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Welcome to Obsidian Forum Community Register now to gain access to all of our features. HelloFresh Is Giving $80 Off Including Free Shipping For New Customers. Recipes (Chaos for set etc, not sure if GGG frowns on this or not) Give the players a playing mode (via the leveling screen) and let them mark certain stash tabs as auto-refresh then auto-watch those tabs and make sounds when an item is looted and identified that passes certain filters.

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How this site works. This is a discussion on [SOLVED] Warhammer: Mark of Chaos crashing issue within the PC Gaming Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. FOR THOSE HAVING TROUBLE STARTING THE GAME ON INTEGRATED.

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Download Warhammer: Mark of Chaos Patch v ( MB) by Deep Silver. Mark of chaos patch 1.72 firefox. Turning comment sort to 'new' will help you see the newest posts.

Corridors of Time Post-Mortem: The Story of Corridor Crunch

Hi all, I'm the team leader for the Corridor Crunch project. Many have asked me to write a post-mortem summary for the project. Hope you enjoy.


For the uninitiated, Corridor Crunch was an open-source project with the goal of providing crowdsourced puzzle piece transcription data to the public using the full force of the Bungie community. Users could visit our website and transcribe an endless number of screenshots submitted by the community. Transcription accuracy was determined by comparing transcriptions of the same image to each other and looking for matching data.


  • Our image database contained a total 26,336 image URLs.
  • We collected a total of 50,885 transcriptions in 37 hours.
  • Our confidence calculations identified 1,453 correct puzzle piece transcriptions (1,096 unique)\*)
  • 0 confirmed errors in our database of verified transcriptions.
  • More than 5,000 people submitted transcriptions to Corridor Crunch.
  • Average number of transcriptions per person was 10.154.
  • The person with the most transcriptions transcribed 184 images.
\* A bug in our front end API caused transcription verification to take much longer than expected. The API was returning an incorrect hash to the database which was being used to identify matches.) Oops!!


Graph of transcriptions over time.
Screenshot of the Corridor Crunch site.
Screenshot of the Corridor Crunch legacy site.


GitHub: Back-end | Front-end | Next Generation
Discord: https://discord.gg/WF94QBc

Data Download

Our final data dump, including the one with corrected hashes, lives here: https://github.com/crowd-crunch/corridorcrunch-backend


Many people have reached out to us offering to donate money to cover server costs and other fees. We are so thankful for your generous offers, but all costs have already been covered. Please consider donating to Bungie's fundraisers for Australia instead. Thank you!

What's next?

Our development team has expressed interest in bringing the website back online to assist efforts to find the remaining puzzle pieces that have yet to be identified. We want that 100% completion! Expect updates to roll out in a more leisurely manner (after the team has had a chance to recover). The site is currently offline as we prepare to go live with changes.
We've also started planning new tools in preparation for the next community puzzle.
Our Discord community will remain online for anyone who would like to join us in our efforts to crack future community puzzles. Activity will likely be low between puzzles, but I have some ideas for ways we can have some extra puzzling fun during the slow periods. Puzzlehunters, join us!

Wall of Thanks

First of all, thanks to the amazing Bungie community for all of the messages of support. Thanks to the programmers who reviewed our code repository, investigated bugs, contributed pull requests, and checked our work. Thanks to all of the other teams for sharing data, trusting our data, and being insanely friendly despite severe sleep deprivation. Thanks to the streamers for sending armies of transcribers to our site. Thanks to the organizers of chaos who mostly stayed in the shadows. Thanks to the regular users in our Discord server who responded to anybody who needed help. Thanks to my amazing team of developers for the ridiculously long nights, dedication to the vision, and for making it possible for everyone in the community to do more than submit images.
Lastly, thanks to Bungie for this incredible puzzle. Friends have been made, resumés have been updated, and lives have been changed. It was a monumental learning experience and we had so, so much fun. Please continue raising the bar and challenging us to meet it again and again.

The full story

The rest of this post is me telling my personal experience working on this puzzle. All dates/times are PST.

How this all got started

First of all, I am not even close to being a programmer. I took one semester of Java (just for fun) during my freshman year of college, but my professional field is actually in music. Apologies in advance if I have a hard time properly explaining the technical details. In the beginning I guess I was just the "ideas guy" lol. But in all seriousness, I couldn't have even gotten started on my own.
I had the idea to crowdsource the transcription process early Wednesday morning after it became quite clear that the Bungie's challenge to the community was to arrange all X number of puzzle pieces into a gargantuan map. After an unsuccessful attempt to recruit developers on Reddit, I messaged one of my closest friends, mkava, about the new community puzzle and presented my concept for a crowdsourced transcription website.
We immediately got to work on planning out the basic features and data models. I started assembling a massive list of image URLs from images uploaded to various Discord servers, Google forms, etc. The two of us worked all night and by 5am PST we had a working prototype and a list of around 2,500 image URLs to start with. I thanked mkava for his hard work and he went to bed exhausted.

