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Registration key patch set for oracle database client

Download driver odbc oracle xe – Telecharger jeux hitman

I'm not able to connect either get, for example, all records in Oracle table. When data is loaded, groups of rows are stored in columnar format, with. Configuring Authentication - 11g Release 2 (11.2). The last few lines of the process are as follows: IMP-00015: following statement failed because the object already exists. patch set for oracle database client. See Oracle Support for all Oracle patch set (and Interim Patch) documentation and installation instructions. Actually I want to use sql loader (sqlldr) command on windows server I have installed oracle client 11g () on windows server, but sql loader is not there.

Where to download Oracle 11g ( client for

Download oracle odbc driver 11 2 0 3 0 – Telecharger jeux.

Crack oRACLE-BASE - Oracle Database 11g Release 2 RAC On Windows

OOW But(as of SEP) it's still available only for Linux x86 and Linux x Based on NOTE Release Schedule of Current Database Releases: will be available for other major Unix/Linux platforms(HP-UX Itanium, Oracle Solaris SPARC (bit), Oracle. One of the biggest obstacles preventing people from setting up test RAC environments is the requirement for shared storage. Tools included in Instant Client, such as SQL*Plus and Oracle. This is a short script with notices about the employment of the 11gR2 patch set 2 (aka ) oracle fat client on windows x That is, saying fat client, I'm talking about the classic client side software collection, featuring [HOST] at most as well. I am going to try newer instant client version. It is possible to do an in-place upgrade of the database software but is not recommended by Oracle. Microsoft Windows (32-bit).

Oracle database requirements for ArcGIS 10.8.x and ArcGIS

Oracle DBA's: Oracle Grid Upgrade to

The Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle is written using an ancient version of the OCI (Oracle Call Interface) API. Windows 7 Pro SP 1 I am running in IPython if that makes a difference. Proactive Patch Information. Summary: this tutorial shows you step by step how to install Oracle Database 12c in Windows 10. Upto 10g release 2 database upgradation means first you need to install base version then apply the upgrade patch. DBA: Step by Step procedure for applying patch set from. I can get all SQL's for atleast 50 orders processed through the application then I can check that which SELECT, UPDATE, DEL.

Useful Oracle queries for SAP Basis Adminsitrators

The client is used to connect to Oracle databases running on other machines. Oracle Database client - ArchWiki - Arch Linux. Oracle Instant Client - Free tools and libraries for. Setting up an Oracle ODBC Driver and Data Source https://guptimo.ru/download/?file=86. Database Administration Tips: Upgrade from to 11 https://guptimo.ru/download/?file=75. Oracle 11g Release 2. So far the patch set has only be released for Linux 32bit and 64bit. Hi, I have access to Oracle server from web server (ping has response).

ORACLE-BASE - Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( RAC

Install Oracle Database: A Step By Step Guide To Install view it now. This article provides an overview of upgrading an existing non-CDB database to Oracle 19c. SSL-Encrypted Connection to Database .... Return to the Patch Search page, click Download, and save the file on your system. Easy Connect syntax has evolved with successive releases of Oracle Database. There is no upgrade / update available since it is a completely "separated" and "simplified" product that does not share the development cycle of Oracle Standard / Enterprise databases. What is your compiler version?

Landstar (LDSR)

