh so much better; not just due to the further distance (with higher frame rates) but also due to the instant turn radius. The super is bad on console but it's decent on PC as it's easier to aim with a mouse and easier to time the flaming swords with the higher frame rate.
Spectral is also better on PC due to the super. The higher frame rate makes the lunges cover much more distance and harder to shoot against. Sliding and shooting is also easier on PC so you're more likely to proc True Sight.
Maybe Gunslinger is slightly better as it's easier to acquire targets with MnK while in super?
Because of skating, Titans are better on PC than console. To skate, use Catapault and bind jump to a mouse wheel scroll. Titans are pretty fast on PC, which makes them better at shotgunning and, if sniping, faster at getting to the best spots.
Aside from top Dawnblade, which feels like a clear upgrade on PC, the rest are more or less the same as console in my opinion. Which is that the meta remains top Dawnblade, top Stormcaller, middle or bottom Arcstrider, top or middle Nightstalker, mid or bottom Striker and any Sentinel.
The cheating is by far the worst thing about playing on PC.
It is so bad that it almost negates the superior graphics. If Bungie doesn't fix the cheating, I'll likely be going back to console with PS5 / XSX depending on what choices Bungie makes for frame rate and FOV. (Hopefully the option to go 105 FOV and >120 fps.)
How prevalent is cheating? For Solstice, I was able to get all my guardian kills while working on the Gambit objective. In this one game I got an Army of One twice against a 4-stack...they weren't good but I was try-harding and anyway it's a 4-stack vs randoms so, no mercy. On the next invasion, I approached as usual out of sight. Peeked around corner and bam! Sniper headshot. Next few invasions went similarly where I was careful to keep out of sight from all four players but got obliterated the moment I peeked. Sorry, no way these potatoes suddenly got that good.
So yes, even for something as low stakes as Gambit, people will and do cheat.
The conventional wisdom to spot cheaters is unreal aiming with potato movement. However, games like CS:GO and Valorant are more about aiming and not as much about movement (Valorant actually punishes you for running). Could these players have come from there, where they can aim but can't move well? We have to give the benefit of the doubt.
This is how I tell when someone is cheating, beginning with crazy sniping:
  1. You look up their Steam profiles and find VAC bans. About half the time I look, my suspicions are confirmed: VAC bans. Even if from other games, VAC bans tell you something about the player's character.
  2. Another tell-tale sign is a significantly higher headshot sniping percentage in Trials vs. regular Crucible. E.g. 95% versus 75%. When the stakes matter more, the cheaters toggle on.
  3. A new account that's dominating while hitting all headshots. If the guy has less than 100 matches played and is shooting with 100% headshot accuracy in a game...that's suspicious. It's possible someone new can dominate right away, but unlikely especially given how differently Destiny plays to all other FPS games. Or maybe it's a veteran on a new account, but how often does that happen.
Unfortunately, there are many situations where I'm just not sure if the player is cheating. He moves well, shoots well, made unreal snipes. No VAC bans. Normal looking percentages. You suspect but you don't feel good about reporting.
BUT. But. I've played against great players on console over the last five years and have a good sense of what is wow-possible and wow-impossible. On console, every once in a while, I would get that wow-impossible feeling that you chalk up to an extremely lucky shot. On PC, I've gotten more wow-impossible feelings in the past month than I've had in the last five years of console combined.
Moreover, knowing what I know about sniper aim assist on MnK, and how easy it is to tell when someone is on MnK versus controller, those wow-impossible snipes seem more implausible. I'm talking about sniping my head while I jump-Icarus-dash from cover across a narrow lane level of wow-impossible.
I think the best I've played against on PC are better than the best I've played against on console. The cool thing also is that I finally got a chance to face some of the "known" names on YouTube, Twitch and the sweat community while playing Trials. The speed at which some of those guys play is unbelievable.
Interestingly, despite how amazing they are (and I got rolled plenty of times), I never once encountered wow-impossible snipes. That tells you something, no? How is it that players who move like potatoes can hit better shots than those who play full-time?
The PC population is noticeably lower than on PS4. On console, since CBMM was reintroduced, I would say half my matches are with players in my country. On PC, I'd say over 90% are against players in foreign countries like China, Korea, Japan and worst of all, Russia (the country where I anecdotally have found the most VAC bans from).
As a result, the lag is much worse on PC than on PS4, although visually it's disguised well given how smooth everything on PC appears.
In the first few days, I tried to play PVP with MnK and oh boy it was ugly. I realized there was a lot to get used to with PC and decided to continue with controller; at least until I became comfortable with MnK in PVE. That was a good decision. There was already a lot to adjust to in terms of FOV and game speed; adding MnK to the mix was overwhelming. I got my first flawless on PC using controller.
As I got more comfortable playing PVE with MnK thanks to Solstice, I started playing PVP with MnK. I mostly played Rumble but also targeted 3v3 and 4v4 playlists. There's too much chaos for 6v6 to be a good learning environment. During this time, I struggled to stay above 1 KD. It was hard, especially on playlists with SBMM. I was getting matched with players of my controller level while I was learning MnK. It got embarrassing.
I had two big breaks in my path to improvement. The first was Kovaaks. I've only "played" Kovaaks for less than two hours but those two hours had an exponential impact on my aim. I realized in game situations, the chances to aim and adjust aim are actually few. One hour of practice in Kovaaks is like 10 hours of real gameplay, especially if new to MnK. I thought I could practice in PVE but enemy combatants don't move like humans at all. Kovaks helped greatly and I would recommend that or a similar program if you want to improve your aim.
My other big break was realizing Cold Denial was meta with MnK. It's the perfect primary to learn MnK with: the slower RPM made it easier to aim between bursts; it was a deadly team shoot gun and I relied more on teamshooting and less on 1v1 duels while learning; the superior range allowed me to play a slower game so I didn't have to juke in close as often, which I sucked at with MnK.
Becoming effective in PVP gave me the confidence and momentum to continue playing and improving.
When I played Trials during this phase, I used MnK for the first half of games and controller the back half to go flawless.
Eventually I was able to increase my ongoing KD from 1 to 1.5, and for the past two weeks it's reaching 2. It's not as "high quality" of a KD as with controller; I take a lot more risks and make more plays with controller. On MnK, I use more "tricks" to get the same KD. (This is a good example why KD really doesn't matter; they aren't created equally. But in this context I use KD as a measure of improvement.)
This past weekend I resolved to complete an entire flawless run with only MnK and finally got it done. It was tough because in addition to the elite teams you invariably face once or twice in a run (hey that's what mercy is for), there are now also cheaters. To go flawless on PC, you need a lot more luck than on console. I found it very hard and needed two better players on my team.
Looking back over the past month, I've gone from total potato to semi-decent on PC. My Crucible KWTD translated, but I had to literally re-learn ALL my in-game motor skills.
I see so many people complain how they don't have the motor dexterity to get good. I'm past 40 and am proof that with enough structured practice and persistence, you too can rapidly improve.
submitted by icekyuu to CruciblePlaybook

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