The search for developers

Alone with a working prototype in hand and no idea what to do with it, I started asking for help on a few different Discord servers. I received a reply from roboto__ who was able to walk me through getting a GitHub project started with the patience of a Last Wish sherpa. I entrusted the code to him and finally got some rest.
Thursday I found two more senior developers, one for the back-end and one for the front-end, yorickdowne and Infynitee. We spent the day improving the site, dockerizing the code, building the API, and adding features.

The long road to deployment

We could have launched the site on Friday. In hindsight, it would have been very good to have done that. Unforeseen delays (sickness and family matters) and getting stuck in an endless cycle of "one more hour, one more hour, etc." delayed our launch until Saturday at 12:18pm PST.
So now we had a quick-and-dirty site up and running with users beginning to fill our database with transcriptions. Hooray! There was little time to celebrate because we still had to add an export CSV feature so other teams could use our data, work out the bugs, test, and finish our API so that we could bring our front end site online.
We didn't prioritize merging our front end and back end sites due to time constraints, and as a result, we had two functioning websites by the end of Saturday.

We've woken the Hive

Sunday morning we began preparations for upscaling our server instance. We opted for the largest AWS instance available to us to be on the "safe" side. The stream team was planning to send their viewers to our site as soon as we notified them that we were ready.
At 12:57pm PST we were "ready" for the deluge of users visiting our site, but I don't think we were ready. The initial wave of thousands of visitors slowed down the performance of the website dramatically, with 503 errors occurring for many users. We kept the site online for roughly eight minutes while we began investigating the cause of the performance issues.
Despite all the sluggishness, in those first 8 minutes we received over 1,000 transcriptions.
The development team continued working through the day to improve server performance. We had additional developers join the team to help us diagnose and repair the problems. The main source of the problem was in our database queries. We were making queries for 30,000 things when we only needed 1. Chalk that one up as another lesson learned.

Going the distance

Once the initial burst of activity died down, submissions started coming in at an average rate of about 2,500 transcriptions per hour. The server was running very smoothly—we might've been able to handle opening the floodgate again, but we were comfortable with the pace that had settled in.
Almost exactly 12 hours after we opened the floodgates, the announcement everyone was waiting for had finally arrived. The path has been completed!
A huge number of the final puzzle pieces were credited on-stream as being discovered by the army of transcribers at Corridor Crunch. I'm so proud of everyone I had the pleasure to work with, the thousands of guardians who volunteered to participate in Corridor Crunch, and of the Bungie community in general.

Some challenges

  • Timezone differences proved to make progress quite difficult at times. Generally speaking, we had a front end developer in Australia, a back-end team in the US, and an operations team in Europe. Passing the torch between teams/time zones was done by people who were definitely not getting enough sleep.
  • Early decisions that became later regrets. Such is the way it is.
  • Maintaining the reputation of our data, which many have proven to be stunningly accurate. Incorrect data from other projects was frequently mis-credited as Corridor Crunch data, resulting in confusion and distrust.
  • Finding time to sleep!


This whole ordeal has been such an invaluable experience. I was constantly forced out of my comfort zone and learned so much in doing so. I was a software project manager, a PR specialist, and essentially a chief operations officer—all roles that I've never had any experience in. Turns out you don't have to be an expert at something to make it happen. You can just surround yourself with great people and do the best you can.
I can say with certainty that I have renewed respect for the development process. Nothing is ever as simple as it might sound on paper.
We achieved both of our primary goals: 1) Give the greater community a convenient way to participate in the transcription process. 2) Provide useful data used in the completion of the puzzle.
I think I've said enough to get my point across. Thanks again for everything this last week. I sure as hell can't wait to do it again.
—Eric Buchholz, Corridor Crunch
submitted by ebuch to DestinyTheGame

Saved webpage won't display properly

Hey guys I saved a webpage few years ago in Chrome browser using Save as -> Webpage, Complete (*htm, *html,)
Now I have the .html file along with a folder containing it's data see here
When I open it in Chrome or Brave, Opera, Firefox it looks like this see here Total chaos, Pictures looking big texts all over the place etc,
But when I open it in Internet Explorer it looks just fine see here
The problem is the scroll down. It's not working perfectly in Internet explorer. So I want the file to be properly viewable in Chrome.
1.Why is it happening?
2.How do I fix it? or convert it to be compatible with popular browsers such as Chrome?
3.Is there any software that can view it without any problem?
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