Is anyone on here invested in LDSR? Looks and sounds like a great company...Backed by Silicon Valley bank (same bank that back Pinterest, true car and Fitbit), partners with Microsoft/splunk and N8 Identity. N8 identity clients list is huge.
Here’s their website: https://www.data443.com/data-security-compliance-governance-partne
Here’s N8 client list who will be using LDSR: http://n8id.com/our-clients/overview-2/
Here we go: http://www.financialpost.com/m/cloud+competitive+advantage/3040101/story.html
Jason is the founder of sitesecuritymonitor.com and sold it to Acunetix it now redirects to acunetix.com now look at there clients: https://www.acunetix.com/vulnerability-scannecustomers/
Aabout Jason's former company before he sold it:
Quote: By outsourcing their IT infrastructure to the cloud, SSM and its 10 employees have been able to rapidly expand its client base from its Markham, Ontario headquarters to include companies from as far away as China, India and the United Kingdom.
NEWEST PR 3/8/2018: http://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/03/08/1418484/0/en/DATA443-OTCPK-LDSR-Partners-with-leading-E-U-Cyber-Security-Integrator-and-Service-Provider-Caretower.html
Here’s some other DD I’ve done, a lot to read but well worth it:
  1. The world’s biggest privacy regulation GDPR goes into affect May 25 2018.
If there is one thing that people know about the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) it’s that GDPR fines (administrative fines) can go up to 20 million Euros or 4 percent of annual global (note global!) turnover, whichever of both is highest. https://www.i-scoop.eu/gdpgdpr-fines-guidelines-application-penalties/
Figure this one out: Just shy of 100 percent of U.S.-based privacy professionals believe the importance and complexity of managing privacy in their organizations is increasing.
Similar numbers (97 percent!) acknowledge they will increase their investment in managing privacy. Yet fully 61 percent of these same professionals acknowledge they have done little to prepare for the coming of the world’s biggest privacy regulation, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. What’s more, 99 percent admit to needing additional help in preparing for the GDPR. https://venturebeat.com/2017/06/24/us-slowly-submitting-to-2018-eu-privacy-law/
  1. DATA443 (OTCPK: LDSR) ClassiDocs Wins Numerous Industry Awards – GDPR 100 days awayPress Release | 02/13/2018
RALEIGH, N.C., Feb. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DATA443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. is pleased to announce that its recent acquisition – ClassiDocs - has won prestigious industry awards for GDPR Compliance, Data Classification and Governance in the 2018 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.
Gold Winner
“This is validation for the whole team. The volume of support we received from the community surprised us but does match the feedback we get from clients and partners – that the ClassiDocs product set is an on-point technology that facilitates many requirements of the upcoming GDPR legislation and provides for a unique and feature-rich Data Classification and Governance solution,” stated Mr. Remillard, CEO of DATA443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. today.
“Congratulations to DATA443’s product team for being recognized as the gold winner in three categories: Data Classification and Data Governance. The GDPR category – a new one this year – had the ClassiDocs GDPREngine product place first also as a gold winner,” said Holger Schulze, CEO of Cybersecurity Insiders and founder of the 400,000-member Information Security Community on LinkedIn that organizes the awards program. "With over 400 entries in more than 70 categories, the 2018 awards are highly competitive and all winners truly reflect the very best in today's cybersecurity industry."
“We have worked very hard on our GDPR functions – adding capabilities that are grounded in true use cases and deliver immediate value to the client. Our forthcoming GDPREngine technology delivered in a SaaS model delivers GDPR compliance capabilities faster and with much less total cost of ownership for clients,” added Mr. Remillard. “We will be making this officially available for beta clients in the coming month – the GDPR Deadline is fast approaching – 100 days exactly today. We are seeing increased demand worldwide for capabilities – matching our initial analysis that GDPR applies more broadly than just the European Union.”
About Cybersecurity Insiders The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards are organized and managed by the team at Cybersecurity Insiders – the same group that manages the 400,000+ member information security technology professional LinkedIn group. The organization also produces numerous webinars and deep industry research for all facets of information security. It is headquartered in Maryland, US.
About DATA443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. DATA443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. (OTCPK:LDSR) (https://www.data443.com) is a technology company that is actively developing and acquiring cyber-security products & service offerings that are central to blockchain, cyber data security, GDPR, compliance and governance capabilities. The Company develops its own technologies and has an active acquisitions program in place.
  1. A majority of companies plan to use external firms to accelerate their GDPR preparation Because GDPR’s requirements are deep and complex, preparing for the new regulation requires buy-in and support from across an organization, including in areas are not used to dealing with privacy issues. In response, many companies plan to use external firms to help with their preparation.
Among executives polled in this survey, 69% said they plan to use a technology firm to help with their preparations, 62% plan to hire a consulting firm, and 46% plan to hire a law firm. Roughly two-thirds of larger companies – those with greater than $500 million in revenues – say they will hire a consulting firm. https://www.pwc.com/us/en/increasing-it-effectiveness/publications/general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr-budgets.html
  1. US companies lead their UK and Japanese counterparts in making steady progress in GDPR readiness With GDPR set to go into effect in May 2018, 11% of executives surveyed said their companies have now finished operationalized preparations. This tally is almost double the 6% that were finished last year. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the number of companies that have yet to even begin preparations has shrunk dramatically, from 23% last fall to just 7% in the most recent survey.
Significant gaps remain, however. Of the companies surveyed, 36% said they have just started the assessment process, meaning their journey toward GDPR readiness has just begun. As a result, these organizations risk not being fully compliant by the May 2018 deadline, facing regulator fines, litigation costs, and lost contract opportunities in Europe.
Compared to the UK and Japan, companies in the US have made the most progress toward compliance. Almost a quarter, or 22%, of US companies surveyed say they have finished GDPR preparations, compared to just 8% of UK companies and 2% of Japanese companies. https://www.pwc.com/us/en/increasing-it-effectiveness/publications/general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr-budgets.html
Japanese companies plan to spend more to catch up to their US and UK peers US companies are further along in cross-functional areas than their counterparts in UK and Japan. Japanese companies, in particular, lag behind in several key areas, including data-lifecycle management, for which roughly one-in-five Japanese companies surveyed reported they have finalized implementation of preparations. Japanese companies are similarly behind in areas such as training, cross-border data strategy, and privacy incident management.
Although Japanese executives report they are behind in several key GDPR preparation areas, they expect to spend significant amounts of money to catch up. The survey found 77% of Japanese companies plan to spend at least $1 million on GDPR projects, compared to 62% of US companies, and just 43% of UK companies. https://www.pwc.com/us/en/increasing-it-effectiveness/publications/general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr-budgets.html
  1. Tech Giants Brace for Europe’s New Data Privacy Rules
With the deadline for the new rules now just a few months away, Silicon Valley’s tech behemoths have been scrambling to get ready. Facebook and Google have deployed hundreds of people to make sense of the regulations. Many of the companies have overhauled how they give users access to their own privacy settings. Some have redesigned certain products that suck up too much user data. And in some cases, companies have removed products entirely from the European market because they would violate the new privacy rules.
“Every person who works for us has, in some way, been involved in preparing the company for G.D.P.R.,” said Doug Kramer, general counsel of CloudFlare, an internet performance and security company based in San Francisco that has tightened its data storage and processing practices. “G.D.P.R. is going to introduce very fundamental changes to the way the internet works for everyone.” https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/28/technology/europe-data-privacy-rules.html
EU GDPR – new rules, wider reach – the biggest change to data protection laws in 20 years
End of implementation period
After four years of negotiation, GDPR was finally adopted on 27 April 2016. It comes into effect after a two-year implementation period. One law firm has described it as the “most ground-breaking piece of EU legislation in the digital era” – and with good reason. It will make businesses more accountable for data privacy compliance and offers individuals extra rights and more control over their personal data.
The GDPR does not need to be transposed into local law in each EU member state. This is a directly-effective regulation which will be immediately effective across the 28 countries, aiming to remove inconsistencies in how the data protection law is applied in Europe. https://www.citco.com/our-thinking/latest-news/eu-gdpr-biggest-change-in-data-protection-laws/
Data443 & N8 Identity? - Huge relationship brewing IMO
Data443 tweeted they were in Canada, at the nations capital, which is Ottawa, Ontario.
N8 Identity is an identity and access management (IAM) provider headquartered in Ontario, Canada.
Here is a connection of where Jason and the CEO of N8 Identity were/are working together:
Great Post here: https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=138630000&txt2find=IBM
Look at N8 Identity's Clients: http://n8id.com/our-clients/overview-2/
Look at N8's Partners: http://n8id.com/our-partners/partners/
7 months ago when ClassiDocs was new Jason was looking for companies to pilot it for free.
It seems that Jay Odonnel is a supporter of ClassiDocs and a partner to Jason from his IBM days because N8 Identity is a partner of IBM
Quote from Jay ODonnel on LinkedIn
Join this webinar to learn how to implement a combined Data Classification and Governance approach that integrates your Identity Access Management and Governance programs. Cyber security experts; Nick Nikols, Principal Consultant TechVision Research, Jason Remillard, President, IP Risk Control and Founder of ClassiDocs, and Jay O’Donnell, President, N8 Identity and Founder of TheAccessHub will discuss:
  • Industry problems and approaches
  • Cloud and on-prem scenario reviews
  • Data Classification and Governance coupled with Identity Compliance, Governance and Certification
  • The role of AI and Machine Learning
  • How you can start a project in 30-minutes
Who is Jay ODonnel? He is the CEO of N8 Identity inc.
What is N8 Identity inc?
N8 Identity is Canada’s largest dedicated Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution provider. Our executive team has provided thought leadership to the IAM industry for more than 15 years, significantly contributing to its evolution.
We’re proud of our customers’ success stories. N8 Identity has deployed IAM solutions for Fortune 1000 companies comprising several million users worldwide.
Checkout their partners page.
N8 identity inc is partners with ORACLE and IBM who in turn deploy their partner's solutions (ClassiDocs) to thousands of businesses including Allstate, Metlife, TD Ameritrade, this is just a few.
checkout their clients page on their website!
So basically, N8 Identity inc chooses the best of the best solutions, and the best of the best companies go to them for their solutions, and here is proof that the CEO of N8 identity supports Jason and ClassiDocs. I am not by any means saying Metlife, Allstate and TD Ameritrade will be ClassiDocs customers, however I am saying that when they look for GDPR, they will go to N8 Identity for help. ClassiDocs may not get chosen but it will have potential access to thousands of businesses.
and last of all, here is a link to an invite FROM JAY ODONNEL AND JASON REMILLARD TOGETHER inviting people to demo ClassiDocs.. Further proof of a good relationship and support for ClassiDocs from one of the world's largest solution providers with the a very large list of clients.
Interesting that N8 is showing this on their homepage:
Compliance and analytics Proactive performance and compliance reporting to measure effectiveness and adherence to corporate policy.
Global process and event auditing Policy violation reports Report scheduler View user assets and access reports Proactive policy enforcement Separation of duties enforcement and reporting Real-time visibility of fulfillment status KPI on all fulfillment channels, automated or manual Global rule search
From Data443 site: https://www.data443.com/classidocs-home/
Our product + their clients = BIG $$$$$ IMO
Check out this possible tie to Data443....
These 3 guys worked close together for years...
Join me, Nick Nikols and Jason Remillard - for our upcoming webinar on Identity & Data Governance - some exciting stuff to see!
Jay O'Donnell is with N8 Identity, check my ties here: https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=138808821
Look at the other gentleman involved with Jay and Jason: https://techvisionresearch.com/nick-nikols/
Huge if he has ties here as well. Imo we are sitting on a boomer!
Killer bullets from ClassicDocs Presentation last year...
Most Advanced Data Classification Platform
FOCUSED ON EASE OF DEPLOYMENT - Simplest architecture and implementation plan vs. competitors - End User experience highly designed, tested and validated - Grid-Computing style Classification Performance and scale
LEADING EDGE TECHNOLOGY - Simplest architecture and implementation plan vs. competitors - End User experience highly designed, tested and validated - Grid-Computing style Classification Performance and scale - SIEM Vendors – Splunk, AlienVault, Arcsight, Qradar - Identity Vendors – QuestOne Software, Oracle, IBM, ForgeRock - Governance Vendors – Sailpoint, Aveksa (RSA/EMC) - Data Security Vendors – Microsoft, Varonis, STEALTHBits
DEEP INTEGRATION & PARTNERSHIPS - Native integration to Microsoft Azure Cloud & Data Protection - Machine Learning, Guided Learning and User Coaching - Ransomware & Encryption Detection & Management
Margins on Data Classification Software: 95% HUGE COMPANY in the making!!
Silicon Valley banking
  • DATA443 (OTCPK: LDSR) Partners with Leading Cloud Identity Governance Provider N8 Identity
  • 3 Gold awards at Cybersecurity Excellence Awards for ClassiDocs. (GDPR Compliance, Data Classification and Governance)
  • The Strategic Advisory Board for DATA443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. was initiated in January 2018 will continue to add new members as the organization grows and changes as part of its normal business plan. DATA443 will be assigning a diverse group of individuals from various disciplines, geographies, industries and relationships throughout the year. The Strategic Advisory Board is intended to be a sounding board for upcoming strategic reviews, product and acquisition reviews and a collaboration venue bringing industry experts, customers and executives of DATA443 together.
  • Todd Spain on advisory board.
  • Global leader in database technologies, former VP of IT for Fidelity Investments and Global IT Delivery Executive for Cisco Systems.
  • Co-founding member of the Blockchain Executive Group.
  • “I am excited to contribute to the success of DATA443 and the possibilities presented by the leadership team. I expect to contribute my skill sets to the organization as part of the Strategic Advisory Board beginning immediately,” comments Mr. Spain.“
  • Jason Remillard. CEO and Founder.
  • 25 years of experience pioneering technology solutions for startups and Fortune 500 companies.
  • Served as VP of Security Architecture at Deutsche Bank, where he was responsible for Big Data, Security Architecture, Engineering and Analytics.
  • Led the development of the Enterprise Identity and Access Management portfolio at Dell Software (formerly Quest Software) Under his leadership at Dell Software, the portfolio grew at a compound annual growth rate of 20 – 90 percent over time.
  • Stints at IBM, Novell, Merrill Lynch, Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank, Tucows and Ellacoya Networks.
  • A founding member of the Blockchain Executive Group.
  • MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business (University of Western Ontario, Canada)
  • ClassiDocs. User rich, full enterprise data classification & governance platform.
  • "Only Data System that queries, reports results and monitors ongoing across everything in the Enterprise Data realm – On Premise, Cloud, Database, Laptops, Desktops. Our reach and capabilities grow every day…" Jason Remillard.
  • First Data Classification & Governance platform to integrate with SIEM platforms. (Provides a much richer and detailed User Behavior Analytics capability.)
  • Only Classification platform to include GDPeDiscovery capabilities in the same product. (No integrations, no fuss.)
  • Only Classification platform to include Endpoints (Laptops/PCs) AND Structured Data stores in scope to the classification and eDiscovery functions.
  • Only Data Governance platform that merges Active Directory Identity data with Data Classification (Know who is doing what, with what kind of documents, and where. Instantly.)
  • First Data Governance & Classification platform that natively exports all transactions, activities and actions (machine and user) to your SIEM infrastructure. Imagine correlating all of your distributed infrastructure with ACTUAL data types
  • Exclusive PowerShell exit technology - you are able to run whatever script, job you want when a condition hits... Want to encrypt that file if something 'confidential' shows up on FileShare XYZ? No problem. Want to turn off a PC that should NEVER have 'Internal' documents on it? Set the condition, with an orchestration, done.
  • The GDPREngine within ClassiDocs is a brand new capability which delivers specifically what you need for the majority of your GDPR DSAR compliance requirements, specifically: Find PII-related data records, Report on findings, Monitor post DSAR.
  • One screen panel to query across ALL Data Silos (Endpoint/Workstation, Servers, Data in Flight, Data at Rest, Structured and Unstructured Data Sets)
  • Simple and complete API integration for ticketing/resolution on DSAR events.
  • Rapid delivery capability - Be classifying, identifying and resolving DSAR-based requests in minutes!
  • One Panel enables you to query across all repositories to retrieve data set results, snapshot and monitor ongoing as you resolve the DSAR.
  • Invite to the RSA Early Startup Exhibitor arena. (ClassiDocs. Booth number 1!)
  • "I am seeing that the GDPR will be affecting nearly every application system, data repository, and third-party vendor relationship you have." Jason Remillard.
  • New banking relationship with Silicon Valley Bank. (2/06/18)
  • “Silicon Valley Bank has a long and storied history in the technology sector and has innovative financial offerings that Data443 will utilize throughout its growth phases upcoming” Jason Remillard.
  • “We’re excited to provide banking services to Data443 and look forward to working with the team,” said Chris Stoecker, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Bank. “SVB has not only the credentials, active investment and technology capabilities but also a worldwide footprint with financial instruments that will be instrumental in our growth and acquisition plans in 2018 and onwards. This is a major milestone for Data443!” added Mr. Remillard.
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AMA Summary - 11/26/2018

AMA Summary - 11/26/2018
Quant AMA Summary, 11/26/2018
Key takeaways: - 50+ clients they're working with - Partnership announcement next week - Meeting with one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world - Company already building mApps/wants to partner with Quant - Overledger-as-a-service - Met with Future Borders team (Irish Border issue) - Working closely with Atlantic Power Exchange in Australia
\******* mApps being built, Overledger-as-a-service ********\** Q: What was the feedback from devs and ctos etc in the audience? A: We had quite a few discussions. One company has already started building mApps with our SDKs and want to partner with us which is exciting. Another company want to offer Overledger as-a-Service which we're meeting next week to discuss more
Q:What was the impact of QuantX last week? Any new leads, or any interesting conversations as a result? A: Good impact and lots of interest. We released some big game-changers. Get started in 8 minutes and 3 lines of code. "Qoogle" - searching data and transactions across the supported chains. Internet of Trust - delivering the Web across blockchains.
***\*\ "Got a meeting with one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world" *****\**
Q: What are the teams plans for November and December that are within their direct control e.g. any goals to release updated roadmap and tokenomics updates? A: In November and December - we're mainly working on further Overledger enhancements plus client specific use cases. We're releasing HL7 connectivity to interoperate Health systems. Got a meeting with one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world Q: Is the team currently working with any other ‘project team’ (like OwnMarket) to explore mutually beneficial opportunities? A: We are. We're meeting a couple of Startups for them to benefit from Overledger. We'll be making announcements on these shortly. We also met with the team from Allianceblock.io to use our technology
Q: Does the team plan to create a “showcase area” on the website, to provide videos/demos of Overledger use cases - to help educate new visitors? I get asked for such links all the time I.e. show me how Overledger works. A: Beginning of 2019 we're launching overledger.com which will have a mApp Marketplace and all the technical documentation and details of getting started with Overleger
Q: Are there any new team members to announce - or positions you are looking to fill imminently? A: Not at this stage
Q: Is the team impacted by the current market downturn? If this continues for some months are there any risks that you will need to mitigate? A: No, not really. We're in a good place. The market is taking a down turn, we're in a good position and growing.
Q: hello, what a fantastic thing it is you're doing with community involvement here, that is a really nice touch. I want to ask one question, as I've only just popped into this community like 2 hours ago lol.. Seeing a focus is health and government, without disclosing anything specific is there currently an entity that is onboard with their health system. A: Thanks for joining the community. Yes we have a whole vertical in Healthcare. We have 3 new Health opportunities we're exploring with clients.
Q: Can Quant network connect health care legacy systems together? A:Yes. Big use case to interconnect existing Health systems plus add a layer of extra security and tokenisation so no data is transmitted in clear text. We've started with HL7 FIHR first
Q: What are your thoughts about what would be best for Storage for the Internet of Trust? Would you look at Sia, filecoin etc, or solutions such as IPFS or something else? Storing everyone's websites / images etc is going to consume a lot of data aand you would imagine the blockchain would be massive as a result. Do you see there being lots of different blockchains specialising in certain areas like File Storage/ Image, Video / Databases etc and Overledger connecting them A: Yes this is quite interesting. We're at the beginning of the Web in 1993. We want to provide the choice for people to decide on storage which can be centralised, decentrised, databases of file stores. It'll all be interoperable.

Q: Have you thought about how to prevent users sharing a private key / single wallet to circumvent license requirements to access Quant Network? A: Yes, you can only use your own wallet as mApp IDs are signed by your keys that you only hold. Q:Hmm, but what's stopping me sharing the license with a friend? A: The way it's tied to you from a billing perspective will definitely stop you from sharing your wallets and passwords

\************ 50+ clients************\** Q: How many tests (or proof of concepts) are Quant currently running for prospective clients or integrators right now? How many of these are nearing a decision point - in terms of go/no-go decision making? (Understand you cant release client names etc).
A: We have a very long client list of about 50 clients we've been meeting and speaking to all with different progress and project lifecycles.
Q: Will MApps performance improve in areas of scalability,and security by using multiple blockchains A:You will benefit from a scalabiltiy and resillience point of view by benefiting by going multi-chain
Q: Hello and thank you very much fpr QNT and all related to it! aMA Q: when you say Iverledger is an OS is it like will have to be installed as windows or linux? I mean like a PC would run it like other OS or it will be installed into an OS? A: It's not a hardware operating system. It's an Internet Operating System
Q: Perhaps one for a longer blog post - but what features will Quant Network include that Hyperledger Quilt does not intend to offer? What sets the projects apart? A:We actually are quite close to the IBM, Hyperledger and Quilt teams on an individual level. We've solved interoperabiltiy in a unique way by abstracting the complexity of infrastructure and DLT networks. Our approach is unique and from our experience much more easy to work with. 3 lines of code and in 8 minutes. The other approaches are not as simple to adopt and implement
Q: Is Quant Network aware of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (IATBA)? It's a new blockchain association setup by the European Commission. BBVA and four other banks are members, it's rumoured Santandar is too. There's also the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP) along with 27 member countries to support the delivery of cross-border digital public services. Perhaps some oppurtunities here.. A:Yes very much so. I was in Brussels 2 weeks ago with the European Commission discussin IATBA and EBP. We're looking to be involved in both.
Q:Can Quant allow any crypto currency to operate on the connected blockchain i.e. A multi chain crypto A:Yes we would treat it just like any other blockchain
Q:Overledger makes it possible to connect to any blockchain. Chainlink (decentralized oracle) puts off-chain data to on-chain networks (currently running on ETH). Have you thought about docking Overleger do existing/upcoming Chainlinks in order to allow user of Overledger to fetch off-chain data from an secured source (decentralized oracle like Chainlink) to utilize this data in an mApp? This would be very interessting in combination with your upcoming multichain smart contracts (treaty contracts). For example triggering an execution of a smart contract on different DLTs if chainlink reports whatever off-chain information. A:We already connect off-chain to legacy systems and databases
Q:How does Overledger ensure that private keys aren't sniffed as mApps communicate with their target blockchains? (For those that don't know - 'sniffing' refers to conducting a man-in-the-middle attack to read internet packets as they travel between computers.) A:Yes everything is signed locally by the mApp - the signed message is sent. No keys are sent in the messages through Overledger
\********* Partnership announcement in a week***********\** Q: Hi, Gilbert two questions
- Is Quant looking forward in the Cloud space, since Srisson Grigorian(? Sorry ) has plenty of experience with top notch companies such as Salesforce, Microsoft?
- This one is Standards related: Could ISO TC307 tie into ISO 20022's risk mitigation strategies? Assuming the SG7 is up and running
A:We've had a lot of meetings with Cloud providers to partner with them. In TC307 there is an existing liaison with SC27 which is responsible for ISO27000 series for Standards Q: Was this one where they were looking at using overledger as a service or someone else? A: Look out for a partnership announcement next week with a Cloud provider that's taking Overledger-as-a-Service to market. We actually finalized the press release today and will release it. It's also very security focused aimed for Government and Military. \***** Future Borders team *****\**
Q:Did you manage to discuss with the government about using overledger as a solution for the irish border? A:Yes we've met with Future Borders team on this
Q:Quant Salience incoming A:Not Salience as yet. That's our AI which is a longer term goal for us. AI is hard to do when it's autonomous and decision making
\******* Atlantic Power Exchange ******\** Q:I think one of the most exciting ventures for me was the announcement of the partnership working with Alantic Power Exchange - being big fans of Power ledger (go Aussies!) and P2P energy trading etc. Any news regarding the details of Quant's involvement or potential upcoming milestones? A:We're working closely. Knowing how big of an issue power is in Australia. They've already started building and look to be on track for 1st half of 2019.
Q:Is it fair to say that overledger has solved all the limitations of the 3 pillars of blockchain i.e. Decentralization scalability and security A:Our goal is to make blockchain easy to use to provide mass-adoption. Removing the barriers that people have.
This is from deloitte. Barriers to entry for Enterprise. We solve a majority of these barriers with our technology and approach
Q:As you said you were in talks with Andhra Pradesh government on a proposal for overledger for their existing applications. Just wanted to check which sector of state government these discussions are for ?? A:We're progressing this now that all our SDKs and BPI are out
Q:is Overledger familiar with Eclipse attacks? A:Yes, we're aware and in a way protect and shield customer that use Ethereum through Overledger from this attack. Q: Very good; this also may affect Overledger as well, I'm sure you're aware of this, however.
Q: One final ?
Part of the filtering and ordering layer's power is to build posets of chains via ostensibly temporal sequence. Would it be possible to organize a chain not by time but instead by, say, types of hash function or architecture similarity?
A: Wow nice question. We can can order by anything really. Currently it is by time in order to sequence the different blockchain blocks together. We can group and order them with other features. Haven't explored it but love to tackle it and see what's possible and the benefits
We've hit the hour. Got to get back to the meeting. Good questions and good to chat to you all! thank you for your time!
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